tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Next Stage of Development Ch. 03

The Next Stage of Development Ch. 03


Flying back to Vegas, I had some more time to think. I took the opportunity to fuck two of the girls on board and to eat, but my mind was elsewhere. My mind was still trying to digest what the brotherhood told me and what I was. I knew the Torbinas changed my DNA so as to help humans evolve, but I didn't realize how far it went, how virile I was, how long I would live, or how smart I would become.

Once I landed, a limo was waiting for me. I called the girls and asked them to meet me outside the hotel. Our limo pulled up and they climbed in and they looked so happy to see me.

"OH ALEXANDER!" Danya said as she climbed over and hugged me. "I missed you so much! I have really needed you." She punctuated her last comment as she stroked my cock through my pants.

"OH HONEY!" Sarah said as she climbed around on the other side. She didn't waste time and even before the car door shut, she started opening my pants and pulling out my cock. The girls started sucking me as my precum flowed freely from the tip.

"OH I HAVE MISSED THIS! IT TASTES SO GOOD!" Sarah said as she swallowed a mouthful.

I had told the driver where our new home was and he started us on our way. Danya climbed on top of me and lifted her skirt allowing me to sink my member inside her soaking wet pussy. She took a hold of my shoulders and bounced repeatedly and she felt wonderful. It only took a minute before I started cumming inside her and filling her pussy with a load of my warm cum.

"OOH...there it is...I love your cum inside me" she said as she kissed me.

Danya climbed off and Sarah was immediately ready to take her place. She faced away and backed up into me lowering her ass down onto my surging cock. I was hungry for more and I grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard as she gasped.


I bounced her hips up and down on me and rammed my cock hard inside her pregnant body. Without my control, Sarah started to have an orgasm right on me and she sprayed all over the limo's floor as she bit her lip and shuddered. I plunged back in and was ready to cum again. My balls tightened and I exploded inside of her feeling my warm cum envelop my cock and dribble down the sides.

Sarah pulled herself off and caught any of my cum drooling from her pussy. She made sure to lick things clean getting every drop. They adjusted their skirts and sat next to me as the limo drove us. After only a few more minutes, we arrived and through the windows, I saw a huge iron gate open and we drove down a long drive way to an enormous mansion. It wasn't as big as the one in Colorado, but there was nothing wrong with this at all.

We climbed out of the limo and the girls were so excited they ran inside. An older man with short gray hair wore a three-piece suit and approached me as we exited the limo.

"Hello Master Alexander, my name is Gerald. I am the head butler for the home. We are happy to see you home."

I invaded his mind and found he didn't know what I was exactly but he did know who I was. He has worked for the Brotherhood for years and manages this particular house for any of the brotherhood who need it. He was completely loyal to the group and worked tirelessly to get us what we wanted. All he knew is that we were a wealthy group of individuals and he didn't ask many questions.

"Thank you Gerald. I'm happy to meet you. Would you mind showing us around?"

"Of course sir...my pleasure" He said with a smile and a wave into the home.

Gerald walked us through the 11,000 square feet of living space. We had 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a huge kitchen and dining area. There was a game room and theater in the basement and a great swimming pool in back. We finished the tour with the four-car garage where I saw a bright red Ferrari convertible, a silver Mercedes, and a black SUV.

The house also came with a full staff. Gerald was the Head Butler and the staff's supervisor. He introduced us to two full time Chefs, two more butlers, five housekeepers, a maintenance man, and two chauffeurs. Separate from the house staff, there was also a security team. There were at least five security guards on duty at all times along with cameras and other security measures to make sure we never had any intruders. I wasn't sure why we needed so much because nobody could really sneak up on me. Even if someone did break in, I could just control them and make them go away, but I was content to let things be as they were for now.

Everything was exquisite. The girls were more than delighted with our new living arrangements. While I too was thrilled, my mind was still stuck on meeting the brotherhood and everything that had happened. My mind was a whirlwind as I tried to take it all in and come to grips with it. We took a few days to settle in, and then I took some time alone in my office to study the information Makaann gave me.

