tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 22

The New Slave Ch. 22


Chapter 22, Round Two

Ross was barely conscious. With the help of two slaves, he was able to sit up. His cock was almost numb but he could still feel the hard twitches, making him wonder if there was nerve damage to his cock. His balls ached badly. He could also tell, without looking that the left ball was very swollen. Even he was shocked at the amount of sperm that covered him. The carpet was splattered in his creamy milk. A lot of the women were standing around him, marveling at the amount that saturated him and the carpet. The rest of the women were still up in the darkness, enjoying themselves or one another.

“Are you ok?” Mistress Francesca asked Ross, standing over him. She looked somewhat concerned. She had seen Darcy in the arena before and knew that she had badly hurt males on occasion.

“I think I’m ok,” he replied, unsure of himself. He was still somewhat dazed and his breathing was almost back to normal, after the super intense orgasm. It had felt good but not at the expense he had paid. Even the two female slaves looked concerned, their eyes trained on his cock and huge balls. They were also very aroused. One sat on her knees behind him, supporting him as he sat upright. The other one was to his side, her hands on his chest. Sitting as they were, each of their tender bodies was fully exposed to him. The one in front gently bathed his soft but thick cock with warm water, to clean him.

“Well, rest for now. We’ll begin round two shortly,” she looked at him seriously. “Darcy has never been defeated, I was hoping that you might be a first. It gets rather boring watching her defeat each and every male that I bring in.” The Mistress owned Darcy, but she also wished for some excitement. The arousal level, created in the arena was high, but the Mistress also wished for some entertainment.

As soon as the Mistress moved away from Ross, several women swooped in on him. Some stood back at a distance just looking and grinning at him as they got a close up view of his huge organs. Others were bolder, actually stepping up close and touching him, talking to him, asking him questions about his cock or his balls. One even stepped between his legs, pushing them out wide. She then bent down and began to examine his cock, feeling it and playing with it. She then used both hands to hold his balls, pulling them out away from his body. She was having fun, playing with the unaroused flesh.

After about 15 minutes, Ross had sufficiently recovered and the Mistress moved into the arena. Darcy came back into the room, still nude, her pussy and thighs covered in her own juices and the magical salve. She was bouncing around as if she were a prizefighter entering the ring, her arrogance obvious.

“We’re now ready for round two. The first round went to Darcy after she expertly finished off Ross.” The entire audience laughed at the Mistress’ attempts at sexual jokes. “Since Ross poured out so much of himself in the first round, it might be helpful if we again got some volunteers to help our sexual gladiators. A little arousal will help them both. Anyone?”

The Mistress looked around the room. Immediately most of the women started yelling and raising their hands, wanting to be the ‘chosen’ volunteers. Without being noticed, Morgan had quickly left the room just as the Mistress entered the arena. Ross aroused Morgan. For the first time she was already planning on ‘renting’ him for a night. But the aspect of something so special, so private, so intimate, wasn’t something she wanted to do in front of a sexually frenzied audience of women. She left before anyone could pick her to play with Ross again.

The Mistress picked two different women and brought them into the arena. One immediately rushed over to the reclining Darcy and went straight for her pubic area. Using her mouth and fingers, she quickly had Darcy panting and spreading her luscious legs. The other one went over to the seated Ross and knelt down in front of him. She leaned down, opened her mouth wide and sucked in his soft cock. Her hands went up to his balls and began to gently massage them. She was sucking hard as he slowly expanded into the back of her throat. She deep-throated him for several minutes before he had to pull her face away from him. She was good, almost too good. He was rock hard and sore. As she helped him stand, her hand was gently masturbating him.

“Ok, let us begin. Fight!” the Mistress ordered. Immediately Darcy jumped up and began to dance around the arena, glaring at Ross. She almost looked pissed off as she maneuvered around Ross. Ross wasn’t ready to be forcefully jacked off again so he began to move around in a defensive posture. His entire attitude was different now. He remembered when he was a rookie patrolman, having been beaten badly by women till he changed his thinking. If they want to behave like a man, he’d treat them like a man. He moved back from her, almost as if in fear of her. She grinned.

