tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 35

The New Slave Ch. 35


Chapter 35, Ginger, the New Slave

On Ginger's 35th birthday, she had been a slave for over 2 years.

The doctor was still mad as Rachel left the room and went after her security officers. She wasn't use to any male slave questioning her or demanding anything. They were bought for the purpose of either supplying sperm or for the other attributes that a male might have. The doctor was very good at picking her male stock. Ross had been a very very good investment. Her original intent was to reward Ross with a female for the night. There were several that would readily volunteer to spend the night with him, but she didn't want it to be that much of a reward. It was to be more of a diversion, rather than a reward. When he asked for Allison, she couldn't understand why he would want a younger inexperienced woman, and a virgin. He just didn't seem the type for that kind of request. She had intended to reward him with a female slave that would be his sexual equal. Besides, as a slave, it wasn't his decision who he would have sex with. She also laughed, thinking that he probably couldn't perform after being on the milking machine.

On Ginger's 35th birthday, she had been a 'sex' slave for almost a year.

When the doctor first realized the concept of renting her male slaves out for the night to very rich women, it didn't take long to find that the same market was very open to the idea of female slaves. In some cases, the females were more profitable than the males. Almost immediately, the doctor purchased and kept a very 'healthy' stock of female slaves.

"Which female slaves do we have available right now?" the doctor said into the telephone. Lorin was always up to speed on who was where at whatever times. She knew where everyone was, at any given moment.

"We have three girls that are on dates this evening. We have another one that is temporarily out with a gynecological problem. Suzette is having her period. Ginger is the only one left and she's been out, almost every night for the past 10 nights. I think that she needs the rest," Lorin said, laughing into the phone receiver.

"That's perfect. Have security go get Ginger. Have her prepped and ready for a male slave, in one hour. I'm going to give her as a reward," Dr Sherry told her assistant.

"She's been either on her knees or on her back for over a week. I think she needs the rest. Besides, which male even deserves a reward?" Lorin asked, a little confused. The doctor normally gave the sex slaves, plenty of rest. If they weren't rested, they didn't perform as well. And the doctor knew that good performance was what made the money.

"I'm pretty sure she'll get plenty of rest with this one. It's Ross," she said, almost laughing.

"Ross? I thought that he just finished his first day with Nikki. From what I heard, she drained him very well. I don't think he'll be much fun for her," Lorin said, almost laughing.

"That's the idea. They'll be perfect for each other. She needs the rest and I'll still call it a reward. It's his problem, what he does with his reward," she said laughing. "Besides, I have a feeling about these two. They're very much alike, even in their backgrounds. If my suspicions are correct, they'll make us a fortune," she said, without going into details.

"I'll take care of it," Lorin said, hanging up the phone. Lorin remember back to the time when Ginger had to be punished, just to get her into her skimpy female slave outfit. Those had been some very rough times on Ginger. And now, she was the number one most requested female at the facility. Everyone wanted Ginger.

On Ginger's 35th birthday, she could barely remember her life, as it had been before her slavery.

Ginger was more than a beautiful woman. Her face and hair, not to mention her body, were of pure beauty while at the same time, radiating a raw sexuality. In earlier times, she could have graced the covers of women's fashion and modeling magazines. She also could have graced the covers of men's adult magazines. She was gorgeous on either side of the spectrum. She stood 5'7 and weighed 140 pounds. Her height and proportionate weight gave her the appearance of an Amazon warrior woman. She looked like something that you might see scantily clad in an adult XXX comic book. Her dark brown hair was very thick, what some people might refer to as a 'tiger mane'. She had beautiful hair that hung down past her shoulders. Her dark brown, almost black eyes were beautiful, soft and expressive. Her eyes would light up and sparkle, when she was happy or excited about something. Her eyes were mesmerizing.

On Ginger's 35th birthday, she celebrated her day by being raped repeatedly and severely beaten by a male slave.

