The New Neighbors


It's been five months since we both committed ourselves as slaves to Ron and Cheryl. Although my wife had secretly been their slave for several months leading up to that without my knowledge. Apparently it was planned all along that we would get together in the mountains and we would be challenged to a bet. The game would be kept close but in the end, it was always in the plans for Brooke to throw the game if Ron and Cheryl were not already winning.

Cheryl distracting me with her foot play was just enough to keep me off my guard. While Brooke was concerned I might not agree to become their permanent slave, Cheryl has told me she always knew I would. She could sense we both had a submissive nature and once Brooke began to take a more dominant role with me in the bedroom, having me eat her pussy and letting her fuck my ass, Cheryl knew it was only a matter of time.

The weekend in the mountains sealed the deal. On the last day that we were there, Cheryl pointed out that not one time during the whole weekend had I actually fucked either Cheryl or Brooke, yet I was totally used up. Both women had given me blowjobs and jacked my cock off several times. The women and Ron had thoroughly fucked my ass and I had sucked him off so many times I lost count.

It hadn't dawned on me I actually had not fucked any pussy myself. As Brooke sat naked astride Ron's lap, sitting on his hard cock, sucking madly on his tongue as they French kissed, Cheryl had me lay on the floor. She informed me that we would remain slaves when we got back home. Like Ron had stated earlier, I would still live with Brooke as husband and wife. Nothing would change. But under no circumstance was I to entertain any thoughts of fucking her.

Brooke's pussy and ass belonged exclusively to them. I would always be allowed to have oral sex with her. I was actually instructed to obey her any time she asked for me to perform oral sex on her. But under no circumstance was I to fuck her. In addition I was only allowed to jack off if instructed or allowed to do so by Ron, Brooke or herself.

Looking down at me laying at her feet, she was absolutely gorgeous. Her nipples were standing erect on her breast and I ached to suck at her pussy. "Do you clearly understand what is expected of you as our total and complete slave?" she asked.

"Yes mistress," I replied.

"You understand that Brooke will never be satisfied with your little dick again. Now that she has had Ron, yours just can't satisfy her. But she will be allowed to give you blowjobs, to jack you off, and to fuck your ass. And you will be required to always be ready to lick our pussies or ass, to suck off Ron whenever he asks and we will all take turns fucking your little ass."

"Yes mistress, I will serve you all," I replied looking up at her.

"You may also be required to serve others. We may bring men or women home or take you out and you will do whatever we ask and never question us. Is that understood?" Cheryl said sternly.

"I will mistress. I will do whatever you ask. You and Ron own me. You own us both. We will serve you. We will always obey your commands," I replied back.

"And you understand if for any reason you break these rules, we will cut off having any sex with you and Brooke will also stop having sex with you. She loves you but she will do what we tell her. You understand this?"

"Yes mistress," I again complied.

"Very good. Then as a sign of your total commitment, giving up all rights to your wife's pussy to us, to be our total slave. I want you to cum for me. Jack off and cum for me," she smiled looking down at me.

I looked up at her. My mistress's sweet smooth pussy directly above me. Her gorgeous tits. I looked over at my wife Brooke who smiled at me as I began pumping my hard cock. In the meantime, Brooke began fucking Ron, grinding up and down on his hard cock. She arched her back as he mauled her tits, sucking one nipple and then the other. Drawing the nubs into his mouth, she groaned at his assault which is about all it took before I launched hot cum across my stomach. As I came, my wife and master began kissing, his tongue pushing into her mouth, as she groaned and came all over his cock.

I slowed my hand and dropped it by my side as Cheryl dipped her big toe in a pool of semen on my chest and then directed it to my nipple where she traced circles. She pinched my nipple between her toes, sliding the cum all around. Then she scooped up a glob of cum on her toe and held it over my mouth.

"Suck my toe baby. Taste your cum from my foot," she said as she placed the digit to my mouth and I sucked it in. I cleaned her toe, sucking all my cum off as she scooped up more on my stomach with her foot and brought her toe back to my mouth. I had never kissed or sucked on Brooke's feet before but here I was cleaning my own sperm off Cheryl's like it was my last meal.

