tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 45

The New Slave Ch. 45


Chapter45, Candy Finds Her True Calling

Candy was caught daydreaming. She was thinking about all of the sexual things that she had seen being done to a male, restrained and resisting males, on the Internet. Her eyes began to glaze over as she paged through her catalog of 'saved' mental images. They all seemed to be in pain, but that image was altered as soon as she remembered the copious spurting that their cocks were doing as a result of the so-called pain. Is it really pain if they cum? She had debated that in her mind for several years. Now she was standing in a locked room, a male that was restrained and resisting and she was the one that was enjoying the inflictions. It could only get better. Even Toni was surprised at how easily Candy had forgotten that she was totally nude and her arousal becoming so obvious. Candy seemed oblivious to her own sexual secretions.

"Is he in pain?" Candy asked softly.

"Well, I'm not sure if I would call it pain or not. You saw how close to cumming he was. If I had gone another second or two, we'd be cleaning up the second mess right now," Toni said with a laugh.

"He is big. He's a lot bigger now, than when we started. His foreskin looks really raw. Do you think that it hurts?" Candy asked innocently. She couldn't hide her sexual fascination with what they had just done to the restrained slave.

"It probably hurts in some ways, but it's also extreme sexual stimulation. We could easily make him cum using these methods," Toni said softly. As Toni would later tell the doctor, "Candy was just about drooling over the prep procedures. I thought she was going to cum, just watching what I was doing."

"What we're doing is getting him bigger. But we're also lessening his arousal levels. By the time he gets to the customer's house here shortly, he'll be more than capable of getting very hard but he won't be so desperate to cum as fast. He'll last a lot longer and spurt a lot less," Toni said with a grin. She had done this same technique many times in the past. Based on the reports that she had heard, the customers were more than thrilled with the slave's abilities. She knew that she was doing a very good job for the doctor. The bonuses that the customers left for her proved that they had enjoyed her more than talented prep work.

"Are we going to do more to him," Candy asked, almost holding her breath. It was obvious that Candy was worried that the session was about to end.

"He's already bigger in the shaft and in the foreskin. We're now going to enhance his foreskin and the head. We don't want his cock head to look small, compared to his shaft and foreskin. We're going to sort of, even him out, so to speak," Toni said laughing out loud.

"Good," Candy said with a sigh of relief. "Tell me what to do," she quickly added.

"This part is going to get a little rough. A lot of prep girls refuse to do some of these techniques. They just don't have the stomach for it. I have a feeling that you're going to thoroughly enjoy this next part. Some of this is going to surprise you," Toni said while closely watching Candy. Candy appeared to be more than excited. Toni was convinced that Candy was at least to some extent sadistic in her nature. The more that the slave resisted or struggled, the more Candy was enjoying it.

"I don't know if you could say that I'm enjoying it. I do find it all very fascinating," Candy said in a low tone. Toni wasn't fooled. The entire process enthralled Candy. She was beside herself, her feminine juices betraying her as they flowed freely from her overly excited pussy. Even if Candy had kept the thong on, it wouldn't have been able to hold her vaginal lips tight enough to hold the fluids back.

"Why don't you play with him, see how long it takes to get him back up," Toni said as she walked over to a nearby cabinet. She opened the cabinet, looking around till she found the box that she was searching for. It didn't take Candy a second request before she quickly reached out and started gently rubbing the soft cock. She was being extra tender with it, due to the dark red color and the swelling. She wanted to see just how far she could go with it, but was also inexperienced and not sure if she would do any damage to the battered genitals.

"Oh my gosh," Candy said as she began to play with her new fleshy toy. "He's already getting hard and I've barely even started," she said as she watched the cock beginning to swell in her hand. "I thought it would take a lot more to just get him going," Candy said as she quickened the pace in her rubbing. Toni had turned around to see what was going on. It was obvious to her that Ross was quickly responding to Candy's manipulation. Toni walked back over to the exam table, carrying a large box.

"See what I mean. What did I tell you about males being sexually mechanical? You're applying stimulation to him and he's responding to it. Even raw and tender, the thick cock was slowly inflating, lengthening and growing hard. Candy was mesmerized as she watched it grow in her hand.

"I can't believe he can even feel anything after all the stuff that we've done to him," Candy said in disbelief.

