tagMatureThe Pakistani Widow

The Pakistani Widow


All characters are fictional. Any resemblances to persons living or dead are coincidental. Relax and get horny. It's only Literotica.


Nick peered surreptitiously out of his side bedroom window. Ana had just come out to put trash in the garbage can next to her garage. As Nick had expected, his neighbor was sporting a fresh black eye. After the loud battle of the previous evening, he'd expected to see Ana with fresh bruises on her pretty face. It angered Nick, but there was little a nineteen year-old neighbor could do when Ana refused to press charges against her brute husband. It seemed like once a week, forty-five year-old Ebrahim would, after some yelling, give Ana a beating. Every other month, the battle would be loud enough that one of the neighbors would call the cops. The neighbors couldn't understand why Ana wouldn't press charges.

Ana had emigrated to America from Pakistan with her family when she was nine years old. At nineteen, Ana officially became an American citizen. Both Ana and her husband had become Westernized, though Ana more so. As an RN, Ana worked closely with American women, and considered several her friends. She also considered Nick's mother her friend. At times it wasn't easy for Ana to balance Pakistani customs with her American lifestyle, especially where her marriage was concerned. Ana's husband believed that women should be subservient to men, period. Though Ana was subservient to some degree, it was less so than he wanted. This was frequently the cause of their arguments. In addition, Ana's husband didn't like the fact that Ana enjoyed showing off her shapely figure in Western clothing.

Ana was forty-four. She wore her dark brown hair in a short, low-maintenance style. Ever since Nick was old enough to notice women, he thought that Ana was pretty in an average housewife way. She reminded Nick of the actress, Catherine Bell. Nick thought that Ana had a nice figure, and particularly liked her shapely legs, which she showed off with shorts and short skirts. Her skin was the color of light butterscotch. Ana spoke with a slight accent, the exoticness of which Nick found sexy. Ana always greeted Nick with a warm smile and inviting brown eyes. Nick was always friendly toward Ana, and she seemed to appreciate any kind words.

At six feet one, and a lean, muscular 187 pounds, Nick sometimes thought about beating Ana's husband to a pulp as a warning to leave her alone. However, he knew that would only land him in jail. Ana had to make the decision to leave on her own.

It was early September, when fate stepped in and solved Ana's problem for her. While at work one morning, Ebrahim clutched his chest. His heart stopped beating by the time he hit the floor.

Many of the neighbors attended the viewing just to pay their respects to Ana. Nick hugged her and said he was sorry, though he was actually glad that there was one less wife-beater.


About a week later, while waxing his car in the driveway, Nick noticed Ana struggling in vain to pull-start the lawnmower. Now that Ana was a widow, Nick realized that she would have to either do all the work that her husband did or hire someone to do it. Nick strode over to Ana's driveway. Ana looked up when she noticed somebody approaching.

"Excuse me, Ana... Can I help you?" Nick asked with a smile.

Ana smiled and, in her exotic accent, sighed, "I can't get dat dare piece-a-junk started. If you could get it started, I would sure appreciate it."

"Lemme take a look," Nick said as Ana stepped away from the mower.

Nick squatted to examine the carburetor area. It was a warm day, and Nick was wearing a tank top and cut-off jean shorts. Ana tried not to stare at her young neighbor's muscular arms. She found him to be a handsome young man. He had penetrating blue eyes, light brown hair, and his smile always made her feel warm.

Nick set the choke correctly and pushed the primer four times. After two strong pulls, the mower roared to life. He then turned the choke off.

Ana shook her head and mouthed the words, "Thank you."

Nick smiled, reduced the throttle to idle, and replied, "No problem. Let me mow your lawn... no charge." He grinned, holding the dead-man lever to prevent the engine from stalling.

With her right hand, Ana grasped the mower's handle and placed her left hand over Nick's.

"How about if you do the backyard and I'll do the front?" Ana proposed.

"Okay," Nick agreed. He steered the mower around the side of the house and into the backyard. Their yards were relatively small, and in less than fifteen minutes, he reappeared.

As Ana took the mower, she said, "Have some iced tea with me when I'm done."

Nick nodded. He then walked back over to his house to continue waxing his car, while keeping an eye on Ana.

After about twenty minutes, Ana finished mowing, put the mower away, and waved to Nick. He had completed waxing his car, and was ready for a cold glass of iced tea. He tapped on Ana's front door and opened it.

"Ana?" Nick called.

"I'm in the kitchen," Ana replied.

