tagLoving WivesThe Office Surprise Visit

The Office Surprise Visit


The office door opened slowly and there was my wife. She stood there provocatively and slowly raised her dress to her waist, showing me her thigh high stockings and blonde pussy. Her pussy lips were puffy and her juices were beginning to flow. She walked in, closing the door behind her.

"Do you have your camera?" She asked. "You might want to get pics of this!"

She asked me to unzip my trousers and take out my rapidly hardening cock, which I willingly did.

She continued to lift her dress until she removed it completely. She was now naked except for her thigh highs and shoes, her nipples were pink and hard.

She stood there, brushed her fingers over her nipples, and then ran a hand down to her pussy. She slid a finger down across her clit to her vagina pushing the finger between the folds of her puffy lips. She was so wet. She brought the finger back to her mouth and tasted herself.

My cock was the hardest it had been in a while and my balls were tingling too.

She walked over to beside my chair and reached out to hold my hard cock whilst I reached between her legs and felt her juicy wet pussy, wetter because of the sight of my hard cock.

I ran a finger across her slit and into her vagina. She slowly stroked my cock up and down, twisting her hand gently to really make me feel hot.

She leaned down and ran her tongue over the head of my cock tasting my pre-cum. Then she took the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, stroking my hard cock at the same time. "What a sweet taste," she told me.

She sucked me, taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. I was getting harder and wetter as I was still playing with her hot and wet pussy. I could smell the sweet aroma of her sexy musk.

I cleared the papers off the desktop and she leaned back against my desk. Her pussy looked so inviting, so wet and ready. I pushed my cock into her.

Then she turned my chair around and sat in my lap allowing my hard cock to part her pussy lips and enter her wet and ready hole from behind.

I fondled her breasts and nipples as she pumped up and down on my hard cock. She was the one who regulated the speed of our pumping. She didn't want either of us to cum too quickly, and I certainly didn't want this to end any time soon.

Up and down she went, our wetness making sexy, squishing noises. She reached down and cradled my balls with her hand, feeling my cock moving in and out of her.

She could feel, just as I could, my balls starting to tighten, and knew that I would soon pump my seed into her, hot and thick.

I was breathing much harder now. Anxiously I started to thrust upward and she knew that I was about to fill her.

She moved faster now, feeling my rod getting harder. She felt my balls twitch, my sperm starting its journey, and yes, I was there. I was filling her vagina with my cum, my love juice, pumping her full, as her orgasm hit at the same time, pulsing as my 'cum' filled her. A clit orgasm and a G-spot orgasm together. Her pussy was so tight when she clamped down on my stiff cock.

She collapsed forward on to the desk, my cock slowly diminishing in her pussy. We both relished the feeling of being joined this way, but she wasn't finished yet.

She turned around and once again took my cock into her mouth, tasting our combined juices. It took a while but I finally started to get hard again, and I knew that this time I would be able to last much longer.

I pushed her back on to my desk and kneeled down so I could taste our juices in her gorgeous pussy. We tasted wonderful, and she writhed about as I ran my tongue along her slit and finally pushed it between her lips and into her hot pussy.

One thing that delights me about her is that she can come many times during our love-making sessions, and I could feel another orgasm beginning. I stood up and pushed my hard cock between her soaking pussy lips as she started to come. It was an incredible feeling as her pussy tightened around my cock as she came over and over at least three or four times, but I knew that I probably would not be close for quite a while. She was spent and asked me to stop before she became sore. We would continue this at the house later.

I wondered what surprise I could give her in the near future to return the favor!

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by Easypeter04/14/18

Honey well

Great story when wife/husband can excite each other. Kinky love.

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