The New Office Ch. 01


Rachel, whose attention had also been focused squarely in my lap, broke her stare long enough to look at me with a suspicious glint in her eye. I felt her begin to shimmy her lower finger back and forth on the underside of my erection. At the same time, Kelly leaned forward deeper still. Her breasts, though not nearly as large as Adrienne's or even Rachel's had appeared, were substantial. As she braced herself to obtain a better angle for measuring, her arms forced her chest inward and upward, creating a deep line of soft cleavage.

Between Rachel's discreet manipulations and this unexpected look at Kelly's chest, my arousal spiked dramatically. As Kelly continued to fool with the measuring tape, searching for an appropriate angle, Rachel moved her finger even more aggressively. I felt the familiar pulse of a burgeoning orgasm ripple through me. I tried to turn away, but Rachel only gripped me more tightly in response.

Kelly glanced up at me from her crouched position, her hair beautifully coiffed around her face and her blue eyes magnetic. "You seem to keep getting bigger," she said quizzically. "Now it's just shy of seven and a half--"

Her assessment was interrupted, however, as the first shot of cum rocketed outward directly into the cleavage created by her forward lean. Perhaps in response to the unexpected warmth coursing between her breasts, she pulled back slightly, but lost her balance in the process and fell right onto the seat of her pants. Rachel gasped but her grip, if anything, had strengthened.

Kelly was now perched low enough that my second emission hit her squarely in the face, ricocheting away and leaving a long streak of gooey whiteness running from her forehead down across her left eye to her cheek. She belatedly raised a hand, but to little avail. Over the next ten seconds five or six lengthy ropes of ejaculate landed on the medical staff member's lower chin, upper chest, and sweater.

The three of us remained frozen in silence, the last vestiges of my orgasm dribbling out onto Rachel's hand. I was immediately concerned for my job but couldn't take my eyes from the darkening stains all over the front of Kelly's red top.

Kelly, her eyes closed, began to draw a deep breath but suddenly exhaled sharply. In a moment I realized that she was almost convulsing with laughter in front of us on the floor.

She finally paused and was able to draw enough breath to speak. A heavy strand of semen hung down from her chin, threatening to join the already considerable amount currently dressing her decolletage. She opened her eyes with a squint, ejaculate clinging thickly to the lashes of her left eye, and said good-naturedly, "Well, that didn't go according to plan, did it?"

The other girl released my softening cock for the first time and looked closely at her hand, which had also been coated during the course of my release. She stretched the substance between her fingers with intense interest, but suddenly realized that Kelly needed help. She walked to the sink, washed her hand, and extended a wet paper towel toward the smiling brunette, who was still lying on the floor.

Kelly rejected the towel with an exhausted wave. "I want to see myself in a mirror," she said. "And we may as well take some pictures. This should definitely should be documented in my files."


I returned to the ground floor with Rachel a few minutes later. As we stood outside the front entrance, she turned to me and said with a smirk, "Maybe... I was holding you wrong?"

I was unsure how to answer her question. I decided to play it cool to prevent further trouble with Maria. "I'm so sorry about that... I should have had more self control."

"Well," she replied with a deadpan shrug, "I'm not sorry. I've never seen Kelly so surprised."

I grinned in response. "I knew it! You kept me aimed at her intentionally!"

"You can't prove anything! And you'd better not let Maria find out. She'd be furious."

That thought was sobering. I was holding onto this job by the narrowest of margins, and Maria would never condone what had happened down there, even if it had been an accident. We said our goodbyes for the evening and I headed back to my apartment, my mind filled with images of all the new women in my life.


A week passed, the days blurring into one another. I learned more about my data management responsibilities in the office, which had already begun to seem somewhat rote and menial. I knew that I had been brought in to fill an entry-level position, but I suppose I had deluded myself about precisely how dull the work itself would be.

My encounters with the various girls in the office, by contrast, became a source of great comfort to me. Adrienne and I ate lunch together frequently, and Rachel often invited me out for coffee in the afternoon. Maria was the only one to keep things strictly professional, although even she would sometimes smile and exchange pleasantries.

The following Monday morning I came in early, dressed sharply and set on making the sort of impression that would merit a quick promotion. I had also finally remembered to bring a set of workout clothing in case I had a chance to check out the gym.

