tagFirst TimeThe New Laura Pt. 00

The New Laura Pt. 00


Laura reflected on the corner she had painted herself into. It hadn't been such a bad corner for the last five years but, like any other corner, it certainly limited the directions she might go.

She was rather popular, had bright red hair which reached the crack in her ass, and except for her tits, which were a little too large, had a trim, athletic figure. She had a swimmer's body, hardened by more laps swam in swim meets around the state than she could possibly have counted. She had been 28 days old the first time her mother had dropped her in the family pool to be quickly scooped up by her dad and cuddled and loved. She was, according to her parents, a reasonable swimmer long before taking her first step.

Her grades were excellent and she had already been accepted to Cornell University. In addition to the swim team, Laura was active in fundraising for the Sea Shepherds, her favorite charity, and had beat out three other girls for the title role in her school's production of "Annie Get Your Gun".

Almost every aspect of her life was just as she would have wished it except in one little area, sex. In four days she was about to turn eighteen and she was still a virgin. In fact, she was the only virgin she was aware of in her entire school. This fact was actually rather funny if you thought about the number of times over the years that she had been sought out by girls seeking sexual advice.

Five years ago, when all her friends were experimenting with giving their first head, she discovered that she couldn't stand the idea of being an amateur at something. She was so very, very good at so many things; she couldn't admit that there was something she might not do well. So she invented an imaginary boyfriend. Overnight Laura developed a certain mystique. As far as all her seventh-grade friends were concerned Laura had been having sex with a high school boy from Irvington for months. The only reason she'd had to keep it a secret was because he was Asian and his parents would have been furious if they ever discovered their son was seeing a white girl.

As the years passed, Laura wore her lie like a pair of comfortable shoes. She still would hang out with all the popular kids and even went out with a few boys, but everyone knew that she wouldn't go any further than a little light petting because she was true to her guy.

Then she got to know Seth. Seth was everything remotely good about the male sex without most of the bad things. She knew he wanted more out of their relationship but respected her boundaries. She wanted more, too. Every day that she spent with him made her want him to ravage her but to cross that bridge, she felt, would be like exposing her entire life to be the lie it was. Her comfortable shoes had walked her into a corner which severely limited her options.

She reasoned that she had only three choices. She could do nothing and maintain the status quo. This meant remaining a virgin until she went away to college next year. Of course between now and then Seth would probably find a girl to be with and Laura found that idea completely unacceptable.

Her second course of action would be to give herself to Seth. Half her brain thought of this as being ideal. She'd acquire the sexual experience she'd wanted for years, and she'd receive it from a boy she really cared about. In addition, he'd know that she was giving him something she'd never offered to any boy before. She sighed to herself. It also meant he'd know that everything she'd allowed him to believe about her was based on a lie. They had often said to each other that a relationship based on trust was most important to them. The truth would destroy that trust.

So she decided on the third course of action. Option three involved giving herself to Seth next Thursday, but acquiring enough sexual experience with a total stranger between now and then, so as not to have her lie discovered. Not wanting to waste any time she went online and started searching, looking for the catalytic situation which would help her plan become a reality. It seemed like she had accessed the websites of almost every college calendar in New England when she found her target.

Boston College was on the bubble as far as entry into the field of 65 for the NCAA Basketball Tournament and this weekend was "selection Sunday". ESPN would be broadcasting the show at the same time as a symposium on "Small Polyped Stony Coral Morphology" at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod.

It was perfect! She was absolutely sure she could talk her parents into allowing her to drive to the Cape for the symposium, they already knew her passion for coral reef ecology and she could further sell it as an 18th birthday present to herself. She also knew her father's belief that it was safer to drive the morning after an event, so he'd insist she stay in a hotel Sunday night. All Laura had to do was to divert to B.C. for the day and use the party atmosphere at the school as her stage for some anonymous fucking. Boston College would become her personal sex-ed laboratory. Her target probably wouldn't even remember her name (as if she'd offer a real one!) the following morning.