"I'll show you a little trick. Want to see him get hard quicker?" Toni said as she watched Candy rubbing the slowly growing cock.

"Sure," Candy said breathlessly.

"Use your hand to grasp the base of his cock. Wrap your fingers loosely around his shaft. Don't squeeze but let your fingers hold it loosely. Now jiggle his cock back and forth, shaking it," Toni instructed as she watched Candy follow her instructions. Ross' cock was only semi- hard and flopped back and forth in her hand as she shook it. It was soft enough that it flopped back and forth, bending in the middle. "There you go, now do it a little faster and harder," Toni said as she closely watched Candy's hand. Immediately it was obvious that the cock was hardening faster.

"Wow, why's it doing that? Is it just the stimulation of my jiggling it?" Candy asked in surprise.

"Yes and no. It's the stimulation but you're also pushing the blood flow outward to the tip, forcing more blood into his cock. He can't help but get harder," Toni said as she smiled and watched Toni playing with her toy. Candy was enthralled, enjoying what she was doing to the restrained male. Ross seemed to be enjoying it also as he lay back and moaned softly. It wasn't but a few more seconds before he was fully erect, a steady flow of pre cum oozing down the shaft.

"It's like gravity, or centrifugal force, or something," Candy said as she continued her jiggling of the hard organ.

"Ok, let go of him for the moment. I want you to double check his restraints and make sure that they are not loose, especially the hip and thigh restraints. We don't want him getting anything loose at this point," Toni ordered the excited trainee.

"What do you mean, anything loose?" Candy asked as she quickly began to check the leather restraints.

"I told you that I suspected that you'd like this technique. Well, we're going to really do some rough stuff to his cock. I don't want him kicking or kneeing either of us, if he was to get a leg loose or anything. He's not going to like this next part, but it works so well I just can't pass this one up," Toni replied softly. Even with Ross' ears covered, she sounded as if she was trying to be secretive.

"Really?" Candy said, an ecstatic look on her face. She was down below the table, checking the restraints. Her head came up so fast, just to look at Toni that she bumped her head as she jumped up.

"Careful. Don't hurt yourself. We have plenty of time. Just relax and take a deep breath. You're probably going to enjoy this a lot, but just relax. You're not going to miss anything," Toni said laughing.

"I can't wait. Just tell me what to do," Candy said as she rubbed the top of her head laughing.

"Oh, I'll tell you what to do. You'll have to be careful and follow exactly what I tell you to do. I'll do it first, with your assistance, to show you how this works. Then I'll assist you while you finish him. Like I said, I have a feeling that you're going to love this part," Toni quickly added. Toni opened the box up and sat it down on a rolling medical tray. She pulled the tray over closer to the exam table, within their easy reach. Candy immediately looked into the box and then looked up at Toni, completely confused. "Go ahead and cover his eyes back up. He doesn't need to watch anymore," Toni instructed the trainee. Candy smiled as she moved over to Ross' head and put the eye cover back over his face. Now, he was unable to hear, to see, or to talk.

"Toilet brushes?" Candy asked in a confused tone. Candy was looking into the open box, which contained about a dozen different toilet brushes. All of them were of various sizes, but each one had the same configuration. Each one was a long handled brush with a rounded bristle brush end. The bristle end on each of the brushes was shaped in the figure of an 'O'. The only difference in the brushes was the size of the opening in the 'O'. Some had smaller opening and others had wide openings.

"Take a good look at Ross' cock and pick out a brush that you think will fit around his cock," Toni said, looking into the assortment of brushes.

"Yuck, they're toilet brushes. They've been in toilets," Candy wailed. She had a look of total disgust on her face. She almost looked pale.

"Don't worry. They're all clean. Matter of fact, they're all sterile. These brushes have never seen the inside of a toilet. They were purchased for only two different uses. One is what we're doing right now, and the other use would be for punishing a slave. What we're going to do is commonly known as a 'bristle brush fuck," Toni said as she looked over the assortment.

'Punishment?" Candy said with a gleam in her eye. It was apparent that Candy had already thought of a use for the small opening in the bristle brush. Toni was about 99% convinced that Candy was a sadist. Candy's mind went too quickly to the painful stimulation way of thinking. "Bristle brush fuck. I like that. I think that about says it all," she said laughing out loud.

