tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 28

The New Slave Ch. 28


Chapter 28, The Specimen

About the same time that Ross was filling up the second rubber, Mistress Francesca arrived unannounced at the facility. She had driven herself and did not have any bodyguards with her. Sitting in the front seat, wearing only a blanket was Darcy. It was almost like old times for Mistress Francesca and Dr Sherry. The doctor could tell that Mistress Francesca was distraught and immediately ushered her into her private office. Darcy didn't say a word, taking a seat on the floor against the wall with her head hung down. She looked very dejected and sat silently. It was definitely not the same arrogant and bold bodyguard that had visited just two days before. Dr Sherry noticed her demeanor immediately.

"I'm so sorry to have to come here today. I honestly don't know where to start, or even what to say," the Mistress began.

"Why don't you just blurt it all out, we'll piece it together later," the doctor told her, a more than serious look on her face.

"I fear that Darcy might have some serious sexual infection. I also fear that she might have given it to your slave," the Mistress said, ducking her head down and looking away. It was obvious that she was suffering some deep humiliation.

Mistress Francesca then poured out the entire story. At the same time that Ross was taken to the Mistress' nurse to be examined, Darcy had been taken to another treatment room. Since she had received some injuries during the fight, she was going to be checked out also. Once the nurse had finished with Ross, she had gone to check on Darcy. Lori, the nurse had noticed the obvious irritation and inflammation to Darcy's pussy, but felt that was common, knowing that 'sexual combat' involved rough sex. It was common for the females to receive some genital injuries or at least, irritation. She also noticed what appeared to be swelling and welts on Darcy's forearms and hands.

The morning after Ross and Darcy appeared in the arena, Darcy developed a serious infection in her pussy. Her pussy had become raw and inflamed with a heavy discharge. The Mistress was sure that it was a form of STD. Because of this, the Mistress wanted the doctor to check out Darcy, and to inform her that Ross might be infected as well. Darcy sat in the corner of the room, quietly, holding the blanket up covering most of her face. Apparently the defeat by Ross had been more than she was willing to face.

The doctor sat listening, solemnly. She could see that her old friend was grief stricken and worried. She was no longer the independent and eccentric Mistress Francesca, she was back to being who she really was, Francine. All of her arrogance and false airs was gone. It was obvious to the doctor, that if Darcy had given an infection to Ross, then Ross probably passed the same infection on to the Mistress. The Mistress had a multitude of things to worry about. She might be infected. Her number one female slave was infected. The slave that she had rented for such a high price was infected and he didn't even belong to her. Francine knew that damaging Ross was going to cost her a lot of money. And she had to openly tell the doctor everything. Francine feared the worst.

"Explain to me, exactly what happened," Doctor Sherry said dryly. "Darcy, come over here. Stand by my desk," the doctor motioned for Darcy to come closer. Darcy very meekly approached the doctor. Standing at the corner of the desk, Darcy stood there, her head hung down, clutching the blanket tightly around her.

"Drop your blanket, let me look," the doctor told Darcy. Darcy reluctantly dropped the blanket to the floor, clasping her arms across her chest as she squeezed her thighs tightly together. For the first time, she was actually trying to hide her body.

"Drop your hands to your sides. Spread your legs apart," the doctor said, leaning closer to look between Darcy's thighs. Darcy was mortified, her face blushing deeply as she did as she was told. She was nowhere near the arrogant bitch that she had been during her last visit. The doctor almost thought that it was a totally different person. Darcy slowly spread her feet to her sides, exposing the tender area between her thighs. Dr Sherry looked closely and then told Darcy to spread her lips apart. Hesitantly, Darcy reached down and pulled the raw and irritated pussy lips apart. She grimaced obviously as she held herself open.

"A simple test will let us know what is wrong. She obviously has an infection," the doctor said to the Mistress. She opened her desk drawer and pulled out a packaged sterile swab. Opening it, the doctor thrust the long wooden swab up into Darcy. Darcy cried out and jumped as the pain shot through her pussy. Moving the swab around, the doctor took a specimen of Darcy's inner vaginal wall. Pulling it out, she pushed it around the thickly swollen pussy lips, causing Darcy to stagger slightly. She was about to pass out. The doctor then had Darcy turn and face the desk, holding on to the desk. Spreading her legs apart, the doctor had Darcy bend over and spread her butt cheeks. Slowly, Darcy complied. The doctor took another sterile swab and forcefully pushed it into Darcy's swollen and irritated anus. She winced as the swab moved around inside of her. The doctor then packaged the swab to be analyzed later.

