tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 34

The New Slave Ch. 34


Chapter 34, Nikki Milks to Completion

"Just relax. We'll be through in a few minutes, and then you can rest. Judging by the amount of your cum, I'd say that you must be empty," she said, holding up the catch cylinder and examining the gooey white globs. She was fascinated by the sheer amount that she had already collected. She speculated that he was finished, due to the consistency of the sperm. There was a lot of creamy thick white globs but there was also a lot of clear, somewhat milky fluid mixed in. She was still aroused, but not to the point that she wanted to participate. She was now going to finish the male slave.

"I've never seen a male put out the amount that you do. That is one massive load. I don't doubt that it might feel painful, but believe me, it's not pain," she said, almost as if trying to convince him. He wasn't too sure. He could feel his cock and balls, as if they were huge. His cock shaft, head and foreskin were sore, but the inside of his cock felt like it was possibly torn. He imagined that the force and the volume of the huge orgasmic gushes had possibly stretched his urethra.

"I'm going to do you again, to see how much is still in you," she said, checking over her equipment.

"Believe me, there's nothing left, I know," he said, almost pleading. He knew that his cock had gone soft inside the oversized teat cup, but he could also tell that it was very swollen. Even soft, it was still stuffed inside the base of the teat cup. And now, with the pressure turned off, he had no feeling inside of his balls.

"I know baby, I know, but I have to make sure. There's only one way to find out and that is to go again. Besides, I didn't think that a male would ever turn down the chance to cum," she said, a slight laugh in her voice.

"I don't think I can cum. You took it all," he moaned as he felt her checking the pressurized cups still attached to his organs.

"You're going to cum again, whether there's anything in there or not," she said, almost nonchalantly. He could tell that her entire mood was different. Now, she was very business like and firm. She was sexually spent, and she was going to make sure that he was too. "If there's even a drop left in those cum bags, I'm going to take it," she said, with a slight laugh.

"Please, don't do it. It's already hurting," he pleaded.

"Hate to tell you Ross, but you're right. It probably will hurt, but you're going to cum one more time. I can promise you that. You know that a male doesn't have to be hard to cum. And, he doesn't have to be aroused to cum either. Did you know that?" she said, coming around to face him. The look on her face was really odd. It was obvious to Ross that she was thoroughly enjoying her torment. It was also becoming obvious that this was the part of the session that she enjoyed the most. She walked around behind him, out of his sight. Within a few seconds, he could feel the pressure starting to rise in both the teat cup and the ball clamshell. She had turned the suction up to a level of 7, and then turned the frequency back up on the air pockets. Both immediately began to manipulate his cock and balls. He could feel his cock begin to quickly slither deeper into the sheath. She walked back around to in front of him

"Please, I know it's going to hurt. I can promise you, there's nothing left. I've never cum like that," he pleaded with her.

"No. You ARE going to cum again, and maybe another time after that, depending on what comes out of you. I've never seen that much sperm come out of one male. I've harvested more out of you in two orgasms, than I've ever gotten out of two or three males in a day. No, I have to see just how much it takes to empty you. Then you can rest," she said loudly and firmly. There was a definite hostile tone to her voice.

"Please Nikki, I don't ....." he said before she interrupted him.

"Shut up. If you don't shut up, I'm going to turn the machine on full, and just leave you here for a few hours. Then you'll see what milking is all about. We'll be through in a few minutes. And, if you don't cooperate, I'm going to tell the doctor that you didn't cooperate. If that happens, you'll never get a chance with Allison," she said, a big grin on her face. She had quickly learned with Ross, just what buttons to push. She stood there staring at him for a few moments, seeing that he was definitely listening to her.

"I'll cooperate," he moaned.

"I knew that you would," she said with a twisted smile. She walked around behind him and almost immediately he could feel the pressure and the massaging action going up on his overly sensitized cock and balls. It was already beginning to hurt, at that point. His balls were already beginning to contract, his cock quickly going into spasms. Mentally, he felt no arousal at all, but it was as if his cock and balls were acting independently from him. They were quickly approaching another hard orgasm.

