tagNonHumanThe Package

The Package


You open your mailbox and look inside. The only thing there is a yellow slip of paper, left by the postman. "Package Pickup," it says. There is a check mark in the box beside the line that says, "Package too large."

"I'm not expecting any packages." you say out loud. There's nobody around to hear you but you don't care. You double check the name and address written in the "addressee" box. There is no mistake. It is addressed to you. It is too late to go to the post office. You will never get there before closing time. You will have to wait until tomorrow, after work.

You can't stop thinking about your package all day long. You keep looking at the slip and trying to imagine who could have sent you something in the mail. You spend the entire day wracking your brain. Try as you might, nobody comes to mind. Time drags on as you trudge through your work. It seems like five O'clock will never come.

Finally! It is quitting time! You finish your work and make a mad dash toward your car with the little yellow slip of paper in hand. "Location: Central Post Office," it reads. You will have to drive all the way across town to get there. With rush hour traffic, you know this will be a long trip.

You feel insane with anticipation as you weave your way through the clogged highways. It is no picnic, driving in this traffic! The lobby closes at 6:00 P.M. You arrive, just in time. The surly postal worker is there, getting ready to lock the door just as you dart inside. Still, there are about twenty people standing in line.

"It's just one thing after another!" you say to yourself. The woman standing in line must have heard you say it under your breath. She turns around and gives you a dirty look, as if to say, "Wait your turn, buddy!"

It seems like an eternity but you finally reach the counter. You hand over your slip. The clerk barks out, "I.D. please!" You pause for a moment with a confused look on your face. "Sign here!" she growls. You fumble for your wallet and pull out your driver's license. She scrutinizes your photo like a border guard at Checkpoint Charlie. She tosses your I.D. back across the counter, turns around and goes off to find your package.

She returns with, not one, but two large cardboard boxes! They are about two feet square and almost three feet long! "Tell your friend that the post office isn't supposed to handle packages this large!" she says in an irritated voice. "I'm sorry..." you mumble back as you fumble to pick up the boxes.

The boxes aren't very heavy for their size but they are bulky and difficult to maneuver. They are a little bit too large to get both arms securely around. You have to grip them from the sides and stack them up. The surly man at the door grunts as he pushes it open for you. "Thanks!" you call back. You stumble across the parking lot and plop the boxes down on the trunk of your car. They are just small enough to fit. All the way home, you keep trying to think of who would have sent you those packages. There is no return address on them. You know you haven't ordered anything from the internet.

You almost drop your boxes several times, wrestling them up the stairs and into your apartment. You have to set them down on the floor in front of your door while you fish your keys out of your pocket.

"Must be nice!" your neighbor winks, playfully, as she passes by, noticing the large packages you are hauling inside. You smile politely but your mind is focused on getting the door open and moving the boxes inside. You barely get the door closed behind you before you start tearing into the boxes to find out what is inside. You tear off the label and rip open the packing tape. There is still no indication of who sent these packages or why.

You open the box. You reach inside. Your heart races and you let out an audible gasp as your hand sinks into something soft and furry. You tear away the tissue paper covering. There is a large, soft fur covered pillow in the box!

You are quite knowledgeable about fur but you still can't tell what kind of fur the pillow is made from but it is definitely the softest you have ever felt. It is long and soft and silky smooth. Your hands sink in and completely disappear into the fur. You look back into the box. There is another pillow exactly like the first.

You pick up both pillows and hug them close to your body. You rub your face into the fur. It is soft and warm and inviting. It feels like the pillows are filled with goose down. They are squeezably soft!

You immediately begin to have sexy thoughts about the fur. You are beginning to get excited. You have an uncontrollable urge to feel that wonderfully soft fur all over your naked body but the other box beckons. You waste no time in opening it.

Inside, there is more fur, just as you imagined. This time it isn't in the form of a pillow. You tug on the corner and pull. Out comes a huge fur blanket. It is made from the same kind of fur the pillows are made of. You pull and pull as more and more fur comes out of the box and piles into your lap. There seems to be more fur than could possibly fit into a box this size. It is almost like magic. The more you pull, the more fur comes out of the box. You finally reach the end and realize you are surrounded by an ocean of fur!