Nick made his way to the kitchen, where two tall glasses of iced tea sat on the table. Ana was drying her face with a paper towel.

"Thank you for helping me, Nick," Ana said, "Can I give you a couple of dollars?"

"You're welcome Ana. The iced tea is payment enough," Nick said, lifting a glass.

She smiled, "Maybe you would be kind enough to show me how to start that mower sometime?"

"Sure, when we're finished with our drinks."

"Are you sure you won't let me give you a couple dollars?"

Nick smiled and asked, "Ana... do you know what karma is?"

"I have an idea."

Nick smiled and said, "Well, let's just say that I think you're long overdue to have some good things happen to you. So, I'd like to try to balance things by helping you out around here... If you'll let me?"

"I'm not sure what you mean," Ana said.

"I'll stop over when I have some free time and see if there are any chores I can help you with... No charge," Nick grinned.

Ana smiled and said, "Aww... you're such a nice young man, but I can get by."

"I know you can, but I'll drop by anyway to see how you're doing, and if I can do anything just let me know," Nick said.

"Okay, you're always welcome to stop over," Ana smiled.

Nick was as good as his word, and when he could make some free time, he would go next door to check on Ana. Even tough he was taking college courses, he always set aside some time to help the young widow. Ana usually had some chore, however minor, for Nick to help with. From taking out the garbage to drying dishes, Nick and Ana were spending time together and getting to know each other.

Nick quickly discovered that Ana wasn't the meek, punching bag that she seemed to have been. Ana was smart, kind-hearted, and generous. In spite of her abusive marriage, Ana had managed to maintain a sense of humor, and she and Nick often made each other laugh. After doing the chores, Ana always talked Nick into having some iced tea and cookies so that they could talk a little. In addition to finding Nick to be a good-looking young man, Ana was touched by his kindness toward her. He was the gentleman that her husband had ceased to be.

Ana began to find herself fantasizing about her thoughtful, good-looking, young neighbor. She dreamed of instructing the young man how to make love to a woman passionately yet gently. Not at all like the violent sex which she had become accustomed to. She longed to make his lean young body her personal playground. Then she would usually start thinking about how she was old enough to be his mother, and he wouldn't be interested in an old lady, and they were different religions and ethnicities, and it wouldn't be right. Ana would always set the fantasy aside until the next time Nick would come over.

Ana wasn't the only one having fantasies. When Nick was with Ana, it was becoming more difficult to control his desire for her. He would mentally undress her, and it was all he could to do keep his hands off her. Due to his shyness, he was afraid that she would reject him, forbid him to ever come over again, and tell his parents about their pervert son. Nick would come home from Ana's house, go to his room, and masturbate to fantasies of Ana. Thanksgiving was approaching, and Nick had finished raking leaves in Ana's backyard. As usual, he was invited inside for something to drink. He sat with Ana at her kitchen table making small talk. Having lived in America for many years, Ana was aware of holidays, even if she didn't celebrate them.

"What is your family doing for Thanksgiving?" Ana asked. Nick enjoyed listening to her accented formal English.

"My mom is making a small turkey... just our immediate family. Then me and a couple of friends are going down the shore for our annual end-of-the-season surfing weekend."

"Wow... Is not the water too cold?" Ana shook her head.

"In wetsuits it's okay," Nick explained.

Ana smiled, "I did not think of that. Will you take some pitchers to show me?"

"You mean photos?" Nick asked softly, not wanting hurt Ana's feelings.

"Uh huh," Ana nodded.

"I guess I could borrow my parent's camera," Nick shrugged.

That weekend, Nick did take a few photos during his surfing weekend, and showed them to Ana a couple of weeks later. She was appreciative as always. Still, Ana and Nick struggled with their unspoken desire for each other.

The Christmas holidays came and went. Nick's semester break allowed a little more free time to spend with Ana. By then, Ana had come to realize that Nick was not only good-looking, but was the most interesting man of any age whom she'd ever met. He was knowledgeable about most subjects, and she sought his advice for many things.

When Ana found out that Nick didn't have a date for Valentine's Day, that Saturday, she invited him to her house for a nice dinner.

"I'll even dress up nice for you," Ana said with a sly grin.

"I'd love to have dinner with you," Nick returned her smile.

They set a time and both eagerly anticipated that evening.

By early Valentine's day morning, Mother Nature had deposited six inches of fresh snow on their small town. Nick helped his father shovel out their driveway and sidewalk, and then he also began to shovel Ana's. By the time Ana came out to help, Nick was half done. She thanked him and reminded him of the nice supper she was planning.

