tagIncest/TabooThe Onyx Ring Ch. 02

The Onyx Ring Ch. 02


This is the continuation of a story began in Gay male. It would be a good idea to read the first part before continuing.

Thanks and enjoy!!


Gary knocked on the Harris' front door and waited. He knew Amber was there with Lance; He and Lance had planned for it. Amber's parents had gone out for the night to some society function and they would have the evening to themselves.

Amber opened the door and stared at Gary, perplexed. "Hey," She said, making a bit of a face, "What are you doing here?" She didn't care much for Gary. She treated him about the same way Lance had treated him until last week. Everything changed last week. Soon it would change for Amber.

"Hi," Gary said, throwing out his best award winning smile, "Lance asked me to stop by and give you this." He held out his hand, the hand holding the onyx ring, and watched her eyes sparkle. Just like a magpie, he thought to himself. The minute she sees a treasure that's all she thinks of.

Amber reached her hand out. "Lance got this for me?" She asked as her fingers brushed the band. Her hand snapped closed as if struck by a spasm from an electrical jolt and snatched the ring. Instantly her eyes glazed over and the smile fell from her face.

"Actually," Gary said, half smiling, "He got you for me. Move out of the way and let me in."

Amber backed up swinging the door wide open so Gary could enter. He stepped into the family room and told Amber to close the door and sit on the couch. She stepped over to the couch, her hand still tightly gripping the ring.

"Lance!" Gary yelled, "Come down here." Gary walked over to the sofa and stared at Amber. This would be another new experience and one he deserved. Amber had been a real bitch to him over the years. How lucky he was that she was Lance's girlfriend. It was a double bonus! He squatted down in front of Amber as Lance trotted down the stairs to stand next to him, his hand on Gary's shoulder. He leaned over and gave Gary a kiss on the cheek as Gary began to speak to Amber.

"Amber," Gary began, "I am going to let you have control of you vocal cords. You will not scream. You will not be able to move any other part of your body except your eyes unless I tell you you can. Do you understand?"

Amber's eyes looked into Gary's. "Yes.....Wh-what is going on? Why did Lance kiss you?"

Gary could hear the fright in Amber's voice and his heart took a quick leap. "Amber, Lance and I are lovers. We want you to join us," He said quietly, watching for any type of a reaction.

"You've lost your mind." She said, "Lance is my man and I would never want to even touch you let alone be a part of something sick like that."

Gary could see the sweat building on her brow as she struggled to free herself to no avail. Gary stood up. "Lance," He said, smiling, "Suck my cock."

Lance immediately positioned himself in front of Gary and dropped to his knees. He practically ripped Gary's pants off of him and took his cock into his mouth. He bobbed his head back and forth, twirling his tongue over Gary's now throbbing cock as he moaned, ecstatic.

Gary watched Amber's eyes pop wide. If she was free right now her mouth would be hanging open, he thought.

"Th-this can't be happening. Lance would never," Her voice trailed off. She couldn't say he would never. Here he was, eagerly gobbling away.

"Amber, look at me," Gary said. Amber's eyes popped up to his. "While I am talking you will stare at Lance. You will watch him taking my cock. The longer you watch the more excited you will get. You can see the pleasure he is giving me and you will ache to please me as well. Every cell in your being will begin to surge with desire. You will obey my every command. You will not ever try to resist me. You will return to your own personality but you will never treat me badly again. As a matter of fact you will crave my company. You will make me your new best friend. You will confide everything to me, asking for my opinions, ideas, etc. When I tell you what I think you will take it to heart and decide that is the best course of action. Any time I wish I can return you to this state without the use of the ring. All I will have to do is tell you to return to it. When I take the ring from you you will have complete control of your faculties but what I just told you will remain in effect from this day forward. Do you understand?"

While Gary spoke Amber stared at him. Then she turned her eyes to the back of Lance's head. She began to watch Lance taking his cock in and out of his mouth and she started sweating even more. Gary could see passion beginning to burn in her eyes. "Yes," She whispered," I understand. Please let me cum."

