tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 15

The New Slave Ch. 15


Chapter 15: A Female Slave's Punishment

Security was summoned to the private training room. Ross was still fully restrained when they arrived, but both Heather and the doctor had gotten dressed. The doctor had quickly freshened up, having appointments to keep. Heather was still somewhat mussed, an obvious glaze like coating, on her hands and forearms. Her bare thighs were splattered with the same glaze type of spots. It was obvious to security what the glaze was; they were more than use to seeing the juices on a regular basis. Rubbers were used on a continuous basis, but things did get out of hand, so to speak, very frequently. But what astonished the two security officers were the huge meaty things, hanging down between the slave's thighs. He was immense.

"Damn Heather. What did you guys do to this one? He's huge." The first security officer had gone over to the slave for a closer look. Using her fingertip, she ran her nail down the length of the swollen cock. Seeing the doctor present, both of the security personnel assumed that there had been some type of medical procedure, possibly even a surgical procedure done to the slave's genitals. They weren't use to seeing such a thick cock.

"Just the normal training regimen," she laughed. She was still in the process of wiping the excess splatters off of her thighs and arms. "He's only a little bit swollen. He was pretty big to begin with. I got a little bit rough with his cock, but you won't believe how much I got out of him," she said, a big smile spreading across her face. Heather went over to the refrigerator and pulled out the specimen containers. Both of the security officers came over and marveled at the unbelievable amount of thick creamy goo, floating inside the overly filled rubbers.

"All of this came out of just one slave?" the security officer asked, a shocked look on her face.

"Yes, he is an over producer," the doctor quickly commented. "All of this was taken from him in the past couple of hours, not to mention a sizable sample earlier this morning, and about the same amount, yesterday afternoon. Heather even started out her training session by dumping his first load on the floor. You can still see most of it on that towel over there." One of the girls went over to the towel and picked up the sopping mess, shocked at how much was still dripping from it.

"This is unbelievable. Is this his normal amount, or is he modified or something?" the young girl asked.

"No, he's not modified in any way. At least he's not modified yet. I'm sure he'll be even more unbelievable after a regimen of vitamins and nutrients that will boost his sperm supply. Give me about 2 or 3 weeks and we'll have his balls going in overdrive. We'll have to capture his loads in gallon jugs," the doctor laughed.

Both of the security personnel were bent over the slave, examining his more than exposed genitals. His ball sack was so soft and heavy, hanging down, that they were able to see each ball. Each one was swollen, pushing outward from the baby soft skin.

"Go ahead, you can feel them. They're a little sensitive right now, but he won't mind," Heather told the two astounded security personnel. Even the doctor had turned around and was watching them.

One of the two girls timidly reached out and softly fondled the immense testicle. "Oh my gosh, it's so thick. Is it damaged?" The security officer was sincerely concerned.

"No, not at all. He just needs some rest and they'll be pumping out huge amounts in short time. He was just unloaded." Heather was trying to explain to them. By now, both of the girls were feeling the oversized balls. The slave was only moaning, barely moving. The doctor wasn't even sure if he was awake or not. Every once in awhile, his hips would jerk, indicating that the security officers were feeling a little too deeply, their fingers probing into the sensitive mass.

At that same time the doctor was paged. Going to her lab coat, she checked the pager and went to a nearby phone. After talking for a few moments she said into the phone, "Just bring her to my location. I think I know how to break her of that!" The doctor seemed a little bit upset as she hung up the telephone.

"It seems that we have a little problem with one of our female slaves," the doctor told no one in particular. The doctor then called Rachel, her security chief. Over the phone, the doctor told Rachel to bring the offending slave to Heather's training room. She then dismissed the two security officers that were present, telling them that Rachel was coming and that she would handle the situation.

About 5 minutes later, Rachel arrived at Heather's training room, accompanied by Allison and a handcuffed female slave. The female slave was one of the newer slaves, having been at the facility for only a few months. During that time, the new female slave had been a continuous problem. The doctor had bought the female at an auction, against Rachel's wishes. Rachel had interviewed the female slave and had come to the conclusion that she would be a problem. According to Rachel, the female slave was way too interested in the males.

