tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 33

The New Slave Ch. 33


Chapter 33, Nikki Enjoys the Slave

Nikki stood for several minutes, watching the flow of clean, uncontaminated sperm as it globbed into the bottom of the catch cylinder. To her, this was the culmination of her work, and her enjoyment. Seeing the huge amount that she had collected from Ross, she knew that she could get more from him while she enjoyed herself for the rest of the session. It would be work to get more out of him, but there was still plenty of the thick milk in his balls. But it was also time for her to begin enjoying herself. With this slave, that would not be a problem. Just watching his body respond to her machine had her arousal level peaked.

"Still with me?" she asked him as she watched him lying still and breathing deeply. It was obvious that he was very relaxed.

"Ummm, barely. That was more than intense," he said as his body slowly recovered. He was still feeling the silicone sheath massaging the sensitive organs.

"A little massage and a little heat and you'll be ready again," she told him. She reached over and switched off the intensity control, bringing it down slowly. She watched as his legs continued to shake, the intensity of the orgasm still evident in him. She knew that if she could hold his balls in her hands, she would actually feel the spasm in them. She continued to watch his body language as she took all of the controls down to off. Now, the only thing that held the cups attached to his body parts was a small amount of suction.

"Just relax and enjoy the sensations," she said, walking back around in front of him. She pulled up the chair in front of him, sitting back and relaxing. She was totally nude and showed no sign being self conscious as she sat, spread legged in the large chair. The wetness was obvious on her fleshy pussy lips. She was aroused and she wanted him to see it. The sensitivity in her pussy was sending very pleasurable sensations through her lower belly and thighs. Besides, it had been awhile since one of her male slaves had given her this level of arousal. It was past time to have some of her own personal fun.

"Would you like for me to help you?" he asked her sincerely, barely opening his eyes. His body was almost to normal, his breathing returning to normal. He could see that her arousal was high and that she was more than ready to enjoy herself.

"Oh, you're going to help me, but not yet. Here shortly we'll begin again and then you can do a lot to help me. But for now, just relax. That first batch of milk was easy, now it'll get a little harder. I'm going to do different things, depending on how your body responds, that will 'help' you in our little session," she said, emphasizing the word help. Her eyes were on him, watching him for any reaction. There was none. He was relaxed, resting and enjoying the aftermath of a very powerful orgasm.

"Tell me what you'd like," Ross said to her sincerely. He'd never felt anything as intense as having his balls emptied by a machine. It had been unbelievable. With such a unique method of orgasm, he was now in a mood to repay her favors.

"Ummm, good boy," she moaned as she got up from the chair. She bent down and lightly kissed him on the cheek.

"I don't want to keep the suction on your organs for long periods, it causes the veins and blood vessels to swell and engorge themselves with blood. In short time, it will leave you very desensitized. I think that you'll enjoy the break, though," she said, moving back behind him, between his legs. She pulled up the chair and the medical tray. With the suction turned off, she reached down to the cock cup and began to gently pry at it with her fingers. Being slightly swollen, his cock was hung up in the teat cup. She broke the suction on the upper seal by pushing a fingertip into the area between his skin and the cup. There was a slight hiss as the air released, freeing his organ. She pulled downward with a slow deliberate pull, a squishy sound coming from the cup as it slid off of the thick cock. She then used the same method to loosen the clamshell that held his captured balls. Again there was that same squishy sound as the clamshell broke free of the bloated ball sack.

"You don't look too bad," she said as she sat back and looked over the still lubricated sex organs. His cock was still elongated, thick but now soft after the powerful orgasm. His balls were loose, hanging down softly but obviously enlarged and swollen. She put the cock teat cup and the clamshell on the medical cart and then put on a pair of latex gloves. She took a large dab of lubricating jelly and rubbed it into both of her gloved hands. Getting them slick and oily, she reached up and began to massage the fat cock, making an exaggerated pulling motion as she stretched his cock downward. She was now milking him by hand, but her intent was not to unload him. She was coaxing the blood flow back into the overworked organ.

"Now that's what I like to see," she said with a slight laugh. She had milked his organ back into a hard and thick cock, ready to go again. The pre-cum was flowing from the tip of the bloated cock head. She used the pre-cum to continue lubricating him.

