tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Prince

The New Prince


I peeked my head over the bushes. Sneaking around in the brush was more difficult in fine clothes, I was finding out, but I was Vigo the Rogue, the best two copper thief money could buy for two copper pieces. Had the king known I was young and inexperienced, he would have for sure recruited someone with talent and a resume. Having stolen some bread and a piece of fruit, my history was less than colorful. And yet here I was, staring into the party of giants.

The town of Gertudo was as robust as I was told; massive walls and bright lights concealed massive bodies, about 6 feet tall on the short side, the taller warriors towering over ten feet tall. The money was calling my name for this job, otherwise I would have hightailed it. The giants had taken the Princess of Eramor captive, and tonight they were celebrating a wedding, where she would be the guest of honor. It was a huge to-do, with all of the biggest names all gathering here to dance and eat and generally make the earth shake. I knew these giants spoke English; Hell, I could hear them from here. Their tenuous grasp of the English language seemed more focused on swears than anything else. They must have considered 'fuck' to be an adjective, noun, verb, and article.

As I continued to scan the area, a bright spot appeared. Humans. Normal sized, not freakishly large humans. I'm not racist, I was excited to know that I may not be entirely out of place in this wedding. I rolled to one of the other bushes closer by, to eavesdrop on their conversation. I'm sure I was completely silent.

"We're Julia and Roberto from Polinsia," the male human said. "Here are our invitations." In front of them, a massive, eight foot tall giant took the paperwork. He grunted.

"Will there be more of you from Polinsia?"

"No," the man replied. "There should be a party showing up soon. If they claim to be from the House of Roberto Polini, let them in please."

"As you wish, sir," the giant replied. He nodded and let them pass through the massive doors behind him.

I waited a good ten minutes, so as not to be too obvious. I was paranoid. Sneaking into a giant's lair in the hopes of stealing a princess while being five feet tall and inexperienced would make anyone scared shitless. The money would be enough to keep me off of some company's payroll for the rest of my life though, so there's that. I strolled up casually to the same guard.

"Halt, human," he said, holding out his big hand in front of me. He was a beefy fellow, probably weighing about 800 pounds. He could smash me into nothing with one swing. I looked around nervously, but then realized I shouldn't do that, so I looked straight ahead normally, then realized a human probably wouldn't do that, so I looked around nervously again. What are humans like again? "What business do you have here?"

"Oh me," I said. That was stupid. "I'm here to join the wedding. I hail from House Polini."

"I see," he muttered. "Go on ahead, good sir." He pointed me towards the doors, and I strolled ahead.

As I pushed open the last of the doors, a huge party broke out in front of me. Lights strung on cables lined the skies and tents with tender boar meat stood on the ground. It looked like more of a carnival than a wedding. It was a somewhat hot summer night, and the stars were out for the show, the moon full and beautiful. Giants danced and frolicked here and there, dancing as couples and as singles looking for a one night stand. I walked carefully so as not to get stepped on. I managed to look up while walking and saw a large spire. Atop the spire was a window, and I could see a woman in the window. That must have been the princess. Even from this far away, I could tell she was no giant. I would need a way into the tower. Unfortunately, I had been looking up for too long.

I crashed into a solid mass and staggered back. In front of me was a huge, round, white wall. As I tried to recollect myself, I heard a voice. "Lulu, zat mini boy just walked into your tushi!" The voice was clearly intoxicated, and as my vision came back, I looked forward at the biggest woman I had ever seen. Standing 8 feet tall and probably weighing over a thousand pounds, this girl was wider and taller than a large door. She was wearing a white gown that couldn't hide how immense her ass was, though at least it was completely covered up. Even among giants, this was a truly big girl, at least as far as width went. Clumsily, she turned around to face me and looked down. Her white gown had a plunging front that showed more cleavage than my entire village back home. Two massive breasts sat uncomfortably in her dress, and as she leaned forward, they looked like they wanted to jump out. Easily the biggest breasts I had ever seen, and easily the biggest breasts in the party.

"Oh my goodness! He's so wittle and so cute!" She grabbed me by my arms and was able to wrap her hands all the way around my upper torso. Lifting me high into the air, she gave me some baby talk. "Aren't you just the littlest little thing ever?"

"Careful, Lulu, you're gonna crush him!"

"I would never do anything to hurt such a precious boy!" She continued to play with me. "Are you here for the wedding?"

"Um... yes," I replied. So much for blending in.

"Well, how did you like it?"

Oh... it must have been over. Was I at the after party? "It was great!" I said, somewhat unsure of myself.

"Weddings always get me so emotional. I cried for like a million minutes..."

"It's time to catch the bouquet!" the fat girl's friend said. The drunk monster dropped me immediately. I landed quite painfully on the grass, and she stomped away. Just like that, huh? Drunk girls suck. I dusted myself off and moved on. I walked to a tent and ordered some boar meat. As I ate, I took some time to think about my next move. Good meat, too. I saw a group of giants all hanging around about twenty meters away. They appeared to be pretty hammered, swaying back and forth and being loud as all get out. I wondered if that was drunk or just how these giants usually behaved. I figured I would take my chances with them and ask to use a bathroom in the spire.

I tossed the meat (of which I was only able to eat about three bites) and headed over the large gentlemen. "Hello, good sirs," I said, trying to sound uppity.

"Sup guy," one of them responded. I think he was drunk, he could barely stand.

"I wonder if you could tell me where the bathroom is?"

