tagBDSMThe One Called Mercy Ch. 04

The One Called Mercy Ch. 04



The silence of the room held the secrets that each occupant was holding close to their chests. Morgan Benedict was no different, nor did he believe the young woman sitting across from him was either. Mercy Lewis, though a guest in his home under unique circumstances, was still after all human and that meant that she had her personal demons and what those were were none of his concern. What did concern him was her current health and well-being after all her former Master, Sir Samuel Reuben had left her deeded to Morgan in lieu of a cash settlement.

Morgan cleared his throat and tapped the top of the parchment in which Reuben had transcribed the offer. "And you were allowed to read this?" he asked the woman who had merely offered him the letter and took the seat he'd pointed out to her.

"Yes, Sir."

"And you are in agreement to the terms and willing to abide by those I set forth?"

"I am," Mercy answered. She knew the contents of the letter. Samuel Reuben, her former Master, had become buried in a mountain of debt and one of those debtors happened to be Lord Morgan Benedict. Samuel had called Mercy into his study and explained that he would no longer be able to provide for her, but if she were willing he was sure that Lord Benedict would take her in. When she voiced her doubt, he explained the circumstances in which she go to him. She would fulfill whatever role he needed, including and not limited to all things sexual and domestic. "So I am to be his slave?" she had asked him. His reply had been a simple yes, but she could tell him "no" and be on her way.

Mercy had seen no other option for herself. She had lived the life as a companion to men since her 18th birthday when her father took it upon himself to sell her virginity and her person to a local farmer. She became his bed-mate, as well as the mother to his children. He later sold her when an offer that was too lucrative to pass up was placed before him. With that Master she was taken to sea. The captain of the ship used her, not only for his own enjoyment, but would often pass her to his men. Samuel had been next, having purchased her from the auction block.

Over the course of her twenty-six years, Mercy had called four different men Master, five if one counted her father, but blessedly he never exerted his lust upon her. Morgan Benedict was not a stranger to her and in truth she was glad to have found protection under his roof.

"Mercy, it says here that you were given the option to remain free and not tethered to me because of Reuben's debt. Why have you chosen to remain a servant to man's sexual urges?" Morgan was asking.

She tilted her head to one side and looked to be considering his question, but in fact she was curious to his desire or lack of desire to keep her. Unable to read his expression, Mercy cleared her throat and began to explain her reasoning behind paying off Reuben's debt. "Lord Benedict, you are not a stranger to me, for in fact you and Sir Samuel have used me simultaneously during one of his parties."

Morgan lifted a brow, inclined his head and acknowledged the truth behind her words.

"I recall the pleasure you gave and the gentle, yet firmness of your hand. I do not know how much of my past you are aware of, but I have never been a free woman. Not really. Upon my 18th birthday, my father sold me to a local farmer, who later sold me to another man, and so on and so on, until I became Sir Samuel's charge. I had hoped to stay with him until my end days, but as you are well aware, his gambling is not nearly as profitable as he wishes it to be."

"Perhaps not, but still you will be indebted to me for a period of one year. You could be free now."

Mercy smiled warmly. "Lord Benedict, I have seen free women. I do not wish to be one of them. Free women of our time are poor, uneducated, unkempt, filthy, and when they sell their bodies they do it for a coin or two and are often left beaten and diseased."

"And you are not diseased? Did you not spend time with pirates?"

"You know I am not. My Lord and Savior chose to protect me from the warts and bugs that often coat the seamen. The Captain of that ship was a nobleman as well," she cleared her throat, "at least in regards to his hygiene and the hygiene of his men."

"So you are willing to be mine for one year and then what? Will you seek your freedom then?"

"Truthfully, I hope to take this year to convince you and Mistress Isabell would be so pleased with me that you would keep me as your own. If not, then I would ask that you help me find another benefactor that enjoys the same delicacies in the bedroom that our circle enjoys."

Morgan chuckled. "I've never heard it put quite that way. 'Delicacies in the bedroom'. Some would say we are heathen and demented. Perverse and sinful."

