tagFetishThe Other Night

The Other Night


The night happened, and I will never forget it. The way we were together was the best I had felt in a long time. I can't believe you knew exactly what I liked and where. That night will be in my memory forever.

As I sat at my desk daydreaming of the night my wife took over, pen to the paper, I had to tell her how wonderful it was, but my voice couldn't express it. It had to come from the written word; but the few sentences I had written began to plague my mind with thoughts of the night she took over, and I just couldn't resist those thoughts.


I walked inside my house after a day at work, a bit tired, but nothing new. Sitting my stuff down and removing my clothes, I sat down on the couch. Only my boxers prevented me from being completely exposed, and I was comfortable. Soon, in my stupor of happiness I notice my wife walking in from the bedroom. Who in the hell knew what she was doing in there, I guessed a nap; but I watched as she made her way to me, wearing nothing but a black thong. The lace on the front complimenting the small piece of cloth keeping it together as her large DD breasts bounced ever so slightly with each step she took. Fuck, she was irresistible to me, and she knew it. No matter how tired I was, she always had me awake for her voluptuous body.

I watched as my girl swayed her hips towards me, and feeling a hot sensation I had to pay attention to her more. She stopped right in front of me, and said that she had been thinking, and then proceeded to smile, and drop to her knees. My cock was already hard by this point, and became harder the closer she came to taking it in her mouth. My seven inch cock stood directly in front of her lips, and then time itself slowed. Her head took all of me into her throat, and pleasure wrapped its greedy hands around me, as I sat there paralyzed by lust.

Her head bobbed up and down, never leaving me dry, and never stopping. My cock, dripping with her saliva, felt like it had done enough waiting; and so, I began to buck my hips at her, enjoying every stroke of her lips.

That is when it happened.

She playfully said "Uh- Uh" telling me not to move, that I need to stay still. Now this has happened before, where my wife took me, and for lack of a better term, dominated me. She made me her slave for the night, but this night was different; because as soon as she said not to move I felt her teeth on my cock. She began to nibble and chew on me. Stopping, for a small second, she turned to me, "You are mine, do you understand? Are you ready?" Weakly I answered "Yes". Her lips still felt so good on my cock, and it's not like she was trying to hurt me.

"You will call me mistress," she said sternly, "and you will always answer with my name, mistress. Furthermore, you are my whore. Mine to do with as I please. I will refer to you as whatever I choose, but primarily you will be called by pussy slut. And my pussy slut will do whatever I say, whatever I command, and will never disobey. Do you understand, Pussy-slut."

"Yes," I said as I paused to see just how serious she was, and as I felt her teeth slowly clamp down, I knew that I was hers, I was trapped, "Yes mistress."

Feeling liberated I fell into a submission, just like we had before, but I knew this was going to be different; because as soon as I said mistress, she let go of my cock, smiled, and took me into her lips one more time.

"There is one more rule, you are forbidden from cumming unless I specifically tell you that you can. Failure to listen to any of my rules will bring punishment to you, and if you cum before I tell you to, then Pussy-slut, you will receive the worst punishment of all. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress," I said, feeling excitement for how much she is getting into this role, I actually felt like her whore, just like she wanted me too, and I loved it.

Removing her lips from my rock hard cock, she looked as me, "Take off the rest of your clothes, and go to the bedroom. Lie there on your back and I will be ready for you," commanded my mistress.

"Yes, mistress," I said as I got up and stripped my boxers off, thrust them into a corner of the room and walked to the bedroom where I lay down on our queen sized bed, and waited.

She walked into the room, and kept it dark, just the way I like it, and proceeded to use of beds restraint system to tie me down, while I felt my cock get just that much harder. She had to tie me down, because even though I was submissive now, I could switch, and I was much too strong for her to prevent, so the restraints were a good foresight until she had me even further into her grasp. I watched her move away from me, and get out our chest of toys, nothing too intense, just a vibrating ass plug, a strap-on, a bit small than my own cock, a small whip, and the like; but then I saw her do something that I hadn't seen before. She grabbed a short jean skirt, and fit her great body into it, after which she bent over in front of me, so that, inevitably, my eyes would be glued to her body, and pulled down her thong.

