tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 22

The Panty Perils of Me 22


Now that Kathy and I are bosom buddies in all senses of the word. I never thought that I had any bi tendencies until she slapped my bottom on the professor's back porch. It literally lit a fire inside of me that I could only quench by touching her all over. It seems that like everything else with this bizarre tale of panty perils that I have been on, it is a bit complicated.

Kathy's prim and proper attitude resulting in her disgust concerning my recent activities subconsciously made me attracted to her. Somehow I could sense her true nature through her carefully constructed façade.

Does this all sound somewhat familiar?

When she came back to join us the other evening resulting in her baptism of spunk, my suppressed desire for her spilled out. (I thought that I would stay with the liquid references considering all that happened the other evening. J)

I literally had to have her and thankfully she reciprocated.

Now we can't be separated as we do everything together although she remains the spanker and I, the spankee.

God, I love how she slaps my panty clad bottom with her long slender fingers. One little slap and I am absolutely oozing. However, I digress.

Since we share a similar penchant for the professor, we decided to repair Edward's reputation that was so badly damaged by Dr. Spoocher, the head of the Department for Exposing and Understanding Fetishes. (Is the acronym for this, DEUF?)

So we devised a little plan to unseat Dr. Spoocher from his lofty position at the University.

My role is to call Dr. Spoocher for another appointment, and as always, upon my arrival obey his directions. If things go as they usually have, I will find myself undressed while Dr. Spoocher prepares himself to ejaculate on some exposed part of me. Yes, that means that he will unzip his pants, pull his erection out, and began to stroke himself as he looks at my scantily clad body.

What more could a woman in the midst of a mid-life crisis ask for?

At the correct moment Kathy is to rush into his office with her camera phone recording the incident for our use in whatever manner we would like or Edward would like.

It seems almost foolproof.

We picked a day that would work best for both of us and I made the call to Dr. Spoocher. His assistant answered and I explained that I wanted to come in for another session with Dr. Spoocher.

I have no idea whether his assistant has any knowledge of the sort of sessions that her boss conducts, however she efficiently scheduled the day and time that Kathy and I had settled on as best.

The day arrived and Kathy came over to my house to help me pick out a wardrobe that would entice the good doctor to perform for the camera. I wanted to wear a simple blouse and short skirt, however Kathy insisted that I put on a dark navy sheath dress that hugged my hips and buttocks. It also would create some very distinct panty lines.

In this area we also disagreed as I felt that red or black would send him off sooner, so to speak. However Kathy insisted that a pastel color would give a subtle message of innocence, which would appeal more to the Dr.'s need to be in control.

This woman really has the perfect mind for this sort of thing. Who would have guessed?

I pulled out a bra and bikini panty set from my lingerie drawer in a very pale blue. Kathy immediately nodded her head in approval of my selection. The bra is basically unconstructed with soft lace cups that reveal my nipples through the lace. The bikini panties are quite tiny with two lace bows on either hip. They also only cover about ¾'s of my cheeks creating a very distinct and sexy panty line under my sheath dress.

Kathy and I both had to stay focused on our ultimate goal as she continued to explore my body parts throughout the clothing process, which certainly got me in the mood to visit Dr. Spoocher.

Don't get me wrong! I was still very nervous, however when a certain part of the female anatomy is dripping with sexual excitement, any anxiety regarding finding one's self in an uncomfortable sexual situation is lessened significantly.

Once I was fully dressed, Kathy had me walk back and forth for her as she scrutinized my attire. She also had me sit down and stand up making sure that Dr. Spoocher would not be disappointed in how much of me was revealed through the simple act of walking into his office and sitting down.

She showed me how to sit with my knees just slightly apart making sure that the aperture created was facing directly towards the Doctor. It made me blush to realize that this time I was the one meant to be in control, as I have obviously prefer the reverse.

She did remark that my dress could be a few inches shorter, but under the circumstances it would do very nicely.

Funny how a woman who just a few days ago wore outfits that were so conservative and proper could offer such good advice on how to seduce a man.

