tagFetishThe Out of Town Pickup

The Out of Town Pickup


It was another night of clubbing, only this time I had done a little better at it; I had actually picked up a woman, and a looker too - usually I'm very good at striking out. I was out of town on a business trip, and so was Sharon. She was a cute little blond, short, long blond hair, and with a hot looking body. Moreover, she had invited me back to her hotel room. Yea, things were looking up. With just a little luck I was going to get laid. We had both had a few too many, and it was a good thing her hotel was in walking distance. With the number of beers the two of us had consumed over the last few hours, neither of us was even close to being legal for driving.

"Just a sec Bob," Sharon said as we entered the hotel lobby, "I want one to go."

"A what to go?" I asked in something of a fog.

"A drink: a beer. I'll just stop in at the hotel bar and get one to take to the room. Want one?"

"Oh, yea, that sounds good." Just what I needed, another beer. I was half trashed now and my bladder wanted to unload the last one I had consumed, or was it the one before that? Anyway, I had to pee! But, it this turned into a nice hot time in bed with her, I might really need one after it.

We went into the small hotel bar and got two beers to go. As long as we were headed to a room and not out the front door, they didn't care. We headed for the elevator and once in there, pushed the button for her floor.

"Interesting stuff." Sharon said as she took a sip of cold beer. "Ever notice that it goes right through you and never changes color?"

"Yea, I had noticed that."

"And right now I need to upload a little. I wish these damn elevators were just a little faster."

Now I noticed that she was holding her legs rather tightly together. I wouldn't have minded taking a leak myself and hoped she was quick about it when we got to her room. I would love to watch her pee, but I doubted that she was that drunk. On the other hand, I was crocked enough that I would have been willing to whip it out and piss if she wanted to watch me. The elevator finally arrived at her floor. When the door opened, there was a delightful little fountain in the hall there gurgling away.

"Oh shit, that does it," she groaned, walking with her legs tightly pressed together. "I'll never make it to my room. It's at the end of the hall!" Sharon turned and headed to the stairwell door to our right. "There are times when you just have to chuck your modesty," she said opening the door.

I followed her out, not really knowing what she had in mind. If she had to pee so badly and couldn't make it to her room, what the fuck was she doing going into the stairwell?

She set her beer down on the stairs going up, and in a flash had reached up under her skirt and slid her panties down her legs. I caught a glimpse of her thigh high stockings when she did that - no pantyhose for this girl. The panties landed on the step near her beer. "I hope this doesn't gross you out," she said flipping the back of her skirt up and sitting on the top step of the stairs headed down to the next floor. She pulled the front of her skirt up, and with two fingers spread her pussy lips. My moving closer to watch all of this didn't seem to bother her. Soon there was a solid stream of girl-pee aching out and splashing on the steps below. "That's how I spell relief," she sighed and tilted her head back. "Ever watched a girl pee Bob?"

"Yea, I have. I find it truly erotic!"

"Really?" she said grinning at me. "Ever get peed on?"

"Nope, never had the pleasure."

"Oh," she said cutting off the stream rather abruptly, "we can fix that! This evening might be a little more exciting than I thought." Saying that, she promptly got up and straightened her skirt. "Let's go have some real fun!" she said retrieving her beer and panties.

We went back into the hall and straight to her room. It was a rather spacious room, and somewhat larger than the one I had just down the block. She threw her purse and panties on top of her suitcase and turned to me. "I'd love to pee on you if you want - if you weren't kidding back there - if you will pee for me of course. But, I don't exactly have to pee right now. We could fool around a little after I finish this beer and then I guess I could pee on you. They have a rather large tub in the bathroom here. I doubt they would like it if I did it on the bed," she rambled, obviously rather excited.

"Sounds good to me, but I gotta pee right now."

"Oh great!" she bubbled, "Can I hold it while you pee? I think guys are so lucky to have a thingy that you can wave around while you pee."

