tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 02

The New Slave Ch. 02


Billy hadn't worn clothes in months and the garments felt strange on his body. He was simply dressed in a pair of jeans and long sleeved t-shirt but he felt as though he were smothering. He was seated in the living room of his Master's house waiting for his new Mistress and her Master to arrive and pick him up. His meager belongings were in a box by the front door.

He heard their car arrive and his heart began to pound. He was surprised to find that he was nervous. Drawing in deep calming breaths, he heard the door bell ring and the footsteps of his Master as he answered the door.

Standing, he stared at his new Mistress as she entered the room. His cock hardened the moment he saw her. She was dressed in a very short, ultra-low riding, red leather mini skirt, a cropped white lace blouse, only one button holding it together over her full, unrestrained breasts. On her feet were six inch heeled, knee high leather boots.

Her eyes quickly flicked over him as she slowly approached him. Wrapping her arms about his neck, she pulled his head down to hers, as though she were to kiss him. She stared into his eyes as her fingers tangled in his air. Moving closer he closed his eyes, anticipating a kiss only to feel her instead, yanking on his hair, pulling him to the ground. "You will kneel in my presence, Slave," she growled at him.

He gasped loudly as she dragged him to the floor. He obediently knelt and she wedged the pointed toe of her boot between his knees. "Knees spread wide," she ordered. "Hands on thighs, palms up, head down," she continued.

He immediately complied. "Yes, Mistress," he whispered.

Vanessa glanced at her Master. "Very good, Pet," he complimented.

When they arrived at the house, he was shown to his room. It was larger and more luxurious than his previous quarters and he had his own private bath. In fact, everything was larger and more luxurious. I think I could get used to this, he thought, glancing out his fourth floor window.

There was a knock on his open door and he turned to see her walking in. "Is your room to you liking?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress," he replied.

She glared at him and he hesitated, appearing puzzled, before quickly kneeling, assuming the position she had ordered him into earlier. "Please forgive me, Mistress," he pleaded.

"You may rise, William. We don't officially own you for a few more hours," she replied. "Do you have any questions?" she asked him as he stood.

"First, if you use my name, I prefer Billy. Second, what is your name?" he asked, walking to a chair to sit down.

"My name is Vanessa, but you will always address me as Mistress," she answered. "My Master's name is Nicholas, but you will address him as Master."

"Vanessa," he said. She hadn't heard someone say her name for over a year and it sent a chill down her spine. "That's a nice name," he complimented. He rose and asked, "Do you mind if I undress? I'm not used to wearing clothing and am finding them uncomfortable."

"No, go right ahead. But you should get used to them. Master prefers slaves to be provocatively dressed," she answered, watching him disrobe. As his beautiful body came into view, she felt a tingling in her belly, especially when his erect cock sprang free from his jeans. Her breathing became quick and shallow and she hungrily licked her lips.

"Will I have any free time?" he asked, enjoying her obvious physical reaction to his body.

"Yes, you will be free on Thursdays from two in the afternoon until midnight," she answered, her eyes glued to his thick, rigid cock.

"What will my duties be? Will I be expected to perform any household chores?" he asked, watching her admire his body.

"No, there is staff for housekeeping. However, you may be required to do some form of work if punishment is required. I will be meeting with Master to decide your exact role in the household," she replied distractedly. "Would you please lay on the bed?" she asked.

He looked at her quizzically before complying. He was surprised to see her kneel between his spread thighs and bend her head to his cock. A deep sigh passed his lips as his cock slipped between her full lips. His eyes opened wide with amazement as she took the full length of him in her mouth, her nose pressing against his stomach. His head fell back against the bed as he sank down into the pleasures of her mouth on him.

She sucked him hungrily, letting him slide down her throat. She loved sucking a huge cock and she had been yearning for his ever since she had first laid eyes on him. She pumped up and down on him quickly, feeling his fingers tangling in her hair.

After a minute of relentless sucking, his back arched up off the bed. "I'm gonna cum," he groaned. He jerked and swelled and she sucked him deep into her mouth letting him shoot his cum straight down her throat. She sucked him clean and slid her skirt up to her hips before straddling his thighs.

His limp cock stirred and came to life again as he stared at her bare pussy. She gently stroked his cock until it was again rock hard and raising her hips, pressed him inside her. She slowly slid down him, grinding against his hips, a low moan escaping her lips as he filled her.