"This is somewhat different," the doctor said, peering at Darcy's anus. She had seen the vaginal discharge, but no indication of a discharge from her butt. If infected, there should have been discharge equally from both orifices.

"We'll know in a few days," the doctor told Darcy. "Until then, she should be quarantined. No sexual contact of any kind," she told the Mistress. "From what I hear, she could use the rest, and maybe some attitude adjustment." The doctor motioned for Darcy to pick up her blanket, which she did so, wrapping it tightly around her nude form. She was beginning to cry as she quietly walked back over to the corner of the room.

"Now Mistress, if you would kindly tell me what the hell went on at your party. I'm not use to having injuries to my slaves. I've already heard that it was Darcy that inflicted the damage to my slave," the doctor said, glaring at the shaken Darcy. She could only look down, staring at the floor. Darcy was indeed a changed woman from the one that had appeared two days before.

Mistress Francesca took a deep breath and hesitantly began to explain her 'parties' and what took place the night before. Before she could get started, Dr Sherry waved her hand, motioning her to stop talking. She reached over and picked up a desk phone and called Lorin, who was in the middle of Ross' training. She explained to Lorin that there might be a problem and that Darcy might have infected Ross. The doctor also explained that Mistress Francesca and Darcy were in her office at that very moment, with Darcy being examined. She then told Lorin that she wanted an immediate specimen taken of Ross' sperm, to check for infection. She would take a blood sample later. She wasn't asking Lorin, she was telling Lorin. She also told Lorin to be very careful with any of Ross' body fluids, and that he was to be quarantined as soon as the specimen was taken. She also said that she was sending Rachel over to assist her.

"Now, where were we? Oh yes, you were telling me how you damaged my slave," was all that the doctor said as she glared at Francine. Francine began in great detail, trying to make the doctor understand what was happening at the estate. Doctor Sherry suspected that the Mistress, Darcy and Ross could have the same sexual infection. But first, she wanted to hear the rest of the story, and exactly what happened between Ross and Darcy. Mistress Francesca took a deep breath and began explaining. The doctor sat back to hear the explanation. She was still glaring at Francine.

Back in Jenn's training room, they were trying to decide what to do.

"I'm not sure if we can get any more out of him," Jenn told Lorin. "That was a huge amount that came out in the first orgasm, and then another huge amount for the second. I'm surprised that there was a third." Jennifer was actually concerned for the slave, and was also worried about herself. Lorin wasn't worried about what had happened so far. Since Ross was wearing a rubber, almost all contaminants were captured inside the rubber. Each time they had cleaned him with a rag, they had used an antibacterial soap and hot water. Both would clean up before proceeding, and then they would glove up.

Within a few minutes, Rachel arrived at the training room. Knocking, she was allowed in by Lorin. The doctor did not want any of the staff getting any information about the slave possibly having an STD. So far, only the doctor, Jenn, and Lorin knew about any possible contamination. Rachel stepped inside the door and was motioned over to a corner of the room, by Lorin.

"Well, it looks like you two are having fun," Rachel told the two nude females. Jenn was obvious, her nipples still hard and an obvious smear of clear fluid across her inner thighs. The blush in Jenn's cheeks told Rachel that Jenn had just fucked the slave. Ross lying on the exam table, cock soft and balls hanging low, confirmed what Rachel was thinking. Rachel could only imagine how much they had taken from him, especially with someone as gorgeous as Jenn.

"Well, it's not all fun and games. Have you talked to Dr Sherry?" Lorin asked Rachel, a serious look on her face.

"No, I was paged and told to immediately report to you. I was told that there was a problem, but no one said what kind of problem," Rachel said, now getting a little nervous.

All three of the girls were standing over near a corner, where Ross couldn't hear them. He appeared to be asleep. Both Lorin and Jenn were totally nude, obvious that they had been having a good time with Ross. Jenn was obviously aroused, not making any effort to hide it. Rachel knew Lorin well enough to know that she was very aroused at the moment. Rachel was impressed, this being the first time that she had actually seen Jenn in the nude. Jenn had an unbelievable body, clothed or unclothed.