A thingy huh? Well, she could call it whatever she wanted as long as I got to stick it in her later and fill her with cum. I was starting to think she was a little nuts. "Sure, you and hold it, wave it, or do whatever you want."

I kicked off my shoes, slipped my pants off (I don't wear underwear), and then my shirt. The socks left and there I was, naked and ready to have her wave it around while I got rid of what was becoming an unbearable pressure in my bladder. "Let's go!" I said.

We went in to the bathroom, me naked and her still dressed. I stood in front of the toilet, ready to let loose - okay, dying to let loose.

"Oh over here," she said standing by the tub. "It will be a lot more fun."

"I'm gonna pee in the tub?"

"Yea, that way I can wave your thingy around a lot more."

I moved over to the tub, she wrapped her soft warm hand around my partly stiff cock, and I let loose a stream of pee. Well, she waved it all right; she hit the soap dish, the wall, and the bottom of the tub. I thought she was going to try to write her name on the wall for a time there. And, it was rather exciting having her hold it while I relieved that pressure in my bladder. By the time I was done peeing, I was really hard.

"This gets me so hot!" she exclaimed as the last pee ran out. "I wanna fuck so bad!"

Yea, well, so did I. I could wait to have her pee on me until later. We went back to the main room and she slipped out of her clothes in a flash. We pulled the covers back and got on the bed. We did a little of the preliminaries, kissing and caressing, but she was too hot to stand much of that. Mostly she wanted to get to the main event. And, she said she wanted it in the ass!

"Just fuck me in my pussy a little and your thingy will get all nice and wet. Then you can slip it in my asshole," she said as she got on all fours. "I want it back there so bad. That doesn't gross you out does it? Some guys don't want anything to do with that, and that's okay. If you'd rather not, we can just fuck regular like."

In the ass was just great; nothing better than a little strange anal to cap off a business trip. Hell, customers had been trying to screw me in the ass all day; I might just as well get her in the ass. I did as she suggested and put my hard cock into her wet pussy and began to move in and out of her. She really was wet, and so very tight. I thought about just staying where I was until I blew my load, but then looking down at her tight little asshole, well, how could I resist? I pulled out of her and put my wet cockhead up to her asshole and ever so slowly pushed it into her.

Sharon moaned and lowered her chest to the bed. "So good," she moaned.

Yea, it was good; good and tight and oh-so-hot. My hard cock slowly slid all the way into that tight little ass. I knew I wasn't going to last long fucking her there. Just as I was wondering if she was going to get off this way, I felt her fingers touching my balls as she started to play with her pussy. Yes, she was going to get off all right, she was going to make sure she did! This was too good to miss. "How about we do this with you on your back?" I suggested. "I would hate to miss the show you are putting on with your pussy."

"Oh," she giggled, "you like to watch a girl get herself off too?"

"Of course," I said pulling out of her.

She got on her back and lifted her bottom off the bed. I got between those sexy legs and quickly re-entered her tight little asshole. She got right back to work on her clit with her fingers, and occasionally slipped a finger into herself. I was doing my best to make this last, not going as fast as I really wanted to, but enjoying every second of it.

"Do you like what you're seeing?" she asked as she furiously frigged her clit. "Does it turn you on to see me finger myself?"

"Yea, it sure does!" I started fucking her tight little ass faster and harder.

"I'm gonna cum," she groaned. And then a few seconds later, "I'm cumming!" she screamed.

Damn, and chicks claim guys are too fast! Oh well, it was great feeling her asshole tighten around my swollen cock as she got off, and believe me, she got off! She bucked and thrashed under me like she was having the best orgasm of her life. Needless to say, that put me over the edge. I felt myself go over the edge and that first load of hot thick cum started deep in me and rush up my cock and deep into her ass. I thrust deep into her rectum as that first load of cum shot into her, putting as much of me as I could into her. She was having a good orgasm, and so was I! My cock throbbed as it spewed load after load of hot creamy sperm into her hot little ass. The more I gave her the more she seemed to love it, her orgasm just going on and on. She wasn't moving her fingers on her clit any longer, it seemed that she was just pressing her fingers on that little love button as she creamed.

