tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 60

The New Slave Ch. 60


Chapter 60, Kim Collects Another Specimen from Ross

Ross rolled over onto his side, his cock bobbing out in front of him as he moved around to obey Kim's orders. Still holding the taser gun, she quietly directed him, careful to make sure that they didn't wake up Terri.

"Roll over on your side and reach around the tree, one arm around each side. Lace your fingers together. Now lock your fingers together," she ordered as she carefully watched him obey her instructions. She was definitely in a hurry. She wanted to cum again while she could still feel the intense sensations of the previous orgasm. She also didn't want to have to work the male slave into another erection. To her, that would be an obvious waste of time. She could see that he was softening as he stretched his arms out and reached around the tree.

"I can't do it with my ankles tied like this," he whispered as she watched him. Rolled over, his outstretched and spread legs attempted to twist together since they were still held down by the spiral ground pegs.

"Sure you can, just do it. Stretch and reach around the tree. We'll take care of your legs in a minute," she whispered to him. The urgency was obvious in her voice. Ross hurried to obey her. His hands placed together around the tree, Kim moved to the other side of the tree and quickly cuffed his wrists back together while holding onto the taser gun. She checked the cuffs and found that he was locked tightly. She hurried over to her backpack and put the taser back in its holster and then took out a blanket.

"This will be more comfortable, for both of us," she said as she placed it on the ground. She quickly reached down and unscrewed one of the stakes that held Ross' ankle secured. He immediately pulled his leg up and stretched it from the locked position that it had been held in. She quickly did the same to the other leg, freeing his lower body to move from the awkward position that he had been handcuffed in.

"Get on your knees," she whispered as she grabbed the blanket. Rolling over, Ross struggled to his knees, his muscles exhausted from the long hours of being tied down on the ground. With Ross on his knees, she spread out the blanket under him. He was now in a kneeling position with his arms restrained around the tree. He moved one leg out farther so that she could get the blanket spread and then shifted his weight, stretching the other leg out even further away from.

"That's a nice position. Just hold that position," she whispered to him as she watched his half hard cock flopping around under him. She knelt behind him and quickly reached between his thighs feeling for the semi elongated floppy meat. Feeling it, she squeezed the base and shook it from side to side for several moments, feeling him start to swell in her hand. Sufficient for her purposes, she let go and quickly began to crawl up under him on her hands and knees. Ross rose up the best that he could and let her snuggle into a position directly beneath him. With Ross being quite a bit taller than Kim, she easily moved under his body, her back snug up against his chest. She glanced over at Terri one time to make sure that she was still asleep.

Resting on her hands and knees under Ross, she positioned herself where all he had to do was ease his hips forward and he would be in her. She would adjust it as they went, in order to get the full deep penetration that she was wanting. Her pussy flushed with a surge of warm blood, just feeling the thick male meat hanging down against her butt. This was something that she had never done before and knew that it would create the deepest penetration for her. She smiled to herself thinking of all of the pictures that she had seen on her computer, about this position. Other women had called this 'doggy style' and told her that it was a position was for really deep penetration and intense orgasms. She laughed to herself, thinking about the phrase 'doggy style'.

"Have you ever done a bitch in heat?" she asked as she savored the moment, feeling his hardness pressed against the crack of her butt and pussy. She giggled as the said the unfamiliar phrase. Ross didn't know what to say.

"I don't know if this will work," Ross whispered to her. She was somewhat hunch backed as she tried to get fully under the restrained slave. With his arms handcuffed around the tree, he was pulling back; just to give her enough room to get under him.

"It'll work. Just hold on," she said as she eased her butt down lower. She dropped her shoulders and face down close to the ground pushing her butt upward toward him. She spread her knees out farther and moved her feet outward even further, allowing her upper body to drop even lower beneath him as her hips and butt rose higher. Immediately he felt her butt press against him and he did what was natural, he gently pushed forward, feeling his cock head come up against her pussy. She moaned just feeling him poised at her entrance.

"There," was all he heard as she pushed back against him, his cock head popping into her wet opening with some resistance. She shuddered as she felt him begin to push deeper into her swollen tenderness. To her it felt like he went in deeper and deeper and deeper until she felt his pelvis pressed up against her butt. She gasped as she felt his fully embedded cock twitching in her sopping pussy. She could immediately feel herself begin to spasm as he slowly began to withdraw the swollen organ from her. In what seemed like several minutes to her, he withdrew his cock till the head was wedged just inside of her entrance. He immediately began the slow push back into her as she crouched farther down, her butt rising up to meet his thrust.