The only thing noteworthy about her drive north that weekend was the fact that she couldn't stop playing with herself. She masturbated most of the way starting on the Cross Westchester and continuing to do so up Route 95, only stopping for an occasional orgasm on the side of the road. It was as if her pussy knew what was coming at the end of the trip and was begging her to "get me ready, get me ready, get me ready".

She and her father had picked out a hotel for her to stay in Boston as opposed to the Cape because of the greater variety of things to do in the city. Laura had checked in around mid-day and had been roaming around discovering favorite student haunts. She wound up in a sports bar nursing a beer some student had bought her as the selection process unfolded. She had picked out her target a little earlier and had been waiting for the right opportunity.

Then the head on the TV announced the 16 seed in the western division to be Boston College. The room seemed to explode. Many were screaming, a few were crying and about half the room had grabbed the closest member of the opposite sex and were kissing. Laura strode purposefully over to her target, raised her arms in a loud scream, and jumped onto him, wrapping her arms and legs around him and kissing him. The boy's name was Denny Leonard and as far as he was concerned it was a pleasant, normal, celebratory kiss...until he felt the girl's tongue snake its way into his mouth. What had started as a tribute to their team's victory had become pure heat. He felt her hand in the back of his jeans squeezing his ass. When the kiss broke the girl said, "Hi, I'm Elle. This is all so wonderful. I see us celebrating this one of two ways. We can stay here and get drunk or we can go someplace and come up with a more..." Laura pinched his nipple. "...creative method of celebrating."

When the implications of what Laura had said finally sank in, it was Denny's turn to raise his hands and yell. He took Laura's hand and said, "Come with me." They worked their way through the mass of celebrants to the club's manager.

"Stan, can we open the lounge?"

The manager rolled his eyes at the request. "Come on, Denny, look around! The place is wall to wall people and the extra bartenders and wait staff don't show up until 7 o'clock. I can't spare the help. The second floor opens at seven, not before."

"Stan, we don't need waitresses. We don't need bartenders. We need the sofas up on the second floor to celebrate our getting into the Tourney with a good fuck!"

Stan tilted his head. "Actually, that makes sense! Okay, I'll tell Bonnie to stick her head upstairs every 15 or 20 minutes to get drink orders. I can't have people taking up space and not contributing to my bottom line. On your way up tell Lou I said it was okay, he and some girl from Walpole were looking to get it on a little earlier. Oh, and when you go up be sure to rehook the velvet rope behind you unless you want a dozen spectators interrupting you every 30 seconds!"

Denny led her to a staircase with a velvet rope stopping traffic. He unhooked it and motioned her upstairs. Laura got very close to him and whispered in his ear, "I'm very excited about this but I feel it's only fair to warn you that it's my first time."

He pulled his head back. "You're kidding!"

"Do you mind so very much being my teacher? I promise you that being inexperienced doesn't mean being shy. I'm up for whatever you want to do." She bit his ear.

If Denny's grin had gotten any wider it would have split his face. "You go on up. I'll be there in a minute."

Laura put on a demure, little girl look and said, "Yes, sir." She walked up the stairs, swinging her hips and unbuttoning her jeans as she went. The second floor room had a large horseshoe shaped bar surrounded by what must been forty or fifty pairs of loveseats, each pair with their own low table. Laura assumed that occasionally the place must have live music as a stage was at one end of the room. A couple came up the stairs.

Laura said, "You must be Lou!" The guy was startled and nodded. Laura continued, "And you must be the horny girl from Walpole!"

The girl laughed. "Barbara, and you must be Elle." She shook Laura's hand. "Denny told me to tell you he's making arrangements for tonight to be very special for you, that he'll be along shortly and that I'm supposed to get you ready. Arms up!"

Laura was taken aback as Barbara pulled her shirt up over her up stretched arms and began fondling her breasts. "Hey Lou, come here. You've always been a tit man, say hello to a pair of 34Ds."

As Lou unhooked her bra and started sucking her nipples, Laura stammered. "I thought I was going to be with Denny!"

Barbara said, "You will be, darling. I already told you we're supposed to be getting you ready. Now no more talking! You're not to speak unless spoken to." Lou pulled Laura's panties down and started gently blowing on her unshaven pussy. They led her to one of the sofas and Barbara produced a red satin blindfold which she tied on Laura. "Are you really a virgin?"