"Unless her attitude changes, she's going to be a problem. She's a regular cock hound. She loves playing with the guys," was what Rachel had told the doctor. This particular female had been well regarded in her previous household, the main reason that the doctor purchased her. But she was now proving to be a nightmare.

Rachel entered the training room with the female slave in tow. Allison tagged along behind, still not sure of what her new job was. Locking the door behind her, Rachel explained to the doctor that the new female had been punished on two previous occasions for playing with male slaves. This female slave just couldn't stop her sex play with male slaves. What this meant was that the female slave was having sex, in one form or another, with males at the facility. According to Rachel, the female slave had been caught in a mutually satisfying position with a male, on two separate occasions. Each time the female and the male slave had been punished. It appeared that this female had not learned her lesson. Allison stood and listened, fascinated as Rachel told of the sexual episodes, in detail.

"Well, it sounds as if we need to up the punishment level for her. She's not learning," the doctor responded casually. This was something that was not uncommon at the facility. The doctor had found out years ago, that if the problem were allowed to continue, male production would be compromised. She would have to punish the female slave.

"I think I know exactly what will catch this slave's attention," the doctor told Rachel. "What is your name?" the doctor asked the female slave.

"Brandy," the female slave responded in a hostile tone. Even facing more severe punishment, she was still defiant. The female slave was probably in her late 20's. She was very well built, being very short and petite. She was probably only around 5 feet tall, maybe 100 pounds. Her tiny but well endowed figure was more than exposed in a skimpy outfit. She wore a loincloth, similar to what the males wore, but hers was shorter than the males. She wore it in such a way that she was almost fully exposed, especially in her pubic area. It hung down in front, covering her, but underneath it, there was no connecting material from the front to the back. In essence, it was like a 'crotch less' loincloth. It gave immediate access to her tender genitals. Her top was even less, coming up to just below her nipples. The entire outfit barely covered her. The doctor actually wanted arousal in males, and the clothing of the females helped in this. But the doctor wasn't too excited about this slave's attire. It was blatant and crude at the same time. It was known throughout the facility that any female could make an appointment with a male slave. All they had to do was set up an appointment. This particular female felt that she didn't need to follow any rules. She had been warned twice before and punished.

"Well Brandy. I understand that you've been warned about this. What do you have to say?" The doctor stood staring at the female slave.

"You don't own me. It's my body. I can do what I want. You can't tell me what to do." The slave stood, legs spread apart, looking as if she were ready to fight. It was obvious that she was mad. "If I want to fuck, that's my business, not yours."

"On the contrary Brandy, I do own you and you will comply with our rules," the doctor told the young slave. "Unfortunately, you have been told twice and you haven't learned yet. Is it sex that you want? Is that all there is to it?" The doctor was glaring at the young female.

"I like men. There's nothing wrong with that. They like me. You can't make me stop." The slave was leaning forward, jerking away from Rachel's tight hold on her handcuffs. She was almost in the doctor's face, screaming at her. "You might learn something from me, you old bitch," the slave yelled one last time. Even Rachel laughed, knowing that the doctor's age wasn't a lot older than the female slave.

"Secure her, in an open position on her back," the doctor instructed Rachel, nodding to a gynecological table against the wall. Rachel moved quickly, forcing the hostile female over to the table. Allison continued to tag along, not sure of what to do. Rachel would occasionally give her instructions. Rachel removed the cuffs from the hostile female and quickly secured her on her back, on the gyno table. The female slave's hands were restrained tightly over her head. Having the hands secured, Rachel moved to the foot of the gyno table and placed leather restraints around her ankles. Each ankle was pulled outward and secured with a steel cable, to the outer corners of the table. There was enough slack in the cable, to allow the slave to raise her knees up slightly. She wanted to fight with Rachel, but knew better, occasionally jerking or pulling away from her as she was tied down.

"I know just what she needs. She wants it, but she might not like it after awhile. Go ahead and strip her down." The doctor moved over closer to the restrained slave. Meanwhile, Rachel took a pair of scissors and snipped the loincloth at the slave's hips, letting it drop to the table. She did the same thing with the skimpy covering that was across her endowed breasts. Both Rachel and the doctor were surprised when they examined the female slave. The area of her upper thighs and her pussy lips were puffy and swollen, an angry red color to her skin. It was obvious that she had been having some very rough sex with males, her pussy raw and irritated. There were even hickeys around her breasts, her nipples distended and raw. She had been enjoying very rough sex.