Mercy shrugged her shoulders. "When it is done between consenting adults there is nothing wrong with what we do. A whip laid across flesh can be quite arousing when it is done properly," she then looked seductively at Morgan, "and I recall you lay a whip across an ass quite well."

Lord Benedict tilted his head, acknowledging her compliment. "There is one thing that you should know, in case your desire for her is what truly brings you to my door. Lady Isabell is no longer housed within these walls."

The look of surprise told Morgan what he needed to know. Isabell's departure had been handled swiftly and discretely, two things he had insisted on when he was ridding himself of her.

"May I ask what happened?"

"She was caught removing things from the house that did not belong to her. I shall not tolerate theft."

Mercy's gaze widened. "I would never bite the hand that feeds me, Sir."

"Yes, well Isabell did and she is now housed far from here. Safe, but she will not return to our shores anytime soon," Morgan leaned back in his chair, "I also expect you to remain true to me and me alone. My secrets are mine and if I share them with you they go no further. I will own your body, possess your soul and you will not give either to another man or woman without my permission. Is that acceptable to you?"

"Of course," Mercy told him. "Lord Benedict, I did not just fall off the cart Sir. I will admit that my desire for you runs deep and in truth I am anxious to serve you."

"Are you ready now?" he asked.

Mercy's breath caught her in throat. She licked her lips and nodded her head. "I am yours to command." "Come here Mercy and ride my cock."

Morgan watched as Mercy's lips rose in a genuine smile of pleasure. Her earlier proclamation that she had found him pleasing was telling in that smile. As she walked around his desk, he opened his trousers and pulled out his shaft. It had lengthened the moment Mercy had stepped into his study and it had grown thick and hard as he had read the letter from her former Master.

She reached his side and licked her lips. "Does it please you?" he asked with a slight smirk on his lips.

"Yes, Sir. All of you pleases me, and I hope to please you."

"I am sure you will, Mercy."

She lifted her skirts and climbed onto his lap. His chair had no armrests, so straddling him was not a difficult task for her nimble legs. He felt the heat of her sex surround him as she slowly drew him into her slick hole.

"You are quite ready, aren't you slut?"

Mercy moaned softly. "Yes, Sir. I admit," she sighed as she settled around him, "that I was ready the moment my former Master told me of his idea."

Again Morgan grinned. He placed his hands on her hips and began to rock her back and forth. She squeezed his rod, massaging his dick with the tight muscles of her sex until he was grunting and groaning in appreciation. Their initial act of fucking did not take long, his desire to fill her with his seed and mark her as his was too great. He coated her sex, and left her panting and wanting. "Mercy, this is not the room in which I wish to make you come. Not yet."

She smiled softly.

"Go to my chambers, there is a door to the left of my bed. Go there and wait for me," Morgan told her.

Mercy nodded her head, got up and stared at his moist cock. "May I?"

"Yes, my slut."

She got down on her knees and washed away the evidence of their mating. When she was done Morgan knew her desire was great. He had heard her whimpers and moans while she cleansed him of cum and fluid. "You are a hungry one, aren't you?" He rubbed her cheek, and toyed with her hair.

A soft blush rolled over her cheeks as she rose from the floor. "I believe Master Benedict, that I was made for you. Only you can feed me."

Morgan's cock tightened and jerked. "Go Mercy and prepare yourself. You may choose what you desire -- this time."

"Yes, Sir."

She left his study and made her way across the foyer, up the staircase and down the hall. Mercy was familiar with the layout of Benedict's home. She had been a guest there many a night when parties were thrown and Samuel had brought her. Now she lived within the walls of the man she had secretly craved for years.

Once inside his bedchamber Mercy felt at peace. She walked around his chambers, taking note where his boots were, as well as the layout of his shaving and grooming tools. She opened the armoire and memorized how his clothing was stored, and what pieces went where. Her goal was to become indispensable to her Master and though she knew she would never replace Gregory, his devoted man servant, she would do her best to lighten his load.

Mercy made her way to the room where she'd been instructed to go. Beside the door was a long lighting stick, which she lit from a turned down lantern that rested on the table. With the stick lit, she opened the door and lit the lantern that protruded from the wall, then quickly circled the room lighting all the candles and lanterns that she saw.