"Who knows? You might even enjoy this," she said laughing. She had no sooner said this when Ross felt the cock cup grab onto his cock hard. It was as if a hard vibration was shooting through his cock. His balls were convulsing hard, trying to expel contents that had already been taken out. His body was beginning to writhe and twist against the restraints. The teat cup sucked his cock all the way in, the seeming vibration creating a shudder, running through the length of his cock.

"Ok, here we go, let's see those bullballs open up," she said watching his body intently. She now had the suction up to wide open and the frequency up to 8. She knew that he would erupt at any moment. She walked around to in front of him.

"You know, when I was in vet school, I saw horses that didn't have balls as big as yours. Now, their cocks were a different story, but you do have them beat, in the category of balls," she said, almost giggling. "Your balls do have the storage capacity for that kind of cum load, it's just too bad that you can't make that much," she said, eyeing his body as he continued to writhe and twist. Watching as the machine milked him, Nikki could feel her own arousal begin to come alive again. She loved watching a responsive male, one whose body would twist and jerk as the machine worked him into an explosive orgasm. She knew that it was hurting Ross, but it was nothing permanent. It was nothing that a little rest wouldn't cure. Besides, she had already collected a record amount of sperm, in just two orgasms. Any more would just be a bonus.

"Anytime baby. Do you need some help? I really suspect that those two huge things between your legs are empty, but we just have to make sure. Would it help if I talked about Allison? Maybe we could talk about her smooth skin, especially the smooth skin of her thighs, and all of that tender, untouched, virginal area just above her thighs. You do know that she's a virgin? Don't you? Talk about your tender sensitive skin. I bet her pussy would just melt in your mouth. Don't you think? Can't you just feel it, sinking that cock of yours deeper and deeper into that tight hot little thing? I bet that you'd blow a huge load into her, just trying to get the head in her," she continued, eyeing Ross as his twisting and jerking became more pronounced. Nikki loved it. She loved control and she loved response. It was obvious that Ross was on the verge of cumming. He was panting and gasping, his back arched hard, his legs tight. Walking back behind him, she could see the carpal-pedal response, his toes curled and pulled back, indicating that he was cumming.

"Oh, you did like that part about Allison didn't you? Are you there yet? Are you cumming?" she asked, not sure if he was or not. He was showing all the signs of orgasm, but his face and eyes didn't show orgasm. She came around in front of him, bending over and pulling his face up to hers. He looked as if he was in pain.

"Come on baby, just push it out. If nothing comes out, then we're through. Think about Allison playing with that meaty thing you have between your legs. She'd have a field day with that thing. She wouldn't know what to do with it, suck it, rub it, or just plain fuck it. I'm sure she's going to have a problem with that. You know that she has only been here about two weeks and she's already tried about a dozen times, to get an appointment with you. She wants that cock," Nikki said, carefully watching Ross' face. She could see his eyes open up. She could also tell that the conversation about Allison was beginning to send Ross closer to orgasm.

"I'm not sure who wants it more. You wanting to stuff that thing into her, or her wanting to pop your nuts off, just to see the mess," Nikki said, laughing. "Oh come on Ross. You know you're about to pop. Just do it. You think about Allison and I'll give you a little help," she said, disappearing back behind him. Ross was still panting, jerking hard, his hips thrusting as the milking machine continued working him. He was almost there..... he knew there was nothing left in his balls. He wanted desperately to cum. It was as if his body was demanding it, even with nothing in him to unload.

"Do you think that Allison would know how to do this for you," Nikki said from behind him. "She's awful young and I doubt that she even knows what a prostate is, let alone what it does," Nikki said. Ross could hear the snap of a latex glove. He knew that she had just put gloves on. Immediately, he could feel her one hand on his butt as her other hand moved in between his cheeks. She pushed one lubricated finger up against his puckered opening.

"You just keep thinking about that tender little pussy while I give you a little bit of help," she said, her lubed finger quickly pushing into his butt. She held her finger in him for a moment, watching his body reaction. He was still jerking and twisting, his back arched hard. She knew he was close, the puckered opening actually sucking at her finger. She moved her finger downward and felt for the obvious small lump of his prostate. She began to draw small circles around it, stimulating it. She could immediately tell that he was responding, his gasps and panting getting much louder, his thrusts becoming violent.