"Well, there is definitely a problem. I don't have any details, but the doctor wants a sperm sample from Ross, right now!"

"That shouldn't be a problem," Rachel said, glancing over at Ross and laughing. "I've seen his samples, there'll probably be more than enough."

"Well, Jenn has very skillfully taken three loads out of him," Lorin replied. "Neither of us think that he'll be able to produce any more, for awhile. He's already drained," Lorin said, looking over at Ross.

"A specimen. Haven't you been collecting it in rubbers? Didn't you put them in the refrigerator? I don't see what the problem is," Rachel said quietly.

"We need a fresh sample, more like 98.6 degree type. Our previous samples are refrigerated, and they won't work. It has to be fresh," Lorin replied to Rachel.

"Why, what's going on?" Rachel asked, now getting even more serious.

"I don't know, but it seems that the bitch that was here the day before yesterday, may have infected Ross. I don't know anything else, but the doctor is with Mistress Francesca right now. She wants a sperm sample, now!"

"Infected? Infected with what?" Rachel asked, a worried look on her face.

"I don't know, but the doctor suspects some type of sexually transmitted disease. He's to be quarantined till the test results are back. So, until we get the results, he's not sticking that cock in any hole. That means no training, no produce, no appointments," Lorin replied.

"Well, what do you need me for," Rachel asked. "You know this stuff better than me," Rachel was getting curious as to her part in the specimen retrieval.

"Well, for one, he likes you a lot," Lorin said seriously.

"I've hardly even been with him," Rachel replied innocently.

"That's not what I've heard. Rachel, you know how word spreads around here. Who wouldn't like that cock?" she answered, pointing to the thick flesh between Ross' thighs. "Either way, we need a sample and you're going to help," Lorin said firmly.

"Well, you might say that he has experienced both Jenn and I. You're going to be the 'fresh meat' hopefully to spark his arousal. Besides, I'm going to probably need a third person to get a sample. And, since you are security, I need you to keep him fully restrained and I'll want him gagged and blindfolded."

"Gagged and blindfolded?" Rachel asked surprised.

"Yes. Believe me, I'm going to bust his nuts wide open just to get a drop or two out of him. He might not like that," Lorin replied, not explaining herself.

"Is it going to hurt him," Jenn asked innocently.

"Let's just say that he isn't going to enjoy this one like he did the last three cums. He'll probably be somewhat combative," Lorin said, almost smiling. There were times that she did enjoy very rough sex. This was going to be one of them. "I'm going to have to literally extract his sperm. He's not going to give it, I'm going to take it," she said.

"Well, let's get started," Rachel said.

"I think you should strip down, Rachel," Lorin said, smiling at Rachel.

"Strip? Why, if we're going to gag and blindfold him?" Rachel asked, now confused.

"I've seen the way he looks at you. You'll definitely 'inspire' him. Now strip. We'll use the gag and blindfold as we progress," Lorin said, watching Rachel closely.

Rachel reached down and undid the zipper of her shorts, letting them fall slowly to the floor. She wasn't exactly in the mood, and would need a little bit of time to get her arousal up to the level of the other two. She was wearing white cotton bikini panties under her shorts, which always showed off her tan body. As she undid the buttons of her blouse, she glanced over at Ross, seeing that he was watching her intently. He was also smiling at her. She couldn't help but smile back at him. She continued to strip down, finally unsnapping the center snap of her bra and letting her breasts fall free. There was a slight swelling beginning in Ross' cock.

"We might as well gag and blindfold him now. He won't know which of us is doing what to him," Lorin said, looking straight at Rachel. "Be sure to check his restraints and I do want him opened up further," Lorin ordered. Rachel began checking Ross' arms restraints. Jenn went over to a cabinet and took out a small ball gag and a black cloth blindfold. She smiled at Ross as she gently wrapped the blindfold around his head, covering his eyes. She pressed the ball gag to his lips, allowing him to open his mouth as she adjusted it inward. As he partially closed his mouth around the gag, she gently held his head up and fastened the bindings around the back of his neck. She then put his head back, placing a pillow under him.