Rachel was not at her desk. I went straight to my office, where Maria was sitting at her station as usual. She greeted me with a hello and turned back to her work.

Adrienne came in a few minutes later. She was again wearing a black skirt and white blouse, the same ensemble she frequently sported, although this time she had added a light blue cardigan with a deep v-neck. The fabric clung heavily to her breasts, which, as I had noticed on a daily basis for the past week, bobbled heavily as she walked. She had confided sheepishly over one notable lunchtime conversation that she struggled to find clothing which could accommodate both her tall, slim figure and expansive bust.

Once I got situated at my desk, I opened Outlook to find a new message. The subject line read "Health Assessment Results -- Confidential". The body of the email contained all the measurements Kelly had taken. As I scrolled down, I noticed an attachment. My recently configured computer gave an error prompt when I tried to access it.

I mentioned to Maria that the Health Department had sent me a strangely formatted file that my computer wouldn't recognize. She suggested that I could send it to her and also to Adrienne, to see if the problem was isolated to only my terminal, before contacting the IT department.

As I rounded Maria's desk to see the results, we both heard Adrienne let out a gasp. Suddenly, just as the email arrived on Maria's computer as well, I remembered what Kelly had said about "taking pictures" the week before.

I tried to interrupt Maria before she could click on the attachment's icon, but to no avail. It opened immediately. We both stared agape at a high-resolution photo of Kelly, fully clothed but obviously taken only moments after I had ejaculated on her. She bore a radiant smile. The streaks of cum across her face had congealed slightly but were otherwise undisturbed, a strand still hanging from her chin and much more glinting on her upper chest. Viscous droplets rested throughout her thick, curly hair. Her sweater was a total mess.

Maria's eyes widened. "Please tell me that's not what I think it is," she said quietly.

"It's... It's not what it looks like. The whole thing was an accident! They were trying to... measure me... or something," I finished lamely.

"An accident? That doesn't look like any accident I've ever seen. I'm getting Kelly up here right away. And what do you mean by 'they'? Was Rachel involved in this?"

"Things were moving really quickly... Rachel barely had anything to do with it." The last thing I wanted was to get her in trouble.

"Go find Rachel and bring her back here right now," she ordered, picking up the phone and beginning to dial Kelly's office. I left quickly, seeing on my way out that Adrienne remained fixated on her monitor, absently toying with her chest.


After about five minutes of searching, I found Rachel at the coffee bar, sipping a cappuchino. She gave me her usual half-solemn, half-teasing look as I walked in.

"We've got a problem on our hands. Or, at least, I do, anyway," I said to her worriedly.

"What's up?" she replied casually. "I'm sure it's nothing we can't work out. Everyone here is already really impressed with you." She pursed her lips seductively.

"Well, remember how you mentioned that Maria shouldn't find out about the debacle down in the health clinic? She, um, found out. Graphically."

Rachel immediately entered damage control mode, all humor disappearing from her face. "Oh dear. I'd better get over there before Kelly does."

We walked back down the long corridor toward my office, our footsteps echoing, but it was apparent that we were already too late. From some distance away I heard Maria yelling: "We hire someone for the first time in years and within forty-eight hours of him walking into the building you let him cum on your face? And you took pictures of it? Are you crazy?" I couldn't make out Kelly's response, but I did hear Maria pick up again. "I don't care whether it was an accident and I especially don't care whether you liked it. This picture could get us all fired!"

As Rachel and I reached the doorway, Maria looked over to us and said sternly, "Rachel, in. You, out. I can't look at you right now." Kelly winked at me cheerfully from behind Maria's back.

"Adrienne, go with him," Maria added. "Do try not to get in the way of any stray orgasms during the next hour or two, please. Apparently others on our staff have difficulty with that." She glared at Kelly. I grabbed my change of clothes and left.


As we made our way down the long corridor toward the elevators, Adrienne turned to me. "What's in the bag?"

"Well, I thought that with all the drama in there, I might head down to the basement and see how the gym looks," I replied.

"Great idea!" she exclaimed. "I'll come with you. I think I have some clothes in my locker down there." We entered the empty elevator and the doors closed behind us.

