tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Office - Dwight's POV

The Office - Dwight's POV


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It was a typical day in the office and I was answering emails to my many clients while trying to ignore my little-better-than-apes subordinates. The woman across from me, Pam, started making a racket while shifting through her desk drawers. Her disgusting husband, Jim, and I inquired simultaneously about the reason for her noise-making.

After a moment she answered, "That's weird, my breast pump's missing. Have you seen my breast pump?"

I had no idea why she was asking me if I had seen her breast pump but apparently she was about to explode onto our work area and we couldn't have that. I reached for my hand sanitizer to once again fix a problem and said to Pam, "Okay, this is going to traumatize me a hell of a lot more than you believe me."

Pam replied, "You know what Dwight? Let me just check the bathroom first, okay?"

I answered, "Really? Fine. Let your breasts explode. Three squeezes and I would drain you."

It was true, too. I had won several ribbons at the county fair for most efficient method in the hand milking cows category. I was an expert at draining teats.

I shrugged my shoulders and went back to typing up some orders requested in my client emails, glad that the racket was over and then suddenly I heard a yell from the kitchen area.

"Meredith! That's unsanitary!"

Pam came back from the bathroom with the breast pump in her hand but I could tell from her swollen breasts that she had not drained them. She slammed the pump down on her desk and a little milk began to leak through her blouse.

"Damn it!" she said violently and looked at her husband.

Jim just stood up and gathered his things, "I've got a client meeting in 30 minutes but I think there is some of the liquid soap you use to clean it in the trunk of the car. Didn't we stop by the store this morning to pick up some more baby supplies?"

Pam nodded, "Yeah, I'll walk down with you and get it."

Pam followed Jim out to their car so I could finally get back to work. Pam came back 30 minutes later with a new shirt on and still her breasts seemed near bursting. She must have been in a lot of pain because she sent me an instant message with a short message:

"Need your expertise. Please meet me in the kitchen." Then she got up and left the room.

I waited a few seconds to finish my client email then closed the instant message window and followed her while silently slipping my hand sanitizer into my pocket.

I walked into the kitchen and there was no one around. As I turned to leave, the small closet door near the bathrooms opened and an arm reached out to pull me into the dark room.

I took a defensive stance as the door closed and called, "State your name and the purpose of this assault by the time I count to three or I will attack."

Pam's voice answered in the darkness, "Hold on, Dwight, I'm trying to find the light."

"You mean this light?" I replied sarcastically as I reached up to the string above my head and yanked the chain to turn the light on.

Pam blinked at the sudden brightness then looked up at me nervously.

I took the hand sanitizer out of my pocket, removed my jacket and gave my hands a thorough disinfecting.

"Remove all clothing above the waist," I commanded.

Pam stood motionless and staring at me like an idiot.

"Maybe this isn't such a good idea," she finally replied.

I shrugged and reached for my jacket, "suit yourself."

Her hand reached out to grab my wrist, "No wait," she said. "I'm in a lot of pain, Dwight. This is really creepy but if I don't get some relief soon I am going to explode."

I nodded and reached for a clean bucket from the top shelf of the racks in the closet, which happened to be the maintenance supply room.

Pam hesitated another moment then removed her shirt. She was wearing a pretty slutty white lace bra that I didn't think a new mom should be wearing and I said something about it.

"It's a nursing bra, Dwight," she answered shortly, "they are specifically made for new moms."

I shrugged again. She was moving too slowly. I noticed the clasp of the bra was in the front so I reached out and undid it for her then slid it back off her shoulders to expose her now-leaking tits. I moved so quickly she drew in a sharp breath of shock and reached to cover her breasts but winced in pain as her hands brushed her nipples.

"Don't be an idiot, Pam. I have to access them to drain them. Now lean over the bucket," I said as I placed it on the sturdy table beside her.

She didn't hesitate now as she was leaking down her entire body. She bent over the bucket and I grabbed a breast in each hand. She moaned a little in pain and I went to work grabbing at the base of the breasts and slowly massaging downward to the nipples which were pointed at the bucket. I took my time with it since she seemed to have waited too long and was now aching badly. It was not in my nature to inflict pain on women since they are the weaker sex.

Milk was pouring from her large gum-drop sized nipples rather quickly. I was glad to see that my expert milking skills transferred usefully to women's breasts. This would save me a lot of money on a breast pump if I ever sired a son.

As I slowly worked my way closer and closer to the nipples I noticed the look in Pam's eyes had changed. She was still moaning softly but the closer I got to her nipples the more her moan changed into one that sounded something like pornography.

