tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 47

The New Slave Ch. 47


Chapter 47, The Sex Slave is Enhanced and Bejeweled

"We're running out of time. We have got to finish up and get him ready. Security will be here shortly to take him to the customer's house," Toni said, tossing the used towels to the floor.

"Well, I think that he was ready, and now he's finished," Candy said, pointing to the flaccid cock lying on Ross' stomach. He was obviously very swollen, the foreskin and head being huge and fleshy. His shaft was thicker and his balls were obviously huge, pushed out tightly against the thin-skinned sack. A lot of the redness had gone from the skin, appearing almost normal.

"Well, this will probably be a lot of fun for you, but he's not going to like it. It's not that bad, but it might get a little bit tight for him," Toni said with a laugh. She tossed the heavy metal cock and ball collar to Candy. Candy held it up, staring at it, trying to imagine how she could even begin to get it on the limp slave. It looked almost impossible.

"I don't know if it'll go on, but I'm going to give it a good try," Candy said smiling. She was more than anxious to do anything that involved touching or playing with a slave's genitals.

"Believe me; it's easier than it looks. But now you can see why a soft cock works better in this case, than a hard one," Toni said. It was obvious to Toni that Candy wasn't sure that the collar would even go on the slave. Toni knew that it would, with some effort. "He's about as soft as he's going to get. Now is a good time to put it on him. As his refractory period ebbs, he'll be more inclined to start swelling up. Just because he cum twice doesn't mean that he will stay soft. I can guarantee that," Toni said with a laugh.

"His refractory period?" Candy said, looking up quizzically.

"Yes. It's called a refractory period. That is when he has cum and he has no ability to get hard. It's physiological. Each male is different, but all of them will have a period just after cumming, where their cocks cannot get hard, no matter what you do to it. He's in that state right now," Toni instructed.

"Oh. Ok. You want me to just get this thing on him?" Candy asked innocently.

"Sure. Just take your time, get it on him and then snug it up as tight against his body as you can get it. The increased fluids in his cock and balls will do the rest and keep the thing on him for at least the next few hours, if not all night. Security will remove it from him, when they pick him up later. I'll give you a hint. Start with his cock. Get his cock inside the oval, and then push one ball in at a time through. That's the tough part," Toni said with a grin.

"Ok. I've never done this. I don't want to hurt him," Candy said with a big grin.

"Yea, right," Toni said laughing. "Just don't leave any marks or damage him. That's all I'm asking. Be careful with your fingernails. Try not to gouge him or scratch him," Toni added.

Candy was still positioned between Ross' outstretched legs. She pressed her hips forward, forcing his thighs outward, opening him up. Looking down, she could see that his sack had returned to a more workable condition. The skin wasn't tight and drawn up as it was moments before, when he was cumming. Toni retrieved a fresh towel and wiped Ross down, cleaning him up for the jewelry. She opened a container of scented oil and held it out to Candy, ready for her to use.

"This will help get the bigger parts to slip through the ring," Toni said with a laugh. "Just don't use too much or the ring will begin to slip off of him, as the night wears on. And try not to use any around the top base of his cock. That way it'll hold to his skin better," she added. Candy took a small dab of the creamy oil and rubbed it into her hands. Using both hands, she slid them under the soft sack and began to work the oil into the slave's skin. She was careful not to get it all over his cock, fearing that it would make the ring slide off of him.

"Ok, how is that?" Candy asked as she continued rubbing the warm oil into Ross' abused skin.

"That looks good. Now start getting the ring on him," Toni instructed. Toni used the towel on Ross, rubbing off the excess oil so that he was almost dry. Candy immediately took the ring and easily slid it over Ross' cock.

"Which way should I put the collar on? Should it be pointing to his front or to his rear?" she quickly questioned. She understood that the direction would make a definite difference in either holding his genitals outward or pressing on his prostate.

"Point it to his front. I don't think that his prostate will need any additional stimulation, judging by his balls. They're still swollen up pretty big, but that doesn't mean anything," Toni said laughing. Candy already had it in the correct position and just slid it to the base of his cock. Even with his cock thickness, she could still slide a finger or two between the ring and his skin. She still didn't think that it would go over his cock and his balls, at the same time.