Afterward Mercy stood back and gazed hungrily upon her Master's surroundings. Against the north wall was a beautiful, polished St. Andrew's Cross with leather padding and leather restraints with gleaming metal buckles. Beside this was a table full of various implements of pain and pleasure. Whips and floggers made of different materials, as well as varying weights and lengths.

Along the south wall, Morgan Benedict had erected a set of pulleys that Mercy knew would allow him to suspend his prey for hours, if he willed it. There were shackles on the wall with metal rings and locks that would take twenty healthy men to pull from their housing. The east wall housed a bed, though it was more narrow than the bed in the master chamber. It was there to serve a purpose, it was not there for comfort and rest. Mercy shivered in anticipation of being taken upon the coarse covers by her Master. The west wall, which led to Benedict's bedchamber was for the most part bare. There was a paddling table, as well as a variety of paddles that hung from the wall. Another table with more tools depicting her Master's sexual desire rested next to the paddling table.

"Beautiful," she whispered, before releasing the buttons of her jacket, and pulling it off. She then released the strips of satin that kept her bodice closed. Following that, she removed her shoes, stockings and garters. Her sex was still wet from Morgan's earlier release. She dipped her fingers into her pussy and licked them clean. A shutter of lust rolled through her as she imagined supping on more of his cum.

After she satisfied the hunger on her tongue, she pulled off her dress and placed all her belongings on a hook that hung from the wall. She had not brought anything else with her. Samuel had told her that her new Master would provide for her and so she left with only what she'd worn on her person. Mercy walked away from all she owned and headed toward the pulley system. Morgan had told her to prepare herself and had given her free reign on how little or how much abuse she would be given. Mercy wanted it all. Samuel, for as perverse as he was, he was not nearly as cruel as she desired. Morgan would be, she had no doubt and she wanted him to know that she craved everything.

Morgan remained in the study for just under an hour. He sent a letter to Samuel, accepting Mercy as payment in full. Another missive was sent to Madam Brume, a well known seamstress who was known not only for her tight stitchery, but also for discretion. A third letter was sent to his bank, and account was opened in the name of Ms. Mercy Lewis. Benedict knew that over time society would know Ms. Lewis' place in his life, but he also was aware that if you bought discretion, it was supplied, even if everyone knew it didn't exist.

Once he had finished his letters, and addressed his house staff, he headed up to his rooms. His desire to once again bury his cock between the tight moist walls of Mercy's cunt had kept him hard for the past hour and his need made his balls ache. He walked into the dungeon and grinned at the naked woman who faced the wall.

Mercy had chosen the pulley system as the first scene they would play out. She had placed the iron clamps upon her ankles, locked them together, and then placed her hands inside the ones that were suspended above her head. It had not been hard for her to restrain herself, a quick flick of the wrist and the restraints had snapped into place. He promised to show her later how she could free herself, if the need ever arose. For now he could not help but admire her round ass, long legs and the curve of her breasts as they swayed whenever his little slut moved.

"I see you are eager to play," Morgan said before closing the door and walking toward the delicate morsel of sin.

"Yes, Sir."

He smiled as he glanced at her choice of toys. A 4' whip of the finest braided leather rested next to a flogger made of similar material. Beside this were clamps that would dig into his pet's skin and next to those were small weights that could be added to the clamps cord, weighing down the sensitive flesh. His cock jerked at the image of Mercy taking every strike and begging for more.

"Did Samuel feed you well?" he asked, as he ran one palm across her ass and squeezed the sweet round globe.

"He did his best, Sir."

"But you've desired more haven't you Mercy?" he asked, before gliding his hand between her ass cheeks and toying with her tight asshole.

Mercy pushed back on his finger. "I have Sir."

"Did you not let Samuel know your desires?"

"It was not my place Sir. He was pleased with me and that was what mattered."

Morgan frowned. "Perhaps to some Master's, but for my pleasure I wish to know what you desire as well. It may not be something I am willing to give you, but I would ask you tell me and let me decide. Do not withhold your lust from me. Is this understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now I see you've not been shy in regards to our playing, nor will I."