"I think that you already have an idea of how to use these brushes. But we're not doing punishment, even though our slave here might beg to differ on that point. We're going to use the bristle end of the brush, to increase his foreskin and head size. By using the bristle end, we can create some pretty strong irritation to his cock. I'm going to show you how I do this, so do you think you're up to it?" Toni said as she watched Candy closely.

"Sure. More than up to it," Candy replied quickly. Her eyes had that glazed over look again and she was almost on the verge of drooling. She was that aroused at the prospect of using a bristle brush on a slave's genitals.

"Ok, I want you to stand in between his legs. Press into him enough that your hips force and hold his thighs open. Once I begin this, he's going to start thrashing and jerking around. Like I said, he's not going to like this part. He'll thank us for it later," Toni said laughing out loud. Candy immediately moved around the end of the exam table, stepping up between Ross' outstretched legs. She moved in closer to him, using her hips as a means to spread his inner thighs further open. Standing as she was, she was looking almost straight down on the fleshy organs that were becoming so much fun for her. The feel of her bare hips against the slave's inner thighs was also a stimulation that she had never felt before. It was almost a feeling as if electricity was passing between Ross' legs and her hips.

"Ok, pick a brush out," Toni said as she watched Candy. To Candy, it was obvious that this technique was going to be painful, if not totally erotic. She knew that it would be painful to the slave, but she also knew that it would be unbelievably erotic to her. She was torn between picking a brush with a small opening that would be tight on the slave, or to pick a brush that would not hurt him as much. Part of her didn't want to actually hurt the slave, but another part of her wanted to watch the slave being tormented and jerking and resisting as the brush was applied to his sensitive organ.

"I'm just not sure. I have never seen anything like this before. You said that we didn't want to leave any marks or damage him, right?" Candy said, a look of worry coming over her face. She was torn between two different emotions.

"That's right. Here, I'll pick one. Just because you have a choice doesn't mean that we're going to use all of these. Some of these are way too tight for him. I want his crown and foreskin to be irritated, not torn off," Toni said laughing. She had done this many times before and immediately picked up a brush. She already knew from experience, which brush would do the most to accomplish the enhancement. Candy watched in shock, seeing that the opening of the bristles was definitely smaller than Ross' thickness. Her pussy immediately went into spasms at the thought of that brush being used on his cock.

"Unbelievable," Candy moaned as she watched Toni hold the brush up for inspection. She could barely contain herself. There was no doubt in her mind that this slave was definitely going to be resisting and thrashing around once they started using that brush on him. She couldn't wait. "That is definitely going to hurt," she said excitedly. Candy seemed to now have a permanent grin on her face.

"Oh, you're definitely going to be surprised. Remember about the different stimulations. This is going to be some pretty strong stimulation. Males tend to react in different ways to this. I've seen a variety of different reactions, but I've never done Ross. So, we're both going to learn what his feelings are on this method," Toni said.

"Do it," Candy said breathlessly. She couldn't hold her excitement any longer. Her eyes were glazed over and locked on the fleshy cock right below her. She was close enough to him that she wanted to just move forward a little and feel the slave's cock pressed up against her exposed pubic mound. From that point, she could slowly ease closer and it would almost have to push into her. It was right there, so close, so hard, and so wet. She knew that as soon as the bristle brush was applied to his cock, that he would go soft and there would be no more chance of it being as hard as it was right then.

"Ok, this is important. We really don't want to leave any marks or damage to him. I want you to use both hands. Put both hands under his balls and hold onto them. Hold them tight enough that you can pull them down and away from his body. Once I get started, I don't want the brush scratching the soft skin of his sack," Toni instructed the trainee.

"Hold onto them?" Candy said, glancing up at Toni. It was obvious that Candy was worried about hurting the slave, even though she thoroughly enjoyed his resisting. It was one thing to watch a slave resisting and struggling, but an entirely different thing to be the one that was inflicting the pain. "What if I hurt him," Candy moaned. She had witnessed females inflicting what appeared to be pain, to males, but it was on the Internet. She was torn between her worries about hurting the slave, and her deep desires to inflict the erotic and painful pleasures to his organs.

