tagHumor & SatireThe Nymph Queen

The Nymph Queen

byLady Malachite©

There was once a fisherman and his wife who lived together in a hovel by the seashore, and the fisherman went out every day with his hook and line to catch fish. While he waited for the fish to nibble on the line, he would pull his very large dick out and begin pumping it until it grew quite hard and long and spilled its contents into the sea. One day he was sitting and massaging his cock as usual, looking into the clear water, getting, if possible, harder and longer than he had ever been before. Pump though he might, he could not get relief. He became hornier and hornier, until his cock expanded to the size of his forearm.

At last, when he felt like he might orgasm, and beads of sparkling precum glistened on his monstrously proportioned member, he heard a sloshing sound, and a beautiful woman with long golden hair on her head, and none anywhere else, arose from the depths of the sea on the back of a dolphin, her wet pussy grinding against her kelp saddle.

"Fisherman, listen to me, for I am a great Wizard King who had a duel with an evil bisexual sorceress and was thereby transformed into a sea nymph. The sorceress' curse has also made me very horny, and while I have had my fill of sailors and pirates, that oversized cock of yours is enticing. If you have any sense of duty to your king, you will fuck me with it until I am satisfied, and then I shall grant you a wish."

Now the fisherman was not normally into wizard kings, but since this particular one was currently a very hot nymph with sizeable breasts, he thought he might make an exception. He grabbed the king by her tight little ass and helped her onto the beach.

"Will you fuck me?" the sea nymph asked, lying down on the hot sand and spreading her legs enticingly.

"Yes, Your Majesty," the fisherman replied, taking his engorged cock in his hands and rubbing it against her pussy lips.

"Then make it quick!" said the king. "For I am oh so horny, and cannot take it anymore!"

"As you wish, so it shall be done," said the fisherman, positioning his rock-hard tool at the entrance of the king's pussy and boldly plunging in.

This elicited a surprised cry from the Wizard King, who had never before felt such a momentous erection inside her, and was quite pleased by how fulfilling it was. She moaned and writhed as he plunged in and out of her, enjoying the filling of the cock stretching and stuffing her as it plunged in and out over and over again.

At last, the fisherman could take no more and came explosively, spilling copious amounts of cum deep inside the sea nymph's hungry pussy, making her tense in orgasm. For three whole minutes, she lay there, writhing in climax and clutching her breasts. When at last her orgasm subsided, the Wizard King asked the fisherman what his wish was.

"I do not know," replied the fisherman. "I will have to ask my wife. She's the one who has the good head on her shoulders."

"Then let it be so," replied the Wizard King. "I must return now to the sea. But when you have made your decision, simply stick that massive cock of yours into the water, and I will come running."

And having said this, the sea nymph mounted her dolphin and disappeared into the waves, a long streak of cum trailing from her pussy.

Then the fisherman got up and went home to his wife in their hovel. "Well, husband," said the wife. "Have you caught nothing today?"

"No," said the man. "That is, I caught a sea nymph, who took a fancy to my impressive anatomy, and said that she was an enchanted Wizard King."

"Then I hope that you fucked her well," said the wife. "It would not be good to cross a powerful wizard."

"I fucked her very expertly indeed," the fisherman replied proudly. "And in return, she promised to grant me one wish."

"And what did you wish for?" inquired the wife.

"I could not make up my mind without consulting you," said the fisherman. "For I can only think with my cock, and you can think with your head."

The wife thought for a moment and said, "It is so dreadful always to live in this evil-smelling hovel, where we don't even have a decent bed, dining table or chandelier to fuck upon. Go again to the sea and call this nymph of yours. Tell her you want a little cottage, with a large bed and a chest full of sex toys. I dare say she will give it to us. Go, and be quick!"

And when he went back, he saw that the water was not quite so clear as before. Remembering the sea nymph's words, he removed his pants and dipped his hardening cock into the sea. Moments later, he felt a gentle warmness enclosing his head of his dick. It spread until it engulfed his entire monstrous member, and then it began to pump up and down its length, making the fisherman groan and thrust his hips in and out of the water. A few minutes later, his balls tensed, and he blew his load again and again, until his member was completely spent.