His hands reached up, undoing the single button of her blouse, revealing her beautiful breasts. He gently squeezed the large mounds, the firm yet soft flesh overflowing his large hands. He pinched and twisted her erect nipples, enjoying a woman's breasts for the first time in almost a year.

She began riding him, slowly at first, her speed increasing until she was pumping his cock quickly, her ass slapping against his thighs. Surprising her, he gripped her hips and rolled them over, pinning her beneath him.

With a grunt he drove into her, fucking her hard and fast. She cried out loudly at his assault on her pussy, her juices gushing over his cock. She gripped his ass in her hands, digging her nails into his soft cheeks as he pummeled her cunt, driving her to the edge of orgasm and then over it. Thrashing against him, grinding her hips, the waves of pleasure crashed over her repeatedly. Her pussy walls clenched tightly around him and he also gave in to the mounting pleasure, crying out loudly at his own release.

He collapsed on top of her, his sweat staining the clothes she still wore.

"I see you two didn't waste any time," a deep voice spoke, startling them both. Their Master sat in a chair watching them.

Vanessa only stared at him wide eyed, not sure if he was unhappy with them or not. No rules had been set so she wasn't sure if unauthorized sex with Billy was allowed or not.

"Pet, get a strap-on and fuck the new Slave's ass," he ordered.

Billy rolled away, allowing her to rise. His bedroom had already been fully stocked with toys and she easily found what she was looking for. She shed her clothes quickly and buckled up the strap-on. It was a large one, long and thick. "On your knees, Slave, head down," she ordered him.

Billy obeyed, and she nervously knelt behind him. Of course she had been fucked in this position countless times, by her Master and by others, some using strap-ons, but she had never done it herself and was nervous.

She squirted lube on his hole, spreading it around before coating her dildo. "Shall I open him first, Master?" she asked.

"No, just dive in," he answered.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed the head of the strap-on at his ass hole and using her hips, she pushed hard. The head of the dildo slipped inside his tight ass, causing him to gasp loudly. She saw his fists clench the sheets and she pushed again, driving in hard, seeing her phallus go in half way.

Billy cried out loudly as Vanessa's dildo invaded his ass. He was no stranger to being sodomized, but his previous Master had grown weary of him and he hadn't been entered in several months and was not used to such penetration. He cried out again as Vanessa plunged again, this time to the hilt. She rested a moment, giving him a chance to get used to the size of her.

"Fuck him," their Master's voice commanded. "Fuck him good and hard, Pet."

She gripped his hips and pulled back before slamming in again. She repeated the process, speeding up once she got used to it. Soon she was fucking him hard, driving relentlessly into him, delighting in his moans and loud cries.

How she wished she could feel what the inside of his ass felt like, to actually be inside him. "May I spank him, Master?" she asked, staring down at his ivory cheeks.

"Yes, definitely, Pet," he answered, obviously pleased with her question.

Raising her hand, she slapped Billy's ass hard, raining blows against his soft flesh. Soon his cheeks were dark red, and hot to the touch. She laughed as he howled beneath her. Her response was to grip his sore flesh in her hands, squeezing roughly as she continued to punish his ass. She spread his cheeks and watched her dildo pummel his stretched hole.

"Stop Pet, pull out!" Master suddenly commanded.

Puzzled, she did as he ordered, hearing a frustrated cry from Billy. "Do not move, Slave," he thundered in his most authoritative voice.

She stepped off the bed and watched Billy, his cock throbbing, twitching in front of him. His face was twisted in a grimace, the sheets still clenched tightly in his white knuckled fists.

"He is on the verge of cumming," Master whispered to her. "Right now, he wants nothing more than to stroke his aching cock, to provide the release that he is teetering on the edge of."

Staring up at her Master, she saw the delight in his eyes as he stared at the Slave, obviously taking great joy in the young man's distress. She recalled how he sometimes did the same to her, driving her right to the edge and then suddenly stopping, leaving her in torment. It was a powerful tool.

Billy stayed bent over on the bed, his cheeks on fire, his ass hole quivering in pain from Vanessa's merciless fucking but those sensations dimmed in comparison to the aching in his cock. His balls were bursting with cum, he was so close. Master had ordered Pet to pull out at just the right time, one more stroke and he would have cum and it was taking every ounce of his self control to not touch himself, to not give the one touch that would send him over the edge.