"You may be a little tender down here, so just relax. This will make you feel a lot better," she said, her hands now traveling down to the huge ball sack. Cupping one hand under each ball, she gently closed her fingers upward, curling them up around each ball. She squeezed gently and then began to softly massage the fleshy orbs. His hips jerked slightly as he felt her manipulate his organs. As sensitive and tender as he was, it was beginning to feel very good. His cock was even beginning to twitch, which she noticed also.

"I know this doesn't feel very good, but it's good for you," she said, watching as her hands felt all of the parts inside his sack. Most women didn't even know what was inside the fleshy sack, but Nikki was more than familiar with each and ever part. Her fingers were feeling deep inside of him, gently massaging and reviving each ball, the tubes, the cords, all the parts that made for copious orgasms. From experience with all of the males before, she was more than aware that Ross still had plenty of milk inside of him. She would take all of it before they were through.

"Ummm, your hands are so good," Ross moaned sleepily. He was totally relaxed, enjoying the genital massage. His sack hung down heavily, his cock now rock hard. The huge amount of pre-cum let her know that he still had plenty of the rich male cream in him.

"Are you ready to go again?" she asked him, her fingers still moving inside of his sack.

"If you just keep up what you're doing, you'll get another load," he moaned. She was now using one hand, her fingers pressed into his sack. Her other hand was gently but firmly milking his cock, tugging downward in tight slow pulls.

"Now we add a little bit of heat and you'll be ready to go," she said with a grin. She'd seen this before and knew that he could easily be milked again. She just had one more thing to do before letting the machine have at him again. That was when she would continue with her entertainment. She quickly went to a sink and wet a washcloth with hot water. Keeping the washcloth warm in her hands, she went back and sat down between Ross' outstretched legs.

"This will be a little warm," she said to him. She quickly wrapped his cock and balls in the warm washcloth. He jerked as he felt the hot cloth touch his sensitive cock and balls. Within a few seconds, the warmth began to feel very good. New life surged into the overworked organs. The warm cloth also served to clean off the heavily lubed fleshy toys. Within a few moments, his cock was clean fresh skin again.

"I think you're ready," she said with a laugh. Standing up, she tossed the washcloth onto the medical tray. "You're going to be a little sensitive, but just relax and it'll soon start to feel very good," she told him as she busied herself with the milking machine. Rolling it closer to him, she got the equipment ready. He was still hard, hanging down heavily as if waiting to be milked. She took the lubricating jelly and squeezed out a large glob into her gloved hands. Smearing it around she coated her hands heavily, and then took his cock into her right hand. She squeezed gently, coaxing the heavy lubrication into the tight stretched skin. She smeared it into the smooth skinned crown, and then began massaging it into his foreskin and shaft. Within seconds, he was well lubed and throbbing. She then did the same thing to the heavy ball sack, smearing the thick jelly into his pliable skin.

"I'm going to put the clamshell back on, so just relax. It might feel a little tight, since you're swollen" she said, placing the open clamshell under his huge sack. She positioned the two meaty orbs snuggly inside the clamshell and closed it, making sure that his skin was well out of the way of the metal edges.

"Is that comfortable? Is it hurting you?" she asked sincerely.

"No, it feels good," he said softly. He could feel the slight tugging of the clamshell's weight, pulling his sack down.

She then took the long metal teat cup and positioned it directly under his hanging cock. She placed the open end of the cup against the meaty head and pressed it into him. With her free hand, she reached over and turned the suction to ON. As she began to turn the suction up, the teat cup began to hungrily climb up his fleshy cock, sucking it in, inch by inch. There was a wet squishy sound coming from between his legs as it sucked more and more of his cock into the silicone lined chamber. Within a few seconds, his cock was completely nestled into the teat cup. Feeling that it was securely on him, she let go and checked to see that it was properly placed.

"Still doing ok?" she asked him. She was concerned that his swelling flesh might get into the way of the cup, or the clamshell, getting caught in the pressure.

