tagErotic HorrorThe Old King and the New Bride Ch. 03

The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Major Bitches and Body Switches

I stare at him in shock, my jaw smashing through the bed and denting the floor. Nipple piercings? Now? I've just been crowned as his queen, seen my mother kneeling before me in rags, and recovered from a good session of slow, sweet lovemaking. And he wants to do this now? I sigh. I love Lucifer, I do, but I will never understand this man...creature...thing that he is.

Taking a deep, ragged breath, I stare him in his bright gold eyes. "Really?"

He grins. "Yep."

"Why now?"

He shrugs. "Why not?"

I can't think of a good answer, but I'm apprehensive nonetheless. I raise my arms against my chest, covering what I can of my breasts. I start chewing my lip out of nervousness, my heart rate starting to go berserk.

Lucifer frowns at me, concerned. "Michelle."

"I don't know," I manage to whisper. "I don't like pain. I got my ears pierced when I was twelve and I screamed like a banshee."

That makes him pull away and think of a response. "It won't be that bad. It'll only hurt for a second."

My eyes flick down to the box of hoops and studs. "I'm nervous."

He offers me a small smile. "You know you get to pierce me, too."

I stop chewing my lip and cock my head slightly. That does make me feel a little better. If I get to give him a few piercings as well, then at least it's fair. I won't suffer alone.

"We could have them engraved." His grin is almost contagious.

Despite my apprehension, I can't help but laugh. "What? Like have our initials in the studs?"

He smiles and nods. "If you'd like. Might help with keeping other people's hands off our property."

I shake my head and scoff. "Lucifer, the only way Leyna is ever going to leave you alone is if you kill her or have 'Property of Michelle' tattooed on your ass."

He thinks for a minute. "I like the engraved piercings instead."

"Only because you get to manhandle my boobs," I counter.

He grins again. "Damn straight."

I smile and roll my eyes. He's certainly charismatic, almost impossibly so. He could convince the pope to lose his virginity or a demon to convert to Catholicism. I can understand why so many people fear him: his influence on the human soul is terrifying. And now, even as his queen, some of that charisma is starting to get to me.

I take a deep breath. "If that's really what you want to do..."

He nods. "Think of it as a wedding present."

"For whom? You or me?" I eye him cautiously.

"Both of us." He scoots closer, pushing the box of metal aside so his thigh touches mine. His eyes stare into mine, almost burning my retinas. "I promise to make you feel better once they're in."

I stare at him. "How?"

His smile turns wicked. "What's better than a warm tongue on a tender nipple?"

I let out an exasperated laugh. "You're hopeless."

"And?" He leans I close, his nose brushing mine.

"And you're crazy." I mirror him, pushing forward until our lips touch.

"And?" His mouth meets mine, doling out soft, tender kisses that make me shiver.

"And you owe me for this," I whisper against his mouth.

"Now or after?"

I pause, holding back on my end of the kiss while I think. "Later. It'll take what's left of the edge off."

He halts his delicious kissing and smiles against my lips. "Deal."

He pulls away and reaches over to grab the small box of studs and hoops. He slides it between us, holding it open for me to see our choices.

"Now...what'll it be?"

I stare at the assortment of tiny metal piercings, excited yet totally lost. I don't know which to choose. There are plain metal hoops and studs, barbells with small glass designs on the end, carved bone gauges and an array of small sparkling gemstones that can be attached to anything in the box. There are so many choices I can't decide what to have shoved into me.

A flashback races through my mind: my dream. My nipples pierced with small gold hoops, my belly pierced with a gold barbell. Each has a tiny black gem that dangles from delicate gold chains.

Alright. I guess we'll do that.

"Gold hoops," I whisper.

Lucifer's eyes flick to me. "Following your dream?"

I stare back, slightly stunned but elated. He remembered my dream and knows exactly what I'm planning. That's more than mom has ever done for me.

I nod. "Yeah."

"You know we don't have to follow your dream exactly," he nudges my hand. "You can do this any way you want."

I shake my head. "It kind of feels like that dream meant something, like that's what I'm supposed to have. Like my mind was trying to tell me something. A guarantee or a premonition. And if really that's the case, I'm not in the mood to tempt fate."

He laughs. "Alright then. If that will make you feel better about this, we'll copy your dream. Now, what else was there...Oh, yes! There was a belly piercing."