As a final inspiration, Kathy asked me whether I owned any pearls. I told her that I did have a necklace and bracelet made of pearls.

She told me to put them on and show her. I did.

It really was the perfect compliment to my dark navy blue sheath dress and perfectly presented me as a woman of class and breeding providing the good Doctor with another potential fantasy.

Also, from a purely sexual standpoint, a string of white pearls can represent the male ejaculate.

This woman thinks of everything.

Once I had performed every movement and gesture to her satisfaction we had to decide on where to place our recorder. We had borrowed a small recording device form Edward. It was quite obvious that I could not hide it on my person as most of me would be uncovered, and what wasn't uncovered would still be on display.

We decided to put in a side pocket of my bag and hoped that it would be able to pick up the Doctor's voice through the fabric.

With all of the prepping now done, I climbed into my car and headed towards the University and my appointment with Dr. Spoocher. The plan was to have Kathy follow in her own car in order for us to not be seen together.

It isn't really much of a drive to the University, but it still was long enough for me to consider all of the things that could go wrong with our plan. I was nervous, excited, and anxious wanting to just get the appointment over with along with securing our evidence of professional wrong doing.

I parked the car, walked the couple of blocks to the psychology building enjoying all of the stares that I was receiving from the university students virtually half my age. I had to admit that Kathy was right on the mark with her decisions regarding my attire.

Once at the building I climbed the stairs to the doctor's floor, walked down the hall, and entered the doorway to his office suite. As usual his assistant was absent and the door to his office was closed.

Wow, this was when my nerves really hit me hard. My stomach lurched in anticipation but I retained enough sense to make sure that the outer office door remained unlocked for Kathy to get it.

Taking a very deep breath I gathered my nerves and knocked on his door.

"Please come in, Ms. Harley," was the response I heard through the door.

I turned the knob and walked in to find Dr. Spoocher sitting comfortably behind his immense desk motioning for me to take a seat opposite him.

I remembered everything that Kathy had coached me on. So before I sat down I turned my back to the Doctor giving him a very good view of how the silk fabric of my dress hugged my hips and bottom providing a very visible panty line. I heard the Dr. exhale in a long sigh of complete satisfaction. I couldn't help but smile to myself making sure that it was erased from my face by the time I turned back to face him.

I used the opportunity to place my bag against the leg of his desk pulling the recorder out of the pocket just enough to uncover the microphone. By making sure that the pocket faced the desk, I felt that the recorder should remain hidden.

What will be difficult is making sure to grab my bag as I fully expected to have to make a very quick exit once Kathy appeared to take our photo.

Sitting down with my knees about 4 inches apart I made sure that they pointed directly at the Doctor's face.

As he told me how surprised he was to hear from me and that he had expected to not see me again, I watched his eyes continuously glance down to my legs exploring as far up my dress as they could.

I knew that everything that Kathy had coached me on was working.

It was time for the piece de resistance.

As Dr. Spoocher continued his little soliloquy, I purposely raised one of my knees just slightly and apart from the other one knowing that he would see my pale blue nylon covered crotch.

I felt a slight tremor across my lower lips knowing that I was trying to seduce him into misbehaving with me as his mark.

It was all that he needed as he stared up my dress saying, "Well, shall we get started?"

"That is why I am here, " I replied.

With that Dr. Spoocher rose from his chair asking me to stand up. The male appendage pushing forward from his trousers was quite obvious as he approached me.

"Turn around for me, Ms. Harley," he said and I obeyed.

He stroked my tightly encased bottom eliciting a "very nice" comment from his lips. Then his hands extended up to my neck where they took a hold of my zipper pulling it completely down my back. The very thin and delicate strap of my light blue bra was no longer hidden. Reaching up to my shoulders, Dr. Spoocher slipped my dress off of me allowing it to slide down my upper torso where the fabric gathered on my hips.

My dress was not about to slip unaided down my hips. It just was too damn tight.

My reaction was to cover my reacting nipples as they poked provocatively against the lace fabric of my bra. With both of my hands occupied, the doctor stooped down and yanked on the hem of my silk dress. As I felt the fabric give and heard a tearing sound, my dress soon gathered in a pile around my feet.

