tagGay MaleThe New Roomate

The New Roomate


I was beginning my junior year at college when it happened. I had a 2 bedroom dorm all to myself for the first 2 weeks of the semester. I loved the privacy and had my girlfriend, Cindy, over whenever I wanted.

I was kicking back one late afternoon, when I got a call from Pam Clarkson at the office of university housing. She told me that another student needed a room change and that I would have share with him. She finished the call by telling me they would be over in 5 minutes.

I heard the elevator bell, then a knock at my door. I answered and Ms Clarkson came in with my new room mate. Ms Clarkson was very sexy, and a bit flirty with the new guy. She stood about 5-8, had dark shoulder-length hair, big and deep brown eyes, and at least a full c-cup tits. She was dressed to the nines in a dark skirt that was cut just above the knee and a somewhat low-cut white blouse.

I caught myself staring, just as she started to speak; "This is your new guest, Cal. I'm sure you'll do everything you can to make him feel welcome," she said smiling. "Cal is a freshman; so I know he'll be no trouble for you," Ms Clarkson said. After a couple minutes of introductions and hand-shaking, she left.

I sized him up at that point; he was about 5-8 and 150 pounds, to my 5-11 and 175. He was kind of handsome and polite; Ms Clarkson sure thought so, anyway.

I may have been a little arrogant at first; being an upperclassman and, I guess due to our size and perceived strength. Cal just smiled and brought his stuff into his new room. A few minutes later he took a long hot shower and then went back into his room, but he left the door half open. I walked by, on my way to the bathroom and looked in; I thought he was dressed by then. I was wrong; he called out as he wrapped a towel around himself then came out in the hall.

"I thought you were dressed," I said then apologized. "I really didn't see anything" I insisted. He said that he was sure that I "didn't mean to peek" but since I had seen him, he challenged me to a contest to see who was bigger. He said, "Unless I was afraid because of what I saw."

I really didn't see his cock, but I couldn't back down. I had no reason to back down anyway; my cock is about 5 inches, which is average size. My girlfriends had always complimented me on my size and thickness; I was sure that they meant it too.

I agreed to the contest. I also found the idea somewhat hot, so I was sporting a semi-hardon of about three and a half inches. I smiled confidently as I lowered my sweatpants a bit and exposed my cock to him. Seeing mine, he smiled and lowered the towel.

I lost my smile, then my confidence at that point. I couldn't believe his size, hanging nearly six inches flaccid. His soft thickness was amazing too; about one and a half times the thickness of mine when hard.

I was speechless and didn't realize I was staring in awe at that point. I felt my cock stir and quickly get hard; I had no control over it and couldn't stop it. I was standing there with my cock fully erect, but dwarfed by his big soft cock. The feeling was intense; I felt inferior and he knew it!

He loved it; he said "I never would have guessed that you were so much smaller than me." He laughed a little as he said that he "didn't even have to get hard to beat me."

I stood quietly through his comments; I knew I couldn't refute them.

"How does it feel to be so badly beaten by a bigger soft cock?" he asked.

"Embarrassing," I answered humbly.

"Good," he said; then asked "how I would feel if others found out?" "Maybe your girlfriend or other girls here at school would like to know."

"You. . . you wouldn't do that, would you?" I asked; then I said "Please don't."

He smiled and said "that's better; nice and polite." "Why don't you kneel and ask me again?"

I did just that; I got on my knees and looked up at him, pleading once more for him not to tell. I knew I would be ruined; I'd have trouble hanging on to Suzie and would have a hard time getting dates too.

He looked down at me and turned slightly, his cock swung in front of me. It looked massive; still mostly soft as it hung inches away from me. Cal smiled and said he enjoys the feeling of power he has; he also said he can tell how I feel and that it makes it all the better.

"I'll let you slide . . . for now" he said, "but only on these conditions: you will be submissive, when in my presence; your cock must be in view, whenever mine is; and you will only have sexual release, when I permit it."

"How did this happen?" I thought...I felt helpless and owned...I never thought this could happen.

I agreed.

The next morning, I had early classes and got out of the dorm before Cal was up. All day long, the thoughts would creep in . . . how we measured up as well as the power shift. In spite of all that, I was pretty horny and got hardons throughout the day.