"What do you mean; that his ball size doesn't mean anything?" Candy asked curiously. She looked up, knowing that she was about to get another lesson in male anatomy and function.

"Ball size doesn't mean anything. They are the size that they are," Toni replied with a laugh. "I've seen huge balls that barely put out any cum. I've also seen tiny ones that shot out a load that looked like a horse cumming. And then there are balls that are huge and also have huge amounts. As you have seen, Ross is one of those with huge balls and huge loads. Right now his balls are swollen from using the cylinder on them, even though we've taken two sizable loads out of him. So, remember that ball size is not indicative of what's inside of them," Toni said.

"Ok. I'll keep that in mind," Candy said with a laugh. She turned her attention back onto the fleshy male meat in her hands. She had slid the ring all the way to the base of his soft cock. Reaching below his sack with her other hand, she firmly pushed upward on one ball, forcing it against the underside edge of the metal ring. "Sorry babe, but I'm sure that this is going to hurt you more than it hurts me," she said with a laugh. Her delight in what she was doing was evident in her face. She was thrilled with the aspect of getting rough with a male's balls.

"I'll give you a little hint. Pull some of the sack skin up into the ring, before you try to force the ball into the ring. You have to give the ball a place to plop into," Toni said while she closely watched the new trainee. Candy immediately let the ball drop down and pulled a large amount of the thin soft skin up through the ring, just below his cock shaft. Holding the ring tightly against the base of his cock, it gave her a small opening in which the skin could rest. She then used her other hand and squeezed the ball upward, attempting to force it through the small opening.

"Annnggghhh," Ross cried out through the mouth gag as he felt his ball being squeezed through the opening. His hips and butt pulled downward, as if he were trying to pull his tortured organs from Candy's grasp. His legs pulled tightly against the restraints, his thighs pressed inward trying to protect the now overly sensitive organs. Candy squeezed harder, the extra effort obvious as she tensed up and pushed harder against the meaty ball. "Annnggghhh, unnnggghhh, Ross cried out again, gasping loudly as his body attempted to withdraw from the attack.

"Boy, he definitely doesn't like that," Candy said with a big grin. She was more than enjoying her task. She took a deep breath and began again, this time using more pressure and force as she tried to push the ball upward through the ring. "I don't think that it's going to go through. It feels like it's about to pop in my hand. I never knew that they could feel this mushy or be reshaped like this," Candy said as she applied more pressure. Ross flinched and bucked, his hips jerking up and down as he tried to wiggle free from her hands. Ross gasped hard several times, his body jerking to get free.

"Don't worry, it'll go, you just have to work it through the opening. Remember, each ball is oval shaped, not round. You have to push it through lengthwise, not sideways. You've got plenty of room to work with there," Toni said, watching carefully. She knew that she had picked the right sized ring. The heavy pieces of male jewelry were ornamental and came in many sizes. They were used for looks, mainly to signify a sex slave. But they were also used to keep the organs bound up tightly and reduce the sensitivity in the slave's cock. Toni had put rings on males for a long time and she knew her sizes.

"I know that there's room for it to slip through, but there's so much ball and so little of a space," she said, struggling with the meaty orb. "Are you sure this will go on?" she asked curiously.

"I'm positive. Do you want me to do it?" Toni asked. She knew that it would go over his genitals; it just took practice to get all of him through the ring.

"No, I definitely want to do this. It's actually fun, if you can imagine fun in just putting a ring over some skin," Candy said, struggling, her arms and hands tiring from the exertion. She had no sooner spoken when she suddenly felt the ball pop through the opening into the excess skin on top of the ring. Ross gasped as the nerve riddled ball squeezed through the small opening. Immediately his body settled down, the pressure off of the one ball that was now situated on the other side of the ring, captive and now on display. Candy stepped back to admire her work. She shook her arms and hands, trying to get the blood flow back into her tired limbs.

"One down, one to go," Toni said laughing. "Do you want me to do the last one?" she asked seriously.