The sea nymph then rose out of the water, the fisherman's cum filling her mouth and dribbling down her face. She seized the fisherman's spent cock and used it to push the excess semen into her mouth.

"So, what did your wife say you should wish for?" asked the sea nymph, cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth as she spoke.

"She does not want to live any longer in a hovel, and would rather have a nice little cottage with a large bed and a chest full of sex toys."

"Go home with you," laughed the nymph. "She has it already." Saying this, she disappeared under the water, a streak of cum remaining on the surface.

The man went home, with his pants over his shoulder, and found instead of a hovel a little cottage, and his wife was sitting on a bench before the door, wearing the biggest strap-on he had ever seen. She gave his limp cock a squeeze and said, "All used up? No problem, I've got a cock of my own!"

With these words, she grabbed her husband by his balls, which were still sore from cumming so much into the sea nymph's mouth, and dragged him into the bedroom, where, after making him suck on her strap-on to lube it up, she put him upon the bed and fucked him up the ass for several hours. When the fisherman's cock grew hard again, the wife mounted it and rode it hard until it flooded her pussy with cum. This done, she again donned the strap-on, and they continued in this fashion until the following day, when the wife, tired of the bedroom, decided to move into the dining room. They fucked on the table, on the kitchen floor and on the chandelier, and thus they spent the next two weeks.

Then the wife said, "look here, husband, the cottage is really too confined, and we have already fucked on every square inch of it. I think your wizard-king sea nymph had better get us a larger house. I should very much like a large stone castle, with a dungeon full of kinky contraptions and a dozen servants to entertain me."

"Oh, my dear wife!" said the man. "The cottage is good enough! The sea nymph would be unhappy if I asked too much of her, and would surely not grant me another wish unless I fuck her with my momentous cock again! Do you want me forever cheating on you with another woman, albeit a Wizard King in disguise? Think of the vows we took at the altar! Do you not wish me to be a loving and faithful husband?"

"Oh, go fuck your nymph already!" said the wife. "And get me my castle!"

The man felt very reluctant and unwilling, and he said to himself, "This is not the right thing to do." Nevertheless, he pulled off his pants and walked to the sea, plunging his member into the waters, which now had a slightly slimy consistency. A minute later, he felt a great tug on his engorged cock, and the sea nymph emerged, grasping his tool with both hands. She stroked it a few times and said:

"What do you want of me now? I have already granted you your wish. Not that I mind seeing that gorgeous cock of yours again."

"Oh, great and beautiful Wizard King! My wife asks now for a castle with a dungeon full of kinky contraptions, and a dozen servants to wait on her hand and foot and everything in between."

"My, that is asking a lot," said the Wizard King, tickling the fisherman's testicles with her tongue. "I am willing to grant you this wish too, but in return, I want to feel your monstrous cock in my ass."

"I am a married man, and devoted to my wife, but if you insist, I will oblige your desire," said the fisherman, plunging his cock into the depths of the sea nymph's tight little ass. The sea nymph immediately convulsed in orgasm, moaning so loudly that she caused a hurricane in the Orient. The sticky sea water clung to her breasts as they bounced in rhythm with the fisherman pumping in and out of her ass. It took the fisherman two hours to reach climax, as he was completely spent from the past two weeks' adventures with his wife. But finally, when he came, torrents of semen shot out of his cock, filling the sea nymph's ass and dribbling down into the slit of her pussy, where the cum pooled and overflowed into the sea. The sea nymph gasped and clutched at her breasts, massaging them, as her sixty ninth orgasm washed over her. She rolled over and kissed the fisherman, saying that his wish was granted.

Then the man limped home, and saw that in place of the cottage there was a great castle. His wife, wearing black crotchless panties and large nipple rings, was out front being serviced by two female servants, who were busy licking her pussy, while four male servants were massaging her breasts with their rock-hard members. A fifth servant, who had the largest cock, was pumping it in and out of her mouth. Occasionally, one of the male servants would spill his cum all over the wife's tits, and would immediately be replaced by another.