When we were finally done, she let her legs just collapse onto the bed. I slid my softening cock out of her ass and moved over to beside her. We both just lay there catching our breath for a while with out saying a word. It had been a fast and furious fuck, and oh-so-good!

Finally, after quite a period of nothing but the two of us breathing hard, she rolled over and got her beer off the nightstand. After taking a large drink, she put it back down and rolled back to face me. "Still want a girl to pee on you?" she asked.

"Oh, you bet!"

"Good," she said sitting up, "cuz I gotta pee again."

We moved to the bathroom; both of us completely naked. I lay in the bottom of the tub, and she positioned herself over me, one foot on each edge of the tub, and one hand on that handle on the soap dish and lowered her bottom as much as she could. A couple of drips of cum ran out of her asshole as she got in position. I was becoming aroused again just watching her get ready.

"Hmm...okay, here it comes," she said, finally positioned with her sexy bottom over my chest.

Presently there as a small trickle of girl-pee hitting my chest. She relaxed and little, got over being a little nervous, and the stream slowly gathered strength until she was peeing full strength. There was a faint hissing sound as hot fresh girl-pee washed over my chest with a little of it splashing up to my face.

"Like it?" she asked as her pee flowed.

"Oh yea," I groaned. "I love it. This is so hot!" It was, and much better than I had imagined. There it was; her sexy little bottom perched over me, her puffy outer pussy lips slightly parted, the thin inner pussy lips hanging out, and a fan of girl-pee spraying out of that sexy pussy.

By the time her pee stream had reduced itself to just a trickle of drips, I was hard again. "I want to lick you dry. Just stay there for a second."

"Okay," she said softly, "but I might cum if you do it too long. I am so hot right now. Peeing for a guy gets me hot. Peeing on a guy just about makes me cum!"

Apparently this really got her excited. I slid down in the tub a little and raised my head to her bottom. She had better be fast, because this was really hard on the neck muscles. I raised my head a little more and began to lick her pee-dampened pussy. There was more than pee making her damp thought, she was leaking girl-cum, and getting her pussy very wet. My tongue went to work lapping up the last of her pee, and tasting that wonderful slick girl-cum she was leaking. Her clit was swollen and sticking out, just begging to be licked, so I did the only thing I could do, I licked and gently sucked on it as I flicked my tongue over it. She jerked with excitement as my tongue first contacted her swollen and excited clit. She tasted great! I love the taste of her pee, and of course it mixed with her girl-cum. To my surprise, it wasn't long until she had another orgasm; not as huge as the one she had just had, but nonetheless, she did cum! I was also rewarded by even more of her girl-cum flowing out of her. This girl really got wet! I just ignored the pain in my neck from holding my head up and licked until she was done cumming.

When Sharon was finally done, she got off of the tub and I collapsed back to the bottom of the tub.

"You tasted great," I said, a little relieved that it was over. My neck was killing me.

"Do you like my cum or pee better?" she asked with a grin.

"Both were good. You just taste great." I was about to get up when she told me to just lay back. She wanted to jack me off! Apparently she just loved to jack guys off and watch them squirt. So there I was, lying in the tub with girl pee all over me, and her jacking me off. Does life get any better than this? Well, with her talented little soft hand on my cock, in spite of it having shot a huge amount of my thick hot cum deep in her asshole not that long ago, she did manage to get me off pretty quick. I shot a surprising amount of cum for her, and it sure went a lot further than when I jack off myself!

After that, we finally took a shower together, washing each other, and got all the cum and pee washed off.

It had been a hot night, and I finally got back to my room about two in the morning - with a full day ahead, starting bright and early. I had a smile on my face that next day that had absolutely nothing to do with the job or the customers.

And, yes, I got her number. The next time we are in town together, we have a date!


Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author, Art Kautz, unless explicitly indicated. © 2001 and April 2005, by Art Kautz.

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