Damn. Someone's got a good memory.

Lucifer digs around the box and pulls out two small matching hoops and a gold barbell. He holds his hand out and lets me take the. They're cool to the touch and heavy, but nothing that would cause my much discomfort.

He sits back, staring at the box. "We're missing something."

I nod. "Black stones."

He looks ready to smack himself. He sighs and digs through the box again, producing three tiny faceted stones attached to thin gold chains. He places them in my hand and sits back, watching me.

"What?" My voice is shaky, almost nervous.

He glances down at the box. "Choose."

I cock my head in confusion. "Choose what?"

"We had a deal. We pierce each other. You have yours. Pick mine."

Oh boy.

I take a deep breath and stare down at the box, scanning through the endless menagerie of metal pieces. Once again, I'm stuck. What piercing could possibly befit the ruler of Hell? I immediately decide against any gemstones, gauges or pieces that are horrifically girly. My gut tells me he needs something manly, something sturdy and rough. Something that will solidify his status as a male...A male with a nipple piercing.

I scan through the box one last time, and thankfully, my eye catches something worthy of being attached to Lucifer's otherworldly body. It's a thick hoop of black metal, nearly an inch in diameter and covered in small spikes. I reach down and grasp it, holding it gently in my palm. It's heavy, but not so much that he'll be uncomfortable. Swallowing loudly, I look up at Lucifer and hand him my selection.

He cradles it in his palm and smiles at me. "Quite a masculine choice."

I shrug. "I didn't think a barbell with pink glass hearts would fit you."

"Really? I think it would have been a perfect match," he teases.

I smile a little. At least he's in good humor for this. I'd hate to have him coming at me with a nipple ring on a bad day.

"Who wants to go first?" His eyes are alive with excitement.

My gut clenches instinctively. I'm not going first. I'm not sure if I even want to do this.

"Michelle?" He grins viciously.

I shake my head frantically. As much as I appreciate his enthusiasm, I'll respectfully pass on being first.

He nods. "Oh, I think so."

I shake my head again, scooting back an inch.

He sighs, but his smile never fades. "Do I have to pin you down for this?"


I shake my head. "No. I just... Alright."

His eyes soften a bit. "Michelle, if you're really that scared-"

I force a smile and shake my head. "I'll be fine. I live in a dark, fiery underworld filled with demons and tortured souls. I need to get over my anxiety if I'm ever going to survive here."

His smile returns. "Good girl."

He turns and digs through the box, finally pulling out the longest, sharpest, most terrifying needle ever created. It's pure silver and carved with the intricate markings that make up the demonic tongue. It's beautiful, but horrifyingly sinister. And it's going to poke me.

Lucifer pushes the box aside and shifts closer to me. He holds up the needle, the shining tip glinting right in front of my eyes. He smiles and blows on it gently. The silver starts to glow bright red. I swallow loudly, my gut spinning itself into so many knots that the makers of the Twister game would be amazed.

His smile never waivers. "Ready?"

Not really, but I'm here.

I nod despite my growing panic. I'm terrified, but I know if I don't plant my feet and grit my teeth, he'll probably see me as a weak queen who has no business ruling here. I've already admitted to myself that I somehow love him, so being cast aside for being scared -- and possibly being supplanted by Leyna -- is not an option. I'll have to bite the bullet on this one and cry myself to sleep later.

He reaches out and plucks one of the gold rings from my palm. He inches closer, folding his legs across the bed. With one hand, he reaches out and wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me forward and into his lap. Fisting my hand around the other piercings, I loop my arms around his neck and hold on tight.

This is gonna hurt, this is gonna hurt, this is gonna-

"Hold still. This will only sting for a second."

I nod and tighten my grip. My heart is racing, my lungs have ceased and my thoughts have stopped. He's all the stability I have left.

He holds me close against him, angling me back a bit so he has a good view of what he's doing. I hope he knows what he's doing as well. God forbid this is his first time and I end up with more holes than a block of Swiss cheese.

He raises the needle to my nipple and I recoil a millimeter. I can feel the heat radiating off the metal and my stomach starts to twist.

"Deep breath." He moves the needle a hair's breadth closer.

I nod and force my lungs back to work, inhaling a long breath just as he presses the needle's tip against my nipple and pierces my skin.

