The Outsider Ch. 20


In spite of Jen's minimal greeting, Ruthie was both shocked and heartened by the fact that her roommate was wearing nothing but a black t-shirt. From the waist down she was completely naked. She made no effort to cover up, nor did she offer Ruthie any explanation about her state of undress. She simply continued working on her drawing.

Ruthie wasn't sure what to do. She had been careful not to be naked around Shannon, but it was apparent that Jen wouldn't mind given that she was sitting at her desk bottomless.

Ruthie decided to test her new roommate. Her heart was pounding as she took off her clothes and wrapped a towel around herself to take a shower. She spent several long minutes in the bathroom getting cleaned up and brushing her teeth, and nerving herself to return to her room and see how Jen would react if she remained naked while she was studying. Finally she did go back. She hung up her towel, spread her books on her bed, and pretended to study. Jen seemed not to take notice of her and continued working on her art project.

After a few minutes Ruthie's nervousness wore off and she was actually able to concentrate. Jen finally finished her project for the night and put away her art supplies. She stood up and rummaged through her closet while Ruthie admired her voluptuous bottom...white and full and well-rounded, and her sexy thighs. Jen casually stripped off her shirt and wrapped a towel around herself. She left the room for a few minutes to get cleaned up. Ruthie remained naked on her bed, waiting to see what would happen when her roommate returned. When Jen came back in, Ruthie's heart pounded again. Jen cast a casual glance in her direction and commented:

"I see that you don't fancy wearing knickers either?"

Ruthie looked up and shook her head. "Not don't mind me studying like this?"

"No, of course not. Why should I mind?"

Jen said nothing more. She put on a clean t-shirt but remained completely uncovered from the waist down. For several minutes she wandered about her side of the room getting ready for an early class the next day. Ruthie watched her, once again admiring her large white bottom and feeling the urge to run her hands over its soft smooth skin. Jen seemed not to notice. She turned out her light and got in bed.

Ruthie stood up to put her books away. She suspected that Jen would say something if she left her side of the room disorganized, and the last thing she wanted was to offend a roommate with whom she had so much in common. seemed that for once Ruthie had lucked out; that around Jen she could do what she most enjoyed doing.

She turned out her light. For several minutes she lay naked on top of her bed, enjoying the thought that she could be undressed around someone other than Mike. She glanced over at Jen, vaguely wishing that she had not pulled the covers over herself. Finally, she pulled the sheet over her own body and went to sleep.


The two women settled into their nightly routine within their first week together. Jen was never very talkative, but Ruthie figured out that was just her roommate's personality and nothing specifically directed against her. Anyhow, Jen's detached behavior was her only bad point. In everything else it turned out the two women were totally compatible. They both needed silence in the room to work on their respective assignments, they were asleep well before midnight, and neither was a partier. Like Ruthie, Jen had a boyfriend, but she never invited him into the room.

Jen had a nightly ritual that would have seemed strange to most people, but Ruthie found it very appealing. The room they shared overlooked the edge of campus and had an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. Just before she went to sleep, Jen liked to open the window and spend some time "unwinding" before going to bed, by quietly looking at the night sky and reflecting on life. During her "unwinding" time, she was perfectly quiet and asked Ruthie to be quiet during those moments as well. She put her hands on the window sill and just stood silent.

Within a couple of days of moving in, Ruthie joined Jen during the minutes of "unwinding". While Jen leaned out the window, Ruthie quietly sat on the bed right behind her. It became a nightly ritual that the two women enjoyed...the cool air coming in the window...the silence of the room...and the Pacific that stretched beyond the horizon. It was time that they shared and yet time each spent alone...each student wrapped up in her own thoughts and reflections.

During her "unwinding" Jen usually was bottomless, wearing just a t-shirt without any "knickers", as she put it. Ruthie always was completely naked. She loved the feeling of the cool air coming in through the window and caressing her bare body. She also enjoyed looking at Jen, studying her bare bottom and legs in the darkness. Her roommate's smooth round backside was so much more attractive than Mike's thin flat butt...


Mike's training with Sam was suspended for the first two weeks of the semester. The supervisor instead ordered him to train two new students as ticket officers. If those two students were expecting a relaxed training, they were sadly mistaken. Mike was hard-core and saw to it that his trainees ticketed the meters instead of wandering the university looking for more interesting hits such as fire-lane violations. Mike's insistence that the new employees stay put instead of drifting around made them nervous, because they knew that the students abusing the meter spaces would return before their shifts ended and undoubtedly be abusive upon seeing the tickets. Mike made it clear that he cared less about what the violators thought of him, and by extension, what they thought of anyone he was training.

By the end of the spring semester's second week Mike and his two trainees had cleared the freeloaders from lot Econ-A. Most of the meters were being used by people who were paying them and Mike had the lot under control. With that he released the two trainees, who immediately fled to central campus to spend their shifts wandering around doing nothing.

When Mike's self-appointed task of clearing the meter violators from lot Econ-A was completed, he returned to working with Sam assisting him with collections and meter replacements. Nearly two generations separated them, but the two men continued to enjoy riding around campus and chatting about the university. They both liked gossip and exchanged interesting tidbits about various people working for both the parking department and the campus police department. Sam seemed to know all the dirt about the office staff and the miscellaneous affairs and scandals that had plagued the department over the years. As best he could, Mike reciprocated with what he knew about other student ticket-writers, although his information was not nearly as interesting as what Sam had to say.


