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The Other Side of the Story


Jodi stared at her reflection critically. Every hateful word that her husband had said over the past five years since the birth of their first child played like a bad record in her mind. "Fat. Ugly. Don't take care of yourself. Disgusting. Who would want you?" All of it was there. Haunting her.

She drew in a calming breathe as she applied another light coat of lip gloss. Not this time. She was not going to allow his hateful words to undermine the new her. She had a plan. Maybe it was not the best one. Maybe some people, hell, a lot of people would judge her. But they had not walked a mile in her shoes. They had not felt their self-esteem, their self-worth, their sexuality, their mojo eroded away by years and years of mental abuse.

Abuse that not even therapy had managed to full alleviate. Although the latest round of DBT, dialectal behavior therapy, was helping. It had gotten her this far. It had given her the courage to go to the local community college to update her computer skills. It had given her the strength to get through months of job hunting until she finally landed one in a law firm not too far from her son's school. It was only part-time; just a few hours in the morning after she dropped him at school. She had even managed to keep tat fact a secret from her husband, saving her single dime that she made for the past year. Until at last she enough money in her savings account for a deposit and first month's rent on a tiny one-bedroom apartment that she had found.

So what was stopping her from going? From just leaving the near constant barrage of verbal abuse about the house that was never clean enough, the dinner that was never warm enough and worst of all her sexual prowess that was never satisfying enough for her husband's prodigious appetites for Internet porn stars with plastic tits and Botox smiles.

She and her therapist had spent the past session exploring that very question. Why could she not just pack their bags and leave? The attorney were she worked had already drawn up divorce papers, ready to be served. But still she hesitated. Put it off. She would do it tomorrow, she promised herself as she made dinner each night. Ironed his shirt before bed. And especially as she lay alone in their king size bed knowing that he was downstairs. On the computer. Watching porn and paying for video chats with those women. Younger, slimmer, prettier ones than the once loving wife that awaited him upstairs.

She was actually relieved that he had not pressed the issue of their increasingly rare sex life. The idea of enduring his ten minutes of humping away at her while he thought about those other women, then the comments that he knew would wound her even deeper was simply more than Jodi could bear.

And that was the crux of the matter. His words had eaten away her very soul until she honestly believed that no man would ever want her again. She was not even thirty yet and the idea of a lifetime of being alone seemed even more frightening than years of his verbal abuse.

So she was stuck...and on the verge of losing the ideal apartment she had found. The elderly woman that owned the duplex and lived next door had called a couple of days ago. 'Was she still interested?' She needed to know because otherwise she would place an ad in the local paper. What was Jodi to do? Caught between abuse and fear. Paralyzed and stuck in a vicious cycle that would go on forever. If she allowed it.

But Jodi was not going to allow it. She had come too far. Taken to many steps to get to this point to stop now. To allow him to win. To finally destroy her. To kill her spirit as he had been trying to do for years. No, she was not going to condemn herself to that. Or worse yet her son. She had made up her mind about that last weekend when they had visited her in-laws. She had listened to an all too familiar tirade from her father-in-law. The truth had dawned on her then...her husband had learned how to treat women from this man. And if she did not find the strength to leave soon, then she would be dooming her own son to that same lesson.

But still how? What could she do to break this paralysis? It was the question that had plagued her every waking and sleeping moment for two days now. Once again she had taken the issue to therapy. And this was the faulty solution they had come up with.

She straightened the too short skirt and tugged up the stockings that wanted to peak out from under it. She wanted to do up at least two more buttons, but reluctantly admitted that her generous tits were probably her best feature. So she left them open as she ran through her mental check list once more. Her son was spending the night at his friend's house. She had sent a text to her husband explaining that one of their friends from church was ill and she was going to take care of her this evening. He might not like coming home to no dinner, but she was sure that the freedom of an empty house to indulge his dark fantasies would make up for the inconvenience.

Except this time, Jodi would be indulging her own dark fantasies. She had done something that she never thought she would...never. With the help of her shrink, she had written an online personal ad. She had even used her cell phone to post it to a popular website right there in the psychologist's office...before she could chicken out. Then she had called the mother of her son's friend and asked her to pick him up from school and keep him overnight. She had texted her husband. Then she had gone on a shopping trip to the sexy lingerie shop at the mall. She had been extra careful to buy things from the clearance items because she could not afford to splurge on such frivolous things.

