tagLoving WivesThe Octopussy Necklace Ch. 09

The Octopussy Necklace Ch. 09


(A very special thanks to Shiree for making this a better read)

Nikki lounged about in her room all the day long. She didn't bother to mix with the girls. Her mission stood completed, well almost. Only the grand finale remained. And she would be ready for that. The day passed slowly, the hour hand of the wall clock in her room seemed to be almost stationery. After what seemed an eternity, the chamber maid entered her boudoir with her dress for the evening.

Nikki could hear the music playing in the Conference Room. She walked over to the dividing wall and peeked inside thru the viewer which was specifically installed to keep an eye on the proceedings and also to let the dancing girls know when they were supposed to move in onto the dais.

There were five of them. Seven in all if one took into account Octopussy and Amy. They were all clad in casuals and comfortably seated on different couches spread along the room. Three of the men had a distinct Middle East look about them. One had a long face with a beard and large eyes that had a sorrowful look about them. But the scar on his right cheek gave his face an altogether different profile, a cold, mistrusting profile. The second fella was thin, with a balding forehead, while the third sported a French beard and given his demeanor, he seemed to be the man in charge. He was seated in the centre most couch along with Octopussy which gave him a good view of all that went on from all directions, another pointer to the fact that he was perhaps the Numero Uno. The fourth was distinctly an Orient while the last one was from the Mediterranean coast.

"A fine lot we have here," thought Nikki.

Some of the girls were mingling with the guests, serving drinks, dressed in teeny weenie string bikinis. The bikini top had a bright star shaped design to cover their areolas. The rest of the boobs were proudly on display. The panty had a small triangular patch at the correct position, leaving the buttocks bare and open to appreciating eyes. The men were already enjoying themselves as they chatted with the girls serving drinks and snacks, playing their hands over the bare buttocks, getting a good feel of the womanly flesh available.

As she continued to watch, the Oriental dipped two fingers in his drink and then traced a pattern across the left breast of the girl serving him. He then leaned forward and began licking it off her with his tongue, much to the amusement of the rest of the crowd. In response the girl pressed down his face on to her boob and placed a slow, wet kiss on his forehead.

Her gaze shifted to the Mediterranean who had been playing some of the pictures of Kama sutra on the touch screen besides his couch. As Lisa approached him with the drinks, he pulled her down beside him and began showing some of them. She heard her giggle as the Mediterranean pointed out some explicit pictures which showed men and women engaged in different forms of copulation. Lisa smiled and gently bit the Mediterranean's ear lobe before getting up and moving across the floor to Amy who was showing a keen interest in her. Nikki's mouth opened in amazement as the two Middle East guys unzipped their jeans and took out their cock. They began playing with themselves, their eyes fixed upon the two girls performing on the dais. Long Face had a medium size cock with a thick girth while the other guy seemed to have a smaller one. Long Face took out a wad of hundred dollar bills and beckoned to one of the girls, it was Connie as far as Nikki could recall.

Connie continued moving to the rhythm of the music as she stepped down from the dais and sensually moved towards Long Face. Her brightly painted lips broke into a smile as she came close. She leaned forward so that the man could get a clear view of her boobs and tits, her shoulders continuing to move to the rhythm, making her boobs jiggle. Long Face lifted the hand holding the money above his head and moved it slightly behind him. As Connie moved forward to grab the money, he lifted her top with his other hand, totally exposing her breasts. He lurched forward and grabbed her right nipple in his mouth. A roar went up as Connie squealed in fake modesty and made a quick grab at the wad of bills before returning back to the dais with a look of merriment in her eyes.

Baldy was standing near the stage, his eyes glued on Margo who had just thrown up her left leg high up along the pole, letting everyone get a good glimpse of her freshly shaved, glistening mound. Nikki saw Baldy's one hand dip into his pocket, while his other hand furiously rubbing his erection. She turned away and slid back the shutter. She could very well guess what was going to happen next.

Nikki walked back slowly to the makeup room, a small knot forming in her stomach. She realized that these girls were hard core professionals. They had been in this trade for quite some time, unlike her. The way the girls were frolicking with the guests in the Conference Room clearly showed that they had done it all before and more. They had no qualms in doing whatever the men demanded. Their greedy eyes were fixed on the money being freely offered to them. Looking at them play she felt as though the oldest trade in the history of mankind continued to flourish because the actively participating fairer sex had no intention of giving up its hold on it.