The fisherman gaped at this scene for about an hour before his wife noticed him, and, taking him by the hand, led him into the castle. She brought him to the dungeon, which was equipped with all sorts of kinky contraptions, and had him all tied up. The female servants equipped themselves with humongous strap-ons, and began to fuck the fisherman in the mouth and ass while his wife rode on his cock. When he finally came, she teased his cock back to hardness before mounting it once again. After the seventh time, the husband could take no more, so the wife had her maids take him away, to amuse themselves with him as they pleased. She then gathered all her male servants and engaged them in vigorous intercourse, until she was covered with cum from head to toe.

The following month passed in much the same way. The wife fucked her servants and husband in every conceivable fashion, on every square inch of her property, until there was not a drop of cum left in their balls. When that happened, she turned to her maids. She had two or three of them pleasure her, while the others donned strap-ons and fucked her husband and male servants until they could once more get it up.

Then, the nymphs and the satyrs of the forest heard of this majestic castle, and thought that they too might share of its delights. They descended upon the castle in great hordes, bearing gifts of wondrous fruit shaped like pussy, with the power to arouse great desire in those who partook of it, and armed with dildoes made from the branches of a magical tree. For another month, they all fucked, the wife receiving great attention from all the satyrs and the nymphs, until for the first time in her life, she felt something resembling satisfaction.

Then the wife said to the husband, as the maids and the nymphs took turns flogging him, "Oh, if only I could be the queen of the nymphs, I should be forever content! Go down to your sea nymph, or wizard king, or whatever that thing you fuck is, and tell her to make me the nymph queen! And tell her that since she has been so good and granted me all these wishes, I shall give her a place between my legs as my servant."

"You are going too far, my lady!" protested the fisherman, as a satyr seized him from behind and began to fuck him up the ass. "The Wizard King would never consent to this. You would only make her angry."

"If you think so highly of your silly sea nymph, why don't you run off and marry her?" replied the wife. "See how much these nymphs and satyrs respect me? I could have them down on their hands and knees begging to lick my pussy. If you don't go down to the sea this instant, and ask that wizard to make me the nymph queen, I will become one myself, and will have no further need of you."

"But even if I ask the sea nymph, and she agrees, what will become of me when you are nymph queen? Surely no such queen would have need of a husband."

"Just go!" spoke the wife, kicking the unfortunate fisherman out the door, much to the dismay of the satyr, who was thus deprived of an ass to fuck. The satyr, however, did not suffer long, for the wife presented him with her ass instead.

The fisherman thus had no choice, and went down to the sea, which was now white and sticky with all the cum that was running down the shore from the castle. He took his cock and stuck it in the water, where it immediately became coated with semen. Before long, the sea nymph arrived, and, licking his cock clean, asked him why he had called her.

"My wife wishes to become the queen of the nymphs," lamented the fisherman.

"That is asking a lot," said the transfigured Wizard King sympathetically.

"But I don't know what will happen of me when she has her wish!"

"Ah, but the wish is yours to ask, not your wife's, for it is your enormous cock that I reward," said the sea nymph, licking the entire considerable length of the fisherman's swollen rod.

"But I can only think with my cock, not with my head!" protested the fisherman. "How am I to know what to wish for?"

"Well, let your cock decide," said the Wizard King, rubbing her large tits on his overgrown tool.

"I want my wife to know that there are other ways to be satisfied than being a nymph queen," said the fisherman, as his cock twitched at the thought of all the kinky ways his wife could get off.

"Oh, I think I could do that," proclaimed the sea nymph, taking his twitching member into her hand and circling the head with her tongue. "But first, you must fill all three of my holes with cum."

"But how can I manage such a deed?" asked the fisherman. "I have had so much sex over the last few weeks that I would be hard put to cum even once."

"That will not be a problem," replied the sea nymph, producing a very large pickled octopus tentacle from the depths of her pussy. "I will put this magic tentacle inside your ass, and you will not have any trouble." Saying this, she plunged the tentacle, all three feet of it, into the fisherman's orifice.