Ginger never talked about her life, prior to her slavery. Only a few of her many previous owners, knew anything about her early history. People that saw her would think that she might have been Latin, Greek, or possibly Italian, because of her dark complexion. Being a sex slave, she kept her body lean and tan. She had eventually discovered that it helped in making the 'buyers' nicer to her. At her height and weight, she had an almost perfect body. I say almost, only because there had to be something non-perfect, about her, even though it was unseen if anything.

She was very darkly tanned, with only a tiny tiny white spot where a very small patch of pubic hair use to be. The white spot was nickel sized, covering only the area around her clit. Customers laughingly referred to it as her 'target zone'. Her entire pubic area was shaved, with the skin being dark and baby soft. There was just a hint of pink, as you peered deeper into her. Her thick fleshy lips hung down, giving an appearance of constant arousal, thick and furled open. The vast majority of women that paid for time with Ginger thought that she was constantly aroused, but they were wrong. Most of these women mistakenly thought that they were pleasuring Ginger with their oral and manual stimulation to the writhing moaning sex goddess. They just assumed that her body was super responsive to their touch.

Ginger's long tan legs may have been her best feature. But then her full, rounded and creamy smooth breasts might have been her best feature. Some would say that her dark and almost always erect nipples were her best feature, the dark areolas being only slightly larger than her nipples. Some might say that the perfect proportion between her hips, thighs, and small tight waistline was her best feature. Some would definitely say that it was her perfectly formed ass. If anyone ever should have been on the cover of 'Butt Lovers" magazine, Ginger would be the #1 choice. Others would say it was her face. If you took ten people, you would have ten different opinions of what made Ginger so beautiful. None of it mattered, since Ginger had barely looked into a mirror for years. Even when she was putting on make-up for a date, she didn't look at herself, and never into her own eyes. She didn't have to look at herself to know that she had died.

Ginger had been one of the doctor's female slaves, for almost a year and a half. It had taken the doctor several months, just to gain control over Ginger. In her previous life, as Ginger sometimes called it, she had been a police officer. This was long before the women's rights laws went into effect. As a police officer, she was highly decorated and very good at her work. She had quickly moved from a patrol officer, to investigator in short time. As the women's movements began to merge into what would become the new world order, Ginger could already see a multitude of problems with the concepts. Ginger was intelligent and fiercely independent. She was openly against the entire movement and fought hard against it. A large portion of women didn't like the idea of a world ran entirely by women. Some fought loudly against the changes while others kept quiet. In a matter of time, and as the laws quickly changed, the ones that were vocal were quietly rounded up and sent away. Ginger was one of them.

Ginger quickly found herself being held in jail on trumped up charges. In jail, it was easier to control her more than vocal opinions. As a former police officer, she found her life threatened on a daily basis. Life was not good for the former cop, in jail. After almost six months in jail, she was given a choice. She could renounce her 'anti women's rights' opinions, or she could continue to serve time on a conviction that had never even gone to court. She immediately told the court to "go fuck itself." She was immediately thrown back into the general population where other female inmates beat her, because of her former police officer standing.

Ginger had been the youngest of four children. Her father, her grandfather, her brother, and her uncles were all traditional good police officers. It was a family joke when she announced at age 21 that she was going to join the police department in the large city where they lived. They were all amazed and more than proud as her career shot upward and flourished. She was very good at what she did. Her looks had nothing to do with it. She was just good at it.

About six months after Ginger was offered her freedom, in return for her 'change of opinion', she was given another offer. She was told that she was going to be transferred to another jail that would be a lot tougher for her. Being a former police officer, and with her looks, she would definitely be a target for daily beatings and any sexual activities. But then they offered her another choice. If she chose, she would be sold as a domestic slave. Ginger was repulsed by the idea of sex with women. She was as straight as they come and engaged to be married at the time she was put into jail. She never heard what became of her fiancé. In time, she learned to survive by not thinking about him. The beatings in jail had lessened as she toughened up and fought back, but she was horrified by the prospect of slavery. At the very least, outside of jail there would be less beatings and less forced sex. She made the choice quickly and was sold within a day.