"Show me what's inside those cum bags," she said as her finger pressed hard against the sensitive prostate. Immediately, Ross let out a long yelp, then gasped and panted hard. His back was still arched but his pelvic thrust had stopped, his pelvis extended out as far as he possibly could. She knew that his cock was erupting, the balls pushing out anything that was remaining inside of them. He was finally having a powerful orgasm. She began to move her finger around his prostate, pushing hard on it as she continued watching his powerful thrusts. Besides the machine milking his cock and balls, her finger was milking his prostate, stimulating it into a forced ejaculation.

"Push baby, push out all that gooey cream," she whimpered to him, her hand pushed up hard against his opening. Her finger was bearing down on him hard, forcing him to cum hard. She kept up this pressure and manipulation, till she finally saw his body slump to the table, spent and exhausted. She then lessened her finger movements, allowing him to come down from a powerful but painful orgasm. He wasn't moving at all. She slowly eased her finger out of his butt. Her attention was now focused on the clear vinyl tubing, waiting to see how much sperm she had taken this time. Her gloved finger continued to gently massage the puckered opening to his butt. It had been a somewhat rude invasion, but it did the trick.

"I'm somewhat surprised. I thought that there would have been at least a drop of two," she said, laughing and still watching the clear tube. There was nothing coming through it. After several minutes, it was obvious that he had experienced a dry cum. He had orgasmed hard, but there was no sperm to ejaculate. She had emptied him in two orgasms, two very voluminous orgasms. Thinking to herself, she almost wished that there had been at least a drop. That way, she would have had to force him, one more time.

"See baby, we're all done. Now you can rest. Didn't that feel good. Aren't you glad that I insisted," she said laughing. She quickly went to the machine and turned the controls slowly down to 0. Ross hadn't moved, but she could hear his deep raspy breathing. She had milked other males to completion in 3 and several in 4 attempts. She even had one male that lasted 5 times, till he had a dry cum, but even then, he was unconscious as he orgasmed the last time. But Ross didn't put out the average size load. The amount that she had collected was larger than any group of males that she had ever milked. She was astounded.

"Baby, are you ok," she asked, coming around to his face and holding his face up in her hand. His eyes flickered opened. This time he didn't have the contented look as he did before. He looked pained, almost hostile. She backed up a little from him.

"Ross, are you ok?" she asked again. She watched him carefully.

"Yes, I'm ok. I don't know. I can't feel my cock or balls," he said in a low voice.

"Don't worry, they're still there. It's common to feel numbness. Your cock and balls have gone through a lot. Those weren't normal orgasms. That is probably about the most intense orgasm that you'll ever feel. Didn't you enjoy yourself?" she asked hopefully. She had enjoyed herself sexually, but she didn't like the aspect of dealing with a hostile male slave, in the future. Ross didn't answer her. He just lay there with his eyes closed, catching his breath.

"That wasn't so bad, was it? It was actually pretty great, wouldn't you agree?" she asked. He didn't answer.

"Just relax. We're all through. I'll get the cups off and you'll feel a lot better," she mumbled, scurrying around behind him. She had already turned the pressure to zero on the machine controls. She reached up and pushed her finger into the top of the teat cup, releasing the last little bit of pressure. She did the same for the clamshell. Slowly but firmly, she pulled down on the teat cup, stretching the already swollen cock downward. Ross winced as she strained to pull the cup from him. His cock was swollen enough that it was wedged up in the cup. She jiggled the cup around and was finally able to slide it off of his cock.

"I'm sorry, that always is a bit rough. Males tend to swell when overused," she said with a slight laugh. She didn't have any problem with the clamshell. Releasing the pressure on it, she only had to open it and remove it from his balls. Sitting back, she visually examined the overworked organs. She had thought that he was huge before, but now he was slightly swollen and puffy, appearing a lot larger than he was, normally. He was soft, but still fully elongated. It was an oddity that she had noticed with all males, that their cocks would go soft but remain fully elongated, even after being milked dry. His balls were enormous. They were both obviously swollen and pushed out against the thin skin of his sack. Both his cock and balls were a hot reddish color, raw and irritated looking. She didn't see anything that was actually physically wrong with his organs.