"Oh gahhhhh," she groaned as she felt him hit the deepest point in her vaginal canal. He held it there for several moments, the head flexing as he began to slowly pull it out of her. She could feel the orgasm welling up inside her, deep at first and then beginning to spread out through her lower belly and into her thighs. As Ross felt her pussy beginning to tighten around his organ, he dropped his hips slightly, forcing the angle of his cock to rub harder against her overly sensitive and swollen clit. She jerked as she felt the new sensations begin to blast through her.

"Hold still, let me finish you," Ross gasped, holding back his own orgasm that would soon be coming. He thrust into her faster, feeling her pussy suddenly tighten around him. As he pulled outward from her, he felt as if he was pulling her pussy inside out; she was clamped down on him so tightly. He jerked; pumping back into her harder and jerking it back out just as fast, allowing only the head to remain inside. She was cumming hard, his hips pistoning as he thrust hard in and out of Kim. Her body jerked hard as she felt the full impact of her orgasm, another orgasm immediately beginning on top of the first. Ross could feel her shuddering inside, spasm over and over as he continued to pump in and out of her. She panted and groaned as she felt another orgasm instantly begin deep inside of her, this one gaining in intensity. Her butt and hips squirmed as she jerked back hard against him, plunging him even deeper into her fleshy recesses. Her hands were clenching and unclenching as she felt several of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced.

"Just stay right there," Ross panted as he tried to bring himself to his own finale. As quick as it had started, it quickly finished. Ross was pumping into her hard as she suddenly withered and slumped down below his thrusting. His cock immediately popped out of her, bobbing up and down as it searched for the warm hole that it had been enjoying. She slumped down onto the blanket, Ross' cock brushing against the top of her butt as he missed the gooey swollen target. He desperately tried to look down, to see which way she was laying. Using his cock, he poked outward with it, trying to find the warm moist area that was only inches away. Kim lay slumped under him, breathing hard and panting as her orgasm slowly subsided.

"Raise up, raise your butt up," Ross panted desperately, his cock bouncing up and down as he thrust into the air all around her hips and butt. His cock head was flared and excited, the veins bulging from the 'almost release' that had stopped. Kim remained flat on the ground, her breathing still erratic, and her pussy still in small spasms as it quivered to a final exhausted stop. Ross was reduced to humping her hip, all that his cock could find to serve as a point of friction for the overly excited organ. He was pumping hard, his cock slipping off and on her hip bone. It was better than fucking air.

"You are a little fuck animal, aren't you," Kim moaned between pants. Lying flat on the blanket beneath him, she reached above and behind her, found his cock and began to rub it. Ross was thrusting hard enough that within moments, Kim didn't have to rub it; she just held his cock tightly as he pumped it in and out of her tight grasp. Just hearing him, she knew that he was getting close to cumming. She enjoyed watching almost as much as doing.

"Oh no you don't, I won't let you, not yet," she whispered as she suddenly let go of him. He groaned as she quickly rolled over and moved out from under him, crawling back behind him. She quickly moved up behind his butt and reached down between his outstretched thighs. She placed her knees behind and in between his knees and pushed outward hard, forcing him to open his sexual stance. It only took a second to find the rigid meat between his thighs. She pressed her pelvis against his butt, pushing him forward as her one hand began to jerk his cock violently. Her other hand found the trapped balls and started to squeeze them. Being too big for her small hand, she easily trapped one ball and pushed her fingers into the tightened sack, grasping the bruised ball tightly.

"Do you want to blow your nuts for me? Come on baby. Blow your nuts. Give me your nut milk," she whispered seductively as her fingers tortured the trapped ball, squeezing it hard and pulling down on it. Her other hand jerked frantically, milking the swollen organ hard and fast. She could feel that he was about to cum. She pressed up against him harder, literally pushing him into the tree that he was handcuffed to. It only took a second or two before his back bowed up hard, frozen in an arch as his butt dropped down low, almost as if trying to feed his cock to her hand. She jerked him hard, the spasms in his cock hard and distinct as the first gushes shot from him into the rubber. The head was swollen enough that she couldn't rub the foreskin over his cock head; it had flared so wide. She continued to jerk it hard with short tight strokes to his shaft.