You look back into the box again. There is still more fur inside! "How can this be?" you marvel. You start pulling the fur out of the box again. It is another fur bedspread but, this time, there are elastics sewn into the edges. It must be a fitted mattress cover.

A sweet, leathery scent of fresh pelts surrounds you and invades your senses. You become obsessed with the fur all around you. Several minutes pass while you gently stroke the fur and imagine yourself swimming naked in it. You temporarily lose track of time. Suddenly, you come to your senses and decide that the best place for all this fur is on your bed. You force your mind to stay in reality long enough to pick it all up in your arms and haul it to the bedroom. There is so much fur it takes you three trips.

You pick up the empty boxes and the packing and you inspect everything. There is no letter or invoice inside. There is no paperwork of any kind, nor is there any sign of its origin. You can wait no longer. You stack the boxes by the back door. You plan to take them out to the bin in the morning. The tent pole in your pants reminds you that you've got better things to do right now. You make a beeline back to the bedroom.

You strip the old blankets, pillows and sheets of the bed in seconds flat. You toss them into the closet and shut the door. You slip the fitted cover right over the bare king sized mattress. It fits perfectly. You smooth out the cover a little then you fold out the fur blanket. It has fur on both sides! It goes all the way down to the floor on three sides. There is still enough fur left to fold down the top edge. You plop the pillows into place then you quickly make one last pass to fluff and straighten the fur. You stand back to admire your handiwork. This is one hell of a fur bed! You can hardly wait to crawl into it.

You quickly run around the apartment to lock the doors and turn off all the lights. You close the window shades and take the telephone off the hook. You stand in the bedroom, looking at the shadowy outline of your new fur bed as you begin to strip off your clothes.

You kick off your shoes and pull off your socks. You unbutton your shirt and drop it on the floor. There is a distinct metallic clinking sound as you unfasten your belt buckle. Your pants fall to the floor in a heap around your ankles. You kick them aside.

Your dick is completely hard when you start to slide your underwear down to your ankles but, at the last second, you have a horrible thought.

"What if I can't help myself and I come all over my new fur?" you think to yourself.

You pull your shorts back up and leave them on just for safety.

You lean over and run your hands through the fur one last time before you crawl in. A chill runs up your spine. Visions of fluffy, soft fur wrapping itself all around your body drift through your head. You are irresistibly drawn into the fur bed like steel being drawn to a magnet. It is as if you have no control over your actions.

You shiver with anticipation as you crawl across the bed and pull back the covers. You cry out with pleasure as your feet slip in between the layers of fur. You pull the blanket up over your body and you cry out again. It is the most delicious feeling you ever had! You are conscious of your woody growing to gargantuan proportions like you've never experienced before. It is the most incredible sensation you have ever felt.

You pull the fur up tight, under your chin and snuggle your head down between the two giant pillows. It feels like you are nestling in between two giant, furry breasts. You run your hands through the soft folds of fur all around you. You rub it over your bare chest and stomach. You close your eyes and drink in as much of this furry Heaven as you can. You have an overwhelming urge to masturbate in the fur but, as you inhale your next deep breath, a calm, relaxing feeling descends on you.

You inhale again. The strong, sweet smell of freshly tanned pelts penetrates your senses. Your eyes grow heavy and your vision blurs. You feel like you have been drugged. In less than a minute, you fall into a deep sleep, snuggled in your yummy-soft fur bed.

You wake several hours later. You feel groggy and disoriented. You look around the room to see if you are still in your own bedroom. Everything looks familiar but you have a strange feeling that you are not alone. There is an unseen presence in bed with you! You lay still for a while, silently trying to figure out what is going on.

You move your hand between the layers of soft fur as a sense of calm eases over you again. You close your eyes and bundle up two hands full of fur as you try to roll over in bed and fall back to sleep.

Your body doesn't move!

