The Office


Dennis leaned back against the bathroom wall and groaned as quietly as he could. He looked down at the top of Liz's head as her mouth glided back and forth over his cock and then looked upward, wondering just how he'd gotten to where he was at this moment. Her legs were folded up underneath her as she sucked him and her hand was busy rubbing her mound under her miniskirt.

Just minutes ago, he'd been quietly jerking off after reading one too many stories on Literotica when the door suddenly flew open. He'd looked in shock to see Liz staring at him with wide eyes and he expected the worst.

Liz was the boss's sister. At just about five foot one with a petite body and a flirtatious manner, Dennis had always lusted after her. She had just turned forty and looked great. Her blonde hair was full and framed her face attractively. Her clothes always accentuated her curves and Dennis always thought that she wouldn't have gotten away with dressing so sexy if her family didn't own the business. He knew enough though to keep his hands to himself as far as she was concerned; at least until now.

She stood up from the floor at his feet and bent over the bathroom sink. She reached under her blue denim miniskirt and whisked her panties down until they were around her ankles.

"Fuck me!" she said quietly. "Fuck me now! We haven't got much time!"

He flipped up the back of her skirt and looked at her bum in a state of shock and awe. Although it was tiny, as was the rest of her, it was a perfectly shaped moon with her slit framed by the tops of her thighs.

"Hurry up!" she hissed.

She reached back and gripped his cock and then guided it to her vagina. She poked the head between her lips and let go as she leaned further forward.

"Come on!" she moaned. "Fuck me!"

Dennis ploughed into her with no thought to how long he might last or whether she might be enjoying it, though from the hiss she muttered as he entered her, she must be. He shoved into her as hard and fast as he could. Here was the pussy he'd fantasized about for years and he was buried to the hilt in it.

Liz swiveled her hips as he fucked her, moaning in a low voice as he pumped into her. Dennis bit his bottom lip and shoved his left hand up and under her sweater. He found her tiny breast and forced his hand under her bra. When he cupped her bare tit her nipple was hard and pressing against his palm.

Liz moaned again and pushed back at him. Long before he was ready to cum himself he felt her tense up. He put his free hand over her mouth and she grunted. She bit down on his finger and he gritted his teeth. She screamed but the sound was muffled by his hand. She sighed and then took his bitten finger into her mouth and sucked on it, laving it with her tongue and moving her lips over it lovingly.

She sighed again and leaned all the way forward, folding one arm under her chest and leaning on it. Dennis gripped her hips with both hands and planted his feet firmly. He kneaded her bum and thrust in and out of her. Liz reached between her legs with her other hand and cupped his balls.

"Fuck me Baby!" she whispered. "Cum for me, we haven't got much time!"

By now he was tensing his muscles and pushing in and out of her slowly and forcefully. He felt as though his cock was three times its normal size and he grunted with each thrust.

"Ooh yeah!" she muttered. "Cum for me Baby, I want it!"

He felt himself growing and her hand squeezed his ball sac gently. She groaned when his testicles tensed and her hips moved in slow circles as he pumped his semen deep into her pussy.

"Mm that feels so good!" she whispered. "Your cum is really hot, I can feel it!"

Dennis fell back against the wall behind him and groaned softly. Liz put her finger against her slit and scooped up a glob of sperm that dripped from between her lips. She put her finger in her mouth and then grinned at him.

"Mm!" she said. "That was good!"

"Wow!" Dennis said, finally managing to get over his speechlessness.

Liz laughed. It was a breathy cackle that he had heard many times in the past. He always thought it was very sexy when he heard her laugh like that before. Now with his semen coloring her bottom lip slightly and her panties around her ankles he thought it was probably the sexiest thing he'd ever heard.

"Wow!" he said again.

Liz chuckled quietly and bent down. She slipped her panties into place and adjusted her skirt. She put her finger to her lips and put her ear to the bathroom door.

"I don't think anyone's out there," she said quietly. "I'll go first. Don't come out for a few minutes after I'm gone."

She opened the door gingerly and peeked out. She sighed with relief and walked out, closing the door behind her.