Throughout January Ruthie and Mike continued developing their relationship. Ruthie chatted incessantly about what she was learning in her geology classes as the couple walked around campus or went on hikes. Unfortunately the weather along the coast was cold and drizzly most of the time, so going to the beach was not much of an option. Instead, on weekends they went inland and explored.

Two weeks after the semester started they went to Sacramento very early on a Sunday morning. Ruthie had something special in mind: she wanted to have Mike take some pictures of her standing in front of the state capitol building with nothing on. The Sacramento photo session was the most risky they had ever attempted, because of all the security around the building. Mike knew better than to argue, however. They came very close to being caught, but after several tries, they managed to time her posing during the few seconds that no one else was in sight. Once they had the pictures, Ruthie rushed to pull her dress over her head. They heard someone yelling at them, so they took off running. Fortunately whoever it was did not follow. Of all the nude pictures Ruthie had of herself, the ones she had taken in front of the California legislature were her most prized, precisely because of the challenge she had Mike had to overcome to get them.

As for what they did on campus, their lives had settled into a routine. Ruthie's new schedule allowed her more time to eat lunch, which she always had with Mike. However, in the evenings Ruthie and Mike did not always eat together because of their class schedules. When Ruthie was in class Mike ate with his friends from the Danubian Solidarity Committee; when Mike was in class Ruthie ate with Jen. Jen seemed indifferent whether Ruthie accompanied her to dinner or not, but to Ruthie it was extremely important never to be seen eating alone in the cafeteria. Several times she saw Shannon or some of Shannon's friends looking at her with total disdain, so there was no way that Ruthie ever would humiliate herself by letting those bitches see her sitting unaccompanied.


Throughout January Ruthie became increasingly skilled at massaging Mike. She started with him facing down, going from his feet to his shoulders. That part relaxed him, but when he turned over for her to work on his front, she concentrated on getting him aroused. She started with his shoulders and chest; then worked her way to his stomach and thighs. When she was about to finish she asked him to spread his legs so she could massage the insides of his thighs and his pelvis. She gently brushed his testicles and penis until he was hard. As soon as she saw a drop of pre-cum she stopped and lubricated herself while he put on a condom.

One night she decided to try something different. She was having menstrual cramps and was in no mood whatsoever to have him enter her. When she saw the drop of pre-cum, she did not stop. Instead she continued massaging his pubic area and teasing his testicles. When he tried to sit up, she placed her hand against his chest to push him back down. Then she began massaging his penis. She stroked him back and forth until she felt his organ pumping in her hand. A few seconds later jets of white sperm shot out and splashed all over his stomach and chest. She winced slightly because she was totally nauseated at what she was seeing, but she continued pumping his penis. Mike arched his back and groaned with pleasure. Ruthie kept at it, determined to get all of the semen out of him before she stopped. He grabbed her thigh and groaned again as he emptied another round of cum onto his stomach. For some reason she was irritated when he grabbed her thigh, but she was relieved that she had managed to get him to climax without having to deal with actually having sex.

When he finally went limp, she glanced at the disgusting mess on his stomach. The smell was unpleasant. She knew that in porn movies the woman would be expected to lick off the semen, but there was no way in Hell she would do such a thing, and Mike knew better than to suggest it. Ruthie got a towel and rubbed it over his body. She was hugely relieved. Mike's portion of the evening's pleasuring had ended. Now it was his turn to massage her and they would be done for the night. She made sure he was completely dried off before she threw the towel at his dirty clothes sack. She handed him the massage oil and lay down to wait for her massage.

An hour later Ruthie and Mike got cleaned up. When he walked her back to her dorm, they were quiet. Mike was wondering about the strange thing Ruthie had done to him, getting him to climax without wanting sex herself. Ruthie, having made a valuable discovery, was wondering how often she could get away with giving Mike a simple hand-job without arousing his suspicions that she really did not enjoy having sex with him.


Throughout the second half of January, Mike continued to help Sam collect coins from the meters. There were days the take was well over $ 15,000. As always, whenever Sam ran across a meter that was jammed, he casually dumped the coins into a beat-up plastic box stored in the toolbox of his pick-up truck. Mike didn't think anything about those coins for a while, but then he realized that he had never seen Sam bring those extra coins into the office to deposit in the coin counter. The next day he observed Sam and noticed that once again, his partner must have "forgotten" to bring in those coins. It seemed that every day Sam "forgot" about the money in his truck's toolbox. Mike smiled at the petty embezzlement, but then he realized it was not so petty. If Sam kept the earnings off ten to twelve jammed meters from each shift; that would amount to $ 500 per day, or $ 2500 per week. Not a bad way to supplement his salary.

Mike never considered telling anyone about Sam's toolbox. As long as his co-worker was not putting him at risk, Mike had no motivation whatsoever to report the theft. What would he get out of it? Sam was a nice enough guy and was generous with offers of free Cokes and what would be the point of doing anything against him? Besides, Sam had found a way to stick it to the system, to get a piece of the action for himself. long as he had the guts to do it and could get away with it...more power to him. Taking coins was not something Mike would consider doing, but if Sam did it; that was not his problem.

They next day Mike stood looking down a long row of meters, while Sam sat in the pickup writing some notes in a logbook. He thought about Ruthie's just $ 5,000 had made the difference whether she could continue with her studies or have to sit at home in Salinas doing nothing... $ 5,000...half of what Sam was taking out of the meters in a typical month.

There were 30 meters in the row he was looking at. Multiplied by $ 50 per meter, that would be $ 1,500 in coins just from a single row. If one or two of those meters was jammed...and a couple more in the next row...

Mike took a deep breath. No...he needed to stop thinking like that...

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