tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 04

The New Slave Ch. 04


Vanessa was grumpy. She could find no reason for it except that her Master was away and wasn't expected back for a few more days. Bored and restless she prowled her rooms trying to find something to amuse herself with. Her five inch heels clicked across the wooden floor as she spied the chest in the corner. It held items of clothing she had been collecting for Billy to wear when she wanted him dressed up.

Even though she adhered to a strict policy of always being dressed in sexy and revealing outfits Billy still preferred to either be naked or to wear just a pair of loose fitting jeans. Not that she really minded, it made the times she dressed him up more sexually thrilling.

Crouching in front of the chest she flipped the lid up, an idea to end her boredom filling her mind. She selected several items and after making some preparations in her apartment, headed for the stairs to his room.

Billy lay across his bed on his stomach, the sun through the open window caressing his bare behind. He was reading a novel when he heard Vanessa's heels clicking down the hallway to his room. Looking up his cock twitched as it almost always did when he saw her. She was wearing a lacy pale pink blouse, barely covering her lush breasts with only a tiny button holding the fabric together, an ultra-short hot pink mini skirt with white fishnet stockings held up by a pale blue garter belt and hot pink five inch heels.

Her hips swayed and her breasts bounced as she made her way toward him. However, it was the look in her eyes that caused him a bit of worry. He knew he was in for an adventure whenever she came to him with a bundle of clothes and a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Good afternoon, Billy. Enjoying the sun?" she purred, depositing the clothing on the bed.

"Yes, Mistress, I am," he replied, his eyes caressing her scantily clad body.

"Put these on and come to my rooms," she instructed before walking away.

Billy didn't move, his eyes glued to her ass as she walked away. He loved the way her skirts were cut in such a way that they gave just a glimpse of her perfect behind when she walked. When she was out of view, he finally rose and staring down at his hard cock, he thought it best to not masturbate, she obviously had plans for him.

Turning his attention to the clothes, he bit back a groan as he sorted through them. "Why does she love doing this to me?" he wondered aloud as he held up the mesh stockings and boots.

Fifteen minutes later he knelt before her door and knocked. She called out that he should enter and he crawled inside. Fast paced techno music was playing and she was reclining on the couch, leaning back into the corner, her legs crossed.

"Stand up, let me see you," she ordered.

He stood and her gaze roamed over him, a smile curling her lips. Yes, she had chosen well, she thought. Along with the dark purple fishnet thigh high stockings he was wearing matching purple knee high boots with a four inch wedge heel, a black leather thong, dark red leather elbow length arm bands and, of course, his slave collar. What really pleased her was that he had thought to add a ring of dark purple liner around his eyes, making the green of them even more vibrant.

"Very nice," she murmured, her smile widening. "Back on your knees and come over here," she ordered.

He dropped to his hands and knees and submissively lowering his eyes, he crawled to her feet. Rising to his knees, he spread his thighs, awaiting her next command. He smelt rather than saw her uncross her legs, the scent of her arousal hitting his nostrils. Glancing up he saw her exposed pussy, glistening wet, the lips pink and puffy with excitement.

"Eat me," she demanded, her voice husky with desire.

Eagerly, he leant forward, his hands gripping her thighs as he lowered his face to her pussy. His tongue slid between the lips, parting them and tasting her.

Vanessa moaned and tipped her head back, sinking down into the erotic stimulation of her slave's mouth. "Oh yes, Slave, make me cum," she purred.

Billy smiled, knowing exactly how to do just that. Latching onto her clit, he sucked and nibbled, flicked it with his tongue, delighting in her increasingly louder cries of pleasure. He repeatedly drew back when she was close and teased her, plunging his tongue into her hole and sucking on her lips before returning to her pleasure center. Finally she could take it no more and clenching her fingers in his hair, held him to her, not letting him move. Her climax was shattering, causing her to almost convulse on the couch as her juices smeared across Billy's face.

Finally, she released him, her breath coming fast, her luscious breasts heaving as she floated down from the heights of her orgasm. "Such a good slave," she whispered, her head still tipped back, her eyes closed as Billy gently lapped at her pussy, sucking up her juices.

Finally, she pushed him away and she rose from the couch. "Come," she said and walked into an adjoining room.

Billy was unfamiliar with the layout of her rooms, having only been in them once before and was surprised by the one now entered. Still on his hands and knees, he gazed around at what was obviously and adult-oriented play room. In the middle of the room was an odd table. It was very high with lockable wheels.

Vanessa stood next to it, her head level with the table top. There was a line drawn on the floor and she instructed that he stand with his toes on the line, his legs spread wide. "Lean forward and grip the edge of the table," she said, moving around to the back of it. Slowly, she eased it away from him causing him to bend forward. His arms were stretched out and his high wedge heels were coming off the floor when she stopped and locked the wheels.