Late Valentine's day afternoon, Ana had gotten her dinner started and then went upstairs to shower and get dressed. Putting on the sexy, new, black bra and panties she'd bought, Ana was having second thoughts. Starting a sexual relationship with such a young man could be a minefield. Still, she longed for masculine intimacy in a non-violent way. Much of her sexual experience was of a violent nature. Ana recalled how her husband would force her to suck his dick, and then essentially rape her. She imagined that it would be totally different with the thoughtful younger man.

Before dinner, Nick showered and washed his hair. He put on a clean pair of corduroy pants and his best sweater and went next door.

When Ana opened the door for him, Nick was pleasantly surprised. Ana was wearing a maroon dress, and was looking better than he'd ever seen her look. Her short, dark brown hair had recently been layer-cut, and looked soft, full, and stylish. The understated dress revealed a bit of Ana's cleavage, and was short enough to flaunt her shapely legs, which were covered with sheer black stockings. Nick had never seen Ana wear much makeup or jewelry, but that evening she wore tastefully done lipstick and eye makeup. Small earrings were visible.

"Wow, you look terrific!" Nick said as he stepped in.

"Why, thank you," Ana smiled, "You look handsome yourself. Just throw your coat over the chair."

Nick had been holding one hand behind his back, and when he brought it front, Ana saw a single long stem rose.

"For you." Nick said shyly, carefully handing her the flower.

"Awww... thank you," Ana said, nearly tearing up. "Supper is almost ready. Would you like to sit at the table and have some wine?"

"Sounds good," Nick said somewhat nervously. He followed Ana to the small dining room, trying not to stare at her lovely ass. Ana poured two glasses of wine, gave one to Nick, and finished preparing their supper. Only in the privacy of her home would Ana drink wine.

After placing the food on the table, Ana sat across from Nick and smiled. They ate and drank and talked. Nick stole glances of Ana putting food into her mouth. Her lips were on the full side and Nick was longing to kiss them. They each had two glasses of wine with supper, and Ana was feeling the wine's effect.

After a delicious dessert, Ana suggested that they might as well finish the small bottle of wine. Nick agreed and allowed Ana to fill their glasses again. Ana watched Nick drink some wine, set the glass down, then grasp his right elbow with his left hand and pull across his chest. Then he repeated the movement with opposite hand and elbow.

"Are you okay?" Ana inquired.

"Just a little stiff from shoveling... not used to it," Nick smiled.

Seeing an opportunity, Ana rose and walked behind Nick. She placed her hands in his shoulders and began to massage his powerful muscles.

"I owe you for shoveling me out today," Ana half-whispered, "Does this make you feel better?"

"Feels awesome," Nick replied over his shoulder.

Ana ran her hands over Nick's back, up to his shoulders, and down his biceps. She felt her heart beat faster as she massaged her handsome young neighbor.

"Feel less stiff?" Ana asked.

"Less stiff there, but more stiff someplace else," Nick grinned. He counted on Ana's sense of humor.

"Oh?" Ana purred, "And what is more stiff?"

"I could tell you, but you'd probably slap my face," Nick chuckled.

Ana ran her hands slowly from Nicks shoulders down onto his chiseled chest, and brought her mouth close to his ear.

Ana whispered, "If you would show me, we could take it from there."

Nick realized it was now or never, so he rose from his chair and moved to face Ana. Her brown eyes gleamed with desire. Nick slipped his left arm around Ana's shoulders, and pressed his lips to hers.

After a few seconds, Nick said, "Here, I'll show you." Nick's right hand found Ana's left hand, and he guided it down to the bulge in his pants. Ana rubbed the bulge eagerly.

"It's so big," Ana whispered.

Nick kissed Ana passionately, their tongues intertwining. He ran the fingers of his right hand through Ana's full, silky hair as they kissed. Ana wrapped her arm around Nick's waist pressing her hand between his pelvis and hers. She could feel the bulge continuing to grow as she squeezed it. Nick slid his hands down until they were rubbing Ana's ass.

When they stopped for breath, Nick whispered, "I've wanted you for so long."

"I want you too. Let's go up to my bedroom," Ana suggested.

"Lead the way," Nick smiled.

Ana took Nick's hand, and led him up the steps to her bedroom. Once in the room, Ana turned her back to Nick.

"Unzip me," Ana instructed.

