tagIncest/TabooThe Older Female Virgin

The Older Female Virgin


"What's it like kissing another girl, Joan?"

It was the last thing the startled woman expected to be asked by her holier-than-thou sister at the breakfast table.

"How should I know?" she answered, trying to buy herself some time but knowing that her blushes were going a long way to repudiating any innocence she may have on the matter.

"Well, I overheard some gossip in the staff room and I began to wonder if it might be true."

Joan tried to busy herself making the coffee while wondering who had been talking about her and her most private secret.

"Why would you think such a think?" she asked her older sister.

"Well, thinking back, I've never seen you with a man."

"Iwe went to a convent school, Mary, and now we teach in one. There haven't been a lot of men in our lives."

"Be that as it may, I didn't really pay any attention to what they were saying at school until I saw you come home last night."

Now Joan's face really started to burn with embarrassment. She had been totally unaware that Mary was still awake when she came home last night. It had been late and all the lights were off so she had thought she was perfectly safe lingering in the car with her girlfriend. It had been such a wonderful evening back at the other woman's house and neither of them had wanted it to end at that point. They had obviously spent too long kissing in the car. If Mary had been shocked by what she saw, Joan wondered just how shocked she would have been if she had known the couple had spent the last few hours doing much more than just kissing and that they could still savour the taste of each other's pussy on their lips.

She had wanted to tell Mary for some time now but she had never managed to pluck up the courage to tell her older sister that she was gay. They had both grown up together and even went to the same convent school. While Mary was always seen as the good girl, eventually taking her vows and joining the Order when she finished school, Joan was definitely seen as the black sheep of the family, even though she went on to university, eventually training as a teacher.

When Mary had called her one day out of the blue and said she was leaving the convent Joan was stunned but also delighted and immediately offered her sister a room with her. That was a couple of years ago now and, with Joan's encouragement, Mary had also trained to be a teacher. Joan was more than happy to put in a good word for her with the Headmistress and soon they were both teaching at the same school.

They continued to live their own lives, however, Joan enjoying the best of the nightlife their city had to offer, while Mary stayed at home and watched TV. Now it seemed she had taken up spying on her sister as well as spending her time praying in her room, just as she had done when she was still in the convent.

Joan knew she could never expect her sister to understand the depths of her own depravity but maybe this was the time to take the plunge and explain how she had never been interested in finding a "good man," as their saintly mother had always wanted.

"You never really liked boys, did you?" prompted Mary, smiling at her sister, letting her know that she wasn't going to be disgusted.

Even so, Joan just gave a shrug and wondered if anyone else in the family held the same suspicions. For some reason her mind wandered back to the first time another girl had kissed her, really kissed her, and all the doubts of her teenage years had been swept away in an instant.

They had been at a party together and were walking home when her friend suddenly stopped walking and forced Joan to turn to face her. Joan wasn't too sure why the other girl had come to a halt but, when the other girl leaned in slightly towards her, she realised it was finally going to happen. She felt her girlfriend's hot breath on her face as she waited for Joan to close the distance between them.

The rest of the world seemed to disappear as her whole being now concentrated on the other girl. She smiled nervously and moved in, closing that tiny space between them, until their bodies were just touching. Joan tilted her head slightly and their lips finally met in a way that was much more sensual and passionate than any kiss with a boy had ever been.

She marvelled at how soft her girlfriend's lips were as they both explored forbidden territory and wondered if her own felt the same. Neither of them wanted that moment to end but both knew that, when it did, they would be forever changed.

And so it had proved for Joan. From that night on she had never been interested in boys, or men, and had resolved to fully embrace the lesbian lifestyle at university. What she would do once she moved back home was another matter.

But that was a long time ago and the more pressing issue was what was she going to tell her sister now? She looked across the table at her innocent, older sister, and knew they would both have to wait a long time for another moment like this one.

"I suppose I've known that I'm gay for a long time, Mary, but I just never knew how to tell you or anyone else. You're not going to tell our parents, are you?"