Darcy sensed the fear in Ross, moving in one direction and then jumping the other way. She knew that the round would be quick and easy, her only fear was that he might take longer to jack off, since she had really pumped out his balls before. Males got boringly slow when it came to the second ejaculation. She’d have to really work hard to get his balls pumping like the first round. She was thinking to herself and grinning when Ross suddenly took a large step back, away from her.

“Scared, big boy?” she asked, knowing that he feared her. With over confidence, she quickly stepped into him and kicked high, at his head. As her foot passed within an inch of his head, his right fist shot out fast and hit her square in the mouth and nose. She felt like she’d been hit with a sledgehammer. It completely knocked her off her feet. Already off balance from her high kick, she flew backwards, landing hard on her butt. Immediately blood began to flow from her busted mouth and nose.

“You mother fucker,” she screamed at him. He backed up, resting. The crowd went wild, yelling and hollering. They were all on their feet. “I’ll hurt you for this one, asshole.” She was immediately up on her feet. She reared back and moved fast, going into a round house kick. He tried to duck but her foot connected with the top of his head, knocking him to his knees. As he fell forward she kicked again, this one landing squarely in his chest, knocking him flat on his back. She pounced on top of him, her foot driving hard and downward toward his chest again. He rolled over, avoiding her stomp. He moved fast enough to get up and away from her.

“I’m going to kick your ass, slave fuck,” she hissed at him. Her mouth and nose were still bleeding, blood dripping onto her huge breasts. Her nipples were no longer hard, but almost inverted. She wasn’t aroused at all. Her entire intent now was to inflict as much damage as she could. Some of the crowd loved what they were watching. Others in the crowd weren’t as thrilled at what they were watching. It was obvious that Darcy was in a fury, hell bent on defeating the male slave. They could all see that Ross was still erect, a small amount of pre-cum continuing to drip from his swollen cock.

“Come on, show me your stuff,” Ross growled at Darcy. His attitude was now a lot different than it had been in round one. He was egging her on. She was furious as she again spun, going into another roundhouse kick. Once again he sidestepped her as her foot sailed past his head. This time he stepped into her again, but instead of a right cross to her face, he drove his fist hard into her stomach. The force of his punch doubled her over, dropping her to her knees.

“That’s it, you mother fucker. I’m going to finish you now,” she said between gulps of air as her stomach rolled over and over. She didn’t know if she was going to puke or cramp up. Her anger only made her meaner. She took in a deep breath and slowly got to her feet, shaking all over. She immediately moved forward, going into a flurry of kicks aimed at his head and chest. The third kick landed squarely on the side of his face, spinning him around. He almost lost his footing, falling backwards away from her. She hesitated only long enough for him to catch his breath. She was now enjoying herself, taking her time as she toyed with him.

“We’re just getting started big boy. Where do you want it next? Want me to break that cock. What if I really bust your balls?” Her eyes were on his cock, still quite thick and long, sticking out from his body. It infuriated her that he was hard. She crouched down for a moment, and then lunged at him, delivering several kicks at his cock and balls. She figured that if he were aroused, she would squelch that arousal. His cock bounced and flopped with each kick that she landed near them. As big as he was, it made for a good target. She never fully hit him as she intended.

He stepped into her, trying several punches to the area of her head and face. She ducked each one, and then stepped in close to him, bringing her knee up hard and fast between his spread legs. She almost connected with the fleshy organs but her knee only pushed them further down between his legs. He still felt the impact though.

“That cock isn’t going to be so big here in a minute. Hope you enjoyed those balls, they’re going to be mine in a few seconds.” She did a jump kick, missing his face by inches, driving him backwards. Immediately she moved in close as he fell back and delivered a sideways blow into his stomach by driving her knee upward into him. The effect was instant as he doubled over from the blow. Standing over him, she rose up, her arms over her head and put her fists together. Using her body weight, she dropped down hard, driving her clasped hands downward to the area just above the top of the spine and below the back of his neck. Hitting him there was like a lighting bolt going through him, the nerves screaming as he dropped to his knees. It was almost like being paralyzed for a moment. She immediately moved in front of him, facing him.