Dennis pulled his pants up and swallowed hard. He put his hand on his cock and smeared the juices from it into his palm. He held it to his nose and breathed in her scent. If it hadn't been for the smell he might have doubted that the last five minutes of his life really happened.

He fastened his pants and looked at the sink, debating whether he should wash his hands. On the one hand he wanted to keep her scent on his hand so he could inhale it whenever he wanted to. On the other hand, he didn't want anyone else in the office to pick up on the smell of sex.

Reluctantly he washed his hands and then flushed the toilet for good measure in the event anyone might be listening from outside the bathroom door. There wasn't.

He left the bathroom and walked as calmly as he could to his office. He glanced toward Liz's office as he passed by and she grinned slyly at him. He tried to be nonchalant but his cock began to grow again as he pictured her bent over the sink as he fucked her from behind. She winked at him and cackled again.

That did it! He was fully hard now. He scurried into his office and sat down before anyone ventured into the hallway and saw him with a bulge in his khakis. He sat at his desk and stared at his computer monitor trying to remember what he was working on before he got caught up in reading erotica.

His day had started out so normally! He had walked into the office and plugged his laptop in. He was just finishing connecting the monitor when Liz had walked in.

"Good morning!" she said cheerfully as she always did and then continued into her own office.

He watched her hungrily as she walked into her office. She was wearing a long trench style coat that hid her entire body. When she emerged a few minutes later Dennis sighed quietly to himself. She had on a blue denim miniskirt and a blue sweater that hugged her form wonderfully. He eyed her breasts heaving against her sweater and wished that just one of these days she'd forget to wear a bra. Even with the bra, her nipples poked against the fabric of her sweater. Dennis thought to himself that she must have really puffy nipples for them to be pushing through her bra like that. He sighed again and then went to work.

Dennis spent the first couple of hours compiling manufacturing data as he always did. He collected the information and was exporting the data to a spreadsheet when his troubles began. The pop-up told him the export would take about ten minutes and he rolled his eyes and groaned. He watched the monitor for a few minutes and then gave up and opened his web browser. He went to the Literotica website and started reading some stories at random. His hard-on had grown increasingly as he read and by the time he was finished his third story he knew he needed to jerk off.

He went to the second office bathroom. The first office bathroom was the one that everyone used most often. It was closer to the offices than the second bathroom. Most people only used the second bathroom when the first one was occupied. Even then most people would wait rather than venture to the opposite side of the office and through the showroom where the lights were usually dimmed unless customers were visiting.

He hurried past Liz's office hoping she wouldn't look up and notice the bulge in his pants. Then he walked quickly through the showroom and closed the bathroom door behind him. Once inside he pulled a wad of toilet paper from the dispenser and opened his pants. He let them fall down around his thighs and pulled his cock free of his underwear and started stroking himself.

With the fan connected to the light switch, he was pretty confident any sounds he might make would be smothered in case anyone passed by outside. He leaned back against the wall as he masturbated, closing his eyes as he pictured the events in the Literotica story unfolding in his mind.

He looked down and saw precum leaking from his cock as his excitement grew. He closed his eyes again and smiled as a wave of pleasure swept over him.

When the door opened his eyes flew open in fear. He looked to the doorway to see Liz with her eyes wide with shock and her mouth open.

She stared at him and blinked as she tried to absorb what was going on.

She expected the bathroom to be empty and was surprised simply by Dennis' presence. When she saw that he had been jerking off, she stammered with embarrassment and locked her eyes onto his cock. It was hard, the head swollen and thicker than average. His hand was wrapped around the shaft but he stopped stroking as soon as she opened the door.

She felt her nipples harden and she swallowed in surprise. Dennis was staring at her but she saw only his cock.

Dennis thought life as he knew it was over. His cock began to shrivel as he imagined Liz running to her brother Frank, the owner of the company. He imagined cringing with embarrassment as he got chewed out for masturbating in the workplace. He imagined Liz staring at him with contempt as he packed his office and left in disgrace.