"Of course not, it's no-one's business but your own but I'd be surprised if they didn't already know."

This shocked Joan almost as much as her pious sister's acceptance of her sexuality.

"So, you're ok with it?" she asked, still fearful of the answer.

"Of course I am, silly. It's your life; you have to live it as you see fit. Now, this is supposed to be your birthday. How about we go shopping for your present then I treat you to lunch at somewhere fabulously expensive?"

"Sounds good to me, sis. Let's go."

With that the sisters hugged each other before returning to their individual bedrooms and their own, very individual thoughts. As they got dressed for a day shopping their chosen attire mirrored their own taste and experience. Joan chose a figure hugging white blouse and full length skirt. What the casual observer wouldn't notice, however, was the split on the back of her skirt which almost reached the tops of her thighs. If anyone did take a closer look they would be lucky enough to see that she had selected her favourite black thong and hold-up stockings. To complete her underwear she had chosen her black bra which matched her thong and was just as revealing as it simply pushed her full breasts up and out yet the cups barely covered her nipples.

Mary, on the other hand, was much more conservative. Without thinking she had reached for her familiar baggy jumper and baggy trousers, showing off none of the curves that many a priest had fantasised about when she was a nun. Beneath her conservative clothing she was just as unadventurous and wore one of her many plain white bras, large white cotton panties and plain black tights. She wondered why Joan was smiling when she came out of her bedroom but would never have understood if her younger sister had explained that Mary was wearing exactly what she had expected.

After a wonderful day shopping the two sisters were exhausted and decided to have a late lunch at their favourite restaurant. Mary wasn't used to drinking wine during the day and had never had more than two glasses at any one time in her whole life so, by the time their meal was finished and a full bottle of red had been consumed, she was feeling more than a little giddy. When Joan suggested they drop in on one of her favourite bars on the way home, the older woman thought it was a terrific idea.

Joan didn't deliberately set out to take her sister to a bar frequented primarily by women but that was where they went. Besides, she told herself, there will be straight people there too. And so it proved. When they found a table and ordered their drinks Mary didn't think there was anything strange about their surroundings. At first.

After another couple of drinks that she probably shouldn't have had the innocent woman began to notice that the majority of customers were women and that some of them were very familiar with each other. However, when, for the first time in her life she saw two women at the next table kissing passionately, she couldn't help but stare.

Joan had probably drank more than she intended too but she eventually noticed that her older sister was no longer listening to her endless chatter and turned to see what Mary was staring at. When one of the women at the neighbouring table began to run her hand up her partner's thigh, she decided that Mary wouldn't be able to cope with much more and hastily ushered her sister out.

Mary was quiet all the way home and Joan began to think that it had been a mistake to take her sister to the bar. Once home, they again returned to their own rooms to unpack their earlier purchases. Joan imagined that her sister would be on her knees praying for the two women she had been spying on earlier when she heard Mary asking her to come through to her room.

She steeled herself for a lecture on the immorality of what the women had been doing, and were about to do, but she was in for the shock of her life. Mary was waiting for her as soon as she opened the door and, all of a sudden, stepped forward and kissed her on the lips. Not a passionate kiss not a lover's kiss, just a kiss that lasted for no more than a few seconds.

Stunned, she could only look in disbelief at her pious sister.

"I wanted to see what all the fuss was about," Mary said in explanation.


"It was nice but I don't see how it would get you as excited as those two women in the bar obviously were."

If Joan hadn't spent a good part of the day drinking, she would never have had the courage to do what she did next. She leaned forward and returned her sister's kiss, on the lips just like Mary's, only she went further when her tongue also brushed along the startled woman's mouth. Pausing for just a second, she stepped back to look at her older sister. Seeing no disgust or fear, she leaned forward and, before Mary had the chance to object, used her tongue to part her sister's lips while her hands came up to pull the other woman closer.