"Everything looks good. Matter of fact, it all looks very good. I know that it doesn't feel that way, but I'm sure that you're fine. Since you're going to be resting now, you don't have to worry about 'how big' you are. I guess that we're lucky that you aren't being rented tonight," she said, again laughing, trying to make small jokes. Ross wasn't laughing or responding.

Nikki turned immediately as she heard the deadbolt open on her training room door. Dr Sherry looked almost as surprised as Nikki did. Dr Sherry had never come into a training session at the end of a slave's milking. She smiled as she looked at Ross, still in the milking position and Nikki standing beside him, barefoot and wearing only a lab coat. The lab coat was open and Nikki's young and very nice body was on display for the doctor and the security officers. The remnants of Nikki's sexual fun were very evident on her thighs and vaginal area.

"Well Nikki, it appears that you've been enjoying the session," the doctor said, her eyes traveling up and down Nikki's nude form. Nikki immediately pulled the lab coat around her, trying to cover herself. It was obvious in Nikki's face that she was embarrassed and mortified. She had immediately turned a bright red, her face and eyes cast downward at the floor.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting you," Nikki stammered, not looking up from the floor. Her fingers were almost while knuckled where she was tugging at the lab coat.

"Nikki, relax. I don't care what you do in your sessions. I'm thrilled that you've obviously enjoyed yourself. I just didn't expect that from you. Don't be ashamed. I'm happy for you. Did you enjoy yourself," the doctor continued, a slight smile across her face. The doctor was being sincere. She had never really thought of Nikki as a sexual creature. She was always studying and working on her own projects. The doctor was very pleased with Nikki. But it was obvious that Nikki was not to be comforted. She was embarrassed and just wanted to get away. She continued staring at the floor. After several moments of awkward silence, Nikki spotted her clothes strewn across a chair and rushed to put them on.

"So, how did my number one producer hold up, his first time on the machine," the doctor asked out loud. Nikki was busy, getting dressed. She mumbled something, pointing at the catch cylinder. The doctor immediately went for a closer look, seeing the huge amount of thickly pooled globs in the bottom of the cylinder.

"Wow, I just thought that you were trying to show off for me the past few times," the doctor said. "Now I'm beginning to think that you've been holding out on me," she said laughing along with the security officers. Both of the officers were staring at the swollen red sex organs, hanging down between the slave's legs. They had never seen anything as large as this male.

"He's quite a producer," Nikki mumbled as she finished getting dressed.

"He's more than a producer, Nikki. You did very well. I'm impressed. How many times did he go?" the doctor asked, still looking into the catch cylinder.

"Two times, then a dry third," she said, her embarrassment still showing in her face.

"Two times? You've got to be kidding. That much came out of him in just two milkings? Are you sure that he was dry on the 3rd time?" she asked, suspicious as she looked from Nikki to the catch cylinder.

"I'm sure. He pumped completely out in two orgasms. The 3rd time was dry, not even a drop. I did a manual prostate stimulation on him. He was really pushing for that 3rd cum," Nikki stammered.

"That's a lot of cum, pushing out of a cock. I'm surprised that he's not injured," the doctor said, leaning down for a closer look at Ross' cock and balls. She reached down and cupped the swollen cock in her hand, softly feeling it. It was still elongated and easy for her hand to grasp and pull down. She squeezed it downward trying to milk a drop out. Nothing came out, not even pre-cum. Ross winced slightly as her hand milked the soft cock.

By this time, Nikki was finished dressing and just waiting by the door. All she wanted was to escape the doctor's knowing gaze. The doctor approved very much of what Nikki was doing, but Nikki didn't want everyone to know what went on inside of her training room. She was mortified.

The two security officers stepped forward to get a better look between the slave's stretched open legs.

"May I?" the younger officer asked out loud, her eyes still locked on the meaty thing hanging down. It looked as if she were about to start drooling. The other officer, just stood at a distance, her eyes wide open, staring at the same area as the first officer.

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