"No! I'm fine. I want to do this. There's so much to learn. I've never done this before and I'm just not use to this," Candy replied quickly. She didn't mention that she was thrilled at what she was doing to the male slave. She had seen more struggling in this one male than she had seen in any of the videos or pictures that had seen on the Internet. She wasn't about to stop now. Besides, pictures and video didn't do anything like actual hands on experience.

"Well, you'd better hurry. If you don't get the other ball in there, he's going to get erect and that will make it a lot harder to do. With all of the playing that you're doing with him, he's going to get aroused," Toni said, pointing to the obviously thicker cock.

"Can't we just masturbate him again?" Candy said, already thinking that she might get to do this male one more time.

"No, I think that he's put out enough sperm for awhile. We want to make sure that he has enough in him, for tonight. Remember, customers don't like a soft cock," Toni said with a laugh. "Go ahead and put a little more oil on that one ball and see if you can push it through. If you can't get it in, pretty quick, I'll have to do it," Toni added seriously.

"No problem, I've got it," Candy answered, almost desperately. She knew that this next step would be harder than getting the first ball into the ring. She also knew that Ross would definitely not like the next step and would probably struggle and resist like an animal. That aspect thrilled Candy. Candy immediately applied a small amount of oil to the ball that was pressed to the underneath side of the ring. Lubricating the skin covering that ball, she quickly got a firm grasp of it and pushed it upward, toward the already tight opening of the ring. Feeling resistance as the ball pushed against the huge ring, she pushed harder on it, trying to force it into the ring.

"Annnggghhh, Annnggghhh, Annnggghhh," Ross cried out, his hips thrashing around trying to get lose from Candy's grip. He was panting hard, but Candy knew that it was probably not from arousal. She squeezed a little harder on the fleshy bulb and pushed upward, forcing a little more of it into the ring. She held it tightly, slowly moving it from side to side, hoping that it would find its own spot to slip through the already filled opening. It wasn't going.

"He doesn't like that," Candy said laughing out loud. She could feel her own juices begin to flood her overly sensitive pussy. She continued to struggle with the ball, her grip on it obviously hard and tight. Since she had a tight grip on it, her fingers could feel as she moved the ball around, trying to find a larger space that it might slip through. Since his cock and his other ball had already taken up space in the ring, this last one would be the hardest. She bored down on it, pushing harder, up against the tight ring.

"Now you see why he probably won't be trying to take it off tonight. He'll wear it till he comes back here and security will take it off for him, if the customer doesn't take it off first," Toni explained.

"I think that it's about to go through," Candy said hopefully and almost breathlessly from all of the exertion that she was applying with her arms and hands.

"I don't think so. He's already pretty tight down there. I should probably go ahead and finish it. We definitely don't want you mashing it or damaging it," Toni said with a laugh. Toni stepped around Ross' feet, moving up toward Candy. Candy was obviously pushing harder, hoping that she could 'pop' the ball through the narrow opening that she couldn't even see. Ross was still gasping and crying out, his entire body jerking against his restraints.

"No, let go of him. Let me finish it. I've done this a lot," Toni said more firmly. Candy slowly let go of the ball that she was pushing on. It was obvious that there was at least some pain involved; Ross' sack was completely pliable, soft and mushy. His cock was still very thick, but had gone completely soft. Candy stepped back, the look of disappointment obvious on her face. She moved out from between Ross' spread legs. Toni quickly stepped in between his thighs, moving in close to his body. She took a small dab of oil and spread it all over the skin covering the one free ball. Using her fingertips, Toni felt all around the huge ball for a moment and then gently pushed it up against the bottom of the ring.

"Is there anything that I can do?" Candy asked pitifully. The tone in her voice was almost begging. She was having too much fun to stop now and didn't like the idea of just watching. She stepped back away from the exam table, her hands clasped helplessly in front of her. She looked as if she were about to start crying. "Anything?" she asked again.

"As a matter of fact, there is something that you can do. I also suspect that it might help us out, quite a bit. Why don't you distract him while I stuff his last nut through?" Toni said looking up at the dejected trainee. Candy's eyes beamed and opened wide. She immediately became excited. Her exuberance was instantaneous.

"Tell me what to do. I'm more than ready to help," Candy babbled, not sure of where to go or where to stand. She was almost hopping from one foot to the other, trying to figure out what to do. "What do I do? Just tell me," Candy asked enthusiastically.