"Damn, that was a good dress!" I thought to myself as the air-conditioned air of his office reminded me that I was now nearly naked.

Dr. Spoocher's eyes widened with a mixture of lust and delight at my sudden exposure.

He stepped back from me to get a more complete view of his middle-aged patient now wearing nothing more than a tiny sky blue bra and matching panties.

I was frozen in place watching him reach down towards the zipper of his pants, extracting the erection that had been so obvious through the fabric. The mushroom shaped head of his throbbing appendage pointed directly at me while a small droplet of opaque liquid oozed out of its tiny hole.

I can't explain the conflict of feelings that flowed through me, as I was a complacent observer to the physical effect that my unveiled presence had on this man. It was quite flattering and at the same time a bit obscene.

As I stood glued to my spot in front of him, he ordered me to kneel down. I bent my knees and lowered myself to the carpeted floor. Dr. Spoocher approached me pushing his engorged member directly against my lips.

"Oh, God!" I thought to myself, "He is going to make me suck on him."

Instead, I heard him say, "Lick the head, Ms. Harley."

I didn't want to, but this was for Edward, or at least that is what I wanted to believe.

I slowly extended my tongue towards his erection and began to lick the clear liquid still oozing out of his tiny orifice.

"That's it, Ms. Harley. Maybe I should give you another pearl necklace to match your own," and he laughed with a maniacal sound.

"Where the hell is Kathy?" I kept thinking to myself as Dr. Spoocher continued to rub himself on my lips and tongue.

I guess his threat of a pearl necklace was simply that, as he now told me to stand up and go over to his desk. "Thank God" I thought and quickly got up off of my knees.

I was told to sit on his desk and to spread my legs apart.

I was trembling uncontrollably as I did what I was told.

His face was exactly opposite my bra cups and hard little nubs.

With one hand directing his penis towards my crotch he took his other hand immediately finding one of my tender knots and pinched it hard.

I let out a yelp of surprise and pain.

"You smug little bitches think that I don't know what you really want," Dr. Spoocher growled at me.

He pushed me back so I was lying on top of his massive desk with my legs wide apart with his body occupying the space between them.

He placed both hands in the crook of my knees pulling my legs up from the floor and pushing my knees back towards my head. I was in the perfect position for his one eyed battering ram to push open the gates to my castle.

He then began to prod me with his erection right against the crotch of my nylon panties.

I didn't want to, but couldn't help myself as I felt my lower lips began to swell and to open.

Dr. Spoocher continued to use my wet crotch to stroke himself and within a very little while, I could feel his firm flesh rubbing almost directly on my kernel.

I hated everything about it. It was humiliating, embarrassing, and mortifying. So why did it feel so good?

"Where the hell was Kathy?"

I was beginning to panic, which wasn't helping my situation one bit. Dr. Spoocher's divining rod was seeking moisture, and the source of an abundant supply was just on the other side of a soaked strip of light blue nylon.

As the doctor's breathing started a tempo to match the lewd bump and grind that he was performing on my crotch, I heard the door suddenly open.

I bent my head back to see Kathy aim and shoot with her camera phone almost coinciding perfectly with Dr. Spoocher's personal version of aim and shoot.

As his both of his heads jerked upward, his spunk shot over my left hip across the top of his desk and then onto his carpeted floor.

He grabbed himself in an attempt to cover his erection. The second spurt filled his hand oozing between his closed fingers and dripping onto his pants leg.

Thank goodness for his temporary distraction as it gave me enough time to utilize my long forgotten and unused gymnastic ability.

I participated in gymnastics in High School as the late development of my breasts and body made me a perfect candidate for the sport. And I found out early on that by wearing my leotard one size too small attracted the attention that I craved from the young males in my class.

Who needs big breasts when you have a nice round tushy to put on display?

I lifted my legs back over my head rolling backwards across the top of his desk, and landing on that very same tushy on the other side of the desk.