This was the first time Mary had ever been kissed like this, by a man or a woman, and she seemed to drown in the sensations she was feeling for the very first time. Her sister's kiss was soft yet passionate, sensuous yet caring all at the same time. It seemed like the natural thing to do so she returned the kiss and Joan took this as a signal to become more urgent, her tongue probing deeper. She could feel her heart pounding as they kissed, sure that she was going straight to hell.

Slowly, gradually, Mary started to realise what was wanted of her and what she wanted for herself. But just as her confidence was growing and her passion was rising higher than it had ever been, her sister withdrew.

"That's what it's like to kiss a girl, Mary. Want to find out more?"

Mary wasn't really sure what she was agreeing to but nodded her head in reply. Joan smiled back at her older, innocent sister and took her by the hand.

"If we're going to do this, we're going to do it right."

Running her hands down over her sister's arms, she slowly lifted the heavy jumper up over her head, exposing her gorgeous breasts encased in the plainest bra Joan had ever seen. "I think our next shopping expedition might have to be to buy some new underwear," she thought to herself. Big as the bra was, Joan was delighted to see that her sister's breasts were trying to burst out of it. She was very tempted to tear it off there and then but she knew she had to take this slowly or her sister would flee and she would never have another chance like this.

Instead, she ran her hands over the smooth cotton and searched for her sister's nipples. As it was they weren't too hard to find since Mary's body was reacting to these new-found pleasures in a way she had never known. Her large nipples were trying to poke their way through her bra and Joan ran her palms over them, causing them to throb even more. When Mary sighed in delight her sister took that as a signal to move on to the next step.

Looking her sister in the eye, she reached for the waistband of her trousers and opened them. Kneeling down in front of Mary, she lowered the zip before tugging gently on the trousers and let them slide down the other woman's legs. Kneeling as she was, she was now just inches from her ultimate target but, forcing herself to go even slower, she lifted Mary's feet out of her trousers, one after the other, then slipped her shoes off.

Reaching up, she hooked her fingers into the waist of Mary's tights and pulled them down. She had been able to see her sister's large panties through the tights but only now could she see just how much they covered and immediately added panties to her mental shopping list. She could feel the other woman's anxiety but she could smell her arousal and she was delighted to see the tiniest damp patch on Mary's panties.

Once again lifting her sister's feet to fully remove her tights, she stood up and guided Mary over to the bed. She hesitated just a moment when she saw the crucifix above the large double bed but, feeling no resistance from her new lover, she pushed on. As Mary lay down under her sister's direction, Joan leaned over her and began to kiss her as she had never been kissed.

She concentrated on Mary's mouth while her fingers began to roan over her sister's pure body. While she sucked on Mary's bottom lip her fingertips caressed her sister's smooth skin. While she pushed her tongue between Mary's teeth, she cupped her sister's full breasts. Wanting to teach Mary even more, she pulled back and told her sister to sit up.

"Ok so far?" Joan asked, expecting to be told to stop. Mary simply nodded and her sister continued her seduction.

As Mary sat up Joan expertly reached round, unhooked the large bra and, sliding it down her sister's shoulders and arms, revealed her surprisingly firm breasts. Lowering Mary back on to the bed, she herself lowered her mouth to slowly suck her sister's nipples between her soft lips, first one, and then the other.

Seeming to want even more, she began to suck harder, as if she was trying to suck each of her sister's whole breasts into her mouth, first one, and then the other. But even that wasn't enough to satisfy her and she reluctantly released her disappointed sister to move down further.

Mary let out a small noise of disappointment but then she suddenly realised why her sister had stopped and what she intended to do next. Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of the crucifix above the bed and all the old guilt came flooding back.

"What am I doing?" she asked herself. "I'm lying topless on my bed while Joan kisses her way down my almost naked body. I must stop this. I must. I must"

But the more she tried to convince herself of the evil of her actions the more her body responded to her sister's kisses. The more she tried to pray for guidance, the more the tingling increased between her legs. The more she was convinced how wrong this all was, the more her panties seemed to be getting wet.