He's right. The pain only last a second, but it's the longest, most agonizing second of my life. I manage to clamp my jaw shut, but streams of tears replace my screaming. I whimper once as the needle passes through my skin, and again when Lucifer slides the cool metal of the ring through the fresh hole. I dig my fingers into his shoulders, holding on for deal life as my body is marked as his.

A heartbeat later, the pain has lessened. I still wince when a slight breeze from his breathing brushes against my nipple, but it's no where near the pain I had before. This is bearable...barely.

"Ow," I whisper, wincing slightly.

Lucifer's bright eyes flick up to me. "Are you alright?"

I take a long breath, exhaling slowly. "Mostly. A little sore and freaked out of my mind, but I'm okay."

He smiles. "My poor sweet queen. Here, let me sooth your wound."

Moving the still-glowing needle away from my skin, he leans in and wraps his lips around my nipple. Heat and pain is replaced by cold and numbness. His tongue gently paints circles around my wounded nub, soothing my aching body and reigniting the fire in my belly. I won't lie, his mouth feels damn good. It's cool and soft and everything I need right now. He's more than just an extremely experience kisser; those lips might save my life one day. Or at least heal me when I'm accidentally pierced by an arrow or something.

He pulls away too soon, but he's done his job. The pain his disappeared from my skin; my nipple, which was swollen and red from the piercing, is now back to it's regular rosy pink. I still miss his mouth on me, but I'm relieved to be healed of my injury.

Looking down, I inspect the damage. A tiny gold ring, no more than half an inch in diameter, loops through my skin. Below it, a thin strand of gold chain connects it to a tiny black faceted gemstone. I sigh and smile a bit. It's was painful, but worth it. It's a lovely piece, exactly like my dream, so I feel better about having it in me. That, and it also makes me feel damn sexy.

"Better?" Lucifer's tone is playful and inquisitive.

I lean forward, pressing my newly bejeweled breast against his chest. "A little. I'm still sore."

Come on! Again! Please again!

He laughs and angles his head to kiss me. "Have patience. Let's get this next one in and I'll give you more attention."

I groan and lean back, sulking slightly. I pout at him, silently willing him to change his mind and launch himself at me.

God, what's wrong with me. Am I five?

He crooks his finger at me. "Two more and you're done."

I sigh and pull back my pout. Begging won't work here, but compliance will. The faster we finish this off, the sooner we can go back to destroying the bed. I reposition my grip on his shoulders and straighten my spine. He brings the needle back and picks up the second small hoop. Although my gut clenches again, it's nowhere near the anxiety I felt before. I've survived nipple ring number one, so number two should be a bit easier.

He moves faster this time. Instead of going slow so I have time to prepare, Lucifer gives me one second of soul-searching before running the needle through my other virgin breast. It hurts, but my body's now accustomed to the pain, so I wince instead of crying. I'm also holding my self stiller than before, which means ring number two goes in easier and I don't have to strain my body as much.

Once the ring is in, I relax a bit and exhale slowly. My other nipple now matches my first with its tiny gold ring and small black jewel. They're quite beautiful, these tiny little gems that adorn my body. I feel like I'm having ornaments stuck into my skin, like some horrifically perverted version of a Christmas tree. I love it, though. I feel sexy and free, as if this is my rebellion against my mother.

I'm still a little sore, and I intend to be soothed as soon as possible.

Lucifer does exactly what he's supposed to, pulling the needle aside and leaning in to ease the throbbing in my breast. I have a plan for him; he's not pulling away so soon this round.

His lips wrap around my nipple and I moan softly. As evil and tempting as he is, he really shouldn't feel this good. Nothing should feel this good, yet here I am, wrapped in the arms of a fallen angel getting my rocks off with him suckling my breast. I've lost my damn mind and I don't care.

As he continues to lave my tender skin, I manage to claw back some of my sanity so I can move. I reach around his neck and tread my fingers into his soft, messy hair, pulling him close and holding him in place. He's startled slightly and his fingers dig into the bedding, trying to push away. I hold him steady, throwing my head back and closing my eyes so I can revel in the prolonged sensation of his mouth on my skin.


I freeze, my breath halting in my throat. That's not my thought voice. It's deeper, darker, slightly annoyed. My gut clenches again, a small spark of fear rocketing up my spine.