"Looks like you've been having a lot more fun than we thought," the doctor said to Brandy.

"Fuck you, bitch," was the only response from the restrained slave.

"Should I gag her?" Rachel wanted to know. Rachel was already over to a cabinet, getting out a ball gag for Brandy.

"No, she is going to need her mouth open," the doctor quickly responded. "I'm going to give you what you want. More than what you want probably. This might seem a little bit odd, but I've seen it work in the past." The doctor was looking at Brandy and Rachel, as if trying to explain. Rachel didn't need any explanations; she already knew what the doctor was doing to do.

Glancing over at Ross, the doctor smiled. The doctor nodded at Rachel. "He is an entertainment slave. Do you think that he could entertain Brandy?" The doctor had an odd smile on her face.

"With her small size, I don't think that she can accommodate him. She might want to, but she's going to have a hard time with him," Rachel replied. "I'm not sure there's anything left in him. Heather already said that he'd been drained."

"Oh, I think that he can perform. And it doesn't matter if there's anything in him. Since he was an entertainment slave, it's his cock that I want to use. It doesn't matter if anything comes out or not." The doctor had walked over to Ross and was gently massaging the swollen ball sack. There was a quite moan that came from him.

"Go ahead and get him up. I think he can give our little Brandy more than she is asking for," the doctor instructed Rachel. Rachel went over to Ross and quickly undid his restraints. He was wide-awake, a worried look spreading across his face. He had been listening and knew exactly what the doctor wanted of him. His cock hung down thick and long, his balls swollen and sticking outward from between his thighs. Rachel undid his wrist restraints, while Allison put leather shackles on his ankles. Rachel then led him over to the gyno table and held onto him, waiting for the doctor's instructions.

"Brandy, do you see what I'm going to give you? He's an entertainment slave. He also happens to be very endowed. Would you like to play with him?" The doctor was grinning. Rachel led Ross over closer to Brandy, where she could get a better look at him. Brandy was already watching him; her eyes wide open, staring at the huge cock and balls that were hanging down from him. Brandy just stared at him. It was obvious that she hadn't seen anything as big as Ross.

"Prep her," was the only instruction from the doctor. Rachel moved in quickly between Brandy's open legs. Rachel took a large dollop of KY-jelly and began to massage it into the area around Brandy's pussy. Taking more of the thick jelly, she slowly rubbed it into the thick and irritated pussy lips, making sure to get a large amount into her tight and tender entrance. Brandy didn't mind, the jelly was soothing to her raw genitals. She also liked the touch of Rachel's soft hands.

"You might want to consider the male half of this equation," Rachel said to the doctor, nodding in the direction of the exhausted Ross. His cock was about as soft as it could get, hanging down thick and massive. Rachel then glanced at Allison, as if to give her a hint.

"I can help if you'd like, doctor," Allison quickly volunteered. She was embarrassed because of being so bold, but she didn't want to miss a chance to play with her newfound slave. Even Ross turned and glanced at Allison.

"It's Allison's first day here. Why don't we let her work on the new slave, sort of like getting her hands dirty, no pun intended," Rachel said to the doctor. Rachel knew that Allison was chomping at the bit to 'work' Ross. She'd barely gotten a feel and a taste of him earlier. This would just enhance her excitement.

"Ok, let's see what she can do. If it doesn't do any good, you can work on him," she said, grinning at Rachel. The doctor knew that Rachel wanted another chance to play with the meaty toys that Ross had between his muscular thighs. "Allison, see if you can get our new slave ready."

"Yes ma'm," Allison quickly replied. She hurried over to Ross, still standing next to the gyno exam table. Allison stood face to face with Ross, slowly reaching out and softly taking his soft cock into her small hand. He was so soft and the skin was so smooth. There was no pre cum at all, being completely dry. Allison stared deep into Ross' eyes, her hand beginning to softly rub the thick foreskin. From where they were standing, only inches apart, Brandy could turn her head and watch the arousal as Allison gently worked the slave. They were only about a foot from her face. Brandy was watching closely, as Allison's hand gently fondled the huge cock. Even soft, he was still hugely swollen.