Liz continued to stare at his cock and swallowed again. She felt a twinge of regret as his cock began to shrink. She surprised herself when she stepped in through the door and then closed it behind her. She put her hand on the head of his cock; his hand was still wrapped around the shaft so she palmed the head, massaging it gently as the precum seeped into her hand.

"Make it hard again!" she hissed.

Dennis removed his hand from his shaft and she put both her hands on his cock. She continued to palm the head and wrapped her other hand around the shaft.

"Make it hard again," she repeated gently, looking into his eyes. "Do it for me, I want to see it really hard."

Dennis couldn't say a word. He was stunned by the turn of events and wasn't sure how to react. His cock knew how to react. It grew once more to its erect state and Liz watched it as if hypnotized.

"Does it get bigger?" she asked as she rubbed it. "I'll bet it does. It was bigger when I opened the door."

His cock grew in response to her urging and then it was its full erect size. It was about six and a half inches long and the mushroom shaped head was almost three inches around.

"Mm," she muttered as she fell to her knees. "It is bigger!"

She placed the head against her mouth and slowly pushed it past her lips. She hummed to herself and sucked it to the back of her throat. Dennis groaned and fell back against the wall with a thud.

"Shush!" Liz whispered harshly, his cock slipping out of her mouth with a small popping sound. "Someone might hear!"

She took it back into her mouth and gripped it with her lips. She started moving back and forth and she hummed again. Dennis groaned quietly and put his hands on top of her head.

Liz pushed one hand under her skirt and dug past the leg hole of her panties to rub her pussy. The slight taste of his cum on her tongue made her wet. She rubbed her lips with a finger and then pushed inside her tunnel. Her clitoris began to swell and she tweaked it with her finger.

Her hand was cupping his testicles and she knew he was not yet close to cumming, but she wanted to. She abruptly stood, slid her panties to her ankles and then bent over the sink.

"Fuck me!" she said in an urgent whisper. "Fuck me now! We haven't got much time!"

She felt her skirt being lifted and squirmed as she waited for him to enter her.

"Hurry up!" she said, beginning to feel annoyed.

Knowing that someone eventually would wonder where the two of them were she took matters into her own hands. She reached back, gripped his cock and guided it to her opening. She placed the head between her lips and shuddered as she felt it rub against her sensitive lips. She leaned further forward pushing her bum back against Dennis and letting his cock slide a little further inside her.

"Come on!" she said pleadingly. "Fuck me!"

When he shoved inside she hissed in delight. He started pounding her hard and she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

"My God I look like a whore!" she thought to herself.

Leaning forward with her bum in the air like a bitch in heat, she shivered as she pondered the implications of what she was doing. If they got caught her brother would freak out. Not to mention what her nephews would say.

Her nipples tingled at the thought and she swiveled her hips in time with Dennis' thrusts. She moaned softly and then she felt his hand under her sweater. He pushed roughly past her bra and then he was squeezing her tiny breast. He pinched her nipple and she moaned again.

A jolt of pleasure shot from her nipple and straight to her pussy. She bucked back and a growl began to grow in her throat. She felt his hand over her mouth and she bit down on his finger as her orgasm hit. Wave after wave coursed through her and then she realized that she had probably hurt his hand. She took his finger between her lips and sucked on it, pretending it was a tiny cock that she sucked. She ran her tongue over it lovingly and hummed happily as he continued to thrust into her.

She reached between her thighs, pausing just long enough to feel how wet she was. Then she took his balls into her hand and cupped them gently. She moaned again when she realized how close he was. His testicles were covered with goose pimples and they were beginning to recede into his scrotum. She squeezed lightly and ground back against him.

"Fuck me Baby!" she said quietly. "Cum for me, we haven't got much time!"

He felt him grip her hips and his thrusting took on a new rhythm. His feet were planted solidly on either side of hers and he pushed forward and back with determination.

"Ooh yeah!" she cooed. "Cum for me Baby, I want it!"

His testicles retracted and then his cock was twitching inside her. She groaned and then she felt the heat from his semen as it spewed inside her.

"Mm that feels so good!" she whispered. "Your cum is really hot, I can feel it!"