I untangle my hands from his hair and lean away, giving him back his freedom and relinquishing any control I have over my own pleasure. He sits back and stares at me with hollow eyes, his brows slightly creased, his lips turned down in a frown. He's upset, all because I wanted more and had the balls to take it.

I turn and stare at the wall, scowling at the stone. I do love him, and I'm honestly trying to have patience, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to deal with his controlling, aggressive attitude. I shouldn't be surprised, but I am annoyed. He's had a shit life and dealt with some fucked-up circumstances, but he has the mind of a self-centered teenager.

He sighs, almost exasperated. "Michelle."

I glance at him, still glowering in the wake of his less-than-gentlemanly silent scolding.

His eyes have softened a bit, becoming a bit more apologetic. "I just need you to relax, alright? If you try to push me down a more sexual street, I'll end up slamming you into the bed and we'll never get this done. I need you to stay still so I can concentrate and not accidentally scar you. Once we're finished, we can destroy the bed."

I clam down a bit. He's not mad, just frustrated. He's got good logic, though. The more I try to nudge him away from finishing this piercing session, the less focus he'll have and the more likely he might make a mistake and harm me. I nod and turn back to face him, looping my arms around his neck one last time.

He takes the small gold barbell from my palm, smiling at me. "Last one, then it's my turn. After that, we can trash the room."

I nod, my smile returning. Secretly, I look forward to having a go at this. Watching his reaction to me shoving a needle into his skin should be very entertaining.

"Lean back a bit."

I nod and grip his shoulders as I slowly lean my body back, giving him access to my torso. Once again, the heat from the needle pulses against my skin, just enough to let me know it's there. I take a deep breath and squeeze my eyes shut, jerking slightly when the needle pierces my belly. Again, the pain only lasts for a second, and the cool metal of the piercing helps sooth my skin. Lucifer's tongue doesn't magically appear to ease the burn, but his icy fingers do the job just fine.

A minute later, I've caught my breath and have pulled myself back up. I don't look down at my stomach to see the piercing, but I know it's there. I've got three piercings altogether: one in each nipple and one in my belly, each with a small black gem. Exactly like my dream. I'm now marked as Lucifer's queen, a bit like having a "Property of..." tattoo on my skin. These are far more scintillating, however, and much more fun.

If Leyna ever tries to make a move on Lucifer, I can just pull down the top of my dress and shut her up.

Lucifer smiles at me. "Okay, you're done. Was that really so bad?"

I sigh and roll my eyes. "No."

"Good." He gently lifts me away from his body and hands me the needle. "My turn."

Shit. How am I...I don't know...

Hesitantly, I take the needle from him. Although glowing red, it's cool to the touch and easily handled. A clever trick, but something I'd expected. He'd never hand me a truly hot needle and allow me to burn myself. I'd slap him.

I take a deep breath and steady myself, rolling the spiked ring I've chosen for him between my fingers. I don't know why he's allowed me to do this. I'm no seamstress-I've never even sewn a button - and I've certainly never jammed a needle into anyone's skin. He's risking serious bodily harm with me doing this, but if it's what he wants, I suppose I'll have to do it.

"Okay," I manage to center myself. "Hold still."

He smiles and straightens his spine, holding perfectly still so I have a good shot. "Don't scar me."

I give a nervous laugh. "No promises."

I take one last breath and hold the needle close to his skin, aiming the tip at his nipple. I'm shaking slightly, throwing my aim off a bit, but I manage to pull my nerves together. I don't want to mess this up and accidentally mar that gorgeous skin of his. I'd never forgive myself.

Shoving my anxiety aside, I focus my gaze on his skin and quickly force the needle through his flesh. Lucifer gives a sharp groan, squeezing his eyes shut and gritting his teeth. Panicking but still clear-headed, I pull the needle away and manage to slide the ring into the fresh hole and screw it closed.


I take a slow breath and set the now-cooled needle into the box of rings and studs, relieved that I managed to pierce him without doing any unnecessary damage. We're both fine, albeit a little rattled.

I look at my body, now full of metal and stones, then back to his. We've marked each other as our own, alerting others to the fact that we've been claimed by another and are unavailable. He is mine and I am his.

Lucifer glances down at his chest, a slow smile spreading across his face. "Not bad. You did a clean job."

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