"He needs to be opened up wide, more exposed than he is right now," Lorin told Rachel. Rachel immediately moved in between Ross' legs and released the leg portion of the exam table. She dropped the stirrups down, making his legs hang below the exam table level. She then spread the stirrups open wider and locked them into place. Restrained as he was, his cock and balls were about as vulnerable as they could be. There was no table below his cock or balls, his butt barely resting on the end of the table. His balls were still huge, hanging down soft and full. The skin of the sack was soft and thin, showing every curve of the two bloated orbs inside.

"Glove up," Lorin whispered quietly to the other two. "I'm sure that there won't be much to his specimen, but you don't want to get any on you." She was putting on a pair of latex gloves as she motioned to a box of gloves on a table.

"This might take awhile, or it might not. It will get a little rough and he needs to be restrained as much as possible. I don't want him fighting us," Lorin instructed the other two. They both nodded as Lorin turned and went back over to the outstretched Ross.

"Ross, you remember Rachel, don't you," Lorin asked, staring at Rachel. Rachel was just smiling. She didn't appear to be worried about the chance of infection. Ross just nodded his head yes.

"Rachel, why don't you get Ross started," she said, pointing a gloved finger to his mouth. Rachel didn't need any hints as she bent over Ross, holding his head in her hands.

"Hi Ross, long time no see," she said, laughing softly. She could hear a muffled laugh from him. She then began to kiss his upper chest, moving quickly to his neck, placing soft quick kisses all over him.

"And since you and Jenn were having so much fun such a short time ago, I think that she might help you out a little," Lorin said to Ross, her hand now pointing to his cock. Jenn stood there for a moment, not sure what to do. Lorin looked at her again, pointing at his cock. Jenn immediately reached out and took the fleshy organ into her hand, gently rubbing it. He immediately started to thicken.

"Well, that's a good sign. Let's see just how fast you can give us some more of your thick cream," Lorin said to Ross. "Ross, we need to hurry, so if you can help us, it'll be all the more pleasurable for you. Do you understand?" she asked him. He again nodded yes. Jenn was briskly rubbing the meaty shaft, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head. The head wasn't flared, but there was a small amount of pre-cum, leaking from the head.

Lorin reached down between his outstretched thighs, cradling the huge balls in her hands. She began to roll them around, kneading them, one after the other. She was paying attention to each one, individually, working them softly. She moved in closer to him, standing between his open thighs. Both of her hands were working him while Jenn continued to masturbate him. He was quickly getting thicker. He was still soft enough that the fat cock was flopping around over the top of Jenn's hand.

"That's a good boy. Come on; focus on what we're doing to you. Better yet, focus on what we're getting ready to do to you. You're going to cum hard for us. Show us what's left inside those fleshy cum bags. I know you have some left for me. You wouldn't leave me empty handed, would you?" Lorin said laughing out loud. Her hands were continuing to work the two massive balls. Even with the ball gag in place, everyone could hear his shallow breaths. His body was relaxed, but his cock was beginning to respond.

"Come on baby, she's going to pop those nuts wide open. It'll feel so good. Just relax and let us take some of that milk out of you," Rachel cooed, into his ear. Her mouth was now moving all around his neck and ears, planting soft but lingering kisses all over him. He was responding, his cock now almost fully erects. Thanks to Jenn, his foreskin had pulled back away from the head, exposing the thick plumb shaped crown. His hips were beginning to slowly thrust against her soft hand.

Lorin was getting rougher, feeling inside the soft sack, examining each ball. She could feel their hardness as well as the mushy soft parts of each ball. Those mushy parts were what she wanted to work on. She knew how to force his orgasm, but not yet.

"Just relax baby. Just think of what Jenn is doing to your cock. Don't you want to show her how much you can put out?" Lorin coaxed him. Each of them could hear a moan come from him as she mentioned Jenn's name. Jenn had sped up her hand manipulation; he was now rock hard. Her hand was having a hard time slipping over the swollen cock head, a popping sensation each time her hand moved over the flared head. Her gloved hand was coated in a slick clear fluid.

"Unngghh," Ross gasped, his hips popping outward, his cock thrust out against Jenn's hand. At the same time, almost as if to muffle him, Rachel pressed her lips hard to his lips, kissing him. Even with a ball gag in, he could still feel her lips on him. He responded immediately, his hips stuck outward, holding, as if he were pushing. His back was arched hard, his hips up off of the exam table, thrust outward. Jenn quickly jerked his cock hard, while Lorin dug into his soft ball sack.

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