"Oh, for sure little man, ask Horatio. He's over by the gray tent. He'll show you to the tent."

"Is it possible there's a bathroom in the spire? I'm not great with public urination, and..."

"Oh hey turn around, Guile is throwing the garter!"

I spun around, and the big garter hit me in the chest. My hands instinctively caught it, and as I looked down, I didn't immediately know I had made a big mistake, but I sort of knew I had made some kind of social blunder. I tried to hand it over to anyone who would take it, but they all backed off, laughing. Everyone in the party was now cheering, and I looked around. A big circle formed around me. Everyone was whispering to each other, and I heard "Do you think he's going to dance with her?" and "what if they really do it?"

After looking around in a flurry, a giant woman pushed her way through the crowd. She had long brown hair and tanned skin, and she was incredibly wide, even in comparison to those around her. And then those massive breasts. This was the woman I had bumped into earlier, and much to my horror, she was holding a bouqet.

She approached me, maintaining eye contact despite being beyond intoxicated. "Join me for zis dance, little man. It was meant to be." I slowly moved forward, and she grabbed my butt and lifted me up to her bosom. "Wrap your arms around me," she whispered. I couldn't wrap my arms around her upper torso, not even close. I couldn't even reach her back, her breasts were so large and frame so wide. Music began playing, seemingly out of nowhere, and I was taken along for the ride. "What is your name?" she asked me.

"Vigo," I said, unsure if it was wise or not to give my real name.

She spun me around to the beat, with surprising grace. Everyone was cheering us on. She was pushing me up against her huge breasts. "Get comfortable," she muttered. And then my head disappeared. She swallowed me up inside her cleavage and danced her heart away. I was just a loose sheet of paper in the wind to her. Sweat was dripping in between her breasts like rain forest due to the summer heat, and I was starting to sweat as well. Panicking, I tried to pull loose, but I was trapped. Claustrophobia was kicking in. Then the music stopped. Everybody cheered and laughed, and she plucked me out.

"Would you like to go into the tower with me?" she asked.

Bingo! I was as good as in. "Yes, I would love to," I replied.

She gave a little hop of excitement. "Are you sure? It's a big decision, but I think I'm ready."

Okay, here's where I should have considered things more carefully. Instead, I was so caught up with getting inside the spire, I jumped to the occasion, without thought of custom or circumstance. "I am too, let's go!" She hurled me over her shoulder and marched to the tower. As I watched the crowd, they were cheering even more loudly than before. What had I agreed to? She fumbled for keys and eventually opened the door. She hurried through a succession of rooms, and started going downstairs. That's not where I wanted to be...

"Where are we going?" I called out to her.

"Why the priest, of course," she replied. The priest? My heart sank. Oh no. She plopped me on the ground. I found myself in what looked like a miniature chapel, and a tired priest looked on. He looked like he was done for day and didn't really want to deal with any of this right now, but it was probably his sworn duty, so he took up his mantle. Her giant hands ripped off my nice clothes and let me naked on the ground.

"Hold on..." I muttered, but she was in a trance. She hiked up her dress and moved her underwear aside. I looked up to see the biggest vagina I've ever seen before. I wasn't exactly a gynecologist, but that pussy looked like it could take ten of me. In one fast motion, she dropped down, completely engulfing me under her skirt. But her aim was true. My cock went straight into her. It was so warm and moist I couldn't help but feel good. My hands pushed against her massive ass, but if she wanted to completely drop, I would be flattened. I could still hear them though.

"My name is Lulu and this is Vigo, and we have chosen to perform the act."

"Thank you dear. By the power that is vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your groom."

Lulu reached under her dress and dragged me out, lifting me up to her face. "I love you, honey," she said. Her lips met mine and stayed there for what seemed like an eternity. She gave me a long, wet kiss, her tongue running around my mouth.

"You'd better be careful, ma'am. He's awfully little, and you're... you know..."

"Shut up old man," she replied. "Where's the nearest bedroom, I wanna fuck the brains out of my new husband."

He sighed. "Up the stairs and to the right, there should be three empty rooms."

She lifted me into the air and ran me up the stairs. For a bigger girl, she had quite the stamina. She kicked open a door and tossed me onto a bed. In a frenzy, she ripped off her clothes, revealing a fantastically wide body with enormous breasts and fat, huge thighs. Her skin was surprisingly firm and tan. She jumped on the large bed and crawled towards me. I pushed back until I reached the bed frame. "I want to hurt you, lover," she said seductively. Her hands grabbed my feet and tugged me toward her. Her pussy slammed on my cock, and pounded me into the bed. She leaned forward, and her immense breasts overwhelmed me. I completely disappeared underneath her while she ravaged my comparatively tiny body. Up and down she rocked me until I heard her squeal. How she even felt someone as small as me was a mystery, but she seemed to be having the time of her life. She drilled extra hard into my lower torso, to the point where I thought she would break the bed. After a huge scream, she shuddered and sat up. "Suck on my nipple, baby boy," she said. She grabbed me and slammed me into her chest. "From now on, you'll live with me, in my castle. I am a princess, so you'll never have to work again. I know I'm not like any girl you've ever been with, human, but I can tell you prefer my big boobs to those puny little human girls. I'll fulfill all your fantasies."

She scooped me up and put my cock in her mouth. She then sucked so hard I thought she would rip my dick off. Within seconds, I came in her mouth, and hung limp over her. "Just so you know, baby, I like it rough." She fucked me for the rest of the night, and one thing was certain. I would be sore tomorrow.

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