tagGay MaleThe Other Side of the Window Ch. 04

The Other Side of the Window Ch. 04


We were enjoying our new arraignment. In my own apartment I was sleeping on the futon in my den. I stopped sleeping in the bedroom because I could not deal with sharing a bed with her and not be able to touch her.

I would sneak upstairs at night sometimes and join them for part of the night. My wife would often tell me in the morning how she heard (as she put it) the bitch upstairs screaming for his cock. I knew at least some of those screams were mine just distorted by excitement and the sound passing through the floor.

I got to fuck Dottie and get fucked by Denny, There was not much more I could want except to be back in the bedroom with my wife. That was not going to happen for a while, or last for long when it did.

One time Denny and I were in my apartment in my Bedroom I was in a long satin night gown with a lace bodice and under-wire cups. I was on my back and had been getting fucked hard by Denny's monster cock. I was lost in the feel his rod reaming every inch inside of my ass. We were at it for about ten minutes when I heard the door slam and my wife yell that the prick up stairs was in her fucking space (very true but not in the way she meant).

Denny kept ramming into me as I tried to get up quietly begging him to let me up. Finally he started to pull out of me, for a moment he was stuck in me. My panic had about closed my ass and he had to tug hard to get his massive cock out of my tightly clenched ass. I jumped up and threw on an old pair of sweats and to did my best to tuck the gown in. I tried to be as calm as I could when I walked into the living room.

I made an excuse that we needed a couple things at the store for a special dinner I was making for her. She loves the way I cook but still said that she was happy to have a good dinner but that did not mean I was going to get into her pants, (she was wrong, I was in her pant-ies often while Denny was getting in to me.)

She went off to the market to get what I asked for. I was excited beyond belief. I shed the sweats lay down on the bed and pulled him back into me. He rode hard pounding in and out of me, fucking me to the best orgasm I had ever had . There is Much to be said for almost getting caught.

By the time she came back I was cleaned up and cooking dinner. To this day I can't figure out how she did not see how much my chest was shaped and pushed out as breasts under that sweatshirt never mind seeing strap lines through it.

I loved the close call danger and started having Denny come down stairs some nights and fuck me right in the living room after she went to bed. A couple times we heard her door open, as she went to the bathroom. One time I was sitting on his lap facing away from him as we fucked in the overstuffed chair while he had his feet on the ottoman. I stopped riding my ass up and down his pole and just sat there with it buried as far as it would go into me as she walked to the bathroom. I started riding him as soon as the door shut and stopped when she came out to go back to her room but it was too late he was throbbing inside me and came hard in my ass causing me to cum at the same time.

Denny gave a little grunt when he came. My wife snapped her head around looked back at me. Because the room was mostly dark she did not see Denny. I was kneeling backwards over him and from her angle in the dark it looked like his legs were mine and that I was sitting up. She said what are you doing, jerking off. I told her was just working out a cramp. She said "I bet" and went back to her room as Denny started pumping into me again.

One day I was upstairs sucking his cock back to life after he fucked Dottie. I had told my wife I had to repair some loose flooring in their apartment. While I had his staff buried to the balls in my throat my wife called and asked if she could talk to me. Dina said that I was not able to talk at the moment I was busy with Denny. He quickly grabbed the phone and put it on speaker he started telling her what a good job I was doing and how he never met anyone who could handle a tool better than I could.

I just kept sucking his 10 plus inch dick as my wife said "at least he can do something right". Denny said that I was the best he ever had take care of his wood work. Denny came in my mouth as she said she needed to tell me something when I was done with what I was doing. I swallowed his delicious load and said hi what's up honey.

She started babbling on about a problem with her car. As she was talking I laid back on their couch and Denny mounted me putting my feet over his shoulders and banging his still hard cock into me till his balls were against my asshole. I told her I would fix it when I was done up stairs. She said I sounded strange, and I told her I was working on a real hard piece of wood.

