tagMind ControlThe Nutty Chocolatier

The Nutty Chocolatier


Authors Note: This is a tribute to Roald Dahl, whose prose ignited my interest in storytelling as a young child.


Danny woke up late, having hit the snooze button far too my times. He hated Valentines Day. He was a reasonably good looking guy and unattached. This should be a glorious day for him, however last years Valentines Day still haunted him. He had been dating a beautiful girl named Veronica for a couple of months. She was smoking hot, great in bed and they seemed to really be getting along well. He'd caught this bitch screwing the guy who served coffee at the local Starbuck's. They were fucking on his bed just hours before he and Veronica were to go out on a Valentine's Day dinner date. 'What the hell?? was all he could manage before she lit into him with a tirade about how terrible a lover he was, and she was only staying with him because he bought her stuff.

He was stunned. His whole world came crashing down. 'Get out!' was all that he could manage. The worst was that he had prepaid a considerable sum for dinner; that was the only way to get a table at that particular trendy restaurant. He was forced to sit alone, watching the other couples smiling, staring lovingly at one another, holding hands and generally engaged in the foreplay of romance. Occasionally someone would snicker and point at him, the lonely guy who was stood up on Valentines Day. To this day he can't even think about roast duck without the taste of bile coming to his lips.

Danny had neither prospects for intimacy nor any illusions that today would be anything but a disaster. He was planning on attending a singles party tonight just because it was better than watching reality shows or romantic comedies on TV. He was hoping he could get drunk enough at the party to pass out and forget the whole day.

Danny did have one thing to look forward to. He loved chocolate. Actually he had an unhealthy obsession for chocolate; a chocolate snob even. He detested candy bars. He could tell just by taste, what the percentage of cocoa was and often where it was made. A chocolate sommelier someone had once called him. Mr. Oswald owned a chocolate shop called The Nutty Chocolatier and always went out of his way on Valentines Day to make the most delectable treats imaginable. He and Mr. Oswald had become friends just from their love of fine chocolate even though Mr. Oswald was 50 years his senior. And then there was Liesl, Mr. Oswald's niece. She was Danny's age, pretty, and they had developed a rapport since she came to work here from Austria a few years ago. She was so shy always covering her mouth; her eyes cast to the ground when she saw him. It was these thoughts that got Danny out of bed. He dressed quickly and passed in front of a mirror. He hadn't felt like shaving which gave him a rugged sort of look. Maybe Liesl will notice.

Danny walked the short distance to his favorite purveyor, and tried not to scowl at the couple holding hands. He absentmindedly pulled the door handle to find it locked. He noticed a large white sign in the shop with black, hand written letters that said 'Out of Business'. It couldn't be! He pulled the door handle harder, shaking it in disappointment and slumped. How could this day get any worse? He peered in the window slightly desperate and saw only the lights from the display cases filled with row upon row of the most mouth watering pieces of heaven, which he would not be allowed to taste. He saw movement inside and waved frantically trying to attract the person's attention.

It was Liesl. Something was wrong. She was flushed and had been crying. She saw him and came to the door, unlocking it, and invited him in before locking the door behind him.

"Liesl, what's wrong?" Her golden hair was braided in down the sides and touching her shoulders. She was wearing a white blouse buttoned nearly to the neck and black pencil skirt that went below the knee. She always looked professional; never once acknowledging her sexuality.

"It's my Uncle Oswald, he died last night." Liesl said through a fresh wave of tears.

Danny wrapped his arms around her in a comforting hug. "What happened? I know that he was getting on, but he seemed in excellent health when I saw him last week."

Liesl, unburied her face from his shoulder and blushed looking somewhat embarrassed. She broke their embrace and turned to hide her face. "He was with women last night. He'd been joking for months that for his 80th birthday that he would bed a brunette, blond and redhead all at the same time. I had gone to my bedroom early, tired from the day's work. I was reading in my bed when I heard peals of laughter and giggling coming from his room. I ignored it; he has given many women pleasures in the past, and I was used to their sounds, but they were being very ...what is the English word? ...Enthusiastic. Yes that's it. I thought nothing of it, finishing several chapters in my book when I heard a knock at the door. A young woman entered who was about my age with flaming red hair. She had wild eyes that looked stricken. I called for an ambulance right away but his heart had already stopped, and there was nothing that they could do for him."