"I didn't tell you to watch did I, whore!" She said while slightly shaking her now bare, shaved pussy at me. I replied like a good slave, "No mistress."

"Do you want my pussy? Does seeing your mistress like this make you want it more?"

"Yes mistress," I replied, feeling my cock get even harder, if that was possible.

"How about you taste me pussy just as I tasted you?" She said as a smile came over her face.

Now walking up to me, then crawling on the bed, she climbed and sat on top of me, her tits hanging out, and her pussy in front of me, not an inch from my face. I squirmed just enough but I couldn't get to her glistening pussy. "Ask me for my pussy, tell yourself who you are!" Hearing the command, I said, "Yes mistress. Please can I have your pussy mistress? Will you let me taste you? Can I eat your pussy for you? I am your Pussy-slut, will you let me be that for you?" I said, honestly begging for it at this point.

Her hips lowered onto my face, "Eat me," She said authoritatively. Without missing a beat I began to lick and suck her clit, listening to her moan, knowing that I have done a good job. She shoved it into my face, keeping me under her, while she rubbed it all over my face, "Breathe in!" she said right before she suffocated me, covering my mouth and nose with her wet pussy, and riding me, knowing that I wanted to eat it. A small bit of time later she let up, and I took a few breaths until she pressed against me again. Moaning, I felt some of her juices squirt onto my face, and I had to swallow it, forced to drink her. She lifted up, "You like drinking me don't you?" she asked playfully.

"Yes mistress." She turned around, placing her pussy on my lips the other way, and then she bent over, placing her lips on my cock again. Her ass not in my face, she began the same routine of shoving her pussy into my mouth, forcing me to eat her, and if she was about to burst, she let up so that it went all over my face. All the while telling me how much of a good pussy slut I was, how I was her best whore.

Feeling my cock try to cum, I struggled to fight it, and I only made myself squeal, and feel more like the Pussy-slut I was. She stopped, and moved away from me, I felt her unhook my limbs, "Get on your knees!" She told me, and as usual, "Yes mistress" I responded.

"You pussy slut! Lick me! I want you to feel how I do when I suck on you, but that will be in due time," she said with a smile on her face. I immediately dropped to my knees in front of her, and leaned in to lick her under her skirt. I felt like such a whore to her, and I loved it.

After only a few strokes, she grabbed my head, and pushed her pussy onto me just like I would do if she was giving me head. She pushed hard, making me want her even more, and then I felt her next trick. The small whip was smacking my ass as she shoved herself into my face. It didn't take too long before she decided that I had made her cum enough for now. All of a sudden she stopped pushing my head in, and told me to lie on the ground, on my back.

Once again, "Yes mistress," was the only thing I could utter.

I felt the ground against my skin, and watched her stand above my face in the skirt still, "You need to eat me out one more time before I am content with you here!" Quickly, she dropped her pussy onto my face, forcing me to eat her out some more, tasting her sweet juices as she rode my face. I felt the pressure she was putting on me, and I loved every second, soon she grabbed my cock in her hand and began to work it up and down and she rode my face.

After once again cumming, she stood up, "You get to fully submit to me now, you fucking pussy slut!" A smile on her face, knowing what was about to happen to me.

"Yes mistress." I said gleefully, as I was ready to be hers, for the night.

"You are to eat my ass and my pussy, you fucking whore, you want it, I just know it, all sluts like you want to! And after you have done that maybe I will fuck you, as long as you don't cum, and if you are still good, I will then let you cum."

Before I could respond, she spread her ass wide open for me and placed it on my face, for a few minutes she grabbed and played with my cock and balls, keeping herself amused while I ate her ass, and then her pussy, and then her ass again. Feeling fully hers, I was happy when she got up, and smiled at me, telling me that I was such a good pussy slut for her. "Move to the bed." Without any other notice, and a yes mistress later, I was laying on the bed again, her pussy touching my raging cock. It was so hard not to cum, this beautiful woman on top of me, rubbing her clit with my hard dick, which she had been touching and sucking on the entire time. Yet she just shoved me inside of her, only a few times, just to cum once. "That's all I wanted for now you whore, you toy," she smiled at that, "I have a couple more things to do to you, and then you may cum my wonderful whore."