She said "at least you are not totally useless" and that Denny said I was the best person he had seen working with tools". Not realizing she was on speaker she tried to taunt me again saying I should try to work work on his tool since I was there and that maybe he would like a faggot working on him. I grunted yeah Whatever while I came all over us as he kept reaming his cock in an out of me.

Over the next few months I spent much of my time pleasing both Denny and Dottie. I would take my time when I was with Dottie giving her the benefit of the attention I so wanted to give my wife. I loved to tease her small breasts that were capped by large thick nipples. I would slowly caress every inch of her soft skin and kiss my way to her hot opening. I would lick softly all around but not quite touching her long clit. I would slide a finger in her wet pussy as I licked, sucked and nibbled on her nipples.

Finally I would put two fingers into her and gently suck and lick her clit which had grown to almost two inches long. Once she started to cum. I would alternately attack her clit with my mouth then back off to just barely lightly grazing her plump pussy lips with my tongue, then attack once again. I enjoyed being able to make her scream as loud for me to fuck her as she did when riding Denny's massive cock.

I would fuck her with long slow strokes then grinding into her. She would sit down on my cock and lower her thick nipples over my mouth or bend her head and suck my recently growing nipples. I did not have Denny's size but still had over seven inches of fairly thick cock to pound into her as I came deep in her pussy.

Dottie and I would share Denny's cock while blowing him, Passing his cock back and forth or both of us working our mouths on it at the same time. I would lick both his cock and her cunt while they fucked. She loved guiding his dick into my ass often sucking my cock while he fucked me senseless. Other times she would ride my cock while he was fucking me.

Dottie enjoyed putting him into my so much she went out and bought a nice long fat double ended dildo. She would put one end into her hot wet box then get between my legs and guide the other end into me. Though not as physically pleasing as Denny's meat post Seeing this cock jutting from her and sliding into me was incredibly exciting. We would fuck till one of us could not take it anymore.

My wife was would not consider letting me fuck her. She said she only had sex with me so I would marry her. She said she only married me because she did not want to be alone for the rest of her life. I told her that if she would not be with me sexually I might leave. She said she would think about it but she really only said that to string me along a while longer.

I did truly love her and other than the sex issue she was wonderful. Well except for trying to hurt me by inferring I was gay and wanted Denny's cock. She still did not know I was already doing Denny. I would give that all up if she would change her mind about sex.

Over the months I was getting fucked by Denny and Dottie. My wife got to the point she said if I did not stop trying to get her to have sex she was going to go back to her parents. I told her I loved her but she said I would find some bimbo to be with. I told her that she was the only woman I wanted because I loved her so much.

She said again that if I only wanted her I must be hiding the fact I was really gay and using her to hide it. She said that that was why she did not like sex, that I could not turn her on because I really wanted a guy.

I argued this tooth and nail. Although I did love using and being used by Denny's cock I only dreamed of women and was physically attracted women. Men's bodies and faces did nothing for me other than Denny's cock.

She did not know about what I did upstairs but during one argument she said "I bet if I went upstairs and got Denny you would suck his cock in a second" and "He would probably let you because Dottie won't blow him".

I said I wanted nothing to do with him (I always pretended I hated him) and she should just stop. She said that if she were in front of me naked and a guy with a big cock were also naked there too I would choose him over her. I told her that was bullshit. I really did want to be with her but she would not let it go.

Life went on for a couple more months. I would do whatever I could to show my love for her but get fucked upstairs. I was just going on with life the way it had been for almost the last year. On our Anniversary I made I very special romantic dinner and had bought her an Opal ring. The table was set and the lights were low. I had candles burning. I was in the kitchen when she came home.

She marveled at the house and table. We had a nice dinner and she loved her new ring. I started clearing the table. While I was in the kitchen she called out to me and told me to come to the living room. I walked in and there she was beautiful and naked. Her full round breasts with large nipples, Wide feminine hips I was blown away. I had not seen her nude in more than ten months. I said that this was the best gift she could give me. She had me undress and she danced around in front of me I was getting worked up and hard. She said that this was not my gift.