Liesl was obviously distressed and he tried to comfort her as best as he could, recapturing her in a reassuring hug. Danny was saddened by the loss of his friend, though the old coot dying in the throes of passion with three women was priceless. Mr. Oswald would often greet Danny with his mischievous smile saying 'Today is a good day for a romp, right Danny?' Danny tried to control his mirth as best as he could. Liesl's hair smelled of wildflowers. "Liesl, what will you do?" "I don't know. I fear I will have to sell the store and move back home, giving up my friends, and the life I have here." She looked up at him, pleading at him with her eyes. She was so innocent, so vulnerable, and Danny hated himself for wondering what style of undergarments she was wearing at the moment.

"Liesl, don't say that, I'm sure we can think of something. What was the last thing your uncle said to you?" He was trying to distract her and himself. All his mind could ponder was cotton, or possibly something with lace?

"It was about you, actually, he said that he'd made a couple of very special chocolates for you and if he wasn't in the shop when you came by, I was to make sure that I gave them to you."

Danny was surprised. He was usually happy to pick from the display cases which was always an agonizing decision, but that Mr. Oswald would make him something special touched Danny deeply. Liesl led him to the back room. Danny had never been in the back and was faced with the strangest assortment of equipment. It looked like a cross between a chemistry lab, a factory and a bakery. There were tubes of glass, filled with all sorts of colors, bubbling beakers, a coffee roaster, several ovens, grinders, and other contraptions that defied description. There were bins of ingredients neatly stacked against the back wall. Although there was a sense of haphazardness about the room, everything was meticulously clean. Liesl directed him to the side table amused at his shock.

"Liesl, can you operate all of this equipment." "Yes, it's not difficult once you know how, although my uncle was the one who always experimenting with new techniques and flavors. This box is for you." Liesl was just as interested as he was in the little box, and she leaned in to look over his shoulder. Again the Danny got a waft of wildflowers and she stood closely next to him. Danny looked at the little box that seemed to shimmer with a rainbow of colors. There was a card attached. He tore open the letter and read the card.

Danny, I couldn't help but notice how unhappy you've been over the last few months. I made these two chocolates especially for you to cheer you up. Share one with a special friend. Your friend, Cornelius. He looked at Liesl and smiled, "He says in the note that I'm supposed to share one of these with a special friend and I couldn't think of anyone else who needs cheering up more than you do right now." He was pouring it on thick, but had nothing to lose.

Liesl smiled back, "Thank you Danny, I'd like that." They each picked up the tiny chocolate morsel and toasted them like champagne glasses, before each swallowing them whole. Danny had never tasted such heavenly bliss. It seemed to touch each part of his tongue differently with flavors of every type of berry, peanut butter, hazelnuts and all sort of things that he couldn't recognize. It seemed to dance in his mouth, but the overwhelming experience was of the most delicious and intense flavor of chocolate that he had ever had. It filled his mouth radiating joy and happiness throughout his being warming up his insides. He looked across at Liesl, whose face showed pure rapture.

Danny could feel warmth radiating to his fingertips and toes. His whole body seemed to be alive with energy. He felt suddenly odd, like his pants had shrunk. Then he realized that his cock was stiffening, he felt embarrassed and tried to hide his growing erection from Liesl. His fingertips started to tingle. He felt his balls suddenly drop and seemed to engorge between his thighs. His cock was becoming impossibly large. Liesl seemed just as uncomfortable; glow of perspiration across her face. Were her breasts bigger? Danny's focus became tunneled on Liesl. Her hand was caressing the skin of her neck under her nude colored bra strap; her face registering confusion and pure lust. She was staring directly at Danny aching erection. Danny started seeing red and they attacked one another tearing at each other's clothes.