Within the first 6 months that Ginger was a domestic slave, she was sold over a dozen times. It was quickly apparent with each new owner, that she was vocal, headstrong and not willing to play the part of a slave. And there were also the sexual advances on many occasions from the rich female owners that could afford slaves of her type. In most cases, it wasn't long before the rich new female owner would either attempt seduction on Ginger, or just outright give her an ultimatum. The ultimatums were very simple, to either 'put out sexually' or be punished. Ginger was punished a lot. On the worst occasions, she was severely punished, then restrained and forced to perform sexually on her female masters.

Having been sold so many times, a lot of people were afraid to purchase the gorgeous beauty. Most of the time, Ginger's history accompanied her. In these cases, it normally turned out that the new buyer, would be someone that thought they were more defiant or headstrong, than Ginger. These cases always lead to Ginger's punishments or severe abuse. The more that she would defy a new owner, the stronger the new owner would retaliate against her, or punish her. Her owners just got 'bigger and badder'. The beatings, punishments, continued abuse, and sexual attacks on her only became worse as time went. She refused to give in. Ginger knew that she was a slave on paper, but she wasn't a slave emotionally or mentally.

On each occasion that she was purchased, she was almost always start out as what was called a 'domestic slave'. Domestic slaves were to clean the house, do chores, prepare and cook meals, or take care of the owner's children. In Ginger's case, she was never allowed outside of the house. In one instance, her defiance with a new owner resulted in her being forced to work all day, totally in the nude. Ginger was humiliated and shamed for an entire week. She was not allowed to dress and was punished more every time she attempted to cover herself. She continually tried to cover herself, but the cruel female owner would find ways to make Ginger do her chores, using both hands. That same owner thought that it was hilarious, when she forced Ginger to serve a dinner party of about 20 guests. Most of the women that attended the dinner party found Ginger to be very arousing, and had no concern about her obvious embarrassment. When the dinner party was over, several of the all female guests, remained at the owner's 'special' request. For the next several hours, Ginger was summoned from room to room, as a sexual favor for the guests. Ginger was not as receptive to the idea as the guests were. After several altercations, Ginger was drug to her quarters and beaten severely for her 'lack of sexual enthusiasm'. She remained chained in a dark room for several days.

The local slave auctions were more than aware of Ginger's reputation. When she was returned to the selling house where she was originally purchased, the current owner handed Ginger over to them, at no charge. She didn't even attempt to recoup any of her money. The auction house knew Ginger very well. She was immediately packaged up and shipped across country to an area, where no one would know of her history.

Dr Sherry was more than wealthy and ran around with a very rich and influential group of women. Caren Sherry kept her business dealings private, with the exception of the cosmetics line and the medical clinic. Naturally, most of the local people didn't know about what went on at the milking facility, or of the doctor's 'rental' business. Most of Dr Sherry's friends had slaves and were more than aware of the doctor's stock of males. A lot of them had male slaves for personal needs, but also used female slaves for domestic and work around the owner's estate. Most of Dr Sherry's friends, and some very rich friends of theirs, took full advantage of the doctor's 'stable' of male slaves. With the money that these women had, picking and choosing males of their choice, for whatever occasion, was an everyday occurrence. It only depended on the occasion or their mood at the moment. Their moods were almost always, sexual.

The doctor had been invited to a dinner party at one of her wealthy friend's house. Upon arriving she mingled with the other women and enjoyed their conversations. After awhile, she went into the kitchen for some more wine. Looking outside at the expansive grounds of the estate, she noticed a group of women, standing around a cage under a tree. As she continued to watch the cage, she noticed that there was movement inside. The doctor might mistreat some males, usually in a sexual manner, but never an animal. Concerned, she went outside for a closer look. As she got closer to the cage, she could see that it was a nude female, chained inside of the cage. The doctor could see that the female was very attractive but filthy. She was covered in dirt and mud; her hair matted and covered in leaves and twigs. Her crying was obvious, as the tears had run down her dirt-covered cheeks. The female guests seemed amused at the plight of the young woman. The one thing that stood out in the doctor's memory, were the bite marks on the girls breasts and inner thighs. With no way of knowing, she wondered if the bites were from an aggressive male slave, or possibly one of the women at the house.