We stood in silence for a moment as the elevator began to descend. I decided to clear the air before things became even more awkward. "Listen," I began, raising my eyes to hers. The tall, Harvard-educated brunette was looking at me intently from behind her glasses. "I'm sorry you had to see that. It was inappropriate. I really don't want to get off on the wrong foot around here." I looked back down at my shoes glumly.

Adrienne appeared thoughtful as she stood beside me. "You know, I've... I've never actually seen it before. Like, outside of a health textbook or whatever." She paused, biting her lower lip. "I guess I didn't think there would be that much," she said, finally breaking into a nervous giggle.

"I think it... came as a surprise to everybody," I replied, the unintentional pun lost on the inexperienced girl.

After the elevator had reached the lower level, we exited and went to the left, entering onto a large gym floor with about twenty treadmills and ellipticals, a full spectrum of weight-lifting machines and racks, and a large deployment of soft blue mats appropriate for stretching or yoga. Virtually all of the walls were covered with mirrors. The facility was completely empty, probably due to the time of day.

Adrienne led me into a locker room. "This gym is for employees only, just so you know. Rachel's down here all the time. In fact, I'll text her to let her know we came down. Come on, my stuff is back this way."

I followed her into a U-shaped, carpeted room with locker-lined walls, backless benches, and a number of mirrors and sinks. A nearby wood-panelled door led to a small sauna. At the other end of the "U" the carpet transitioned into a tiled floor, branching off into what Adrienne explained were the showers, bathrooms, and pool area. "Everything's co-ed down here," she explained, "although the company employs very few men, so it's usually not an issue."

She opened one of the spacious, full-length lockers and looked back at me pointedly. I took the hint, walking around to the opposite arm of the "U," where I opened my own locker and switched into a t-shirt and soccer shorts.

Just as I was lacing up my sneakers, Adrienne returned, her glasses and business clothing abandoned. In its place were a form-fitting white cotton tank top and a snug pair of green shorts, the waistband cuffed once around her hips, a few inches below the shirt's lower edge. She was naturally slender, and seemed ever-so-slightly awkward, having neither Rachel's graceful, well-toned build nor Maria's natural sensuality and hypnotic stride.

I attributed the awkwardness in large part to her full chest, which visually dominated the picture even though her tank top did not actually dip low enough to show cleavage. Each breast weighed downward enough to overlap an inch of the shirt below, their outward separation causing lines of striation to appear in the taut fabric between. Through the white fabric I could discern the outline of what did not appear to be a sports bra. In fact, it seemed to be the same demi-cup bra she had been wearing earlier. I did my best not to goggle openly.

"Bet I'm faster than you are!" she said with a grin. I wondered to myself how she could possibly run at any speed without injuring herself.

We walked back into the main area and parted ways, Adrienne going toward an empty elliptical and me toward an ergometer. Due to the positioning of the mirrors I had a clear profile view of Adrienne's machine. She climbed on and began at a slow pace, her thighs raising and lowering, butt flexing, the movement imparting a definite up-and-down momentum to her breasts.

After a few minutes Adrienne and I each increased the pace on our respective machines. Her chest bobbed more aggressively, the upper portions now rising dramatically out of her top with each upward push. I realized that I would have to focus elsewhere if I wanted to get anything out of the workout.

After about twenty minutes of rowing I felt wonderful, having almost completely forgotten about Maria, Kelly, and the events of the day. I began thinking again about my future with the office--the opportunities for advancement, the quality of the work, and so on. I had even forgotten about Adrienne. I got up and did a number of other exercises until I had worked up a thorough sweat.

As I headed back for a shower, I saw Adrienne on the blue mats doing a post-workout stretch. Surprisingly, Rachel was standing next to her, now also wearing workout clothing--a high-necked racerback blue sports top came down just above light grey yoga pants. The top's built-in bra seemed to support her breasts in a way that spread and minimized them. Having never seen her ass in anything other than a skirt before, I now marvelled. It was almost on par with Maria's, though not quite so outrageously well-rounded.