She felt him shoot a couple of spurts inside her and then he shriveled up. His cock popped out of her with a plop and then he was leaning back against the wall. She put her hand over her mound again and grinned as she felt the warm semen backwashing out of her vagina. She scooped up a glob of sperm and put it to her lips, wishing for a moment that he had cum into her mouth instead. Then she remembered the twitching feeling as he came inside her and decided she liked that too.

"Mm!" she said. "That was good!"

"Wow!" Dennis said; the first thing he'd actually said since she'd opened the bathroom door.

She laughed and pulled her panties up, looking at herself in the mirror and wondering why she'd just fucked this man whom she knew only through work.

"You still look like the biggest slut in the world!" she thought as she watched her reflection lift her skirt to put her panties into place.

She smoothed it down and smiled at Dennis as she turned. She put her finger to her lips and put her ear to the bathroom door.

"I don't think anyone's out there," she said quietly. "I'll go first. Don't come out for a few minutes after I'm gone."

She opened the door cautiously and peeked out. Seeing no one, she scooted out as quickly as she could, reaching back and closing the door behind her. Her last sight of Dennis was of him leaning against the wall with his pants still around his ankles and his flaccid cock dangling below his button-down shirt.

She grinned with that just-fucked feeling and walked past one of her nephews to the front bathroom. He looked at her curiously and then frowned and went on his way.

"Why did I do that?" she asked herself as she closed the door behind her.

She slipped her panties down and sat on the toilet to pee, the reason she'd gone to the rear bathroom in the first place. She pondered the question and decided there really was no reason. She just fucked him and that was all there was to it.

She returned to her office and sat down in time to see Dennis on his way to his own office. She grinned at him and winked as he passed. She let out a laugh as he scurried away.

The rest of that day was a wash for Dennis as far as work was concerned. Anything he tried to put his mind to he just couldn't concentrate. Of course, seeing Liz emerge from her office from time to time to rummage through the file cabinet opposite his office door didn't help.

He knew she was teasing him. She had never before bent so low to retrieve a file even for the bottom drawers. And she had certainly never squatted down facing him with her legs spread wide so he could see her bikini briefs stretched tight against her mound before. Dennis imagined he could see a small wet stain on them and he wondered if it was his semen drooling out of her or if it was her own juices soaking her panties.

Whatever it was it was making Dennis increasingly uncomfortable. After she squatted down the first time his cock got hard. After the second time he thought he was going to lose his mind. He trued to give her back some of his own and sat in his chair facing her with his own legs spread wide to show her the bulge in his pants. She didn't appear to have noticed and simply went on with her filing. The only sign she gave that she even saw him staring at her was the sly wink she sent his way before she walked back into her own office.

By the end of the day Dennis was in a sorry state. He tried to make small talk with her once but she just grunted noncommittally and continued with her work. He didn't dare bring up the subject of their tryst in the bathroom, there were too many people flitting in and out of the office for that. He frowned and gave up the attempt.

He returned to his office and was pondering what this whole mess was that he'd gotten himself into when she appeared in his doorway.

"I'm off for the day," she said. "Watch the phones please."

"Oh," he said uncertainly. "Uh... okay."

She smiled and then turned and was gone.

Dennis sighed and wondered to himself how much trouble this encounter of theirs was going to cause.

************** ***************** *********************

The next day was Friday and Liz did not come in to work. This turn of events did nothing to ease Dennis' sense of foreboding. It did allow him however to do his work.

After he got over the initial surprise that she would not be in, he got down to it and had a productive day.

Fridays were early days. The office and the shop closed at two thirty. Some time after one, Will, the boss's son, popped his head into Dennis' office.

"I'm heading out," he said. "Frank is going with me so no one's left to lock up. You're doing the honors today."

Dennis nodded and watched as they left. After they drove off he went back to work. At two o'clock the factory started winding down. By two fifteen they were lined up at the time clock and by twenty past two, the last person filed out the door to start their weekend.

Dennis watched them go and then locked the door behind them. He then made the rounds to ensure that every door to the factory was locked. After that he returned to the office and went from room to room killing the lights as he went.

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