"There you go baby, keep pumping. Come on, empty those milk bags into the rubber for me," she whispered as she felt his cock continue to shudder and spew out the warm thick cream. She jerked for what seemed like minutes, till her hand and arm began to tire. Because he had been so good to her, she continued to milk him, slowing down and becoming gentler with his cock as she finished him. He never made a sound during the entire time. She continued rubbing him till his hips suddenly dropped down, his head and shoulders dropping to the blanket. His butt was still up in the air, her body pressed against him as she very gently squeezed the shaft, forcing the last globs out of the softening cock.

"Ahh, this brings back good memories of when I was a little girl. My grandmother use to let me milk her cows," Kim said quietly laughing. "I definitely don't remember it being this much fun," she said as she finished squeezing his soft cock and then holding it in her palm as she moved back away from him. Leaning down and peering between his thighs, she reached up and grasped the end of the rubber at the base of his cock. She gently slid the warm bloated bag from him and moved back away from him. Sitting down on her butt, she held the used condom up to the light and took a long look at it. It was warm, heavy and filled with the thick whitish contents. She jabbed at it with her finger, watching the creamy mess swirl around inside.

"I've always enjoyed doing the captured males by hand, but I have to say that I think you might have broken a record here," she said as she gently squeezed the bottom of the rubber, forcing the gooey cream to move up and down inside the rubber. "It's not as potent as your last batch, but there are still a lot of white stringy looking globs in there," she said as she sat and played with her liquid filled toy. After several minutes of playing with it, she stretched the rubber out, careful not to spill any, and then tied the opening into a knot, sealing the contents inside. She tossed it playfully into the air several times checking its weight.

"You did well. You didn't make a sound," she said as she glanced back over toward Terri. Terri's slow deep breathing was obvious as to her asleep. "What she doesn't know won't hurt her," Kim said with a grin. Ross had slumped down onto his stomach, his legs sprawled open, his cock flattened out underneath him. His deep breathing and soft moans confirmed to Kim that he had enjoyed her manual techniques on him. She carefully laid the used rubber at the foot of the blanket and then moved up toward Ross' head. She found the mouth gag and slipped it back into his mouth. He wasn't resisting her. She then slowly crawled over to her sleeping bag and put the freshly collected slave sperm into her pack. She leaned back against her pack and watched Ross as she quickly drifted off to sleep. It was only moments before she and Ross were both sleeping soundly.

The sun wasn't even up yet, the early morning light just beginning to peak across the tops of the trees and canyon walls. Terri rolled over and sat up, stretching like a cat. She yawned and looked around sleepily. It was light enough that she could see that everyone was still where each of them was suppose to be. Ross was there, Kim was there and all was quiet. She sat there for a moment, slowly waking up. She felt refreshed and ready for the day. She drew her legs up together and immediately felt a slight twinge of discomfort between her legs. She sat still for a moment, reaching down into her panties to feel the puffy lips. She smiled as she remembered why she was sore. She laughed as she thought to herself that it was a much-needed soreness. She didn't mind the discomfort at all.

"Kim, are you awake?" she asked softly. Kim didn't move. Terri had seen Kim sleep late and normally had to be woken up. She couldn't understand how Kim could go to sleep at the same time as her and always be so tired or sleep so late. It was as if she was up and busy all night, but Terri knew better than that. Kim just liked her sleep. She sat and watched her for a moment. She was definitely in a deep sleep. She also was surprised to see that Kim was lying on top of her sleeping bag, completely nude. Her tank top was lying on the sleeping bag. What caught her attention was the fact that Kim's thong was all crumpled up and laying in the dirt, half way between her and Ross. That was odd, she thought to herself.

"What the hell?" Terri said out loud as she suddenly noticed that Ross was lying on a blanket, on his stomach. She had to clear her head momentarily to remember that Ross had been handcuffed, sitting up, and his arms behind him, around a tree. Now he was lying on his stomach, his arms wrapped around the tree. She stood up and went straight to Ross' feet where she stood staring at his sleeping form. She could see that he was still handcuffed but he was on a blanket and on his stomach. He was sound asleep but his legs were spread, one leg kicked out to the side. Terri had a good view of his balls and noticed that they were dark red, very swollen looking.