I opened the laptop and found it had a fingerprint scanner and the camera was actually a retina scanner. It certainly wasn't something off the shelf. It powered up and it was prebuilt to help me log in and walk me through the history of the Mutare.

It would seem the Mutare have been able to amass power and resources through some mind control, but mostly it was through a long history of being in the right places at the right times. We amassed huge tracks of land through history along with an enormous art and antique collection mostly through the fact that we have lived through history. We became partners to the right deals and built our collective fortune into what it is today.

While there is a communal wealth we all share, each member of the brotherhood also has his own wealth and business. Each own several businesses and all of our business dealings are well documented so we don't step on each other's toes.

I then turned my attention to learn more about what we call agents. Agents are people in the right positions to help our group with whatever they can do. Any of us can make an Agent. It starts with a mental suggestion and these people will do things for us without even realizing what they are doing. The computer has a link to a database of every agent working for our group. We have agents in every government agency, in every other Country's government, and in every Fortune 1000 company.

We use our power and money to support our lifestyle, but we also use it to help the women we impregnate, and ultimately to fulfill our mission which is to spread our seed and to help humanity grow. I found that the brotherhood has a team devoted to tracking the women we impregnate and we follow our offspring.

I was shocked when I saw how large the database was but it did make sense. There are currently 12 Mutare alive today but there have been many more. I came to realize that I am actually the 145th Mutare in our tracked history. There was a detailed chronology of our brotherhood dating back to 6215 BC, which was more than 8,000 years of history. There was an entry on every member of the brotherhood including those who were still alive.

I then found that through our business ventures, we are on the forefront of DNA analysis which wasn't surprising. We have links into the Human Genome project and through our private laboratories, we are working to decode human DNA. We have some information as to what was changed in us by the Torbinas, but we don't yet fully realize what all the changes actually do. We have found there have been cures to diseases and adaptations to climate that are directly traceable to someone in our group. Hundreds of small and dozens of major evolutionary changes are linked to the work the Mutare has done over the last several centuries and millennia.

Just then, I looked up and saw Danya standing in the doorway dressed in a gorgeous blue dress looking amazing.

"Alexander, you promised you would take us out tonight. You aren't even dressed!" she said as she teased her hair around her finger.

"Oh yes...I didn't forget I just lost track of time. But you do look gorgeous." I told her as I kissed her.

"Well you are just...I don't know...just..."

"Hold that thought." And I ran upstairs to shower and change so that we can go out on the town.

I came back down to see my two beautiful women waiting for me. Gerald opened the door and the SUV was waiting outside. We had reservations for dinner and a couple of show tickets. It had also been a few hours since I had last had sex and I was starting to feel some urges build inside.

We climbed into the SUV and Sarah knew to take care of business. She wore a slinky black dress that clung to her body. Most pregnant women wouldn't dream of wearing such a little thing but on Sarah, it looked amazing.

I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh as we rode down the road. Dipping a finger inside and I found that she was probably soaking the seat she was so wet. She unfastened my pants and my cock sprang out to attention. She didn't say a word but just kissed me on the neck and climbed on top slipping me inside.

She let out a soft moan and arched her back as her pussy stretched to accommodate my cock. I held onto her hips as she rocked on top of me. I was so hot and my balls were boiling that it only took me a minute to start cumming. My orgasm hit me and my load was larger and felt warmer than normal. When it hit Sarah, she jerked and wrapped her arms just under her pregnant belly.

"Oooh....that is so warm inside me. It feels so good...I love you so much Alexander."

She climbed off my cock and I saw a glob of cum clutching to her labia. She reached down and wiped it up licking it off her fingers before giving Danya a taste. I managed to pull my pants back up just before we arrived at the restaurant.