Nick's fingers trembled with excitement as he located the small zipper. He slid it down carefully, exposing more skin and then a black bra strap. When she was unzipped, Nick kissed the back of Ana's neck. She turned, slipped the dress from her shoulders, and quickly removed it entirely. Having worn no slip, Ana stood before Nick wearing just a black bra and matching black bikini panties, and a black garter belt and sheer black stockings. It was the sexiest sight that Nick had ever seen. Nice widow's weeds, Nick thought. Regardless of whether Ana carried a few extra pounds, like most young men, Nick considered having sex with a mature woman to be especially erotic. His hard-on felt like it was going to rip through his pants.

"You like?" Ana asked.

"Ohhh yeah," Nick said.

"Now your turn," Ana said moving close to Nick. She grasped the bottom of his sweater and undershirt and lifted them up and off together. Nick was happy to let Ana do whatever she pleased. Ana placed her palms on his firm abs and slowly ran them up to his chiseled pecs. She looked up at Nick. Her mouth was open and her eyes gleamed with lust.

"I want you so much," Ana purred.

"The feeling is mutual," Nick whispered.

Next, Ana undid Nick's belt, unhooked the rivet on his pants, and then slid his zipper down. She couldn't wait to see his stiff young cock. Then she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his pants and briefs, and pulled them down together. Ana inhaled sharply as she gazed at an impressive ivory hard-on sticking straight out from the young man's body. She watched it bob around as Nick stepped out of his pants. Then Ana moved close and curled the fingers of her right hand around it, feeling its warmth. Nick moaned quietly at her touch. Ana enjoyed the contrast of her tan fingers around the ivory erection. When Ana gently squeezed the hard-on, she felt it throb in her hand.

"I just knew you were going have a big, handsome penis," Ana said softly.

Ana looked into Nick's eyes as she fondled his erection. Nick closed his eyes and exhaled as the pleasure flowed from his dick to his brain. Ana smiled and rubbed the head of the cock with her thumb.

Nick moved closer to Ana, placed his hands on her shoulders, and pressed his lips to hers. Ana's hand stroked his hard-on. Nick slid his lips against Ana's and their tongues passionately dueled. As Nick ran his fingers through Ana's dark hair, Ana rubbed the tip of the young cock against her stomach.

"I'm completely nude, but you still have your underwear on," Nick whispered into Ana's ear.

"And I thought you liked my undies," Ana smiled, "I bought them just for you."

"They're awesome, but I wanna see your body too. Can I take off your bra and panties?"

"Whatever you want."

Nick moved behind Ana, unhooked her bra, and moved against her from behind. He slid his hands over her hips, up her stomach, and under the loose bra cups. Ana sighed as Nick's fingertips brushed over her sensitive nipples. She let the bra slide to her wrists, and then to the floor joining the growing pile of clothes. Nick cupped her breasts from behind and kissed her neck.

Next, Nick moved in front of her, and slowly slid her panties down, watching as he exposed her triangle of dark pubic hair.

"Let's get on the bed," Ana said.

They fell on the bed, hugging, kissing, and fondling each other. Nick kissed his way down Ana's neck, and continued to her firm breasts. Ana's nipples and areolas were neither too small nor too large... just perfect. Holding one tit with his hand, Nick licked her nipple and flicked it with his tongue. Then, he moved to the other nipple and did the same thing. As he licked her nipple, he slid his right hand down, through her soft bush, and began to gently rub between her legs. Ana was already wet, and moaned quietly. She was happy to have a man putting her pleasure ahead of his own.

After spending some time licking her nipples, Nick began to kiss his way downward, over Ana's stomach and down her abdomen.

"Where are you going?" Ana asked.

"I thought you'd like me to go down on you," Nick replied.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean lick your pussy," Nick smiled. Ana understood American slang from the women she worked with.

Ana whispered, "You don't have to do that."

"Lemme do it a little while. I'll bet you'll like it."

"My husband used to say that was disgusting. He never did it."

"Your husband didn't know what he was talking about and didn't care about your pleasure."

Ana's heart was pounding with the excitement of breaking another taboo.

She whispered, "Do anything you want to me."

Ana spread her legs. Nick ran the fingertips of his right hand into Ana's curly pubes, gazing lustfully, and savoring the texture. Ana's pubic bush was the same dark brown color as her hair. It appeared to Nick that Ana probably had trimmed it, but just for neatness. It remained a full, dense bush. Her thighs had been shaved all the way up and around. Nick's fingertips moved over her damp, pube-outlined lips, then back into her soft pubic bush, then back over her vaginal lips.

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