I met up with Suzy before the last class of the day; we were in the same sociology class. She asked to go over my dorm later; I tried to suggest her place and told her I had a roommate. She still wanted to come over to "hang out, have dinner, then have some fun."

When we arrived, Cal was there and was dressed in light lounge pants and a t shirt. His bulge was so pronounced that you couldn't help but notice it. Suzy noticed it too and stared for a minute; she seemed a bit flirty too.

We left Cal watching TV and we went to my room and within a minute, she had my cock in her hands. She quickly had me hard as she kneaded my cock in her hand. She targeted the tip of my cock; dragging her thumb over the slit. She had me leaky and close within minutes; then started quizzing me about my new friend. "What's he packing, a gun?" she asked.

She was pretty wild that day and she wanted to "ride me." She had me lay back, then straddled my face. She lowered her pussy down on my mouth, then began slowly grinding against my mouth. Her pussy was soaked before I started licking her.

As she rode me, she started talking about cocks again; her ex before me was hung -- about 7 to 7 ½ inches and thick. She said she knew Cal must be even bigger than that. She came so powerfully against my mouth.

After a while, we went out and watched some TV and had a bite to eat. Her eyes kept drifting to Cal's bulge; Cal knew it too. Nothing else happened that night, but as Suzy was leaving, she mentioned that her friend Katie would be in town in a couple days. "Maybe we could have a double date". We can have some drinks and dinner at a new place she wanted to try.

Cal woke me the next morning; he wanted a protein shake. I got up and made one for him. He told me we were to go to the gym, so he could have a workout. On the way to the gym, we took the subway. I sat and Cal stood in front of me. His size was obvious, especially at eye-level when jostling on the train. His soft cock was straining against his shiny silver sweatpants. He was smiling; definitely pleased that I couldn't look away.

We got to the gym and I was surprised how empty it was. Cal was able to breeze through many of the stations while I walked on a treadmill. He worked out for a solid 45 minutes, then hopped on the treadmill next to mine. After 10 minutes of cooling-down, he told me to hit the showers. We were in the locker room, and he stripped first.

As I undressed, I unconsciously covered up a bit. In a whisper, Cal mentioned our deal and that my small cock was to be displayed whenever his was out. I complied.

There were about 5 guys there at that time; some didn't try to hide that they were checking us out. Their shocked looks made me look down. I was so nervous and embarrassed that my cock was practically hidden, resting atop my tight balls.

I looked over at Cal's hanging cock and it looked even bigger than before. He was loving the attention and the power he felt over me -- and the others who were staring.

He grabbed his towel and headed to the shower; I followed and we hung the towels just outside the shower area. The other 5 had finished dressing and went on their way.

There were body wash dispensers along the shower walls; we each took a handful and lathered-up. I rinsed off, then Cal told me to kneel in front of him. His cock was once again, face level to me. This time it was covered with a thick lather. The cinnamon scent of the wash was strong, but the visual of his half-hard cock was stronger as the shower stream slowly rinsed away the lather.

Cal said "I love having such a nice big cock; I love having you on your knees to admire it. You love it too, don't you?" I can't believe it, but I heard myself say yes.

"Kiss it," he said. I knelt there, overwhelmed by the sensations -- the hot water streaming on my face, the faint scent of cinnamon, the sight of his cock, just inches away. . . I kissed it, then again and again until I lost count.

As I knelt there in the steamy shower, with all the sensations I felt like I was in a hypnotic state. I actually was; Cal's comments and imagery were somehow conditioning me to look up to Cal and want to serve him. I had even relinquished my control over my own orgasms. It's been so long since I've cum, that I am constantly aroused and frustrated.

He swung his cock near to my face; I opened my mouth and took it partly in. I was sucking the tip and swirling my tongue around it.

After a minute, we heard the door; more would be changing and showering. I got to my feet, just before two other guys came in.

They weren't nearly as big as Cal, but they were still much bigger than me. They quickly looked us over and one commented "you shouldn't be anywhere around the other guy when your cocks are out; I bet that's a huge blow to your ego" he said smiling.

I think they liked being in there, standing near me. I'm sure they felt pretty hot to be so much bigger too. Cal told them that he knew I was a boost to their ego.