The food was great and we were finishing dinner when I saw a young girl walk into the restaurant. She was striking and was wearing a blue stripped dress and long boots. She had long blonde hair and was in a group with three other girls.

Looking into her mind, I found she was in Vegas for a bachelorette party. They were from Texas and had all been friends for years and one of the other girls was the first to get married. She was 19 along with another one and the other two were 20.

I controlled her mind and I started to suggest thoughts of arousal. She never let on to the other girls, but she was getting incredibly horny and very wet as they ate. I watched her secretly rub her legs together as she did everything she could to control herself.

Over the next 10 minutes, I slowly built up her arousal more and more. I could see her face becoming flushed and she looked my direction and we locked our gaze. That was when I released a very small orgasm inside of her. She closed her eyes, gasped, and held her breath as it rolled through her. It wasn't mind shattering or anything. Rather small, but it was enough to make her panties soaking wet. Her mind yearned for a good fucking.

She stood up and excused herself from the table and walked to the women's room. While remaining seated at the table, I made all the women in the restroom leave just as she walked in and she found herself alone. Her body was raging with arousal and she desperately needed to get off. She walked into a stall, lifted her skirt, dropped her soaking wet panties and started fingering her pussy. I piqued her arousal but I prevented her from reaching another orgasm regardless of how frantically she fingered herself.

I stood up and excused myself from the table. Danya and Sarah just smiled as I walked away knowing what I was about to do. I walked towards the restrooms and without hesitation, walked into the ladies room hearing moaning and frantic slurping sounds. She didn't even hear me come in.

I walked up to her stall and she had her dress up to her waist and one leg on the toilet as she worked her fingers into a frenzy between her legs. She wasn't surprised to see me at all as she turned and looked at me with a look of deep wanton desire. I unfastened my pants and let my cock jump out.

"Oh God...Yes...I need...Please..." she said as she panted.

I sensed her initial instinct to use a condom but she quickly dismissed it and started wanting my sperm inside of her. She just wanted to fuck. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me. She pulled my cock up and immediately impaled herself on it as my full length sank deep inside.


I pressed her against the outside of the stalls and started ramming in and out of her. She reached behind her and held onto the wall as best she could and just started enjoying the rapture building inside. I controlled her body once again and started releasing orgasms in rapid succession building on each other with each of my thrusts. She pulled the top of her dress down and pulled my face down into her breasts as I slammed in and out of her pussy.

"OH MY GOD! I'M...I'm...cummmm...cumming!"

She wrapped her arms around me and buried her face into my neck. Her orgasms soon built to beyond anything she had felt before and I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock with each one. My balls tightened and I spewed my load deep inside of her body. Her body continued to shake as her orgasms settled and she finally opened her beautiful blue eyes.


She slowly unlatched her legs and I set her down. Her legs were weak and she collapsed to the floor. Her face and chest were flushed red and she was clearly light headed as I watched her eyes roll around.

"I've never felt a man cum inside me before. That was amazing."

She then leaned and took my cock in her mouth licking me clean. She asked, "Can I have some more? I love the taste of your semen."

She pulled my cock into her mouth and swallowed my entire shaft. Her mind told me that she really did like to suck cock and while she never had a guy come in her pussy before, she did love to swallow cum. She sucked on the tip hard as she slowly pulled me back out and stroked my pole. She found my cum tasted wonderful.

My cock responded by growing hard once again and she started forcefully working my shaft and sucking on the tip. Her other hand slid down and rubbed her clit as she continued to suck and slurp. After a few minutes, I felt my next load coming so I held her head and she deep throated me again as I started pumping my hot semen directly down her throat.

Her eyes bulged open and she pulled me out while I continued to cum. She sucked and I watched her swallow each thick pump. I found new control of my body and I found a way to continue ejaculating longer with more cum than usual. I could make it almost as fast as I could ejaculate it. Pump after pump continued for more than a full minute which I didn't mind because it also sustained my orgasm and felt amazing. She also didn't mind and she just held my cock and sucked it like a baby sucking on a bottle.