Once she said this a medium build black man stepped. out of the hallway. He was about twenty five and but ass naked. He walked up beside her and stroked an extremely thick eight inch hardon. My wife said that this was my present. I could not believe my eyes I looked at her and she said "Go on you know you want it your cock tells the truth even if you can't" My dick was hard and pointing to my head. It was the way it got when Denny had his Amazing cock balls deep in me. I tried to protest saying it was her who had me that way. She said that if that was true I would have lost my hard on when he came in and I did not jump up screaming when he did.

To remove any doubt she went to the TV and pushed the button on a video recorder I did not notice on the shelf. I dropped down on to the sofa as the scene came up. The screen filled with her dancing for me. You could see My cock getting hard as I watched her. I said see it was you. She told me to hush and keep watching to see what she saw. A moment later he walked in and stroked his cock. I could see my eyes were fixed on it. I could also see my cock Grow and lift toward the sky as I watched.

She turned off the TV and said well are you going to try out Gift. I looked at her and she grabbed his cock and pulled him up to me I reached for her but she took my hand and put it on his cock. I grasped and started stroking it with out thinking about it. I was still looking at her protesting that I wanted her. She laughed and said then why are you jacking him off. Was looking at her as he leaned forward and slid half of his ebony cock into my mouth. On pure instinct my lips closed around him and my tongue started licking and teasing the sensitive areas around the plum shaped head of his cock causing him to moan.

My eyes had not left hers as I leaned in and swallowed the rest of his cock pressing my nose into his pubic hair. His whole length was in my throat. I slid it out of my mouth and licked and sucked around the head. Then I dropped my head back down on it to the root again. It went in and out five or six times as fast as I could. Her jaw dropped and she could not believe I could just swallow a cock that big with out gagging.

He said an expert cocksucker and that I was the first person to deep throat him. I was the best he ever had work on his cock. When he said that a light went on in her eyes. I saw it, she knew. She said excitedly "I guess Denny is right when he said no one could handle a tool better than you could" She said " you could not talk that day because he was down your throat.

What did you do eat his cum before coming to the phone" My eyes went wide and she said "You did didn't you? When you sounded funny what was happening? Was he fucking you?" I looked away for the first time And she said "oh my God you were getting fucked while talking to me. You are a faggot you love fat cock".

This whole time I still was doing my best on the beautiful ebony cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started cuming down my throat. I pulled back so just his head was in my mouth and I went crazy on it licking and teasing it I loved the taste of his cum.

I did not let a drop escape my lips. Once he was done I slowly started sucking and nursing on his cock to keep it hard. He was saying over again how I was the best and how he hoped me ass was as good as my mouth. My wife said it looks like he was going to find out because I kept him hard as steel. I dropped back on the couch and raised my legs. He crawled between my knees and said I was ready in the bitch position. I put my feet over his shoulders and I finally spoke.

I told my wife to put him in me. She moved forward like a zombie and took that fat cock placing the big head on my asshole. He leaned forward before she removed her hand and she could feel his length as it passed into me. He slid in easily right up to his balls. My wife removed her hand and watched as he pulled back and rested his cock head on my asshole again. I told him to fuck me hard and fast but he didn't move.

I screamed in excitement "Give it to me!" My wife's eyes almost popped out of her head as he said "oh my god that was you wasn't it I mean some of the time it was you?" I just smiled as he finally slammed his dick where it belonged buried to the hilt in my ass. For the next half hour or so he kept slamming into me or I had him lay down and I straddled his legs facing away and sat on his cock riding him as hard as I could I could feel my chest bouncing like I had grown tits.

My wife watched me cum while being fucked by that wonderful black pole and pinching my now thick fat nipples or feeding them to him.

Once he came he pretty much passed out on the couch.I grabbed my wife and pulled her to the floor. She was in shock. I quickly stuck My cock into her incredibly wet cunt and fucked her hard for about 20 minutes. I sucked her tits I loved so much and made her suck mine as I pounded into her.