They had Laura on her back on the sofa while their four hands gently roamed and explored every inch of her flesh. She was enjoying experiencing, not participating, so it was with some degree of difficulty that she said. "Yes I am, but I haven't really wanted to be for quite a while. It's a long story."

"Which we're not interested in hearing."

Barbara put her tongue in Laura's mouth and as she was kissing her and fondling her tits Laura could feel Lou's breath and tongue on her pussy again. As the two tongues were administering to her, Laura could still feel the four hands barely touching her body. As Lou's tongue awakened her clit, Laura's legs were hooked over his shoulders, her ankles locked together.

Laura felt as if she was going into sensory overload. It seemed as if her entire body was a single amorphous erogenous zone. Fingers and lips, everywhere she felt fingers and lips, exploring and caressing her every part. Fingers intertwined in her hair massaging her scalp, lips on her lips, a tongue in her mouth, another set of lips on her other lips, a tongue caressing her clit with increasing urgency, hands under her buttocks, squeezing her ass, lips on each nipple, nursing as if... Her brain floated up a bit closer to rational thought and she recounted... No, she was quite sure there were now four pairs of lips ministering to her body parts.

Lou shifted his body and began running his tongue around her navel while his hands still squeezed her buttocks, but that didn't make sense because his hands were actually massaging the soles of her feet while his tongue was seeking the entrance to her vagina. She felt gentle blowing of the hairs on each forearm as... No, that's not a tongue! That's a...

The sharp pain told her that she had lost her virginal status. A penis, and if her senses were in any way accurate a very large penis, was slowly gaining more and more territory in its quest to completely bury itself inside of her. She also lost her spectator status as she grabbed the ass attached to the intruding cock and started grinding her pussy against base of that cock.

She felt something hit her on her left cheek. As she turned her head that direction she realized that it too was an erect penis. Laura opened her mouth enough to allow her tongue to emerge and begin to snake its way tentatively around the head of this new challenge. Nearly her entire attention, however, was fixed on her vagina and what was happening down there so she was having some difficulty giving head. Finally she detached one of her hands from Jerry's (she assumed it was Jerry's) ass to hold the base of this new cock. This allowed her to steady her aim enough to take it deep into her mouth until the head touched the back of her throat. She tried to get some semblance of a rhythm going while sucking it but knew that the primal pelvic penetrations were occupying nearly all her focus.

Laura noticed in passing that her left nipple had become erect and almost painfully sensitive as it was being rhythmically brushed by her own knee, her legs still trapped between her body and that of her lover.

As the pace of the stroking picked up she could feel the orgasm building within her. Her partner had one hand on her belly and his thumb was furiously rubbing her exposed clit. Laura felt the cock begin to convulse just as the tidal wave of feeling broke over her causing a bite response. She didn't bite the cock in her mouth hard enough to do any damage, but she did pinch some skin causing her second partner to yelp. Suddenly her attention was diverted by the sound of cheering and applause. She realized she had been fucking before an audience!

Laura wrapped her arms around her partner's neck and a voice began whispering in her ear, "None of them know who you are and because you're wearing a mask no one would be able to recognize you if you should bump into them in Mike's Bakery in the morning. Now, shall we continue or would you rather stop?"

Laura needed no time to think about the answer to that question. She pushed Jerry's chest so he sat up, his penis still inside her. Her legs, no longer trapped, dropped on either side of his hips and she locked her ankles behind him. She propped herself up on her elbows and turned her head in the direction she supposed the crowd was concentrated and began slowly nodding her head in the manner of a monarch bowing to her subjects, all the while saying, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..." The crowd quieted down and Laura continued. "I'd like to thank you all for assisting in our celebration of our Eagles making the tournament!" The crowd roared.

"I'd also like to especially thank..." The crowd quieted down. "I'd also like to especially thank these wonderful folk who aided in my... Is deflorination a word?"