“That thing is so big, I’m going to help make it even bigger,” she said as she dropped to her knees in front of him. He was on his knees, his legs spread. His cock was about half erect, his balls hanging down huge and full. He was momentarily dazed. She glanced down only once, moving in closer to him. Her face was only inches from his face as she reached down without looking. Using her left hand, she gently placed it under his cock head, holding it upright. Her right hand found his cock and gently moved down on the top of the shaft till it rested against his pubic bone. With a sharp jerk, her left hand popped the head upward while her right hand slammed down hard on the base of his shaft. All of the audience could hear the sharp crack as she ‘popped’ his cock, snapping the pubic ligament that connected his cock to his pubic bone.

Some males have described this as feeling like a dislocation. But since there is no bone in the cock, there can be no dislocation. The pubic ligament literally separated from the base of his cock on one end, and the pubic bone on the other. Ross’ cock was still hard but immediately dropped straight down as if it had lost all strength. What Darcy didn’t know was that his pubic ligament had already been separated, many times in the past. He yelped from the instant pain in his cock. The swelling was immediate as the base of his cock almost doubled in size from the huge blood flow into the injured area.

“Now that is what I like to see. I do love a huge cock. Now I’ll just modify those huge balls to an even bigger size,” she said, grinning at him. She sat back on her heels, admiring her handiwork to his cock. It was quickly swelling up at the base. He was so dazed by the pain that she was almost holding him up as she reached between his thighs and pulled his ball sack out in front of him. Immediately she used both hands squeezing them into a new shape. It was obvious to all that she was very aroused and enjoying her torture to his genitals.

“Ahhhhhhh, unnnggghhh,” he cried out as she applied more pressure in her fingers to the firm but bloated balls. She had a tight grip on each ball and was trying to crush them in her hands. She was exerting so much pressure on each ball that several large globs of sperm began to drip from the raw tip of his cock. She was literally forcing the cum out of him.

“You want to cum? I’ll help get that shit out of you. You’re going be sorry by the time I’m through with these,” she said, her eyes glued to the torture that her hands were inflicting on the raw fleshy orbs. She had such a tight grip on his balls that the sperm was beginning to drip all over her fingers and wrists.

“Bitch,” was the only thing that she heard as she glanced up. The only thing she saw was a blur as his right fist landed squarely between her eyes. Her head literally popped backward as he connected with her, driving her completely up and off her feet. She went through the air, landing about eight feet back from where she was, on her back, her legs sprawled open. She was dazed already as her head hit the floor. She immediately rolled over and up onto her knees. Even dazed, her survival instinct kicked in and got her up to her knees and ready to defend. But he wasn’t advancing. He was somewhat dazed, still on his knees barely able to stand. They both knelt there, watching the other, resting momentarily.

“I’m not through with you,” she said through clenched and bloodied teeth.

“Nor I with you,” he whispered back.

“I’m just getting started. I’m going to make that cock a trophy and hang those balls from my pussy clip. When I walk, I’ll feel them flopping between my legs, and think of you,” she said, leering at him.

“Let’s finish it,” he hissed back at her. Even though injured, his cock and balls were still responding to the audience and to the viciously attractive Darcy. He wasn’t fully erect, but he was very thick and long. The head was swollen enough that the foreskin wouldn’t cover it. The base of his cock was obviously damaged, being so swollen that it looked like he had a fleshy doughnut around the bottom of the shaft. It was huge, but only around the base. It was starting to show the deep bruising under the skin.

Darcy was shaky on her feet, obviously weakened. Ross moved away from her as she advanced on him. Several feet from him, she delivered a furious series of kicks and punches, driving him backward. Most of them landed on his upper arms and chest as he blocked them. She kicked hard one time, missing his face and ended up going down to the floor. From there, she swept his legs, knocking him backwards. As he hit the floor, she immediately jumped throwing her body onto him and locking her legs around his neck. She was actually on top of him, her body facing away from him, her thighs locked tightly around his neck. She squeezed hard, cutting off air and blood flow to his head.