She came while chewing on my nipple. I exploded inside her and rested on her till I slipped out. We caressed and hugged each other then I leaned over her placing my nipple in her mouth as I captured one of hers in mine. If she licked mine I licked hers. If she chewed mine I chewed hers. When she held my boob I held hers. We pinched and pulled our nipples till we could not stand it and fell back into a sixty-nine. I sucked licked and ate her pussy making her crazy while she gave me the first blowjob she had given me in two years. I fed her my cum as she exploded on my face. I turned and licked the cum that escaped her mouth off her face and tits ending in a long kiss.

We went to the bedroom and talked. I told her I had never wanted a cock before Denny forced me. I found out I loved using his cock. But was not attracted to guys faces or bodies. I loved and get turned on looking at women. She added I was attracted to cocks though. I said I guess so. I did not tell her about the next door neighbor watching (the rest of that story will come later). She realized I must be fucking Dottie since she was there that day on the phone. I said I was.

Then she told me something that blew me away. She said that for almost a year she had been spiking my soda bottles with female hormones in the hope that I would lose interest in her. She was told that they might have the side effect of shrinking my cock and balls and possible grow my breasts. Now things made sense.

Though I did not have any loss to my cock I now had real breasts. She had researched it and said the only way I could have grown breasts as big as mine were was if I had an xxy chromosome disorder. The female hormones she gave me kicked up my female chromosomes. I was mad for a moment but only a moment. I loved the feeling my nipples gave me when sucked or pinched. I told her I had been wearing her bras to tease Denny but they were now too small.

For the first time I looked in the mirror with clear eyes now. I had breasts, boobs, tits and they were beautiful and I wore a 40 D bra Not because I was getting saggy Pecs but because I had beautiful breasts.

She went to take a shower and think. I looked back into the living room and saw the man in there asleep on his back with a half hard on. I could not resist and knelt beside the sofa and started licking that beautiful cock. She was right I was attracted to cock. He got hard and I started giving a long slow blowjob. I was at if for a few minutes when he rested his hand on my head. He said " Oh Baby you can do this forever." I sucked him, I wanted him in my mouth as long as possible. We were both moaning non stop. He was saying "baby yea Baby oh yes baby" I saw a shadow move and noticed my wife. She was dressed and watching my give a long loving blowjob. He finally came in my mouth and I drank every drop.

He got up and asked to take a shower. When he was in the shower my wife told me that he was a friend from work. She over a long time convinced him to come and try to prove she was right about me. She told me He was straight, in fact he had fucked half the women where they worked. The most they expected was for me to get mad or maybe give him a simple blowjob.

What happened was blowing her mind. She had agreed to let him fuck her in exchange for his services. He told her when she got him a towel that they were even she did not have to fuck him. He did tell her he hoped I would do this again though.

I told her I hoped this was going to be a new beginning for us. But she said no. That she did not want to be with me anymore. I was flabbergasted. I asked her how she could say that after That great bout of sex she and I had. She said that happened only because she was caught up in the moment and that his cock was worn out so I was the only cock still working.

She went on to tell me I was going to still take care of her. That she was quitting her job and I would to work more to make up the difference. That as far as anything else she did not care. I could see whoever I wanted to and so could she. I told her there was no way I was going along with that. She told me that that the video camera was running the whole time. It was a wireless video and web cam.

She had been sending everything that happened right to her private web page. If I did not agree she would make her page public and send e-mails with a link to everyone she could think of. I grabbed the camera and took the memory card. Her web page would be a different problem.

I Growled fine if that is what you want then I am starting now. I marched into the bathroom and got in the shower with her friend. I knelt down and gobbled his cock. When he was good and hard I turned around and said fuck me. He plowed into me and reamed me out under the spray making me come again. Before he came I spun around and took his whole length in my throat letting his cock spasm and fire his cum right into my stomach.

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