Usually I found Pam Beasley disgusting because she had married my worst enemy, Jim Halpert, but I found that the sounds coming from her combined with her breasts in my large manly hands was causing a little blood to rush into my penis. I did a mental check and realized I did have two condoms in my back pocket and was well prepared should I feel the inclination to insert my penis into her vagina. It seemed I was feeling more and more like doing this with each passing second and I certainly didn't want to go in unprotected to a place Jim had been.

I paused in my milking, realizing that her breasts were emptied for the most part, but I did not remove my hands from her breasts. I slid my fingers completely down to lightly pinch her nipples and observe her reaction. Her eyes flew open and she looked me in the eyes, startled.

"Let's not pretend you aren't leaking rapidly from your vagina, Pam. I have two condoms and am willing to satisfy you twice right now. This offer will not be repeated so take it while you have the chance." I kept rolling my fingers around her nipples while I waited for her answer.

Pam's eyes slid down my body to my crotch and I thrust my hips forward a bit so she could observe my large erect penis pointing in her direction. Jim's penis must be much smaller than mine because her eyes enlarged and she stood up and immediately began to undo my belt. When she was done unfastening my pants she quickly dragged my pants and briefs to the ground. I couldn't step out of them because I was still wearing my shoes.

She stood up and looked me in the eyes, "Oh, Dwight, your cock is enormous. It's a good thing I had a baby a couple of months ago or you'd never fit inside of me."

I grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her away from me to undo the button and zipper I had noticed on the back of her skirt, then I stripped her skirt and panties away quickly. I wasn't much for talking but out of necessity ordered her around.

"Pam, get the condoms out of the rear left pocket of my slacks."

She responded, immediately dropping to her knees and digging around in my pants, crumpled around my waist. The top of her head was brushing my ball sack and I found this strangely exciting.

She stood and ripped open the condom wrapper. I reached out to grab the condom and she shook her head saying, "Please, let me."

I shrugged again, realizing she wanted to handle my giant penis before it was inside of her. She slid the condom over the head of my penis then slowly rolled it down the length of my shaft. When fully unrolled, the condom was still a good two inches away from my balls. I enjoyed the feeling of her hands on me but I was ready to fuck.

I pushed her hands away from me picked her up and set her on the edge of the table. I hooked my hands under her knees and pulled them straight up, placing her feet on the edge of the table on either side of her buttocks. She was surprisingly flexible, which caused my penis to twitch.

Pam was staring down at my penis with large hungry eyes. She really did seem to be a hungry slut as Angela suggested and I was glad I had the condoms on hand so I wouldn't get any diseases from her well-used vagina.

I wrapped my right hand around the base of my penis while my left hand spread open her chubby pussy lips. I decided to rub the head of my penis up and down her slit to brush her clitoris a few times. Angela had taught me about the clitoris and how good that felt to a woman.

Pam cried out, "Oh, Dwight! Please fuck me now!"

"When I am ready, Pam," I answered abruptly. I continued to rub her slit up and down, up and down. Her hips started rocking into the head as hard as she could with my left hand now keeping her from moving any farther by pressing down on her shoulder very roughly.

She began to sweat and shiver slightly and I realized that I needed to get some of my own in and so the next time the head of my penis slid down below her clit, I removed my right hand from it's base and slammed into her vagina very roughly.

Pam let out a silent scream of joy as I embedded the entire length of my penis into her vagina and held it steady for a few moments. She started to rock her hips into me again and i grabbed both sides of her hips with my hands and forced her to sit still. She wanted it badly but I was not going to allow her to take charge.

She looked up at me desperately wanting to rock and whispered in a breathless voice, "Please, Dwight!"

"Please what, Pam?" I answered.

"Please, Dwight, fuck me," she whispered.

"How do you want me to fuck you, Pam?"

"Please, Dwight, fuck me hard. Please, I need it right now!" she cried out.

I waited a moment longer until she was whimpering. Then I slid slowly out of her vagina and slammed back in as hard as I dared so that I didn't break her. She was a woman, after all.

She grunted deeply in pleasure and so I repeated the action many more times. Sliding out and slamming back in over and over and as roughly as I dared.

Pam was moaning and grunting and still trying to rock her hips against my hard fucking, so I released her and grabbed on to the edge of the table instead to help keep up the fast and hard pace.

Pam began rocking her hips violently in time with my thrusting and she was slamming into me so hard and fast that her breasts were slapping up against my chest with each thrust.

My penis felt fantastic. She had a better vagina than Angela because I could get all the way up inside of her but it still felt really tight and gripping on my penis. Suddenly I had the idea to bend my head down while we were fucking and take one of her nipples between my teeth gently. She nearly screamed in pleasure so I started sucking on it. The vigorous fucking had stimulated her milk glands and I began drinking from her left breast as I continued fucking. She stopped rocking into me and arched her back, grabbing the back of my head with both hands and pulling me tighter into her breasts. I continued slamming my penis into her pussy as hard and fast as my hips would go while I drank from her tits. The taste was surprisingly a little sweet, like cantaloupe.