Morgan disrobed, storing his clothes on a hook next to the one Mercy had used. When he returned to her side, he picked up the clamps and secured them to her nipples and her clit. A small chain hung from each polished end and to this he added two steel weights.

Mercy groaned from the bite of the clamps' teeth and the heaviness of the steel. Her sex tightened and moisture seeped from her pussy lips. Morgan ran a palm across her abdomen. His fingers trailed across the smooth shaved surface of her sex. She hissed softly when his nails scrapped lazily down her wet lips and when the knuckle of his thumb pushed between them to tease her clit, causing the clamp to jostle against her flesh she bucked against him.

"I recall you being very responsive. It is good to see this has not changed."

Morgan turned a handle that was anchored to the wall and soon Mercy was being slowly lifted off the ground. He watched her chest rise and fall in excited breaths. When he was happy with her position, he gave her a soft push and Mercy spun around three times. After she stopped swaying Morgan was there to bring down three quick and well-placed lashes with his whip. "Your name my pet -- Mercy -- that will be the word you call out when you wish for me to be less heavy handed. And you will call out stay when you wish for me to stop. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Then we shall begin."

Mercy took a deep breath, hoping to calm the fury of excitement that was dancing through her veins. The first three lashes had been like a balm to her hungry soul and as Morgan began to deliver another volley of them, she felt her passion rising.

The tail of the whip kissed her back, the small of her back, and the backs of her thighs. The leather tail snaked around her torso, and bit the underside of her right breast. She bit down on her lower lip, welcoming each sting and secretly craving for more.

Morgan watched her face and saw the juices of her sex glisten in the light that spilled about the room. He drug the tail of the whip against her pussy, catching the juice and coating the weapon with her fragrance. He brought it down again, this time across her chest, belly and sex. She bucked against her restraints. The weights and the chains that were tethered to the clamps swayed angrily back and forth, pulling on her flesh and making her skin grow red and sore.

"Cry out your passion, slut," Morgan shouted as six more strikes of the whip were laid upon her bare flesh.

Mercy did not hesitate. She begged him for more. Her nectar slid from her cunt, coating her thighs and trailing down her alabaster skin. "Master?"

"Yes?" Morgan's voice was soft. He trailed the whip along her ribs and down her thighs, teased the crack of her ass with the handle and kissed her back. "What is it, slut?"

"When my body aches and the need to come overwhelms me, do you wish for me to ask permission?"

"I do recall Samuel making that a requirement of you. No, slut. When my whore's need to come is so great. I do not wish her to waste time asking permission." He pushed the handle of the whip into her pussy and twisted the polished wood back and forth. "So come when you need my little bitch."

"Yes, Master." Mercy sighed as Morgan fucked her repeatedly with the whip. He sucked on her clit, removing the clamp with his teeth, before pulling and tugging on the sensitive nub himself.

Mercy's hips gyrated lewdly against his face. He smiled and sucked harder until she was screaming "Master" and showering him with her nectar. He watched with a satisfied smirk as her come flowed hot and freely down the whip and against his palm. After the first wave of come had rushed from her, Morgan pulled the whip away and lowered his mouth to her hot hole. He drank greedily from her pussy as another shot of clear hot lava flowed onto his tongue and down his throat.

She bucked wildly and he held her still as he ate her out and caused her to come again. Her gasping and moaning, hissing and ragged breathing were signals that told Morgan to remove himself from her pussy. He stepped back, kissed her belly and reached out to remove the clamps from her sore nipples. He covered first the right with long languorous licks and gentle sucks, before repeating the same sweet treatment to the other.

Mercy came again as her Master caressed and suckled her like a babe latched to a mother's breast. She felt her Master's smile against her breast and inside her heart melted. She opened her eyes and watched with awe as he nursed from her. The image was more breathtaking than her imagination had ever projected.

When he was done he looked up and greeted her gaze with his hungry lustful one. "I am far from finished pet," he whispered before abandoning her tits and moving to grasp the flogger.

His cock was hard. His balls ached and his desire to plunge his cock into her tight core was building, yet he called upon the discipline he was known for and waited for the right moment to once again coat her with his seed.

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