Something is holding you firmly in place! The fur all around you suddenly feels stiff and heavy like wet cement! You take a few seconds to gain composure before you try to push the fur aside and sit up in bed. The fur does not give! A giant, invisible, furry hand seems to be pushing you down to the bed with all its might!

You try to scream for help but the two giant breast like pillows surround your face and swallow you your head. One last muffled cry comes out of your mouth as the fur sucks you under!

The harder you struggle, the harder the fur fights back. The warm, soft fur seems to change to the texture of burlap. It is hard and prickly like a million sharp needles digging into your skin. It is very painful. Your strength begins to wane.

You stop struggling when the last of your strength gives out. Suddenly, the bed changes, from hard burlap, back to the texture of soft, sensual fur. The blankets slowly release their grip on you. You lay back in bed, trying to regain your energy. A sense of warm happiness washes over you again.

Several minutes later, you work up one last burst of energy, trying to free yourself from your furry prison. It is no use. The painful feeling of burlap pricks your bare skin and pulls you down even harder than before. You finally make the connection; If you struggle, the fur will fight back but, if you relax and lay still, you will be rewarded with pleasure.

You do your best to swallow your fear, to calm your mind and relax your body. You feel the fur's grip slowly release. Sensations of soft fur materialize all around you again. The more you relax, the more a sense of deep, furry euphoria fills you. You feel happy!

You feel startled when there is a movement in the fur, down near your feet. You tense up again. In an instant, prickly burlap digs into your legs and feet. You inhale deeply and suck back the fear. You are rewarded with a soft, furry sensation, creeping its way up your legs. Something grips the waistband of your shorts and, with a series of strong tugs, the fur pulls them down over your hips.

You hold onto your emotions and force yourself to remain perfectly still. You are amply rewarded by sensations of soft fur sliding up and down your body, gently caressing you all over.

Sounds of ripping fabric emanate from under the fur as your underwear is torn to shreds and ripped from your body. You feel the cloth break away as it is devoured by the fur, never to be seen again. The fur begins probing your naked body, rubbing your stomach and your chest. It caresses your cheeks and slides slowly up and down your arms. You can't help laughing when it, ever so gently, caresses the curves of your bare ass.

As long as you lay perfectly still, the fur gives you increasing pleasure but you know if you lift even one finger against it the sensation of prickly burlap will penetrate your skin. You close your eyes and let it have its way with you.

The fur massages and kneads your naked body like a ball of dough until your muscles become completely soft and limp. A strange sense of obsession fills your consciousness. The will to resist is being erased from your mind, replaced by an overwhelming lust for furry pleasure. You are a helpless but willing prisoner.

Suddenly, the bottom drops our from under you! You are sinking slowly down, into the bed! For one brief moment, the hard, prickly sensations pierce your skin but you regain your composure and the softness returns. Your feet angle downward as you slide, slowly, down a long, furry tunnel, deeper and deeper into the belly of the beast. It is a tight fit, just barely large enough to fit your body. Your arms are pulled up over your head. A million tiny sparks of pleasure light up your naked body as fur dances over your skin.

You become disoriented as you fall farther and farther down into the fur. You are so drunk with pleasure you don't know where you are anymore. It feels like you have fallen hundreds of feet and landed in a chamber of pulsating fur.

Everything is pitch black. You can see nothing. You can hear no sound but your own breathing. Hundreds of furry appendages reach out and touch every part of your body, probing you and stroking you. They search your body for the most sensitive places. They seem to be remembering your reaction to every move. They home in on your most sensitive spots and attack with machine like precision.

You sense another presence in the fur. This one is different. You can see nothing in the blackness but you know it is there, watching you and waiting while the fur all around you collects the last few bits of pleasure data from your helplessly writing body. It hovers over you, moving slowly down your body toward your waist until it is only inches away from your stiff, cock. It surveys your member, waiting for the right moment to descend on it. You lay there, as still as you can, shivering with delight and whimpering with anticipation.