Billy was thoroughly off balance, knowing that if he let go of the table edge he would fall flat on his face. He groaned inwardly as Vanessa knelt beneath him, hooking her fingers into the waist band of his thong and pulling it down to the tops of his thighs before wrapping his balls tightly with thin straps of leather. Just behind the head of his cock she wrapped another thin strip of leather to which was attached a small weight and to that a bell. She patted his bobbing cock causing the bell to ring and rose, moving around behind him.

Out of his sight, she chose a holster from the wall and a selection of dildos and paddles that she hung from hooks on the holster. Shedding her skirt she fastened it around her hips and pushing a box between Billy's spread thighs, she climbed atop it, her hips level with his ass.

Smoothing her hand over his firm cheeks, she gazed down at him, his muscled legs clad in the provocative mesh and high heeled boots, the leather thong stretched between his thighs, his large cock hard and straining in front of him. Yes, she had chosen well at the auction.

Vanessa chuckled at her slave's loud gasp as she squirted some lube onto his asshole. Teasing him, she slipped a slim dildo into his ass, pumping it a few times before leaving it inside him. Selecting a paddle from her holster, she again smoothed her hand across his soft ivory flesh. With delight, she noted Billy's accelerated breathing, not knowing what was coming, what she was going to do to him.

Raising her arm, she brought the paddle down on his ass, the smack mingling with Billy's small cry. The bell hanging from his cock jingled as he jerked slightly forward. Again and again she spanked him, turning his ass red. Abruptly she stopped and pulled the dildo from him. Selecting a much larger one from her holster, she lubed it and without warning shoved it in his ass. Flinging his head back, he cried out at the penetration.

"Do you like it?" she sneered at him.

"Yes Mistress," he dutifully gasped.

"That's only the tip of it. Do you want the rest?" she taunted.

"Yes Mistress," he repeated, gritting his teeth, preparing for the exquisite pain of the remaining penetration.

With a smile, she twisted the dildo, pushing it in deeper, pulling back and pushing in further, fucking his ass with it until it was in to the hilt, all the while, the jingling of the bell on his cock floated through the air. Billy was gasping for breath, relishing the mingling pleasure and pain of the large toy deep inside him.

Selecting another paddle, this one with a heavily pebbled surface, she resumed her punishment of his ass cheeks. Her slave again cried out loudly as she brought the rough surface down on his already reddened cheeks. Mercilessly she paddled him, stopping occasionally to fuck his ass with the dildo. The little bell rang loudly, signaling that the matching weight was pulling on Billy's cock.

Finally she stopped, her fingers sharply pinching his sore flesh. Smiling wickedly, she wondered how far she should go. In his current position he was utterly helpless, so completely off-balance that if he let go of the table or attempted to move his feet, he would fall to the floor. Not to mention that he was now trained enough that he would obediently endure whatever torment she chose to dish out.

Roughly pulling the dildo from his ass, she selected the largest from her holster and fitted it into the slot at her crotch. Lubing it up, she slapped Billy's sore ass a few times before shoving the head of her big strap-on into his slightly gaping hole. His loud cry mingled with the driving techno that was still playing and matching it's relentless beat, she began to fuck his ass, her hips slapping against his sore cheeks. She made sure they stayed that way by occasionally spanking him as she pummeled his hole.

Billy hung his head as Vanessa fucked him staring down at the toys hanging from his cock. The weight tugging on his dick was a new torment and the tinkling bell was almost obscene in it's cheerfully innocent sound. He knew she liked to hear him, so didn't even try to hold back his cries of pleasure and of pain. His balls were aching, his desire to cum excruciating as the punishment continued.

"Are you my slut?" she asked, her own breath becoming labored as she plowed into him.

"Yes, Mistress. I'm you slut," he responded.

"Are you my whore?"

"Yes, Mistress, I'm your whore," he grunted.

"Do you love it when I fuck your ass?" she asked, a smile teasing her lips.

"Only if it pleases you Mistress," he automatically replied.

"Ah, good boy," she breathed, renewing her efforts, fucking him even harder. Reaching across his back, she grabbed his hair, yanking his head back and she leaned back, slamming her hips forward. "Tell me how much you love it," she demanded.

"Your cock feels so good inside my ass, Mistress," he replied. "So deep, I love it when you slam so deep inside me," he grunted. "So deep and hard," he gasped as she drove into him.

Reaching to the harness she pushed a button and a small vibrator pressed against her clit began to buzz. Gasping, she yanked his hair harder, ramming the dildo into him, causing him to cry out loudly, the little bell jingling wildly. With her free hand, she pulled his cheeks apart, watching as the black plastic of the dildo invaded his ass, stretching his tight hole so wide.

She slapped his ass a few times more before her orgasm tore through her, causing her to shudder and shake, crying out loudly. Gripping Billy's hips, she struggled to stay standing as the waves of ecstasy crashed through her, over and over, the vibrator at her clit driving her to the brink of delirium. Fumbling she searched for the button and turned it off. With shaking hands she unhooked the dildo, leaving it in his ass, before sliding down his legs, attempting to catch her breath.

The cruelty of leaning against his straining legs didn't even occur to her until his quiet plea reached her ears. "Mistress, please. I can't hold on much longer."