The two girls glanced over and smiled at me. I paused, transfixed, as Adrienne closed her eyes and raised her arms above her head, causing the large teardrop shape of each breast to be outlined in relief against her narrow chest. The now-damp tanktop clung to her even more tightly than before. A deep press of cleavage emerged near her neckline, hung for a moment, and disappeared again as she replaced her hands at her sides. She then began to bend at the waist, displaying a temptingly soft-looking ass. Her shorts covered only a few inches of her upper thigh.

At that moment I realized Rachel had been watching me the entire time. She called out, "Hey, would you mind helping us with a stretch for a minute?"

"No, not at all," I said, eager to avoid the impression that anything was wrong.

Rachel directed us down into a seated position on the mat, face to face, our legs spread-eagled with heels braced against one another. Each of our shorts had been stretched taut, Adrienne's now revealing the entirety of her endless legs.

Acting with authority, Rachel pushed us both forward and instructed us to link up, each holding the other's forearms. The tall, fit girl then crouched down next to me, again smiling. "Okay, you lean back slowly so that Adrienne has to come forward."

Adrienne began to dip her torso downward. As she bent deeper, her head facing to her left, a deep valley was exposed within the neck of her top. Bluish green veins were barely visible beneath the surface of her pale, immaculate breasts as they sat fixed just feet from my face. The firm clutch of her arms on mine raised my level of excitement further. We held this position for twenty to thirty seconds, my eyes glued to the opening of her shirt.

I suddenly felt Rachel's hands on my shoulders. "I see you're getting a good stretch too," she whispered slyly. It suddenly struck me that I had an almost full erection pushing out against the left leg of my shorts -- directly opposite where Adrienne was facing.

"I'd better get going," I said with embarrassment, quickly rising to my feet. I couldn't let Adrienne think I viewed her only as a sex object. As I hobbled toward the nearby locker room, I heard Rachel laughing behind me.


Back in the locker room, I mentally kicked myself for becoming so aroused by Adrienne. The locker room was still empty, although the light hum of air circulation kept the room from complete silence. As I walked toward my own locker, I noticed that Adrienne had left her compartment ajar, her cardigan hanging out slightly.

I walked over to look more closely, concerned that she may have left her belongings in a position where something could be stolen. As I approached, someone pressed up behind me and covered my eyes with their hand.

"Somebody's a little too interested in their new office mate, huh?" Rachel said in a sing-song voice.

Sputtering, as I had been so often recently, I turned around. "The door was open! I wanted to make sure no one would take her things!"

"Oh, sure. Like you haven't had eyes on her boobs all day." Rachel pushed me in the chest, forcing me back against the wall of lockers with a light thud. This hardly seemed like the sophisticated receptionist from upstairs. She then stepped forward, pressing her body against mine, and moved her face in close enough that I could feel her breath on my lips.

"I can't stop thinking about last week. Maria showed me the picture upstairs. I of course pretended to be mortified but it was even sexier than I remembered." She pressed forward even more, teasing her lips just millimeters from mine. "Maybe we could do a little more... testing... while Adrienne finishes her workout."

The feel of her body against mine had driven me into a rock-hard state, but I had already decided to reject her advances, again concerned about the repercussions if Maria were to find us out. Suddenly I heard a clattering from around the corner.

Without hesitating, Rachel opened one of the tall, deep lockers and gave me a light push backward toward it. I briefly lost my balance and stumbled backward into the space. Before I could respond, Rachel backed herself in as well and closed the door behind her.

The compartment was considerably larger than a typical locker, probably 6' high, 2' wide, and 2' deep, although hooks jutted uncomfortably from the walls. We had almost no room to move whatsoever -- Rachel was tightly compressed against me, my chin forced down a few inches over her right shoulder. She turned and kissed me playfully on the cheek. "Keep quiet and I'll make sure you don't get in trouble," she whispered, raising my hands up from waist-level to cup her covered chest. "I would never let you get fired."

We each watched through thin slats near the top of the compartment as Adrienne came around the corner carrying a large white towel. She stepped up to her own locker, which sat on the wall opposite ours. Before even opening the locker, however, the slender brunette took a deep breath, arched her back, and peeled off her tanktop, revealing the band of the plain white bra I had seen the suggestion of earlier. As we stared at Adrienne's surprisingly arched, toned back I felt Rachel clutch at the rod of my erection, still pinned against my left leg.

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