Suddenly she felt she could just not do it. Getting fucked in the privacy of one's boudoir was one thing but there was a full blown orgy starting up in there. For Nikki love and sex was a private thing. But now it seems that that was all going to change. She felt queasy. She removed her clothes and sat on the chair in front of the mirror. The makeup girl opened her tool kit and briskly went to work.

"Why don't I just make a run for it with that piece of jewellery," thought Nikki uneasily as she slipped on the denim shorts over her bright red thong. The shorts, she noted, barely covered her ass. She picked up the men's shirt and buttoned it up then pulled forward the shirt tail and made a knot around her mid riff. Next she put on the ruby necklace as requested for by Amy just as Rita walked up to her. She was in a micro mini skirt with a tight fitting top that stopped well above her mid riff. Like Nikki, she too was braless, and ready for the show. Rita looked into her eyes and whispered, "Relax baby, it will be cool, just follow me and we will make a pile of money by the time the night is over."

"Money," thought Nikki bitterly, "that was all that was going on in the heads of the girls tonight. A more important game of life and death was slowly unfolding, but nobody seemed to notice."

"After all this was a bordello," reasoned Nikki as the two stood by the entrance to the dais, "money, wine and women, this was all that mattered here and nothing else." Suddenly it clicked to her, "and that was why things were taking place here coz, other than the exchange of a woman's body for money, nobody ever thought that a classy set up such as the Greenwood Club could indulge in something else, something more dangerous and deadly, until now. "

The beat of the music changed and the two girls became alert. This was a signal to them to get ready to move on to the stage at the next change of beat. The two began to gently sway to the music, so that the next change would not catch them napping. The beat changed again and the two moved on to the stage one behind the other, gently moving to the rhythm of the music. The beams of the strobe lights bounced off their moving bodies. The two girls moved to the centre stage. Connie was doing a number on the pole. Her top was missing, no doubt in the possession of one of the men.

The two girls faced each other, sensually gyrating their hips to the ever increasing tempo of the music. A murmur went up as Rita reached forward and unbuttoned the top buttons Nikki's shirt, exposing her deep cleavage. The two continued to shake and grind as the dais slowly rotated, letting all the men get a good view of all the girls on stage. Nikki stepped closer to Rita, who on cue slowly raised both her arms up in the air, her head shaking from side to side, eyes closed as though totally mesmerized by the beat of the music. Nikki quickly grabbed her friends top and yanked it off her body and tossed it to the watching crowd. Rita's ample breasts swung into view, her nipples erect. Rita moved to the edge of the dais at one corner and stood facing the crowd. Her hands were now slightly behind her, as she leaned forward and shook her body. Her breast swung freely in the air, the strobe light beam bouncing off them.

Nikki danced her way to the other edge of the dais in tandem to Rita's movements, just as they had practiced. Her shirt was completely unbuttoned, only the knot in the front held it together. As she swung her hips seductively, her hands went up and over her head in a slow sensuous movement, hair falling in front; partially covering her face, the open sides of the shirt parted sideways exposing her succulent breasts, her nipples fully responding to the eroticism. Her eyes slowly became accustomed to the dimly lit surroundings. Gina was bending down from her waist, her hands on her ankles just as shown in one of the erotic couplings in Kama sutra. The Mediterranean stood full naked behind her, his hips moving furiously, his eyes locked upon Nikki's jiggling breasts.

Nikki flushed. The whole thing was a big turn on, she had to admit. But her heart was not in it. She just hoped that nobody would notice the hesitancy in her movements as compared to the wanton, wild, erotic and garish gyration of the other girls. She sighed. It was time for the next move. Her eyes looked steadily towards the crowd as she unbuttoned her tight shorts. Soon it was at her feet and she artfully stepped out of them, undoing the knot of her shirt at the same time. The two sides of her shirt moved to their own rhythm teasingly exposing her breasts to all. She could feel her red thong dampen with her nectar seeping thru her excited vagina lips.