As soon as he was impaled upon the pickled appendage, the fisherman became hornier than ever before. His cock swelled to an even greater size, until it resembled a small tree-trunk. The Wizard King gleefully seized it with both hands and thrust it into her pussy, which barely managed to accommodate it. She rode it hard and fast, her tits bouncing up and down in rhythm with the waves upon the sea. It was not long before the fisherman erupted in orgasm, cum flooding the sea nymph's pussy. There was so much cum that the pressure propelled the sea nymph off the man's cock, and she landed with a great splash some distance away. She swam back to the fisherman, great globs of cum trailing her pussy, and finding his cock still as hard as before, began to work it into her tight little ass.

At first it seemed like she might not succeed in this task, for the fisherman's cock was considerably improved in girth and in length by the effects of the tentacle. However, she did not relent until the entire member was buried deep inside her ass. She thrust against it, forcing it in and out of her stuffed ass while moaning in pleasure. After a while, the fisherman again erupted, completely filling the sea nymph's ass with cum.

The sea nymph pulled the cock out of her ass and swirled her tongue around it, licking off the remnants of semen and teasing it back to its full hardness. She then plunged it into her mouth, but could at first fit no more than twelve inches of it without gagging. She relaxed a bit, tilted her head, and allowed the rest of fisherman's cock to slide into her mouth, where she serviced it by tensing and relaxing the muscles of her throat.

This, coupled with the power of the tentacle in his ass, was more than the fisherman could take. He came and came, until the sea nymph could swallow no more, and the man's cock slipped out of her mouth, continuing to squirt cum onto her face and breasts. After half an hour of this, the sea nymph was covered in cum from head to toe, and had to pull the magic tentacle out of the fisherman's ass to avoid drowning.

The fisherman slumped over on the sand, clutching his limp member, which felt so spent he thought he might never be able to get it up again. The Wizard King wiped the cum off her eyes and mouth with the back of her cummy hand and smiled at the man.

"Your wish has been granted," she said, and turned towards the sea.

"Wait! I take it back!" cried the fisherman, suddenly realizing that his wife would be displeased. "Forget the wish my stupid cock told me to ask for, and make my wife the Nymph Queen!"

"It's too late," replied the Wizard King. "I've had my fill of that cock of yours, and I'm off to see if I might find one even more impressive. But if your wife is displeased with you, put two copper pieces into her hand, and all shall be well." And saying this, the sea nymph disappeared into the waters, which were already so stained with cum that they did nothing to wash the semen off of her.

The fisherman sat alone on the beach, feeling dejected. Finally, he stood up and headed back to the castle. His wife stood at the gate. She was wearing a top that did nothing to cover her large tits, a leather skirt that stopped just above her shaved pussy, a garter belt with black stockings, stiletto heels, and far too much eyeliner. As the fisherman watched, a group of satyrs and male servants approached, each handing her two copper pieces. She stuffed the coins into a money bag that was resting in her cleavage, and went to work. She took the first two satyrs' cocks into her mouth at the same time, lashing them with her tongue as they thrust in and out. Minutes later, they both erupted, filling the wife's mouth with cum and squirting some onto her face and cleavage. The next pair advanced, and the next, until the wife had serviced them all, sometimes taking as many as four or five cocks into her mouth at once. The fisherman enjoyed this show so much that his cock had again become quite erect, despite his earlier adventures.

When the satyrs had gone, the wife wiped the cum off herself and licked it off her hand. She then noticed her husband and approached him menacingly.

"This is not what I wished for!" she spat at him, droplets of cum flying in his face.

"I know, but…" the fisherman began, but his wife interrupted him.

"But nothing! I sent you down there to make me the Nymph Queen, and all of the sudden I find myself a cheap prostitute! What the hell were you thinking?"

"I only wished that you could be satisfied without going off and becoming the Nymph Queen!"

"You are an awful, good-for-nothing man!" said the wife. "Who gave you the right to decide how I am to be satisfied?"

"Fine then, you leave me no choice," replied the fisherman, thrusting two copper pieces into his wife's hand. The wife, as if by magic, immediately put the coins into her money bag, kneeled in front of her husband, and began sucking his cock. She sucked it professionally, with much more skill than the average two-copper hooker, circling the head with her tongue before plunging the whole length down her throat. The fisherman moaned and thrust his hips, and finally exploded in orgasm, his cum shooting down his wife's throat. She swallowed every last drop hungrily before letting go of his member.

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