Did he dare risk his new Master's wrath so quickly? What would his punishment be? Could it be any worse than the pain he was in right now? Most likely, but with the rebellion that his former Master had been unable to tame, Billy released the sheets from his fists and gripped his cock, one quick pump and his cum shot out, hitting him in the chin, spattering the sheets.

Vanessa stared wide eyed as Slave touched himself and came with a loud groan, blatantly disobeying Master.

In two long strides Master was at the bed, pushing Slave flat to the bed. "Some cuffs, Pet," he bellowed. She quickly placed them in his outstretched hand, watching as he quickly bound the wayward Slave's wrists behind his back.

"Collar," he demanded. She handed a thick black leather collar to her Master and it was hastily fastened around Billy's neck.

Master continued to order items until Billy was bound to the bed by his wide spread ankles and from his collar to an eyebolt embedded in the headboard. Master had her push some pillows beneath his hips raising his ass in the air.

Her strap-on was removed and replaced with another much larger, thicker and longer dildo. It measured three and a half inches in diameter, a full foot in length and was heavily ridged. "Fuck him, Pet," he ordered her.

Wordlessly she stared at him. Normally, she wouldn't even hesitate to obey, but this was one command she really did not want to carry out. Nervously she licked her lips, her eyes turning to the instrument of torture protruding from her crotch.

"Is there a problem?" he asked sternly.

"It's just that...I don't want to truly hurt him," she said quietly, her voice trembling.

"But he disobeyed and must be disciplined. If you wish to help me train him, you must participate in the punishment, whether you like it or not," he explained to her.

"Yes, Master," she replied. Turning to the bed, she knelt between Slave's spread thighs.

Billy froze as he felt the mattress dip between his legs. He knew he was going to experience pain. Vanessa had happily fucked him moments ago with a big strap-on and now she was going to do it again, this time reluctantly, so she must be outfitted with something much bigger.

She lubed the large dildo and Billy's ass before taking a deep breath and placing the head of the dildo at his anal entrance. She squeezed her eyes shut and pushed hard, thrusting her hips forward.

Billy cried out loudly at the penetration. She pushed again, grunting at the effort and slid in halfway. His hands curled into fists in the small of his back, twisting against the cuffs binding him. One more hard thrust and she was in to the hilt. Another loud cry erupted from his lips as she filled him.

Gripping his hips she pulled back, sliding the large tool out of him before driving back in again. He twisted and writhed beneath her, cries of pain coming from him whenever she plunged in deeply.

"Don't hold back, Pet. Give it to him hard," Master ordered.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on pumping in and out of his tight hole. She had to work hard, his ass was gripping the phallus tightly. Shutting out his sobs and moans she plunged deeply into him, pulling out and plowing back in. Faintly she could hear Master talking to Billy.

"You are never to disobey me again, do you understand?" Master growled.

"Yes, Master," was the breathless replied.

"Does the fucking hurt?"

"Yes, Master, it does."

"Push in deep, Pet," he called to her.

Plunging in deeply, she buried the entire twelve inches in his ass, causing another tear soaked cry to ring in the air. Master disconnected the dildo from the harness around her hips and she alighted from the bed. "Sit," he commanded, pointing to the chair he had just vacated. With awe, she stared at the riding crop he held in his hand.

It whistled through the air before striking hard against Slave's tender back side. He cried out loudly at the stinging blow, but only grunted or gasped at the following strikes. Soon his ass was heavily lashed with welts.

Master then chose a paddle with a heavily pebbled surface. Vanessa winced as she imagined the pain it was going to produce upon his freshly whipped flesh. Master didn't hesitate or hold back as he slapped Billy's ass with the paddle. Soon the young slave was crying and begging for mercy. As soon as those words passed his lips, Master stopped the punishment. Taking Vanessa's hand he walked wordlessly from the room.

Billy lay face down on the bed, gasping for breath. All he could feel of his entire body was the all consuming pain in his ass. His cheeks felt as though they were on fire and he couldn't remember if his hole had ever been stretched so wide. And now he was left here alone for who knows how long, left to suffer. And most likely to also contemplate what he had done.