"It feels great. I love it so far. You can turn it up, I'm ready," he said, a slight quiver in his voice. It was obvious that he was already feeling the slick silicone sleeves moving against his sensitive sex organs. She immediately turned the suction up, making sure that the cup and the clamshell would hold onto him. With the metal toys firmly attached to him and beginning to gently suck on him, she turned the suction up a little more and then turned her attention to the frequency and intensity. She skipped the preliminary slow rise of pressure, instead skipping to a level of 5. His hips immediately jerked as he felt the tiny air pockets go to work, inflating and deflating, beginning to milk his cock and balls.

"Unnnggghhh," he moaned as the machine began to milk him. He was already at the level that forced his last orgasm. It was as if the machine was actually squeezing cum out of him. He moaned several times, his hips beginning to gently thrust in rhythm with the air pockets. His back was already beginning to arch upwards, his cock pushed forward as if seeking more depth in the teat cup. It didn't matter; it would continue to suck him till it was turned off.

"Ohhhhhh, I don't know how long I can last. It's more intense this time," he moaned.

"That's ok baby, just relax and enjoy the ride. You're already up to the same level that you were at when you came, the last time. She didn't tell him that she was not ready for him to cum. She wanted his arousal level to go up, in order to get a large amount out of him. She walked around to his face where she could watch him.

"Still feeling ok? Still enjoying yourself," she said with a big grin. She was bent over, her breasts hanging down, just inches from his face. She couldn't help but notice that his eyes were on her breasts. His breathing was already hard and raspy and his attention was focused on her breasts.

"Yes, I'm ready, go ahead and turn it up," he said, almost pleadingly. He was wanting to cum again. The last one had been intense. This orgasm was guaranteed to be even stronger.

"Ok. I will, in just a moment. But first, we need to get you primed. I want you to do me a favor," she said, staring into his eyes.

"Anything you want. I'm here for you, even though I'm tied down," he said, almost laughing. It was true, he could barely move as he was restrained in almost all areas of his body. His head and genitals were about the only thing that he could move.

"I want you to wear something for me," she said as she picked up something from a nearby cabinet drawer. He couldn't' see it, but his attention wasn't exactly on her hands. The contrast of her dark tan and smooth white skin, along with her perfectly formed ass, held his attention.

"Whatever you'd like," he moaned. The cock cup was devouring his throbbing cock. He watched her turn around, carrying something. The front of her body looked even better than the rear view.

"You might even enjoy this," she responded.

Before he could say anything, she had slipped a black latex band over the back of his head. Pulling it down over his face, he discovered that it was a ball gag as she pushed the small ball into his mouth. The ball gag was on the inside of the latex band that covered the lower half of his head and neck. On the outside of the band, sticking out obscenely was a large black latex dildo. It was smooth and shiny, but stuck out about 10 inches from the mask type of band. About the only part that wasn't covered of Ross' face was his nose and eyes. The ball gag and the dildo were attached, one on each side of the mask. Ross knew immediately what it was for.

"Just relax baby. This is going to be a lot of fun, for me. All you have to do is concentrate on what my machine is doing to your organs and we'll both have a lot of fun. I can promise that," she said as she sat back down in the oversized chair. It was only then that Ross noticed that the height of the chair seat, the level of Nikki's lower body, and the position of his head were all on about the same level. His face was going to be her fuck toy.

"You offered to 'help me' out, if you remember," she said, watching his eyes closely. They seemed to be somewhat more open than they had been. She wondered if he was scared of her, the machine, or just overly excited.

"Umph, umph, umph," he moaned, through the ball gag. With the gag in place, he would not be able to talk at all. To Nikki, it wasn't important that he speak.

"Before we're through, I'm going to completely milk your nuts. You're willing to help me now, but you might not be, when we're done. Still interested in 'helping' me?" she asked, her eyes still on his eyes. His response wasn't important, since he was restrained and wearing the huge black dildo mask. He nodded his head up and down, indicating yes to her. She was in total control of him.

"Just relax and try to hold still," she said as she scooted her chair forward. She leaned back in the chair, sliding her butt to the very edge of the seat. She raised her legs up, placing them over Ross' head and shoulders. She had her legs spread, knees bent slightly, her heels placed behind Ross' armpits. From that angle, she could dig her heels into his sides or his armpits and use his body as leverage. Restrained as he was, he could not move his body and she could use him to move herself forward, or pull him toward her. In time, she would do both.