- - - - - - - - -

Danny woke from his unconsciousness' with a splitting headache. He was lying on the floor naked. His eyes focused on what was left of the back room of the chocolate shop. Everything seemed to be smashed, moved, or generally broken. His cock, although partially flaccid was larger that it had ever been. Liesl had propped herself on her elbows, shaking her head to clear it. Danny looked at her in her nakedness, lust filling him in the perfection of her curves. Suddenly his headache cleared and he could remember everything; how they had torn the clothes from each others body, every penetration and especially every orgasm. Their passion had been wild and forceful. He was completely spent. Danny shook his head and looked at the scratches about her body. 'Oh crap,' he though what have I done.

Liesl looked at him with curiosity; her face an impenetrable mask. She touched the now tangled blond braids that he had used like horse reins at some point earlier. "How long do you think we were...?" She trailed off not sure she could finish.

Images flashed in front of his eyes as if he were recounting a dream, knowing that each had actually happened. "An hour, I think, maybe more." He paused very unsure of himself, "I'm sorry I just couldn't control myself." Danny looked admiringly at her perfect skin wanting to caress every part of it.

Liesl was confused. "I'm not sure... I couldn't..." She looked at him, her eyes settling on his cock and a flash of pure lust passed across her face. "It must have been something in the chocolates. That's it! My uncle had been excited all week, saying that he had made a breakthrough. He must have tried one last night." She stood up excitedly scouring the destroyed remnants of the workshop.

Danny was focused on her perfectly shaped bottom, when he noticed a glittery box that had been pushed far under one of the benches. It was a larger version of the box that Mr. Oswald had given him. He reached under the bench, grabbed it and stood up. Liesl stood very close to him their arms almost touching. "Go ahead and open it." she begged excitedly her hands over her face.

He looked at her, "Liesl you aren't upset ... that we..."

"No I am not upset. I attacked you as much as you attacked me." Her nostrils flared as she gestured to his shoulder where she had left deep scratches in the throws of passion.

"No that's not what I mean, would we have..." Danny was normally confident but this shy girl had stolen his ability to form words. "Liesl, would you like to go to a Valentines Day party with me."

"Yes, I would like that very much. Now hurry up and open the box!" They opened it together and it was filled with rows of exactly the same chocolate that he and Liesl had consumed together. The smiled together wickedly.

"Are you usually so large down there?" Liesl was switching her gaze between the box of chocolates and his semi-hard organ. She cupped her perfect breast, feeling its size and new firmness inquisitively.

"No, it seems to have grown." Liesl nodded. His mind swirled with possibilities. Who could he give the chocolates to that would confirm that they would work in the same way? An evil idea came to him. "Liesl, I think we need to do some field research." Liesl looked at the expression on his face, then the chocolates, and panic crossed her face."

Danny laughed. "No not us, I need to see them in action. We need to know how these will affect others. May I borrow two of these fine chocolates? I won't be gone long and I will help you clean up when I return. I know just the couple."

"Certainly." She said eyeing his nakedness coyly. Danny dressed quickly in what remained of his clothes. He borrowed Mr. Oswald's long coat to for the short walk to his apartment. Danny had trouble with the walk because it felt like there were two oranges banging between his thighs and a bat down his trouser leg. He knew that he hadn't grown that much, but everything felt new and heavy. Every bit of skin was sending signals to his brain. He found that it was easiest to walk a bit bowlegged.

Danny waddled home as best as he could and dressed in fresh much looser clothes. He drove to work, his cock and balls aching the whole way. There were only four people in the office as most had taken the afternoon off for Valentines Day. He beckoned to Sally and Charlie to join him in the main meeting room. Sally and Charlie positively hated one another. They went out of their way to make each others lives as difficult as possible. If the economy were better, one or both would have quit just to get away from one another.

"Hey guys, did you hear that Mr. Oswald's chocolate shop is closed?"

"I saw the sign, that's too bad, they had excellent truffles." Sally said.

"Well I know his niece and she let me have the last two chocolates. I would like to share them with you." Danny opened his little box offering the two treats. Sally elbowed Charlie and took the bigger one popping it whole in her mouth. Charlie looked at Sally "Bitch," and ate the other one. "Oh my god this is good."