"Are you being punished?" the doctor asked softly as she knelt down on the grass next to the cage. The cage was barely large enough to contain the female. The doctor also wondered if the female slave was removed from the cage, seeing how the tree would only shade the cage, during a few hours of the day. The rest of the time, the cage was in full sunlight, and very hot.

"I'm a doctor. Are you ok? Are you injured?" she asked sincerely, looking at the angry red welts where Ginger had been bitten. The bites were old enough that the ones on her inner thighs appeared to be infected. As sunburned as the female slave was, the doctor estimated that she had been outside for several days. As hot as it was during the daytime, the nights were actually very cold. The doctor found it odd that the girl was in such bad shape, but at the same time, obviously very aroused. Ginger was chained in such a way that her legs were open and her pussy swollen, the lips open and furled outward. The doctor made the same mistaken assumption that other women had made in the past.

"I can help you," the doctor said, trying to get the fearful girl to talk to her.

"I don't need anyone's help," she said in a low tone. The tears started to flow again, running down her streaked and dirty cheeks.

The doctor stood up and walked away, returning to the main house. She quickly found the host, a woman who was a very good friend. Dr Sherry kept her patience without showing her anger, as the host told her how she had purchased Ginger as a domestic slave. According to the friend, she told Dr Sherry that the girl had been shipped into the area and sold, with no one knowing the girl's bad attitude and aggressive tendencies. She went onto say that she had only owned the girl for two months and that it had been the worst two months. As a last resort, she had tried to reason with the slave by chaining her nude in the cage as punishment. The host was very upset about being sold something that was damaged. The young female slave's condition was of no concern to her.

"That makes a lot of sense," the doctor replied to the story. She was barely holding her anger as she spoke with her now former friend. The doctor held her tongue and waited till the friend finished telling the entire story. Dr Sherry didn't hear anything that would suggest that Ginger could not be controlled. The doctor immediately made a very good offer for Ginger, saying that she would take her immediately, in her present condition. It was an offer of money, about two times the amount of what Ginger had cost. The friend hurriedly signed Ginger over to Dr Sherry before she changed her mind. Even as the paperwork was being signed, the doctor contacted her security personnel and had them come to the party. They were to immediately release Ginger and take her back to the facility. They were to get her cleaned up and fed and then placed in her own 'private' quarters. She would check on her later.

The next day, the doctor went bright and early to the new female slave's room, finding Ginger still asleep. Entering the locked room, the doctor was amazed at the beauty of the new female that she had purchased. Ginger was absolutely gorgeous. She was sleeping peacefully, covered in clean sheets and blankets. That was probably the first time in a very long time that Ginger had slept peacefully or in clean sheets. Caren Sherry decided to let the young woman sleep more.

A few hours later, the doctor had security wake up the new slave and bring her to the clinic. When they arrived, Ginger's apprehension was obvious, as was her fear. She was definitely not subservient. Even in her fear, she was still showing an attitude of defiance. The doctor treated her kindly, asking her to remove her clothes. When Ginger resisted, the doctor explained to her that she was in a medical clinic and needed to be checked and examined. It was for her own health and welfare. The doctor told Ginger that the bite marks looked infected. Finally, Ginger consented and allowed the doctor to examine her. Nude, on the exam table, Ginger was fearful and quiet. The doctor again noticed the high state of arousal, the vaginal lips thick and open. Only at that time did the doctor figure out that it was not arousal, but just the way Ginger's body functioned. It was the way that she was built. It was obvious that she was definitely not aroused. The doctor treated Ginger, finding that she was in fair health, somewhat weakened from lack of food, and dehydrated. She treated the bite marks, giving Ginger an injection of antibiotics. As a last measure, and based on the overly sexual appeal that Ginger exhibited, the doctor took a blood test to make sure there were no sexually transmitted diseases. She was clean. Based on the way Ginger reacted to any person near her, the doctor refrained from doing any gynecological exams. She could do that later. Ginger was taken back to her room and allowed to stay there, unrestricted and unchained, for two days. It was a way of allowing Ginger to get her own thoughts together.

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