Pam was struggling not to scream in ecstasy, she was a rather loud fucker, and I was a little worried someone would hear us, but it wasn't near anyone's lunch or break time so perhaps no one would come into the kitchen at all.

Pam suddenly began to shake violently and I felt her vagina grip my penis repeatedly over and over. The warm sensation of repeated pressure caused my balls to release their seed and I began to spurt into the condom while I slammed into her one last time and we both shook with the most intense orgasm either of us had ever had.

As I continued to cum, I shouted at her, "I'm taking out my condom to fertilize you, Pam Beasley!"

I pulled my cock out and removed the condom, then shoved my spurting penis back into her vagina and released my seed deep into her womb. Her legs and arms were wrapped tightly around me, pulling me as deeply into her as I could possibly go. I kept cuming and cuming for several seconds while she vibrated in the longest orgasm I had ever seen a woman have in my life.

After a few more seconds, we both completed our orgasms and she laid back on the table, breathing heavily, my penis still inside of her as I leaned against the edge of the table. In spite of my heavy orgasm, my penis was still very hard and completely filling her.

I pulled out slowly then rearranged her on the table so that her whole body was laying flat on her back along the length of it, then I climbed up on the table and spread her legs open again.

She looked up at me lazily in question.

"I promised you two orgasms, Pam. I keep my word," I told her.

"Oh Dwight!"' she moaned in delight.

I leaned down over her and slid my naked penis slowly into her vagina. Classic missionary position was always fun for me since it displayed my natural dominance as did animal style.

She groaned in ecstasy as my penis filled her completely and I leaned over her.

"Dwight?" she whispered.

"Yes?" I asked, a little softly, an after effect of my seed release. "Will you make love to me? Not just fuck me, but make love to me? I'm in love with your cock," she said.

"Yes, Pam," I answered simply.

I bent down for our first kiss and gently suckled her lower lip into my mouth. She reached her arms up around my neck and we began to tenderly kiss and dart our tongues in and out of each others mouths.

My penis was throbbing so I began to slowly pump in and out of her vagina again, this time with the same tenderness my lips were showing on her mouth. I found the feeling of her breasts mashed against my chest and her arms and legs wrapped around me to be very sexy. I rocked my hips in a slow, easy rhythm, making love to her vagina with my huge penis. Slowly all the way out to the tip and then slowly all the way in until entire body was pressed all the way up against her and I could feel the head of my penis touching her cervix. Out, in, out, in, out, in: a slow tender fuck that had her whimpering into my mouth as we continued to kiss. I pulled my chest away from her a little so I could slide a hand up between us to squeeze and tease her tits. The nipples were leaking again and getting milk all over both of our chests and onto the table, causing her to slide up a fraction each time my penis gently bumped her cervix in our slow delicious fuck.

"It's time to orgasm, Pam. I am going to dump my sperm into your body again. I am going to give you my son. If you are a good girl, I will let you have my seed many more times in your life."

That was all she needed to explode into what I was sure was the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her life. She was not alone. I slammed up into her quickly on my last thrust and held still as my seed emptied into her pussy hole and she shook violently, receiving my sperm into her uterus.

When we were both done with our orgasm. I rolled onto my back, bringing her with me so that she was laying on top of me, my penis still deep inside of her.

"Now we will lay here like this for twenty-five minutes while my sperm searches for your egg so that I will be sure I have impregnated you," I told her.

I could feel her smile against my neck, her head resting on my shoulder, "I might not be ovulating, Dwight."

"You are ovulating, Pam," I explained, "I keep a strict calendar of the menstrual cycles of all women in the office that I interact with should the earth need my children to strengthen the gene pool."

Pam chuckled against me, "Okay, Dwight."

"Make no mistake, Pam. You are going to birth my son in nine months," I informed her.

Pam smiled again, "As long as we can keep doing this, I will birth as many sons as you wish."

I smiled then. Though usually a form of weakness, no one could see me. I was quite proud of having fucked this woman to satisfaction and liked the feeling of her laying on my chest, my penis growing limp inside of her. I especially enjoyed the fact that I had cuckolded my worst enemy and his wife's belly would grow with my child, a child he would be financially responsible for because he would not know it wasn't his.

I said only one more thing in the next twenty minutes as we waited for her fertilization to take, "You must go home and fuck Jim tonight so he will not know the child you will bear is mine. Only then will I continue to please you with my huge penis."

Pam nodded slowly on my shoulder, sounding sleepy, "Yes, Dwight. Whatever you wish," she sighed as she drifted off to sleep, my penis still against her pussy.

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