I finally finished and she just stared at me after she cleaned me up. I knew she was pregnant and I had a change in how I felt about these situations. I felt she was lucky. She was fortunate to have sex with me and to be chosen to have one of my children.

I took her by the hand helping her up. She lunged forward, taking me by the back of the head kissing me deeply and passionately. I tasted remainders of my cum in her mouth and I ran my hands down her back grabbing her bare ass. I then commanded her to give me her panties and return to her group acting as if nothing happened. Later, after she gets home, she will only remember she had mind-blowing sex with a stranger after drinking too much and she will never regret it.

She turned and walked out of the bathroom with a little extra swing of her hips. She felt really good. I turned and washed up before leaving and rejoining the girls at the table. I was hungry again and ended up ordering another plate of food before we left for the show.

Once we arrived at the venue, I found several beautiful young fertile women walking around. Some were with dates and some were in groups. My cock stirred and I started picking out the girls I wanted to fuck before leaving that night.

One other thing surprised me. I usually had trouble in reading minds and controlling thoughts when there were so many people around. Danya and Sarah seemed more responsive and I could control them regardless of how many were around. However, whenever I was in a big crowd of hundreds, thoughts blended together and I had to really focus to control even a few people.

I found about a dozen girls or so that I started to play around with as much as I could. They were all gorgeous and only three of them were escorts. The other nine were there on a date or with a group. Five girls were there for a Girls-only Vegas trip, two were there with each other, and the other two were on dates with their boyfriends. The youngest was 19 and the oldest of them was 28. They were scattered through the theater and I had some challenge in keeping tabs on them, but managed to manipulate their thoughts and bodies in some ways.

I started with building their arousals. They all were getting wet and they were starting to have sexual thoughts as they watched the show and looked at other people. They had different experience levels. While none of them were virgins, one had only had sex with one other person while the escorts had sex daily and even just a few hours ago.

After about 20 minutes, I had them all worked up pretty well. Their panties were soaking wet and they were doing everything they could to not stick their hands up their skirts right there. Then, one by one, I allowed them to have several very small orgasms. They did everything they could to hold it in and remain silent but some couldn't' help themselves. Throughout the show, we heard small moans, gasps, or even yelps as their bodies took them on a spontaneous orgasmic ride they had never experienced.

Finally, as the show concluded, we stood and I saw all 12 girls quickly excuse themselves and scurry out the door leaving their dates behind. I mentally followed them as they either ran to the restroom or to their cars. Once in the restroom, they darted into a stall and tried to take care of things. Some ripped their panties off and others just pulled them to the side. In minutes, the restroom filled with the smell of pussy and moans of pleasure.

I turned to Danya and Sarah, "Girls, I'm going to go out for a while. Why don't you two head back to the house?"

They smiled at me and agreed and the driver took them home. I walked out into the lobby where I instructed my new girls to meet me. They abandoned their dates and met me with a kiss as if we had all known each other for years. I had instructed them to all take off their bras and panties and get rid of them. They all immediately hiked up their skirts and shimmied out of their panties leaving them on the floor. A few had to remove their pants but also complied. They also reached up their shirts and took off their bras leaving them on the ground next to their panties.

We were all going to go to a club. We left the venue and walked out onto the strip into the night air. The girls all clung to me and competed to be as close to me as they could. I could hear all their thoughts as they all wanted to have sex with me and each of them wanted to get rid of the other girls.

After a short walk, we made our way into another resort and walked up to a club. There was a typical long line of people waiting to get in and with a single thought, we didn't have to wait. The guard just opened the ropes letting us walk in without a single word or checking of IDs.

Once inside, I had the manager show us to a VIP area where we all sat down and ordered drinks. The club was getting full so I found some challenges in maintaining control, but if I kept them close, I had more control. The girls sat around me and they started to enjoy the party. Some got up to go dancing while a few others hung back and started with drinks.

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