"Ummm, you're doing so well. Just hold still for a moment," she said, leaning forward and looking down between her open thighs. She reached down and gently grasped the long dildo, poised at her moist entrance. The large head of the dildo was just inside her pussy lips.

"I told you we were going to have fun," she said softly, and then thrust her pelvis forward hard. She immediately let out a long moan as the large dildo began to penetrate her. She was already so wet that it easily moved into her. She sat for a moment, feeling the erotic invasion of her pussy, allowing it to slowly stretch open and accommodate the large object. It was just inside her, only the head penetrating her. There was still a lot more of it for her use.

"Oh shit, I don't think I'm going to last long," she groaned, glancing down at Ross as if she was actually having a conversation with him. Her body was frozen, not moving at all. Her back began to arch as her heels dug into Ross' armpits. As she began to slowly pull him forward, Ross had a bird's eye view of the long dildo slowly disappearing into her. She was close enough that he could smell the musky scent coming from her. It only helped to push his arousal level upward. As close as he was to her spread thighs, he could see that she was sopping wet. As the dildo began to sink further and further into her, a steady stream of clear fluid began to ooze from the sides of her stretched opening.

"Oh shit..." she said, her words trailing off as her breathing turned into a rapid pant. There was still over half of the dildo that had not penetrated her. Ross could feel her legs shaking and see the muscles in her already tight belly tensing up. She was going to cum and there was nothing that he could do but watch. By this time, most of the dildo was heavily lubricated from her juices, even though it had not gone all the way into her.

"Unnnggghhh, Unnnggghhh, Unnnggghhh," she groaned as she began to feel the orgasm push outward from the tender and sensitive area between her legs. Her body jerked hard, her back arching hard out of the chair. Her legs suddenly tightened up, pulling hard against Ross, as if she were trying to pull him all the way into her. Her entire body shook violently, her panting now reaching a fever pitch. After several moments, she suddenly went silent, almost as if she stopped breathing, her entire body frozen stiffly. Only the slight shaking in her thighs told Ross that she was still cumming. After several more moments, her body jerked hard again, as if a spasm rocked her entire body, then another spasm, another jerk, another spasm, another jerk, each one lessening in intensity. Her legs suddenly relaxed, falling open as she fell back into the chair. Her breathing was ragged, as if she were trying to catch her breath.

"Oh baby..." she moaned softly, her head slumped down onto her chest, her eyes closed. Her legs were limp, spread open, her feet still tucked into Ross' armpits. From Ross' very close and personal vantage point, he could tell that only about half of the dildo had ever entered her. She was leaking heavily from the stretched areas of her pussy, showing the obvious evidence of a very intense orgasm.

Ross was at the edge of the same cliff that she had just gone over. What Nikki was doing to him, only heightened his urges. Not only was her scent heavy in his face, but also just the view of her was almost enough to send him over. Almost. He could feel his balls pumping, but not like an orgasm. They were pushing, contracting, and spasms were running through each ball. His cock was going through the same contractions, as if he were hung on the edge of orgasm. He was begging to cum. He knew that this one would be more powerful than the first. He had never felt anything as intense as this.

"Baby, you did so good. Just keep that up a little longer and I'll teach you how to really cum," she said in a long moan. As soon as she spoke, she suddenly thrust her butt forward, at the same time, digging her heels hard into Ross' armpits. The hard jerk pulling his body forward, and her body thrusting forward, caused the dildo to slam deep and hard into her.

"Unnnggghhh," she moaned hard, almost a painful guttural moan. Ross could see the dildo disappear completely into her moist opening. His nose was pressed up against her clit, her legs pulling savagely on him, jerking his body. She was rocking back and forth, causing the dildo to move rapidly in and out of her. She was already in a pant, her hands tightly gripping the chair's arms. Besides feeling his face against her pussy and clit, he could hear the sloshy sounds of the dildo moving in and out of her. Her legs continued to jerk on him, her own body thrusting hard against his face.

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