The fur presence reaches out and gently teases your balls and tickles your taint. Moments later, your entire sack is bathed in the most delicious sensations as the fur tugs and pulls and massages your testes. You feel your cock grow even larger and harder. Every bit of your consciousness is focused on your groin and the fur thing that has you in its grip. The muscles at the base of your scrotum begin to rhythmically contract and relax as your pumps are being primed with fluid.

A pair of soft, furry lips start to slowly engulf the end of your shaft. A fur covered tongue reaches out and gently licks up the down its length. You don't dare move a muscle for fear it would suddenly turn into hard, prickly burlap!

It seems like you have laid there for an eternity while the fur mouth teases your shaft, up and down. The tongue flicks over the end of your engorged head and slides, slowly, up and down the underside of your manhood from base to tip then back down again. Then, when you least expect it, your penis is suddenly sucked in and completely engulfed in fur.

Your mind reels as soft furry pleasure washes over your entire groin. The mouth swirls your cock in soft fur. Your breathing quickens. Your heart races. Every inch of you is surrounded with a million tiny fingers, each touching off your pleasure centers, one by one.

Fur begins to rhythmically stroke your shaft, slowly, up and down. It kneads your balls and tickles your groin. The fur surrounding your entire body begins to move in perfect time until you are submerged in a sea of soft, sexy, undulating fur. The pressure builds up at the base of your balls as it works you up into a pre-orgasmic frenzy. It goes faster and faster until your whole body convulses with pleasure. The muscles of your cock twitch and jump as you strain for release but the fur holds you back. It is waiting for just the right moment.

Fur teases your for hours. It produces the most incredible sensations you have ever felt between your legs. It methodically slides up and down your quivering shaft. It swirls and sucks. It holds you at the razor's edge. There is nothing you can do but lie there and wait. You want to scream but you hold yourself back. There is no way you would let this moment be interrupted.

Just when you think you can take no more, the fur picks up its pace. The muscles at the base of your balls give a mighty contraction as the flood gates break. You let out a long, low moan like a growling bear as lightning bolts of intense orgasm shoot through your body. The fur all around you squeezes you, rhythmically, like a wet sponge, wringing out every last bit of energy. The fur hands on your scrotum squeeze in perfect time, forcing semen out in long, flowing bursts. The fur mouth hungrily sucks your dick as your seed rushes forth like a river. It forces you to come over and over again while it hungrily harvests your bodily fluid. It rewards each burst with twinges of unimaginable pleasure. You scream until your throat is raw.

Your muscles give out. The pleasure gives way to a dull, throbbing pain at the base of your balls. The fur has sucked you completely dry. It slows its pace and releases its grip. You lay there in the fur, totally exhausted, panting and gasping for breath. Your hear the sound of your own heart pounding in your ears. Your entire body tingles as you lay there basking in the afterglow of the most intense orgasm you have ever felt.

The sweet scent of leathery pelts overcomes you again. Your eyelids grow heavy. Your mind grows dark. You fall into a deep, contented sleep.

You wake the next morning, snuggled warmly in your own bed. The fur blanket is pulled tightly up to your chin, just the way it was when you fell asleep. You remember the experience from the night before. You are horrified to think that you just shot a gallon of cum into your brand new fur bedspread! You feel around with your hands, dreading the sticky, wet feeling of semen soaked fur. You sit up in bed and pull every inch of fur through your hands but there is no wet spot to be found.

"It must have been a dream." you laugh.

You get out of bed and start to get dressed. You remember that you were wearing your skivvies when you went to sleep. You search and search but they are nowhere to be found. You give up the search and head for the bathroom. It is time for you to wash up and get ready for work.

You stand in front of the toilet, ready to take a leak. As you start to go, a dull, throbbing pain shoots out of your testes and pierces your groin.

"Ouch!" you holler.

You grit your way through the worst case of "love nuts" you have ever had. You step into the shower. Your whole body feels like it has been through a wringer. The hot water feels good.

You arrive at work a few minutes early. Your body feels limp like an old rag doll but your mind is sharp and clear as ever. Your day at the office seems to breeze right by. Before you know it, you are home making dinner. You clean up and sit on the sofa in front of the television. There's nothing good to watch so you decide to go to bed early.

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