“How’s that fucker? Get out of that one,” she growled at him. She tightened up her legs, forcing him to pry at her thighs to get her off of him. His hands couldn’t budge her muscular legs. He knew he wouldn’t last long and had to do something quick. She would render him unconscious within moments. He let go of her thighs and quickly felt on top of her, his hand traveling down her tight stomach. He was beginning to feel light headed as he blindly felt for her pubic mound. Once he found it, his hand slid downward, pushing in between her tightened thighs.

He was shocked that she could be so wet after the blows to her head and face. It was obvious to Ross that she got a high level of arousal from inflicting pain on males. She greatly enjoyed sex, but at the expense of a male victim. She was a sexual sadist, finding great pleasure in sexually torturing or playing with males. That was why she was so wet at that moment.

His hand slid between her thighs. She was more than aroused but her concentration was on what she was doing to him. He could only imagine what she was going to do with his body after she forced him unconscious. He knew that it would be something very painful and damaging. And more than likely, the audience would love it as they watched her finish him off.

With his hand firmly planted between her thighs, she wasn’t worried. His hand sliding over her clit had sent pleasurable waves through her body. She didn’t mind. She could feel him slide his thumb into her gooey entrance. This surprised her. She knew that she was kicking his ass and he was trying to finger fuck her. She thought that was really odd. But she did enjoy his thumb as it probed deeper into her. She relaxed her thighs around his neck, just a little, wanting to give him a few moments to please her, before she put him to sleep. She felt another finger move down below her pussy, toward her anus. She didn’t mind this either as she felt it gently push into her puckered ass. She was wet enough that her pussy and her butt were coated in her own juices. His other finger pushed deep into her butt. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the waves that flooded through her stomach and thighs.

Suddenly she snapped back to reality as she felt his thumb and finger tightening up. They were pulling toward each other. She could feel a second finger push into her already tightened butt hole. All of his fingers were pulling together as if he was trying to stretch her pussy to her butt. It was already burning as her tender flesh stretched hard. He had a death grip on her, his fingers buried and hooked deep inside of her. His hand was stretching her out. The pain was starting to get unbearable. She tightened her grip on his neck, which only made his hand squeeze harder. She couldn’t take it any more, fearing that he had already torn her open. The pain was unbearable. She jerked her legs open, letting go of him.

“You fuck,” she screamed at him as she quickly rolled over, away from him. There was instant relief as his fingers popped out of her. She could barely stand, a burning sensation radiating from her pussy and butt. She was sure that he had torn her open.

Immediately she did a flying jump kick, catching him directly under the chin, popping his head back hard. He went stumbling backwards, trying to clear his spinning head and catch his balance. He immediately went to the floor. She sprung onto him, again catching him around the throat with her legs. This seemed to be her favorite attack. It made sense, freeing her to use her hands and mouth to do whatever she wanted to her victim. This time she positioned herself well. Violently twisting her body over, she forced him to roll over onto his back with her on top of him, her thighs tightly clamped around his neck. He tried to push her off, but she only tightened her grip. Immediately he put his hands out flat to his sides, away from his body, signaling that he was letting her take over. She relaxed a little.

“Now you’re going to pay. I’m going to teach you some ‘genital respect’. Pain can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re on the end that’s dishing it out!” She was furious, her arousal level soaring as she took control over him. She was now in a position where she was lying on his chest, her knees touching the tops of his shoulders, her thighs tightly around his neck, in a pincher like grip. Using both hands, she leaned down and pulled his ball sack out away from his body. She examined the bloated balls, her fingers probing into the mushy sack and feeling each one of them individually. They were obviously swollen. The more she played with huge orbs, the more his cock began to thicken and elongate. She finally grasped it hard; pulling it upward away from his body, and then lay it back on his stomach, out of the way.

“Oh baby, I know ways to empty these things that you would never consider,” she said, her eyes glued to her hands and the massive balls. “I’m going to teach you something about your own body. I bet you didn’t know that I can get a lot of sperm out of them without you ever cumming.” Saying that, she squeezed hard, pulling them outward, toward his feet. His body jerked hard from the pain. She was stretching the tubes and cords hard, knowing that it would sensitize the already tender balls.

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