He was getting all wrinkly from the water, so Cal decided to go. "I'm going to go have another shake, but Tim will stay until you're done, if you want to feel real big." They did, so I stayed. It was embarrassing as they each took turns standing next to me and comparing. It was especially humiliating when my cock got hard while they compared and teased.

On the train, Cal told me that tonight was our double date. I didn't know what to expect, but I was sure that Cindy's friend Katie would be in for a treat. I also wondered how Cindy would react if any secrets were revealed.

I tidied up the rooms in case we came back here after dinner. Cal asked me to do it naked, so I did. He called out to me, I barely heard him over the vacuum. I went to his room and found him naked and fully hard. He was stroking and was leaking precum like a faucet. He asked me when my last cum was. I hadn't cum for 2 days before he got here, so I told him it's been 6 days.

"We've never compared cocks when I'm hard, have we?" Cal asked. I told him that he never had to be hard to beat me. Cal smiled at that, seeing how I accepted my shortcomings and his superiority.

"Let's compare now," he said. He had to keep changing his pace or stop his stroking at times. The long trail of precum down his leg made it look like he was edging for hours.

His long and thick cock was so engorged; it looked massive next to mine. He faced me and held his cock against mine with the tip touching my body at the base of my cock. There was at least a five and a half inch space between the end of my cock and his body.

"I bet you want to cum real bad, don't you?" Cal asked.

I answered honestly, "Yes I don't believe how bad I want it. "Please may I? . . . I'll be fast".

Cal smiled and began stroking faster; his two hands pumping his massive cock.

He stepped back and came; seven forceful blasts hit me, completely covering my cock and balls with his thick cum.

"No, no cumming for you Timmy -- not today," Cal said. "I want you in agony when we're with the girls later."

He told me to rub in his cum, but to be careful not to cum. I obeyed.

"Now go finish vacuuming, then start getting ready for the date," he told me.

I had the place spotless, and then took a cool shower. No matter how hard I tried, my cock was nearly constantly hard. I wanted to wank in the shower, but I feared that Cal would somehow know. I finished the shower and carefully dried off, then got dressed.

The girls were due in 45 minutes.

Next, Cal made his way to the shower; he passed my room with his towel draped over his shoulder and his soft cock swaying - so big and thick as he walked. I felt my pulse quicken.

He left the door open, as he always does, while he showered. The steam came out of the bathroom; it must have been a super hot shower.

I heard the water shut off, then after a minute, he called me: "come in here for a minute Timmy," he demanded.

I made my way and entered; he stood there in the steamy bathroom -- dried off but still nude. His balls were hanging very low, as was his cock. He pointed to my cock and reminded me to have it out.

He draped his soft cock over my, much smaller hardon -- completely covering it!

"This is what it will look like for the girls tonight; your little cock will be completely unseen because they won't be able to see past mine." "Now kneel down for me, Timmy"

I knelt there, looking up at his mighty cock -- the cock that he used to get in my head...to control me...to own me.

I could feel my own cock leaking precum; I wasn't even touching it.

"Hold it in two hands Timmy, feel its weight...its power."

It filled my hands and truly felt heavy.

As he spoke, it grew heavier and heavier. It was still soft, but felt unbelievably heavy. My arms started to shake a little, under its heft.

"Lick it now, Timmy -- suck me hard" he commanded. I obeyed.

His shaft grew so thick that it was difficult to get my lips much further than the head.

Once he was fully hard, he had me stop.

"Now compare again" he said.

The contrast was unbelievable... I was still shocked and amazed!

I was completely in awe and Cal knew it.

"Now Timmy, which cock deserves to get pussy tonight?"

"Yours Cal," I answered honestly.

"And who's cock do the girls deserve to ride all night?" he asked.

"Yours Cal," I repeated.

"Good, remember that while you watch us" Cal said with a smile.

"Suck me more now," he ordered. As I sucked him, he held my head and thrusted. He was about halfway in when the doorbell rang. He motioned for me to get it.

I quickly put my hard and leaky cock back into my pants and greeted the girls at the door.

I gave Cindy a quick kiss and gave Katie a hug. I could feel Katie's full -- D cup breast pressing against me while we hugged. She smiled.

Cal joined us after a few minutes. He was wearing tight and paper-thin light blue jeans that hid nothing. The girls each gave him a hug and seemed to switch into flirty and silly mode.