"All males are different when it comes to their balls, but believe me, you're going to find it hard to hurt this one," Toni said. She was ready to proceed but it was obvious that Candy was apprehensive about her part of the procedure. "Don't' worry. You're not going to hurt him. Just grasp each ball with one hand and hold them out of the way. They're not that delicate. Just try it," Toni said encouragingly. She could remember when she first started and was scared to death of a male's balls. She had heard so many stories and jokes about hurting a male. It didn't take long to find out that each male was different. Some of the males, you would barely even touch and they'd start whining and crying. Other males didn't' mind anything that you did to their balls, as long as your interest was on their cocks. Candy looked worried.

"Go ahead, just grasp them firmly and hold them down. When I start the bristle brush fucking, I don't want his balls getting scarred up from the brush," Toni said with a laugh. She was holding the brush and watching Ross' cock slowly beginning to deflate. Candy was positioned between Ross' outstretched legs; her hips forcing his thighs wide open. She reached down and slowly pushed her hands up under the huge soft sack. She had her palms turned upwards, each ball resting in one hand. She slowly closed her fingers around each ball, the best that she could. Immediately Ross moaned softly as he felt her hands under him, cradling the two meaty orbs. As her fingers applied more pressure, closing up around the fleshy orbs, he involuntarily spread his legs farther open.

"He is so responsive down there. Are all males like this?" Candy asked, her eyes glued to the thick fleshy bag that she was manipulating. It was obvious that Candy was beginning to enjoy her part of the procedure.

"No, not all of them. They all respond in different ways. Ross just happens to be one of those that is easily stimulated by ball control," Toni said as she watched Candy slowly applying more pressure. Candy had heard the jokes and stories about balls, but she was more than enjoying the response that she was seeing in Ross. It was obvious that he was enjoying her manual stimulations. Candy was also thinking about the phrase that Toni had just used, 'ball control'. Just the two words alone opened up an entirely new aspect that Candy would employ, once she was able to do her own private preps.

"Ok, keep a tight grip on those. Make sure to pull them down and away from his body. This is the part that he's not going to like," Toni said. She watched Candy for a moment and then visually examined Ross' cock. It seemed to have perked up some, with Candy's testicular manipulation going on. Just to keep him peaked, Toni reached down and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock. Holding it loosely, she jiggled it back and forth, firmly, forcing the head and foreskin to quickly flop back and forth. Within a few seconds, Ross was rock hard, pre cup splashing out from the gaping mouth. He was more than aroused.

"That jiggling seems to work pretty well," Candy said as she watched Toni's hand flipping the hard cock back and forth.

"Works like a charm. Ok, hold him tight. Her we go," Toni said as she held the opening of the bristle brush directly over the hard cock. The hand that had been jiggling Ross now had a firm grip on the base of his cock, holding it tightly. She quickly brought the stiff bristle brush down onto the cock head, the bristles pushing into the tender skin in a circle, around the sensitive crown. Ross' body immediately stiffened up as he felt the abrasive toy being pushed onto his cock head. Toni bore down a little harder on the brush handle, the bristles passing over the cock head as it slowly slid further down his shaft.

"Annnggghhh, annnggghhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Ross cried out through the ball gag in his mouth. His hips were bucking up and down as Toni held the bristle brush just under his cock head. With all of the force that she had been using, she had only gotten the brush past the head, now pressed up tightly against the thick foreskin. She held it there, not moving it. Ross slowly settled down, his cock head pushed out through the opening of the O shaped bristle brush.

"Owwwww," Candy said with a big grin on her face. She was obviously enjoying the slave's discomfort. She still had a tight grip on his balls. "Well, you're right about one thing, he definitely doesn't like that," she said laughing.

"Oh, we're just getting started. Keep his balls out of the way. I'm going to take the brush all the way down, flat against his pubic bone," Toni said quickly. She had no sooner said this and she pushed down harder, forcing the bristle brush into the foreskin. The foreskin had bunched up, under the bristles, creating more resistance. Ross' hips immediately jerked downward, trying to escape the hundreds of stiff pointy bristles. Toni kept a tight grip on the base of his cock, holding it while she pushed downward even harder. By this point, Ross was jerking and writhing all over the table. Candy was struggling to keep her grip on his sack.

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