Even as she shopped she fielded responses to her ad on her phone. She was shocked at the dozens of replies that her quickly worded ad and fuzzy selfie had generated. She had agreed with her shrink that this exercise was about re-building her lost self-confidence. The only measure of the applicants was...looks. For this she wanted to select the hottest guy available.

Then his reply had come. And she had known. It could have not been any more perfect. She knew him. He had been in one of her classes at the community college. He was younger, his early twenties. So amazingly hot too, tall with firm muscles and dark skin. She had been ashamed to discover that she often fantasized about the young man back then. But even though he too had sent a fuzzy selfie...there was no doubt.

And that was how she ended up here in this flea bitten motel that rented cheap rooms by the hour. A knock at the door brought her out of her thoughts. "Now or never," she said to the woman in the mirror. "Now, it is."


The next two hours was wet, wild, marathon sex. Jodi wanted to think that it was the kind she and her husband had on their honeymoon before the realities of parenthood, bills and life intruded on the fantasy of true love. But she knew better. Sex with her husband had NEVER been that good.

She discovered that with the right equipment, a cock that was thick and reached places she never knew she had, she could come just from penetration. She discovered too that oral sex was more than a quick three licks on her clitoris before he mounted her. She discovered that those tits that looked so nice and had done a fine job feeding her son for nine months actually were very sensitive when some one took the time to play with them. She discovered more things than she had ever imagined.

She thought about spending the night there inn that motel room with her lover. Her last night as a truly married woman. As the not-so-dutiful wife. But she had another idea. One that she knew was the proper ending for this.

She lifted her skirt a bit. Her wet cunt as well as the top of her stockings appeared under its hem. She had gifted the black silk thong to her lover before kissing him and promising to text later. She would not of course. She had a new life as a career woman and single mother. She did not have time for casual lovers.

She had checked his study already and he was not there. She mounted the stairs to the bedroom that they had shared for almost a decade. He was snoring loudly on his side of the bed. She was thankful that he was in such deep sleep. She kicked off her shoes and pulled down the stockings. She used them to tie his hands to the headboard. She felt the bed shifted under her weight as she positioned herself just above him.

"I am divorcing you," she screamed loud enough to wake him up. She allowed him to wake enough to realize that his hands were bound before she lowered her full wet onto his face. She had given into her lover's plea to forego the condoms that final time. So she knew that her husband could smell and taste another man's come inside of his once meek, faithful wife. But she did not care. That was the point. To humiliate him as much as he had her for years. She ground against his face as she told him what a lousy lover he was. How small his cock was. How much she hated him.

Then she reached between her legs, "This is my clitoris. The thing you never could seem to find," she said as she began to play with it. She closed her eyes and thought of her lover and all the deliciously sinful things he had done to her body. It did not take her long, only a couple of moments until she came, gushing a mixture of her own copious juices and another man's all over the shocked face of the man she had once loved and promised to stand beside. Until death do us part...except there is more than one way to die. And this man that she had once loved and trusted had killed something inside of her. He had destroyed her hopes and dreams for a happy marriage. She hoped that this night and this humiliation would hurt him, destroy him even a fraction as much as he had done her.

"The papers will be served tomorrow. Sign them or I promise you there will be more of this. Do you know the word cuckold? I do. Now. And if you don't give me my freedom that is what I will make you. You pathetic little man." Then she stood up and walked proudly from their bedroom. She could hear him screaming and cursing but she was beyond caring as she slammed the door on him, his abuse and all the hurts and pains he had inflicted upon her. As far as she was concerned they were even now.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/23/18

She tied his hands?

And sat on his face? That's when he bit her clit off, forcing her to dial 911 or bleed to death. She was arrested and taken to the hospital then jail. Assault, battery, sexual assault and battery, spousalmore...

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by ScorpioJJ03/03/18

Should have taken the high road

Now she is as disgusting as he was. I was in her court until he lowered herself to his level. Sad that their kid will suffer in the long run.

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by Anonymous01/15/18


Maybe she will get hers soon

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by Anonymous09/11/17

Silly women

Oh she's going to get her devorce but not going to get shit, she didn't think shit through and committed a crime that's going to get her a minimum of two years so I'd say her revenge was good for hermore...

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