Cal ordered Thai take-out and asked me to go get it. When I returned, they were pretty cozy in the living room having drinks. He was sitting between them on the couch, his arm around Katie and my Cindy was dragging her nails over the outline of his cock in his jeans.

Cal looked up and announced that our dinner was here; we all went into the kitchen and Cal and the girls sat at the table. I transferred the meal into serving bowls and set them down on the table. Next, I poured four glasses of wine and set them out.

Cal took his chopsticks and tried to catch Katie's nipple. After a few tries, he turned to Cindy. Cindy rarely wore a bra; she could get away with it with her firm B-size.

Cal caught her left nipple in the chopsticks on the first try. He gently tugged and squeezed. A soft "mmmn" escaped her lips.

After a few minutes of that and with my cock fully hard once again, we started to eat. We actually didn't have very much, before Cal moved back to the couch.

I stayed to pick-up; Cindy also stayed to help me.

"Thank you Timmy" she whispered. "Cal told us all about your agreement; that's so sweet of you to put my needs first... it's not your fault that you're so... you know."

She kissed me on the forehead and then joined Cal and Katie on the couch.

Katie was already licking and sucking Cal's cock and Cindy undid her top, showing him her firm b-cup breasts.

Cal called me in and I undressed. I knelt in front of Cindy; her breasts were at eye level. She started to moan as I licked and sucked them. She leaned back and pulled me toward her pussy. My hand went under her skirt and felt her pussy, no panty. She told me to eat her, so I went under her skirt and was kissing her thighs, then licking her.

I felt her undo my pants and take my cock out. I froze for a second; worried that Katie would see and laugh.

Katie was busy though and Cal didn't need to make a point of it. I licked Cindy to a great and drenching orgasm. As she stopped grinding against my face I could see her gaze was focused on Cal's cock.

Katie took my hard cock in one hand and Cal's in the other. He quickly grew to his full length. The girls were turned on at the difference that they finally saw up close.

"I want some of that," said Cindy as she held his big cock and they moved to the end of the couch. Cal laid back and Cindy climbed over his cock, facing me. She moaned as she slid onto his shaft and began riding him.

I've never heard moaning and gasping like that before, nor have I seen anyone ride a cock so wildly. She was screaming as she came, but he didn't let up.

Katie was stroking me slowly as I lay there watching. She could tell when I was close to cumming and would slow down and lighten her touch or stop completely. It was pure torture to be kept on the edge for so long as I watched my girlfriend ride another man's cock.

Cindy came a second time, then climbed off of the big cock she was riding. His cock was drenched and shiny from her wetness. Cindy and Katie smiled at each other as they switched positions.

Cindy climbed above me and had me eat her again. Katie was riding Cal and I could hear her moaning with each thrust of his cock.

Cindy climbed off of my face and positioned her pussy just above my straining cock. She slid down over my cock; her pussy easily engulfed my cock. She rode me slowly and would stop each time I slipped out. Her pussy was so wet and hot and it made sloshing sounds as she slowly rode me and kept me edging.

Cal and Katie had picked up the pace and were going wild. Katie yelled out "I'm cumming" and began shaking as she came. Katie climbed of of his cock and sat next to me. Cindy knelt on the couch with her pussy pointing at Cal. It didn't take him long to come up behind her and slide his long cock -- balls-deep in her pussy.

Katie cradled my head in her lap as we both watched the others fuck. Cindy would coo and moan with each long thrust.

I looked up and could see Katie smiling... so satisfied. I couldn't help staring at those big tits. She ran her fingers along my chest; playfully dragging her nails over my nipples, then pinching them.

She shifted position and I was facing her pussy once again; it was sort of hanging open from being so stretched. I gently kissed and licked her swollen lips, then sucked and tugged on her clit. I heard her moans of approval and she started writhing about. I wondered to myself, "how many times can these girls cum in one night?"

I think this was her fourth or fifth time. Cindy started to moan and thrash about so Katie and I stopped and watched.

She was facing us; we watched her expressions as she was getting the best fucking of her life. She would furrow her brow when she neared orgasm and she had a bead of sweat rise on her upper lip.

Cal was getting close as Cindy got vocal, once again in the throes of orgasm. He pulled on her hips and thrust his cock so deep in her pussy. He moaned and held her still as he filled her pussy with cum.

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