Rousing herself, she stepped down from the box and to the back of the table. Unlocking the wheels, she slowly pushed it towards Billy until he could let go.

"Hands and knees," she breathed. "Come," she commanded staggering from the room.

Gratefully he sank to the floor, his trembling thighs unable to hold him much longer and he crawled after her. She was sitting on the bed still wearing the harness when he reached her.

"Up here, on your back," she ordered.

He lay down on her bed, wincing slightly as his sore cheeks rubbed the sheets and the dildo pushed in a bit further. She pulled the thong from him and removed the weight and bell. Kneeling between his thighs she took his straining cock into her mouth.

Billy gasped as she began to suck him. After a minute he could endure it no more and begged her, "Please Mistress, please. I beg of you. Remove the straps, please."

With an indulgent smile, she rose and mercifully removed the straps before lowering her head again. Her lips barely touched him as he came, shooting forcefully into her mouth. She didn't swallow all of it and when he was finished, she crawled up to him and kissed him, letting his cum flow into his own mouth and forcing him to swallow it.

"Such a good little whore," she murmured with a smile.

Moving back down his body, she noticed that he was again hard and grabbing the bottle of lube from her holster she squirted some onto his cock. Turning her back to him, she straddled his hips and gripping his cock, aimed it at her own asshole.

Billy groaned loudly as she slowly slid down his cock, her tight ass swallowing him inch by delightful inch. "Oh yes," he breathed, "oh, yes."

Smiling, she began to pump up and down, rising and falling on her knees. "You like that, Billy?" she asked, using his name without thinking.

He raised his eyebrows at her use of his name, knowing that when she was truly enjoying him, she sometimes forgot. "Yes, Mistress," he replied, ignoring the urge to call her Vanessa.

"Sit up, play with my tits," she ordered, opening the blouse she still wore.

Obeying, he eagerly sat, wrapping his arms around her, squeezing her lush breasts. He loved the feel of her tits, the weight in his hands, the sounds she made when he was rough with her nipples. Knowing that's what she liked, he gripped them tightly, twisting them in his fingers.

Looking down, she watched as he touched her, a sharp cry slipping past her lips as he rolled the pink nubs.

"Oh yes, Billy, oh, God yes!" she cried, bouncing up and down, fucking his cock with her heavenly ass. Suddenly, she fell forward onto her hands and knees, his dick slipping from inside her.

"Fuck me, Billy, fuck me!" she cried.

With a smile curling his lips, he clambered to his knees and knelt behind her, gripping her hips. With a loud grunt, he thrust his cock into her ass, plunging in deep. "Oh yes, Mistress," he growled.

She dropped her head to the bed, letting him drive even further into her. "Oh yes, Billy, yes, yes, yes..." she murmured, loving the rough fucking. She missed this sort of treatment from her Master and a delightful thought struck her. "You're my Master, Billy. Fuck your pet."

For a moment Billy faltered. He could scarcely believe what he had just heard. "You want to get fucked hard, slut?" he questioned.

"Yes, Master, yes," she breathed, happy in her submissive role.

Pulling out, he roughly flipped her and doubling her over, he shoved his cock back into her ass, driving in and out, grunting with the effort. Her eyes were closed, small sounds of pleasure slipping from between her lips.

He lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply, his tongue dancing with hers as he continued his assault on her ass. Breathlessly he tore his lips from hers, sitting up. Seeing the harness she still wore, with a moderately sized dildo still hanging from it, he pulled it from it's hook. Slowly, he pushed it into her sopping wet pussy. She was so wet it needed no lubricant and he began fucking her with it.

He delighted in her ass clenching tightly around his cock as she climaxed repeatedly, obviously loving being double penetrated. Pushing the dildo in, he again bent down to kiss her, their full lips gasping and sucking, their tongues twining. Kissing rarely entered their sexual encounters and he was enjoying it.

He suddenly sat up, his back arching, flinging his hair back as his own climax claimed him. With a deep groan he came, his cum filling her ass. He plunged in and out a few more times before pulling out and collapsing face down beside her.

Vanessa gingerly lowered her legs, and slid the dildo from her quivering pussy as she tried to regain her breath. Glancing over at Billy, she noticed the large dildo was still in his ass. Giving it a wiggle, she asked, "Would you like me to remove this?"

"Yes, please," he replied breathlessly. He was surprised to find that he had forgotten about it. With a loud sigh, he felt her gently pull it out and suddenly felt empty without it.

Looking over at him, her gaze traced his features. "Yes, I chose well," she murmured.

Opening his eyes, he returned her stare, his full lips curling into a smile. "Actually, Mistress, it was I who chose you," he corrected.

"You chose me?" she asked, her eyebrows rising.

"Yes, from the moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to be your slave. Remember when I was on the block, being auctioned off? How I found you in the audience, how I obeyed you and bowed to you? I behaved badly so no one else would want me, only you," he explained.

Smiling, she rolled towards him, kissing him deeply. "Well then, I guess we both chose well."

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