"Just relax Brandy, we're about to give you what you've been so desperately seeking. I think that you'll probably find that it isn't everything that you want. You're going to enjoy yourself ...... for a little while." The doctor was over at a cabinet, preparing a syringe.

Rachel had finished lubing the restrained female slave. The KY-jelly had helped soften the irritated genital tissue that Brandy had been abusing so much. It had even helped to the point that there was a small amount of her own juices beginning to leak out of the swollen pussy lips. Rachel's touch had helped perk up Brandy's arousal. It seemed that Brandy liked sex, in any form or fashion, male or female. Her attention had been on Rachel as she rubbed the thick goo into her delicate pussy, but now, her attention was fully on the slowly growing cock of Ross.

"Remember what I was telling you this morning?" Rachel said to Allison. Allison glanced at Rachel, confused, but continued her soft squeezing of the still soft cock in her hand. "Remember what I told you about arousal? Visual, physical, and taste?" Rachel was trying hard to coach her new trainee, without being too obvious to the doctor.

"Oh, yes. I remember what you told me!" Allison quickly said, glancing at the doctor. The doctor was still busy with her syringe, filling it from a vial of clear fluid. Allison quickly stepped back away from the nude Ross and began to take off her top. Within seconds, Allison had stripped down to everything but her thong. She wasn't sure about what the doctor would say, but felt pretty safe with her pubic area being covered. And she did notice that Ross was responding. She was still gently fondling the soft cock but now saw that it was quickly growing. Just the site of her young body had boosted his arousal. He was growing.

"Am I doing this correctly?" Allison asked innocently. Rachel turned around and saw the nude young trainee, her hand softly stroking the huge cock. Almost immediately, Rachel started laughing.

"Yes, that's very good. Keep up the good work," Rachel responded quickly, laughing. The doctor turned around, wondering what was so funny. "Don't forget the taste part." Rachel was trying to continue with her hints.

Brandy's eyes were glued to the slowly growing cock. She was fascinated by it. She wasn't sure what was going to be her punishment, but she was more than enjoying the show that was going on beside her exam table. The doctor was wondering if Brandy might be a sex-aholic.

Allison quickly knelt down and scooted closer into the slave. Opening her mouth wide, she gently moved her face up to his cock and pushed out her tongue. With just the tip of it, she began to gently lick the underside of his cock head. Immediately, the head rolled outward, the foreskin slowly rolling back away. He was quickly growing hard, thanks to Allison. She closed her lips around the head and began to suck gently on it. It was now becoming very obvious as the shaft started swelling and pushing further into her mouth.

By now, Brandy was almost leaning over, her head turned so that she could get a better look. Allison was suckling Ross like a small baby, gently sucking harder and harder on the thickening cock. He was swelling faster. Allison's mouth was beginning to softly pump him.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think that she'd done this before. At her young age, I would have thought that she'd never even been with a male," the doctor said, standing back and watching with avid interest.

"She hasn't. I've read her profile and had a long talk with her. This is her first," said Rachel, emphasizing the word 'first'.

"She is a quick learner, or she's just very motivated," the doctor said, laughing out loud. Brandy wasn't laughing; she was almost drooling, watching Allison perform on the now hardening cock. Allison had reached back, her hands holding onto the back of Ross' thighs, to keep him from moving. She had her mouth glued to him, a tight grip around him with her lips. Even Ross' hips were beginning to gently thrust into Allison.

"Damn, he looks like he's ready to go again. I'm sure he was drained. There should be nothing left in him," Heather commented, watching closely. All of them were becoming aroused, watching as Allison continued working the slave.

"Ross, you were an entertainment slave. I think you know what I want you to do. Do you understand?" The doctor asked Ross seriously. His eyes were closed as he enjoyed Allison's manipulations on him. He nodded softly. "And, if you find that you can enjoy yourself, then go right ahead," the doctor added, smiling at him.

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