Gary could see near panic in her eyes. He reached over and plucked the ring from her hand. She collapsed back on the sofa, still staring at Lance, her hips gyrating in synch to his head thrusts around my cock. She gasped and sat up. "Make Lance stop," She begged, "Let me take his place, please."

Gary smiled. "Lance, let Amber have some," He said.

Lance got up and moved aside, clearly displeased. Amber quickly dropped to her knees and crawled to my cock.Gary turned his body long ways to the sofa to give her more room and to allow Lance an area to work in. Amber quickly wrapped her lips around his cock. She slurped greedily. She could not take all his cock in her mouth but she tried with all her might.

"Amber," Gary began, "It seems like such a waste, you sucking my cock and your pussy being so wet. I think we should let Lance enjoy that side of you for a bit."

Amber stopped slurping and looked up. She looked a little irritated at being interrupted but she quickly recovered. "That would be a wonderful idea," She said, eyes gleaming, "You are right, my pussy is very wet and I am so horny." She tipped her head down and resumed sucking but she hoisted her ass higher up to show Lance what he was missing.

Gary nodded his head at Lance and he quickly dropped his pants and got behind her. He lifted her skirt up onto her back and tore her panties away. His cock was very small compared to mine but he knew how to use it. He slipped it into her wet pussy quickly and she immediately began to thrust against him as she sucked my cock. She built up a rhythm around the two of use to maximize her thrust. It was amazing.

After about ten minutes Gary asked Amber to stop sucking him. She pulled back frowning. He asked her to take the rest of her clothes off but at no time was Lance to slip out of her wet pussy. He told Lance that he was not to slip out as well. It was great watching him move from side to side to keep from sliding out while she struggled to slowly remove her top and bra without dislodging him. While they did this Gary removed the rest of his clothing. When they were finished he told Lance to pull out.

He could see why jock Lance wanted a girl like Amber. She came from a well to do family. She was built like no woman Gary had ever seen on the internet. Her breasts stood out proud and firm from her body, her stomach was well muscled yet flat. And her ass, so soft and plush.

He made myself comfortable in a recliner and told Amber to come and sit on his lap with her back against him. He positioned himself so that his cock would slide up between her legs along the crack of her ass. He told Lance to get on top of them and use the armrests to support their weight. Gary told him to slide his cock into Amber's pussy and pump very slowly.

They perched on the edge of the seat to allow Lance more working room. Amber began to moan immediately, working her hips forward and trying to wiggle her ass around Gary's cock as well.Gary began to whisper in her ear.

"Lance's cock is very small," He said,his lips brushing her ear as she tipped her head back. Her body lost it's rhythm for a half a second.

"Yes," She said, her words coming out in a ragged breath, "Yes, it is. I never looked at it before."

"Mine is much larger," Gary said, "I know you love the way Lance feels inside you. Wouldn't it feel much better if you had a bigger cock inside you?" He waited for the anticipated response.

Amber thrust harder against Lance while he continued to pump slowly into her. Abruptly she stopped and pushed him off of her. She turned around on the chair so she was facing me. Gary could feel her pussy dripping wet against his cock as she spun around. The throbbing was getting painful.

"I want to feel that hard cock inside me," She moaned into my ear, "Let me have that giant cock. Let me cum all over it." She threw her head back as she said this and worked the lips of her pussy along the head of my hard on.

Gary told Lance to sit there and watch and not to pleasure himself unless he told him he could. He looked unhappy but he would wait. He wanted me to be happy. Gary slid the head of his cock down into Amber's wetness.

It was incredible. It was different from the sex he had with Lance. Where Lance was tight and dry Amber was a little looser and dripping wet. It felt different inside her than it felt in him. Not better, just different.

Amber was gyrating like a wild animal now, her hips thrusting hard against me as I felt my cock jerk with the rising orgasm. "Cum now," He panted to Amber.

"Aaaah," She began to scream, "Oh God, I am coming! Your cock is so big!!!"

Her hips jerked one more time and she collapsed against me. Gary heard the sound of a car door and raised his head. He told Lance to look out the window and see what was going on. He looked from then window to Gary, fear on his face.

"Her parents are home."

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