The crowd cheered again. Occasional shouts of "Hell yes!" were scattered around the room. Laura continued. "Anyway, thanks to those who helped me pop my cherry, and..." She reached out with her right hand, blindly feeling the empty air around her sofa. "and there's a cock out here somewhere that I owe an apology and a blow job to!" The crowd exploded. It took less than a minute before there were three erect cocks vying for position, impatiently tapping her face. Laura held her hands up in a gesture for silence. "I do believe we have a couple of cheaters in the crowd! Don't worry though everyone, I'm reasonably sure I can remember the flavor of the cock I'm indebted to!"

Laura had the three candidates line up in a semicircle around her and proceeded to take the first of the three, kiss its tip and take the entire length of it into her mouth. She took two or three strokes up and down its length, each time burying her face in the candidate's pubic hair. She called out, "Ladies and gentlemen I believe we may have a winner!"

The crowd cheered but there were scattered cries of "imposter" floating through it. Laura continued, "The flavor's not quite familiar but the length is just right. Every time I take it all it hits the back of my throat in the same place I was hit earlier this afternoon, but to be fair I'll still interview the other candidates." She proceeded to repeat the process with the second cock. After the third stroke she withdrew it from her mouth and tilted her head with a puzzled look on her face. She reinserted the first cock for a stroke or two and then alternated, licking each shaft and sucking first one, then the other. She muttered, "Difficult, very difficult!"

Laura then took the third entrant in her hand. Everyone could tell that it was significantly larger, both in length and girth, than the other two. When Laura tried to take it all, her lips only made it down two thirds of its length. She called out to the crowd, "Hold on now, I can do this. I've read about how it's done!" She went down on the third cock again and pushed it in until it hit the back of her throat. She paused, tried to relax her throat muscles, and felt it slide down her throat until she had the entire cock inside of her. She repeated the process three more times and once again held up her hands for silence. She took the first cock in her left hand and the second in her right.

"All right everyone, the judge has made her decision! Contestant number one, as I said earlier, doesn't taste quite right but the length is perfectly as I remember it should be. Contestant Two on the other hand," She stroked it with her other hand, "is exactly the flavor I remembered but doesn't hit my throat in the same place!" She released the first two and took the third penis with both her hands.

"Contestant number three not only was too long to be the original cock, but I when I took it all in I was getting nervous that it might be getting stomach acid on its tip!" The crowd laughed and applauded.

"So! It is my decision that contestants one and two are 'too close to call' and should both deserve blow jobs. Contestant number three is obviously a fraud." Laura was still holding it as the crowd applauded. "But the judge deems it a horrible travesty of justice for this magnificent beast to go to waste. So while I'm making the presentation to the winners I want this bad boy deep in my pussy!"

Laura couldn't believe the things she was saying, the things she was doing. A few hours ago she was a virgin, and now this. It wasn't that she'd had sex with so many partners, she'd expected that. After all, that was the purpose of the trip! What fascinated her was how the pleasure of the sex acts was so dramatically heightened by doing them before an audience. She was about to provide sexual pleasure to three men she'd never met and that sounded to her like fun, but that she was about to do them before this crowd of 20 or 30 onlookers made it wonderfully exciting. She was a sex performer, almost a porn actress, and it was thrilling!

Laura moved Number Three to the sofa and had him sit. She straddled his lap, facing the crowd and holding her pussy's lips just touching the erect cock. She turned toward him. "Now after you penetrate me I want to control the tempo, all right? I haven't quite figured out this business of setting the lower half of my body to one rhythm, while my head, mouth and shoulders maintain a completely different pace. In other words, I haven't quite figured out how to suck and fuck at the same time. At least, not so my partners both have a good time!

God! How great would it be if I could get us all four to cum at the same time, or at least three out of four!" She turned to the crowd. "Now there's a skill which could come in handy, ladies!" She lowered herself onto Number Three while holding Number Two in her right hand and sliding Number One into her mouth. She discovered that if she tilted her head forward so she was blowing vertically, rather than horizontally, she could use the stroke generated by her legs to service both cocks. She got pretty good at using the upstroke on one cock and at the peak of the stroke switching to the next cock on the way down.

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