The Object of Her Affection


Now I'm confused. What exactly did I say to her. Why in hell wouldn't I want to experience this over and over? She's as sexy a girl as possible. "Melanie, I think I was probably trying to protect you. I've known you all your life. I know your family. I don't want to ruin your life. You're a gorgeous girl with a fabulous body and you have given me some of the best sex of my life. So I'd be nuts to say I didn't want some more. But you must have some plan for your life and right now I have no idea what I'm going to do, what comes next. I don't want to mess you up by keeping you around to fuck while I figure out what I'm going to do with my life."

She lays on top of me, moves her hips to rub against me a little and grins. "I'm leaking all over you. We should probably take a shower and get ready for our next round. Maybe that's what you want to do with your life, fuck me. Maybe that's what I want to do with my life, fuck you. " With that she starts to climb off me.

In the shower I'm reminded again of what a great body she has. At one point I'm behind her, soaping her back and kneel down to get at her ass and legs. She has a gorgeous ass, full and round, sitting on top of those long, long legs. I feel her ass and kiss it several places. "Melanie you still have a girls ass, round and beautiful, sitting up high, none of those saddle bags running down your thighs." I squeeze her cheeks a little more. She spreads her legs some and I lick down between her legs, trying to get through to her pussy. She lifts a leg and I move forward a little to get my tongue into her slit and get at her clit. She moans. "Jack, you're the sexiest guy possible."

She must push with her hands because somehow she pivots on the one leg that she's standing on, her raised leg passing over my head, and I'm now kneeling in front of her, my tongue in her pussy, and she's resting that raised leg on my shoulder. I grab her ass with both hands and pull her even tighter to me and start licking in earnest. Her moans and yells are even louder in a small, tiled bathroom. Maybe I'm a pervert, I really want to do this. She has a beautiful, sexy pussy, all firm and clean and tasty. I try and suck everything into my mouth, pulling on her clit, causing her to become even louder.

I straighten up, holding her leg up and get my now erect cock aimed into her and push it in. I lean her against the wall to help hold her up as she wraps her other leg around me. Her body weight is now held up by her sitting on my cock and my pushing her against the wall while I pump into hr and pull back some and push in again, then again. "Fuck me, Jack," she says. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meee..." her voice trails off in a scream as I pound into her. Her arms are around me even tighter than her legs.

I can feel her cumming. Her insides are grasping me, sort of massaging me as I move inside her. That triggers me to start shooting off into her. I'm grunting and she's yelling and we're both cumming and if it's anywhere near as good for her as it is for me, this is a terrific orgasmic moment.

Eventually her legs come loose and we're standing there holding one another, kissing and the warm water is still running over us. "Maybe I should start trying to romance you," I say, then kiss her. "Why don't we get dressed and go out for dinner and then come back here."

She grins and kisses me and I step out and she uses a wash cloth to more fully clean herself from our combined juices and then steps out to join me. We go into the bedroom and start dressing. She picks up her phone and presses a button or two. "Mom, Melanie. I'm going to dinner with Jack. I'll be back home late." Then there's a pause and she says, "Not yet but I'm working on it." She grins and looks at me and smiles. "Mom asked if I'd landed you yet," she says and grins again, takes my hand and starts to the door.

I take her to a nice place that has tablecloths. Not an expensive place but a nicer place than some fast food outlet. It's a pleasant dinner. I discover that I sort of like her. "Your mother thinks that you're planning on 'landing' me?" I ask her.

"Back in high school she seemed concerned about someone I dated, so I told her not to worry that I was going to end up with you, this guy is just filling in for the moment. Maybe I said something similar a couple times. I know she was worried about how concerned I was when you left school and joined the Marines. So I think she's sort of happy that I'm seeing you now. She's always liked you, too. Like a mother rather than a lover. Or at least I think that's how. Now that I've said that, it makes me wonder. I must have inherited my horniness from somewhere. Have you ever made a pass at my Mom?"

We both smiled and I assured her that while her mother is an attractive older lady, I've never had any sexual longings for her. I had to add that until the last couple days, I never had sexual longings for Melanie, either.

"Well, I hope you do now," she replies. "I have high hopes for some hot action when we get back to that room." Truth is, I have the same sort of thoughts so we finish up the meal and head back to the motel to get naked again.

On the way, I say to her, "When we get back and get naked, I know what you're going to do. You do it every time. You're going to grab my cock and start sucking it. I'm sure not complaining. You're very good, the best as far as I'm concerned. I love it. But it's interesting to me that you have this desire or need or whatever to get my cock in your mouth. I don't think that's the norm, I mean lots of girls may give a guy a blow job but they're not driven to do it like you are."

"Jack, I spent years fantasizing about you, always thinking about your cock and what it must be like. I told you, it made me so horny, I couldn't wait to lose my virginity to you, I had to go get laid right then. So now, as soon as I see your cock, I realize how great it is and how much I want it, so I go for it. Would you rather I didn't?"

"No. not at all. I love your body. I love to get down there and eat your pussy, taste you, make you go nuts and have orgasms. So I have no problems at all that you like my cock, because I like your pussy just as much. Although, sooner or later, what I really want is to have that cock you love inside that pussy that I love."

"I agree. I love the feel of you moving inside me. That's the main attraction, so to speak., what it's all about. I learned from other guys that you can last longer fucking me if you've already cum. So there's a little reason in my immediately sucking your cock. It gets that first load out and then you can spend the time recuperating by eating me. And you're terrific at that, it's almost better than fucking. But then we can move on and you can pound into me for long periods of time. It's just glorious! It'd be fine with me if it lasted even longer."

By then we're back at the motel. We then get naked and practice what we've been talking about. I could remind her that I've already cum several times today so we could move right to fucking without the oral preludes but I didn't. I guess I love her sucking on me and my tasting her too much to change the pattern we'd established. Finally, she does get home a little late, as she'd mentioned to her Mom. I'll have to think about that some. I mean the fact that her Mom knows she's trying to 'land' me. On the one hand, I can't imagine anybody better to end up sleeping with the rest of my life. But on the other hand, I don't like being roped in as if it's a one sided decision, hers. So I'll have to see how this eventually works out.

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