"This is outstanding. I can't believe there is something on heaven or earth that comes close to this." Sally cooed over the little treat. Danny could see Charlie's pants start to tent and was unsure what would happen next so he quietly left the room as quickly as he could and walked back to his desk.

Suddenly a crash filled their office. Danny stood up simultaneously with Christine and James. "What was that?" The three of them made their way to the meting room. The door was still closed but through the glass windows they could see the two antagonists grappling one another. Bits and piece of clothing were flying everywhere.

"Shouldn't we do something?" asked James?

"I'm not going in there, I could get hurt." responded Christine.

"Maybe we should wait a bit and see if there is an opening to break it up," Danny wanted to keep the three of them out of the room. Sally's dress was torn from the neckline down. Danny noticed Sally's heaving chest was bursting from her lacy bra. Her nipples were almost tearing the fabric they were so hard. Her matching panties were soaked through. Charlie's pants were around his ankles and his cock was tenting his briefs so fiercely that Danny was afraid that his shaft would break in half. Quickly their undergarments were thrown aside and while still standing, Charlie penetrated Sally with such force that her feet were lifted off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his thighs as they pounded into one another crashing around the room.

"Oh my god," said Christine with her hand over her mouth.

"Did you know Charlie was so big?"

"Not a clue."

"Oh there goes the projector. That's going to hurt tomorrow."

The three of them were fascinated at the act before them. Charlie was making random snarling sounds like an angry dog. Sally was laughing like hyena only her voice deeper than Danny thought possible. Charlie threw Sally onto her back on the big table and Sally fought to get up. Charlie pinned her by putting his weight on her chest with his hands, while still driving into her. His whole body stiffened lifting her hips off the table with nothing more than his cock. Charlie had obvious come hard. After a short pause in which Sally was writhing and grinding against him, Charlie continued his thrusting.

Danny was amazed that Charlie could continue so quickly. Sally pushed Charlie's hands off her chest and rolled sideways throwing them both on the floor. Charlie landed on his back with Sally crashing on top of him, still impaled. Danny, Christine ad James all winced. Charlie continued to thrust from below while Sally ground into him. Sally stiffened digging her nails into Charlie's chest; her face pointed to the ceiling and screamed a primal sound that defied description. She looked down in lust at Charlie's face and started bouncing up and down, her breasts slapping wildly. There were as ferocious as the wildest animals but kept going and going. The three watchers were stunned into silence during the entire encounter. Danny's sore and fully erect cock was pressing very uncomfortably against his clothes. Danny took a quick fifteen second video from his phone and in the process tried to arrange his rock hard member in his pants so it wasn't so uncomfortable. James was breathing slowly and heavily. He was stroking his obvious erection, through his pockets. Christine had one hand across her hips and was trying to hide her other hand which was covering her mound; rubbing it slowly up and down.

Danny could handle no more. He asked his coworkers, "Are you two going to the singles party?"

Christine looked down at Steven's cock, "Ya sure, nothing better to do."

James was looking at Christine's chest, her nipples pointing through her blouse, "Why not, sounds like it might be fun?"

"I think I'll take the rest of the afternoon off to get ready," commentated Christine absentmindedly.

"You know what, that sounds like a great idea." James and Christine packed up their things and left in opposite directions. Danny could see that Charlie was spent although Sally was still grinding against him. Danny went into the room to close the blinds, and Sally eyed his cock hungrily, licking her lips. Danny left quickly, a little frightened of the way Sally was watching him.

He drove quickly back to the chocolate shop, his swollen member softening slightly although no less uncomfortable. Liesl had cleaned up somewhat but was anxiously waiting his return. She was dressed in her blouse with no bra; a few buttons were missing giving him an excellent opportunity to admire her shapely curves. The pencil skirt was ripped to the waist, giving him a great view of her legs. He told Liesl everything that went on between Charlie and Sally, showing her the short 15 second video. They both agreed that the dose was too strong and they went to work breaking the little chocolates in halves and reforming them.

Liesl looked at him smiling. "You monster!"

"I though you liked what happened between us?" Danny said in surprise.

"I did very much, but I've been leaking pails full of your spunk since you left. It just won't stop and it's driving me crazy."

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