Nikki continued to grind away, the strobe lights dancing over her breasts and then focusing on her crotch. She playfully kicked at her short and it flew into the air and landed a few feet away from Amy. She had a totally nude Lisa by her side who sat totally upright against the couch with her legs spread wide open. Her right thigh was almost parallel to the back of the couch and disappeared behind Amy who had a finger inside her wet pussy and was gently rotating it. She watched Nikki gyrating her hips to the music, her red thong flashing in view every now and then from behind the open flaps of her unbuttoned shirt. She withdrew her wet finger from Lisa's pussy and put it in her finger, all along smiling at Nikki who turned crimson. Amy and she had been locked in a similar position only a couple of nights back and the way she was looking at her it seemed Amy wanted to have her by her side soon.

She turned towards Rita who was now doing a pole dance, giving everybody a good view of her crotch, her ample breasts moving about in a motion all of their own. With a final spin she came back to the edge of the dais. For the next few minutes the two continued to swing their hips to the music, then in tandem their hands slipped over the waistband of their thong. There was a complete silence in the smoke filled Conference Room as the two ladies wriggled out of their thong and tossed it over to the approving crowd.

Both the girls then turned around and pushed their bare ass towards the crowd. They began rotating their buttocks as a couple of the guys came up to the dais to get a better glimpse of their glistening cunts from behind. Rita looked over to Nikki and gave a small nod. The two turned around and continued to sway to the loud music for some moments. Then Nikki gripped her dress and pulled it over her waist to show her wet, aroused pussies. The men began hooting and clapping as the dais rotated towards each of them, giving their hungry eyes the feast they were waiting for. Nikki saw Amy looking towards her, trying to catch her attention. As she looked towards her, she gently nodded towards the Sheikh. Nikki understood. She was being offered to the Sheikh, the Numero Uno.

She moved towards his couch, not missing a single beat. The Sheikh was staring intently at her breasts as they flipped into view every now then from between her unbuttoned shirt. Finally she stood before the Numero Uno. Octopussy was by his side, wearing a stupid grin. As she gyrated in front of them, he undressed himself, his eyes locked pulsating body. He pulled out his semi flaccid cock and began playing. Nikki blushed and turned her attention to the Numero Uno.

He beckoned her closer and she obliged. Now she was close, very close to him. Somehow she managed to keep an artificial smile on her lips. Numero Uno reached out and without much ado pushed his middle finger inside her wet cunt. Nikki gasped; her vagina muscle involuntary tightened her grip on his finger. He let it remain inside her for some moments and then withdrew the wet finger and put it inside his mouth. He smiled at her as though approving her taste. He grabbed her unbuttoned shirt and pulled it from her body. Nikki stood stark naked in just her stilettos and the ruby necklace. Her dance number was over. It was time for the orgy to begin in right earnest. The music continued to play in the background, but the party had moved on.

Numero Uno pulled her down between himself and Octopussy. Drinks were called for. A new girl appeared with the supplies. Nikki glanced around. Amy had her dress pulled up to her waist and Lisa was greedily lapping up her juices. Her eyes were closed and her face had a dreamy look. Rita was on her back with Long Face straddling her. The Oriental stood near them, waiting for his turn with his thick manhood jutting out. Gina lay supine on one of the couch. Her eyes were closed and her legs wide open with cum oozing out. She was drunk, and had probably been taken everywhere by all the guys. Gloria was riding the Mediterranean cowboy style in gay abandon.

She sipped her drink and made small talk with the Sheikh who introduced himself simply as Sheikh. Her eyes began to water in the smokey haze. She could smell something more, but she could not be sure.

"She is one hell of a girl," said Octopussy with a wink, his hand kneading her left breast, tweaking her erect nipples, rubbing his palm over them.

"I heard you have been in the movies too," said Sheikh in a soft tone as his hand took hold of her right breast.

Nikki flashed a smile, she was beginning to feel light headed ... and horny. Sheikh moved forward and took her right nipple in his mouth and began playing. Alternately his tongue would play over her areolas and then come back to sucking her nipple.

"Ooohhh ...," moaned Nikki as the all too familiar feeling began to take hold of her body.