She turned back to the sleeping Kim. Walking over closer, Terri looked down, watching Kim as she slept. Kim was nude, lying on her back; one leg bent at the knee and kicked out to her side. Spread open as she was, Terri bent down and looked closely at Kim's pubic area. Her pussy was raw and swollen, the lips furled outward as if in a state of sexual arousal. There was what appeared to be lot of fluid or moisture around her swollen entrance. Terri just laughed as she envisioned Kim dreaming about male slaves, or cocks, or whatever it was that turned her on. Even in sleep she was dreaming about sex. She glanced back at Ross, the thong on the ground and the sleeping Kim. She just shook her head.

"Kim, wake up," she said gently as she tapped Kim's bare foot. "Come on, wake up. We need to get moving," Terri said as she tapped Kim's bare foot again. Kim stirred and slowly sat up looking around. She rubbed her eyes for a moment and then looked over at Ross, suddenly remembering what she had been doing, and just a few hours before. It was obvious to her that Terri had already seen Ross.

"What time is it?" Kim asked bleary eyed. She sat cross-legged, her vaginal area completely exposed to Terri who was standing at her feet. Kim hadn't noticed that Terri was looking between her legs.

"It's just after 7am. Come on, we need to get everything packed up and moving. Today is payday," she said as she watched Kim. She was really curious about Ross being moved. "You might want to get that looked at. You're really swollen down there," Terri said nodding her head toward Kim's crotch.

"Oh, it's nothing. I just got a little carried away yesterday. I'm just not accustomed to that much," Kim said groggily as she closed her legs together. She could feel all of the wetness that was inside of her. It wouldn't take much for it to start leaking out. She quickly rolled over and began looking through her pack.

"Tell me, if you don't mind. How did the slave end up with a blanket?" Terri said firmly as she stood watching Kim.

"Oh, I felt sorry for him. I woke up and saw that he wasn't sleeping. He was really uncomfortable. Don't worry. I took precautions. I got him handcuffed without any problems. He wasn't any problem at all. I got him all taken care of," Kim said with a soft smile.

"Oh, that's right. I forgot. He's your new pet," Terri said as she turned and walked off, shaking her head. She went over to the camp stove and began making coffee.

"Yea, that's right. He's my new pet. Do you think that he's potty trained?" Kim said with a laugh.

"What?" Terri said laughing as she turned around. Kim was standing up, totally nude, her nipples fully erect as she watched the sleeping male. "Potty trained?" she repeated.

"Yea. Pets need to be potty trained. You have to get them to where they'll go on a newspaper or outside. Do you think that he'd go on a newspaper or outside?" Kim asked innocently.

"What the hell are you talking about? We don't have any newspapers and we are outside!" Terri said, thinking that Kim had finally lost her mind.

"Yea, I know. That's what I'm talking about," Kim said with a strange smile. She turned and faced Terri with a grin. "I want to see if he's trained well enough to go outside. You want to make sure that he goes where you want him to go," Kim said grinning.

"You are so weird," Terri said with a laugh. She suddenly understood what Kim was saying. Kim was waking up first thing in the morning and she was already horny. Kim wanted to play with the male slave. "Hell, I don't care. Play with him all you want, but make it quick. We have to get going soon," Terri said.

"I just want a few minutes with him. That's all I need. I don't want him in me. I'm too sore for that. I guess that maybe I overdid it yesterday. I just want to see him cum again," Kim said with a glazed look in her eyes.

"I'm sure he won't mind. Go ahead, bust his balls," Terri said as she continued making the coffee. Terri was one of those types that had sex one time and was good for months. She had no sexual arousal in her. She had taken care of that, the day before. It wasn't a surprise to Terri; she'd seen Kim jack off male slaves just for fun or to see how fast they could cum by her hand. "We both pretty well wore out his cock yesterday, so don't waste all day trying to make him cum. If he doesn't get hard, then forget it," Terri said. She was serious. She didn't care if Kim played all day with a male, but based on both of them using him the day before, she was doubtful that Kim would have much fun with him. Besides that, today was payday and she wanted to get rid of the slave and collect the reward money.

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