tagBDSMThe Old Arm Chair

The Old Arm Chair


I have arrived at your place with a small bag. You ask what's in there and I say "wait and see!"

We kiss long and deeply, wonderfully relaxed in each others arms. There is no competition between us as we explore each others mouths. I have my bum perched on the back of the big old chair in your lounge and our faces are at the same level. I slide my hands under the hem of your dress and caress your firm cheeks, pulling you against me. I slip my fingers between your thighs that you spread slightly to give me access and I rub lightly back over your pussy. I feel the crotch of your panties moisten.

I stand and turn you around, my hands moving up over you breasts where they fill my palms and I can feel the erect nipples through your bra. I reach into the bag and remove a silk scarf and blindfold you. "Are you alright with this?" You nod and I feel you nuzzle back into me, your bum pushing into my crotch. I bend you over the back of the old arm chair and again reach in the bag. There are four new pairs of pantyhose and I tie your hands and feet to the legs of the chair, your bum beautifully stretched over the back.

I lift you dress over your back and then stand back to admire the curves. They are so sensual. I can see you squirm as you wonder what I am doing. I keep you in suspense for a few minutes then reach for your panties and pull them down to your thighs. I admire the swell of your buttocks and see your pussy hairs peeking out from between your thighs. When I kneel down I see more. Your pubic hair is wet with your juices and I can see the pink of your vagina peeping through the swollen lips.

I slap you softly with my hand. You jerk and twist your head trying to see what is happening. I slap you again, this time on the other cheek. Your buttocks clench and unclench. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I reach into bag again and take out a tube of KY jelly. I squeeze a long drop out and let it fall onto you anus. You buck wildly, not knowing what this cold sensation is. Your buttocks clench again and smear the jelly around and it runs down to your pussy. I slap you again, twice, quickly one after the other, and you buck and squirm and I can see you anus clench.

I step back and quietly undress, my cock springing out of its confinement and standing straight out, hard and pulsing. Precum bubbles on the end and drips leaving a long tail.

I run my index finger up and down your bum crack, spreading the KY further and you try to open up for me and push back, but the restraints keep you in position. I run my fingers between your legs, wonderfully slippery with the KY and your juices which are flowing freely. My middle finger circles your distended clitoris rubbing round and round and you cum. Violently! I squat inches from your anus and watch it clenching and hear your shuddering shout. I slip my thumb deep into your pussy and feel the last of the orgasm racking your body.

Slowly you quieten. Softly I slap both cheeks and you buck, not away but towards me. I stand and take my cock in my hand and hit you with it. I hit both cheeks, I hit upwards and hit your inflamed cunt. I slide the head up and down your crack over your anus, I slide it between your legs over your pussy lips, over your gaping pussy, over your swollen clitoris. I plunge into you up to the hilt and you sigh and shudder and encourage me. You talk dirty about fucking you hard. About torturing you. About reaming your arsehole.

I withdraw from your pussy and place the head of my dick against your puckered backdoor and push. "Yes, yes........." you say, moving your bum around. I press in through your anal ring and you tense. I hold still until you are accustomed to my size.

"Are you okay?" I ask. You tell me to fuck you. Hard! I pump into you, going deeper with each thrust until I am hard against your buttocks. I hold still because I am nearly there! You continue to move your bum in circles.

I start moving again and you are panting and chanting "yes, yes, hit me, hurt me........". I thrust harder, feeling my orgasm approaching. Then I am fucking your arse as hard and as deep as I can as I cum. I spurt deep and hard in your bowels and you climax. I can feel your frantic movements as you spasm again and again. My climax seems to go on forever and eventually I collapse over your back, still deep in you and I hear you whisper "Soooo good!"...

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