She had felt this tingling before; she had even felt her underwear become a little moist before. But she had always stopped her sinful thoughts by praying, fasting and lots of cold showers. She had always confessed her sins to the priest and he had always given her a huge penance as a result but none of that could compare to the way her sister was making her feel now.

Joan seemed to have kissed every inch of the tormented woman's trembling body when she instinctively knew it was time to move to the next level.

"Ready?" she asked, giving Mary one last chance to change her mind. Again her sister simply nodded, not trusting her mouth to be able to form coherent words. Mary dared to watch as her sister took hold of her panties and began to pull them down. Something told her she should scream at her sister to stop but something else, something much stronger, forced her to grip the duvet beneath her and let Joan lead the way. Her morals were slipping just as easily as her panties were sliding down her legs and she had never wanted anything more.

As Joan pulled she revealed her sister's hairy pussy, just as she had imagined it. What she hadn't dared to hope for, even having seen the evidence of the growing wet spot on Mary's crotch, was how wet her sister would be.

As Mary held her breath, she could feel her sister's own breath between her legs and gasped aloud when Joan lowered her mouth and touched Mary's virgin lips with her tongue. She climbed on to the bed and opened the innocent's legs, exposing her most private parts to further pleasure and further sin.

"Look at me, Mary," she instructed as she began to run her hot tongue up and down her sister's slit, tasting her, savouring her and pleasuring her in a way that was so good Mary knew it had to be sinful.

As she continued to probe with her tongue, Joan brought her hand into the action and seemed to press on the top of Mary's lips. The older virgin propped herself up on her elbows and looked on in amazement as a little button seemed to pop out. When Joan flicked it with her tongue, Mary suddenly moaned in pure lust as she fell back on the bed, her back arching, her pussy instinctively pushing itself towards her sister's insistent mouth.

"That's your clit," said Joan with a knowing smile.

As her sister returned to licking and sucking, Mary couldn't take any more and the first orgasm of her life hit her like a tidal wave. She screamed in pleasure and seemed to convulse as Joan continued her attack. She grabbed her sister's legs to stop her escaping her tongue but Mary's body had taken over her reason and her Catholic guilt by now. Instead of trying to escape, Mary reached down and forced her sister's head to never think of leaving her new-found home between Mary's outstretched legs. Joan obliged and continued to attack her sister's pussy with a fervour that she knew had waited a long time to be satisfied.

Eventually, Mary could take no more and begged the other woman to stop. She lay naked on her bed, smiling up at her sister, the sister who had just made her cum for the first time ever, the sister whose mouth was covered in Mary's juices and who was smiling back at her.

"Thank you," they said in unison, before Joan lay down beside her sister and they hugged for a very long time, kissing each other gently, softly and lovingly.

Mary, surprisingly, was the first to stir.


"Yes?" Joan asked hesitantly, wondering what her no-longer holy sister was going to ask. The next words out of Mary's mouth shocked her almost as much as anything that had happened so far but they were the very words she wanted to hear.

"Would you please take your clothes off too?"

Joan got up off the bed and, still smiling at her sister, began to undress. Her blouse was removed in double quick time and Mary was delighted with what she saw. Her sister's breasts weren't as big as her own but, encased as they were in Joan's lacy bra, they looked incredibly beautiful, sexy and delicious. Mary could feel the tingling between her legs again as she watched her younger sister undress and her eyes feasted on every inch of naked flesh that Joan slowly revealed.

When Joan's skirt fell to the floor Mary stared open mouthed at the tiny thong her sister wore and thought how plain her own underwear must have looked. What Joan revealed when she slid the thong down her legs, however, caused Mary to gasp aloud in amazement. There wasn't a single hair between her sister's legs and she suddenly realised that she had never seen anything so gorgeous in her whole life. Now she could understand just how aroused a woman could be by another.

The two sisters didn't say a word at first as they both stared at each other's body. Finally Joan took the initiative and lay down beside her older sister. Taking Mary in her arms, she whispered, "Hold me, Mary; touch me."

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