Standing next to the bed she grabbed some anal lube and placed the vibrating anal plug inside me. Then, after turning it on full, she tied my feet to the bed again, and climbed on top of me, "You must now use your fingers, and your mouth if you wish, to make me squirt all over you, to drench you in my juices before you even consider cumming."

"Yes mistress," I said, smiling with the agony of not cumming and the anticipation of doing so.

I began. I fingered her hard and deep, first two then three fingers, and at some points even four. In and out they went, feeling her pussy vibrate with enjoyment; she came over and over again, drenching me in her hot wet cum. Feeling like I was bathing it, I didn't notice that the whole time, she had been licking me and slowly sucking on me, I was uncontrollably whimpering, as I wanted to cum so bad, but knew that I couldn't. I was so horny, dripping from all sides, as she grabbed my hands and moved them away, sitting on my face again, but this time taking me into her lips, I almost couldn't take it. "You are a good pussy slut for me. You have one final task and then you can cum," she said watching me squirm.

"Yes, mistress," I choked out, feeling as though I couldn't stop my cum much longer.

Feeling her leave me, I felt her release my legs, "Bend over the bed and take out the plug when I tell you too. " And so I did as commanded.

Only a few seconds later did I hear the sound of more lube. And soon the command to remove and turn off the plug. I did so and heard this, "You are my whore and I can do with you what I please, this is for you to know what I go through with you." And without skipping a beat, she inserted the 6.5 inch dildo into my ass, slowly so that I could get used to it, and then proceeded to fuck me. Always telling me how much of a good pussy slut I was, but now how much I loved her inside of me. "Tell me how much you love me inside you!" she commanded as she pounded into me, "and push back," she said with a smile once again.

"Yes mistress," I said immediately," mmmm, I love your cock inside me; I have always wanted to know what you feel. Mmmm you feel so good inside me." I said moaning and pushing back onto the strap on. Feeling my cock want to release in this position, with her inside me, I struggled to stop myself, and narrowly did before she finished, a content look on her face.

"Now back on the bed with you." She said sternly.

"Yes mistress." Climbing onto the bed, waiting for her to tell me to finish, and for her to watch, yet this is not what happened at all. She strapped me down again, and told me that I may only cum inside her. That now I can cum but first one task, and again, sternly, only inside her. By one more task, she meant shoving her pussy, still dripping, into my face, suffocating me one last time, watching me continue to eat her, to love every second, while she grabbed my cock; playing with it again.

Then she let my cock go, and grabbed my hair, similar to how she controlled me earlier, and forced me inside her deeper. Then finished by first rubbing her clit on my face, and then hovering above me while she came one more time on my face, splashing down on me; leading her to tell me that it's time.

She put the ass plug back inside me, and climbed on top of me, putting my cock deep into her pussy. "Cum inside me," I heard.

So after minimal effort I came harder than I ever had before, filling her up, knowing how much I enjoyed it. But I was not untied, and I was too weak to fight back. She held her hand to keep my cum inside her, and then sat on my face again.

"My final command is to eat me clean." She said.

I felt my own cum drip into my mouth, and knowing now how much of a true whore for her I was, I ate my cum, feeling hers on my face again. Finally, she lifted herself up off of me, and fully unhooked my hands and legs, and I knew I was content.


To be honest, this is only a representation of a memory, as I momentarily blacked out from cumming so hard, and I can only guess at the things she said to me. Talking the whole time, making sure I knew my place, but telling me how good I was in that place, fucking me in the skirt, grabbing at my hair, all of these things I said, happened many times, in many different contexts, but I was too high on lust to remember.

Now you know, the night that changed my perspective, the night that I was fucked silly. It hasn't happened since, but smaller versions have, with the same force, and I loved it, but I digress, and must finish writing what I started.

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