"You are a good slave. Both of you. We're all going to enjoy our new arrangement," Cheryl smiled.

I haven't fucked Brooke since the weeks before our trip to the mountain but on several occasions Ron and Cheryl have taken Brooke and I out on some of their swap parties with other couples. While Brooke can have sex with any of the women, or provide blowjobs to the men, she is not allowed to fuck any man other than Ron. I have fucked several of the women from the group but never Brooke or Cheryl.

On some nights, the phone will ring and Brooke will leave and go next door. There is a gate now between our properties and Brooke is not allowed to dress as she walks over totally naked. Sometimes she comes home and I eat her used pussy but more often than not she just stays over. We are both always required to be nude at all times if we are at Ron's. Whether we are indoors or outside, we are not permitted to wear any clothes.

For Christmas, Mistress Cheryl instructed me it would be nice to present Master Ron with a gift of our complete and utter submission. She has a jeweler who is a close friend and Cheryl took my wedding ring and had it melted down into two gold hoops. We then went back to the piercing and tattoo shop where Brooke received her navel piercing and my wife had her clit hood pierced.

I also received a gold beaded hoop which was placed through my right nipple. It hurt like bloody hell but both Ron and Cheryl seemed pleased. It has since healed over nicely and Cheryl and Brooke play with it often when they are sucking on my nipples. I actually believe it is much more sensitive now than my left nipple.

While we were at the tattoo parlor, both Brooke and I decided to get matching tattoos. The Japanese symbols for slave (Kanji) were tattooed with Brooke's just above her pussy and mine above my cock. Our master and mistress were thrilled but now that we have been inked he wants us to get more tats. He picked out a tribal tattoo for Brooke's back just above her ass and he wants a tattoo around her right nipple.

Brooke had always been very conservative but since she has met Cheryl and Ron, they have really brought out a side she never knew she had. After her first piercing she felt so naughty and she felt even more so after piercing her clit and getting the tat above her cunt. I feel it's just a matter of time before she gets the tats Master has asked for and wouldn't be surprised if she had her nipples pierced like mine while she was there.

She really enjoys playing with my pierced nipple and has tried to convince me to do the other. It hurt like hell but I think I might, particularly if Brooke gets hers done.

As I write this, Brooke is sucking on our master's dick while Cheryl fucks her ass with her strapon. Brooke loves getting fucked in the ass as much as I do. Ron has asked that I end my story as he wants to fuck Brooke while I lick his ass. Cheryl is going to set up the tripod and get it on video so she can show it to a new couple they have recently met for sex. This new couple are new to swapping and the woman has confided her husband has never had sex with another guy and it is a real fantasy of hers to see him with a man. Ron and Cheryl have told me if I can get him to suck me off and allow me to fuck his ass, I will be allowed to fuck his wife.

I've seen pictures of the couple and she is stunning. She has long black hair and appears to be in her early twenties. It's been months since I had pussy and I definitely want a piece of that. Brooke and I have never been happier. To all our friends and family our lives appear as normal as they ever have been. But in reality we are both slaves to our neighbors. The day our new neighbors moved in they took possession of more than a house; they took possession of the couple next door. I can only wonder what else is in store.

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by Anonymous

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by Knightofround10/02/17

Very hit

I really enjoyed most of this story. The scenario is very hot. I've thought about this kinda stuff often in the past. The ending was very rushed though. I would have loved more detail about the husbandmore...

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by Anonymous09/25/17

You can't suspend disbelief long enough to buy into this yarn

I'm sure the titillation factor must drive a few more than just 10 readers to a delusional orgasmic frenzy; but I doubt there's more than a couple hundred couples on the planet who'd willingly agree tomore...

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by liz33nd07/07/17

this is the hottest story i have read in a long time

wow, very very good writing watchdawg, OMG this is the ultimate. love the seduction, submission, shaved and the girl on girl, along with the male 2 male and cuck. it had it all. I need another chaptermore...

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