"Kiss him. I'm sort of busy down here, so go ahead and take his blinders and mouth gag off. Then... kiss him. Make it good though. I figure that you might not have a lot of experience in kissing men so enjoy yourself," Toni said. Candy didn't waste any time. She immediately pulled Ross' blinders off and removed the mouth gag. Ross blinked as his eyes slowly became accustomed to the light. He worked his jaw up and down, now that his mouth was free to move without a gag.

"Hi Ross, do you remember me?" Candy whispered softly to the blinking slave. He immediately smiled as his eyesight became better. Candy was standing right next to his head and shoulders but stepped back in order for him to see her better. He couldn't miss the hardness of her nipples. He just smiled at her.

"I remember you very well. How could I forget you?" he said softly, smiling at her. "Are you the one that's been torturing me or the one that has been playing so nicely with me?" he asked her.

"Both," Toni interjected quickly. She's brand new, her first day and has done very well in learning what makes you hard and what makes you soft. Don't you think that she's done well?" Toni said smiling as she softly maneuvered the ball around the base of the ring. She was using her fingertips, softly trying to feel where the meaty testicle might slip through. Her fingertip manipulation was skilled and experienced. She'd done this so many times before that it felt like a deep massage to the slave. It was actually feeling very good on the abused ball.

"Ummm, she's done expertly if you ask me," Ross said softly, his eyes moving between Candy's face and her obviously erect nipples. "I hope that I wasn't a bother. Did I do ok for your first day? You ladies have been having a field day with my body," he added, softly laughing.

"No, you were fabulous," Candy answered dreamily. She looked like a lovelorn high school girl, her eyes almost glassy eyed as she watched Ross just look at her. All she could do was smile and look into his eyes.

"I think that I'm about ready down here," Toni said, hinting for Candy to start her distraction on Ross.

"I'm not one to argue or complain with you ladies, but what has all of this physical fun been for?" Ross said, finally looking right at Toni. He didn't want to call it torture or abuse. Even under the circumstances, Ross had learned during his first days, to be friendly and somewhat submissive. Most of the women that he had met at the facility had more than enough power to make his life miserable, or at the very least, torture his body for their own interests or gratification.

"I've already told you. You're being rented tonight. The customer has specifically asked that you be enhanced," she said with a soft laugh. Using the word 'enhanced' was a friendly way of saying that she was to aggressively modify his cock and balls. She would never admit that she enjoyed the 'modifications'. "I never get the customer's names on these work orders, but she must know you," Toni added, trying to explain to Ross.

"I haven't been here that long. I've only been out one time and that was for a disaster at Mistress Francesca's. That entire night was bad news," Ross tried to explain.

"Disaster? I haven't heard about that one. Must not have been too bad, since she wants you back, if she actually is the customer," Toni said as her fingertips continued to feel and maneuver the swollen ball into a more workable position.

"Believe me, it was a disaster for some of us. She had me fight one of her female slaves. I almost got my ass whipped," Ross said with a laugh.

"Well, that sounds like a story to me. But like I said, I don't know if it's her or not. It might be someone that has just heard about you. Either way, we're almost done here. I just have to get you into this pretty and shiny jewelry thing," she said laughing. She felt funny calling it jewelry, since it encompassed the slaves' entire genital region. But it was an attractive 'adornment' and it would definitely put the male's genitals on display for the customer.

"It already feels pretty tight down there. I can't see what you're doing, but I can tell that I'm swollen. Does it look as bad as it feels?" he asked seriously.

"No. You look fabulous," Candy quickly chimed in. She was still staring at his eyes as he talked to Toni. Toni just laughed. "That's the biggest dick that I've ever seen or played with," Candy added almost mumbling.

"He looks fabulous, as long as you like a large usable appendage on a male," Toni said laughing.

"Well, I like it. I think that it looks yummy," Candy said quickly. It was obvious to Toni that Candy was trying to defend her likes and dislikes. "As a matter of fact, could I ask you a big favor? I know this might be asking a lot, but if I don't ask, I'll kick myself tonight," Candy said sheepishly.

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