I guess trying a backwards somersault in heels wasn't the best idea, but it put me in the perfect position to grab my bag with the concealed recorder and quickly get back on my feet.

As I headed for the door I glanced at my dress with its back zipper ripped and useless and realized that I was about to run through campus in just my bra and panties.

What is it with my continual lack of clothing and the University?

It probably is some subliminal fantasy that wants to be acted out over and over again.

Without thinking much more about it I ran down the hallway and down the stairs taking them three at a time. Maybe I should enter some kind of high heel competition, as I was surprised at my agility in them.

Once outside, Kathy and I quickly agreed to separate and meet back at her house. So I ran around the building in hope that I could get back to my car before Dr. Spoocher recovered.

Boy, was I wrong. As it turned out, Dr. Spoocher was some kind of a track star in his college days and although he had aged a number of years and put on some weight, he was still very quick.

Besides, I made the mistake that Dr. Spoocher would follow our path out of his building.

I ran around the corner and positioned myself so I could watch the front door and see which way he would go before I decided on the best direction to my car.

Instead Dr. Spoocher had come out the back of the building and snuck up behind me.

Once I realized he was there, I quickly began to run; however the combination of heels and grass hindered my escape and I felt Dr. Spoocher's hand grab the back strap of my bra.

I lurched forward hearing my back strap rip and left him holding my torn bra as I ran topless across the campus.

Something about having only one article of clothing left for the doctor to peel off of me added urgency to my flight. Having shed my heels I found myself increasing the distance between us.

Have you ever tried to run with one arm covering two very erect nipples? I am sure that it looked ridiculous; however it was all that I had left to cover my bare breasts along with every other part of me that was on display.

I made my way back towards my parked car using the buildings as cover; skirting from one to the other until I was near the parking lot.

I finally found myself along side my car reaching for my keys from my bag, when I noticed a set of headlights coming straight at me. The bright light essentially made the only piece of clothing that I had on perfectly transparent.

For the second time this evening I found myself frozen in place as the car stopped less that ten feet from me.

I felt beaten and dropped my hands to my side letting the intense light illuminate my entire body while my own much tinier headlights remained erect and swollen.

To my surprise and extreme embarrassment, Arnold's father exited the car.

"Well, well, Ms. Harley. Are we out for a little stroll through campus tonight?" he asked with an ominous grin of delight.

You tell me how I should have responded. I simply stood there rift of any plausible explanation for my state of undress.

"By the way, I am quite aware of your relationship with my son, but have decided to keep it to myself at least for the time being," he continued still wearing his very unpleasant smile.

The entire time he stared at me. I mean the kind of stare that is meant to undress a woman; however this particular woman was already undressed.

Then he slowly walked towards me. My entire body cringed, as he got closer.

He told me to turn around. Without even thinking I did as I was told. When my back was to him, he took a hold of my bottom with one hand and squeezed hard. I flinched from his touch as he remarked, "Very nice. It seems that my son has good taste in older women."

Arnold's father (Mr. Lawrence) is a very prominent lawyer in my town and sits on quite a few boards and committees. One of them is the board of regents for this university, which I am sure made him quite angry when he felt that he needed to separate Arnold from my influence.

Remember how a pair of my panties that Arnold had was missing and I was wondering where they might have disappeared? I think that I was getting the answer as his father continued to squeeze and knead my barely covered bottom.

Then the shocker came.

"Ms. Harley, Professor Thrasher, I believe that you already know him, will be inviting you to a university fund raiser to be held in two weeks from this Saturday. I suggest that you accept his invitation."

I simply nodded and Mr. Lawrence let go of my bottom.

"See you soon," and he climbed back in his car and drove off.

I was shaking from head to toe barely able to get my key into the ignition of my car.

On my drive to Kathy's house I played the tape in the recorder not realizing that I had never turned it off.

The replay of my meeting with Mr. Lawrence sent shivers up and down my spine and I had to pull over.

I quickly erased the part with Arnold's father. Despite my newfound friendship with Kathy I was too embarrassed for her to find out about my seduction Arnold.

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