The fact that she had disciplined him, obeying her Master's commands, was interesting. Would she ever take the initiative and punish him, he wondered? She was able to summon up a very commanding appearance, causing an almost immediate reaction of obedience in him. Perhaps he was better suited to a Mistress than a Master.

He writhed on the bed, seeking some sort of relief, but the dildo was in deep, his ass gripping it tightly. He squeezed his ass and cried out loudly at the pain of it. How long were they going to leave him like this? He groaned loudly and gave in to the silent tears that he had been struggling to hold in check.

He suddenly realized that he had just experienced one of the scenarios he had fantasized about the previous night. The only difference being that Master had whipped his ass instead of her.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed before he heard the heavenly sound of high heels clicking across the floor, heading towards him. They stopped at the foot of the bed.

After what seemed like an eternity, she spoke. "Have you learned your lesson, Slave?" she asked, her voice soft and low.

"Yes, Mistress," he responded earnestly.

She wiggled the dildo in his ass, causing him to cry out and writhe with pain. She chuckled softly at his torment. "Would you like me to remove this?" she purred.

"Yes, Mistress, please, please could you remove it?" he begged. Right now he would do just about anything if she would only relieve him of the source of his agony.

She again jerked it hard. "That's not the right answer," she grinned.

After the stars faded from behind his eyes, he searched his mind for the answer she wanted. He gasped as it came to him. "Only if it pleases you, Mistress," he murmured. He held his breath, hoping that this was what she wanted to hear.

There was a large ring embedded in the base of the dildo. She looped her fingers through it and with a loud grunt, in one swift movement, tugged it free of Slave's ass. His scream pierced the air and could even be heard on the lower floors of the house as the dildo's deep ridges ripped through his ass.

"Thank you, Mistress. Thank you," he gasped, tears again trickling down his cheeks.

A light clinking sound came from Vanessa's direction. "You've of course heard of ice cubes, but how about ice balls?" she asked.

"Ice balls?" he questioned warily. He felt something being pushed into his gaping hole and gasped loudly as he realized what she meant. The ice hurt at first but he realized it soothed the pain of his punishment. She pushed in four of the balls and then wordlessly left.

He lay gasping and quivering on the bed as the ice melted inside his ass. Feeling the water trickle from his hole again made him wonder how much time had passed.

As his ass warmed up the pain returned, waking him from the fitful sleep he had fallen into. He again heard Vanessa's high heels clicking across the floor and he hoped that he would finally be released.

She pulled the pillows out from beneath his hips and untied his feet. She roughly rolled him over, smiling as he winced at the pain of laying on his bound hands. Just the sight of her caused his cock to harden and her smile widened as he quickly grew erect. Squirting some lube on his dick, she raised her skirt and facing away from him, pointed his cock at her ass.

He sighed with delight and desire as he watched her lower herself onto him, the head of his dick disappearing into her tight ass. Slowly she slid down, small cries escaping her lips as he filled her. Soon she was grinding her ass against his hips. She began to slowly pump up and down, long, slow strokes, gradually increasing in speed until she rising and falling quickly, pulling him deep into her anal hole.

He watched his cock being ridden by her heavenly ass and groaned with the frustration of not being able to touch her, of not being able to push her forward, grab her hips and fuck her, taking control of the situation, using his cock to drive her into submission. Her ass began to clench around him, and she cried out loudly as her cum drenched his balls, her orgasm flooding through her body.

She rose from him quickly, just as his own orgasm rocked him, his cum shooting over his chest. His head flopped back as another groan of frustration rumbled from his throat. He had wanted so badly to fill her ass with cum, not the secondary sensation of shooting into air.

Again rolling him over, she finally unbound his wrists and gave his sore ass a sharp slap. "Your dinner is on it's way. You're to report to Master's bedchamber in one hour. I'd suggest you get cleaned up." she said brusquely before walking away, the sound of her heels clicking down the hallway.

Just a little over an hour later, Billy again found himself in agony. He was naked, sitting in a chair, his ankles bound to the front legs, his hand tied behind his back, his erect cock straining in front of him. Before him, on the Master's bed, were Master and Vanessa having sex. Fascinated he watched as Master plundered every one of his pet's holes. Billy's chest rose and fell quickly with his shallow, shaky breaths, witnessing the way she so willingly submitted to her Master. She was his plaything, his toy, to use as he wished, to derive his pleasure from in whatever way he desired.

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