He grasped her thigh and spread her legs wide open. He slid his middle finger into her sloppy cunt while his thumb began ministering her clit. Not to be undone, Octopussy grabbed her left leg and laid it across his thighs, opening her up even more. His mouth closed over hers, his tongue seeking hers, his hand squeezing her left boob. Nikki began responding to their touches. Her tongue entwined with Octopussy's. Her hands reached out and grabbed their cocks. She closed her eyes, her hands squeezing their hardening manhood, and then releasing only to squeeze harder.

"Aahhh ..." yelped Nikki in pleasure as Sheikh bit her breast. His lips were moving feverishly all over her soft, succulent breast, licking it, leaving red love bites all across. Octopussy moved down to her neck, then her ear lobes kissing her, tasting her sweaty body.

"Uunnghhh ...," grunted Nikki as her first orgasm hit her. She threw back her head, her hands grabbed both her lovers and she pressed their face into her body. Octopussy then got up and pressed a lever. The couch unfolded to make a comfortable double bed.

"On your knees baby," said Sheikh hoarsely. She complied, her breath coming in short gasps as she waited in anticipation.

Sheikh kneeled behind her. A feeling of pleasure began to spread from between her legs as he gripped her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Nikki gasped as Sheikh began rimming her. He played his tongue along her ass crack sending jolts of electricity thru her tender body. Her body quivered as she felt him rubbing his bulbous knob on her wet slit. Sheikh gripped Nikki's hips and pushed forward forcefully. Nikki almost swooned as she felt his thick long manhood slide all the way inside her hot cunt. He began thrusting inside her, slowly first, then picking up a good speed.

"Aaahh ...," whimpered Nikki as she felt his cock rub against her cervix. She adjusted her position to accommodate him fully. A hand gripped her head. She looked up to see Octopussy pushing his cock close to her mouth. Nikki smiled at him thru the haze of tobacco smoke and pot and greedily opened her mouth. The two men soon picked up a rhythm as Nikki serviced them together. With a final thrust Sheikh shot his seeds inside her hot cunt. Octopussy was not far behind and he went rigid as he shot his load into Nikki's mouth. Again and again he fired off his load into her mouth, some of it dibbling down her chin and falling on her breasts.

The two exhausted men lay down, fully satisfied with the services provided by Nikki. She glanced at the two still forms and then moved towards the bar. She poured out a stiff drink for the two, carefully emptying the contents concealed in one of the many rings she had specially chosen to wear that night.

Nikki handed them their drinks and then took two more glasses with the same concoction to Long Face and Baldy. She sat beside them as they drank from their glasses. Baldy put his empty glass down and pushed Nikki down on her back. She gave him a welcoming smile and opened her legs invitingly. Baldy entered her cum filled cunt and began fucking her. Soon his tempo began to slow down until he collapsed besides her, eyes closed. Nikki looked over to Long Face and smiled a smile which frankly didn't reach up to her eyes. It seemed he didn't require her services.

Nikki moved across to the Mediterranean and handed him her special concoction. She went down on her knees and began playing with his manhood as he looked on indulgently. A few minutes later she let his spent and limp cock slide out of her mouth.

She mentally put a tick across his name and moved on to the Orient. Nikki was greeted by the sight of a tangle of naked bodies. Orient had one arm and leg across the still form of Rita whose puffy engorged pussy lips told their own story. Drinks and pot had already taken their toll here.

Nikki felt light headed as she moved over to Amy. She had been waiting for her. Amy stretched out her hand as she came up to her, taking the drink from her hand. Amy drank from her glass, watching Nikki play with her clit until Nikki felt it was no longer necessary to stay by her side. Finally, Nikki stood up and surveyed the Meeting Room. She smiled in satisfaction ... the meeting for the night was over.

Her eyes narrowed, there was work was to be done. She grabbed the top of the ring on her small finger and turned it in anti clockwise direction, and then pressed it down. There was a gentle click. Nikki took a deep breath. She had fifteen minutes ... fifteen minutes to make herself scarce. That was the go ahead signal her husband was waiting for. It was a confirmation to him that the plan had been successfully carried out. In fifteen minutes, men from the Special Forces would be barging in thru every door and window. She had no plan of being taken in custody. She had to disappear ... pronto.

It was time for play out the final part of the plan laid out by her Tom.

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