tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 29

The Panty Perils of Me 29


After my little car trip it was difficult for me to keep my mind on the mundane routine of work and home life.

I needed something to satisfy my now not so latent desires to have fun.

And since Eric's birthday was coming up, I thought that it would be a very unique present to take him panty shopping.

I had no idea that he had some birthday present ideas of his own.

We set a date to meet at a local coffee house. Eric told me that he had something for me before our trip to the mall.

The Mall

A Preview Showing

Thankfully I work close to my home, as I had spent most of the morning obsessing over the choice of my current outfit; a black wool skirt with a kick pleat with dark gray knit thigh highs. I certainly was dressed appropriately for the office and any subsequent business meeting, but I wanted to be and feel sexy for our afternoon at the mall.

Professor Eric and I had set aside the entire afternoon together.

I quickly drove home, ran to the front door with my skirt already unzipped and slipping down my legs. It hit the floor just as I opened the door and stepped into the house.

If any of my neighbors had been watching, they would have had a clear view of my choice of panties. I had on a very tight fitting black nylon bikini panty with red stitching on the waist and leg openings.

It was too small to properly cover my cheeks, which is one of the reasons that I like it. And very appropriately it had the word "sassy" also in red stitching across my butt.

I often am able to wear an XS or small size panty, but these had a size label that stated small, however by the way they fit, they made my booty look like an extra large. So my bottom was sticking out almost like I was wearing a thong. Oh, did I say that I really liked these?

I kicked off both high heels and peeled my knit thigh highs down each leg. It was much less like a strip tease and more like a fire drill as I scooped up the skirt and leggings throwing them on my bed.

I pulled open my lingerie drawer and grabbed a black with red stitching garter belt and a pair of black stockings.

I was frustrated with how long it took to pull on my pair of nylons and hook them to the garter clasps, but finally I was done. Of course, I tucked the garter straps through my panties. How else can you quickly take a tinkle with stockings on?

Then I slipped on what I had wanted to put on all morning; my black leather mini skirt with a full nylon lining. It slides so easily on my nylons that it would be quite simple to show off my legs, stocking tops, and panties as well as to fulfill the directions that Professor Eric had sent me via email.

Besides having something for me, he had sent me an email outlining 3 tasks that he wanted me to perform while at the mall.

Each one involved exposing my undies to unsuspecting mall patrons.

Now that very familiar tingling feeling began to take over my entire body. I knew that I was ready.

I felt my heart skip a beat when I entered the coffee house and saw him sitting at a table along the window. He looked so classy in his gray wool slacks and black turtleneck. Although I have to confess that I could only think about what he might be wearing underneath those wool slacks.

Since we were going to do some panty shopping at the mall I assumed that I would be finding out soon enough. But I wanted to know now!!

The moment I sat down he pushed a little box with red and gold striped wrapping paper on it and a beautiful gold bow towards me. "I assume that this is what you wanted to give me" I asked.

He could have said, "No it's for the young lady behind the counter." but he didn't.

Instead he replied, "I want you to wear this for during our afternoon at the mall and for the performance of your tasks."

I slipped the bow off and tore open the paper. It was a box from Adam and Eve, which really got my attention. I opened it to find a very sexy black lace string bikini panty with ribbon ties on the side. Funny that I had decided to wear black as well.

When I held them up a small black thingy fell out from the crotch. It looked like a large peanut with very smooth rounded edges. Inside the box sat some sort of equally small control device.

I took out the instructions and realized immediately that the black peanut was a vibrating egg that fit inside the liner in the panties crotch.

As I sat there a bit dumbfounded and very aroused, he told me to go to the bathroom and try everything on.

I don't know whether the business people sitting all around us pretending to be busy on their laptops noticed us, but I was hoping that they would.

I was in one of my moods, which is virtually all of the time now. Why else would I have switched to my mini leather skirt and stockings?

I got up from my chair realizing that my skirt had slipped well up to the top of my thighs revealing my stocking tops, and garter straps. The full nylon lining of my skirt often performed as if it had a will of its own. And most of the time it's will was to show off my legs.

Instead of pulling my skirt down to cover up, I couldn't help myself. I pressed my hands on the sides of my skirt and easily slid it up and over my bottom sticking my "sassy" booty towards Professor Eric and everyone else in the vicinity.

I loved how the place became quiet.

There is nothing like performing a little attention grabber to effectively cause a brief moment of silence.

I then let my skirt slide back down to the top of my thighs and walked to the bathroom putting a very exaggerated movement in my hips as I knew Eric and most everyone else were still watching me.

Once in the bathroom, I took the stall farthest from the door, slipped my skirt off and laid it over the top of the stall. Then I slipped out of my "sassy" panties taking just a brief moment to note the wetness of the crotch. They were very aromatic and quite indicative of my state of arousal.

I laid them on top of my skirt, put the peanut inside its tiny pocket and slipped the side tie panties on. They were a bit big, and no matter how tightly I tied the side ties, they still didn't hug my intimate area like my sassies did. So I made a decision that rested in some very intense and overwhelming sensations later.

I pushed the vibrating egg inside my now very wet and slippery opening. It found its place without any problem whatsoever, nestling itself right against my welcoming kernel.

I took the remote control and pushed the lowest setting. I didn't feel much other than a very light vibration, but by the time I got to the 3rd setting a very nice sensation was happening right inside my nether region.

"Oooooooh" slipped from my lips as I took a huge gulp of air. It felt wonderful.

I worked through each setting with each one inducing another moan from my lips until setting 9.

This one forced my thighs to squeeze tightly together, my entire body to crunch forward, and my legs to buckle. If it hadn't been for the toilet seat, I would have ended up on the floor.

I probably looked as if I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but it was anything but that. The intensity of the vibration was so extreme that I couldn't help but grab myself between my legs and groan loudly.

I decided to not try level 10.

Also, I had been in the bathroom long enough and we had things to do for the afternoon; like shopping for panties. And I had my tasks to perform, although they now included having a vibrating egg inside of me.

I pulled my skirt back up, zipped the back, grabbed the ribbon tie panties, and headed back to our table.

Not surprisingly everyone was awaiting my return. If they had any idea of what devious device was now resting right up against my female nub, we would have had them following us to our next destination.

I walked up to Eric with a smirk on my face laying the black lace panties across the table right in front of him making sure that they were visible to everyone seated near us.

"They were too big" I stated matter of factly.

"What about the egg?" Eric whispered back.

"It fit just fine," I replied pushing my hand against the front of my skirt.

Yes, I was ddefinitely in one of my moods.

I sat back down and proceeded to tell him about setting 3 through 9 thinking that he would suggest a setting for me to use. Boy, was I wrong!

With a very lascivious smile Eric asked me to hand the control over to him.

I can't tell you how vulnerable it felt to hand him that tiny device that with a simple push of a button would send me into orgasmic convulsions. My throat went dry and I reached for my glass of water drinking it down in almost one gulp.

The afternoon was becoming much more sensually enticing than I had ever imagined.

We then left the coffee place in his car and drove to the mall. Eric wanted to see my legs as he drove. It was quite simple to slide my leather skirt up to the very top of my thighs allowing him to see everything from my crotch down. His wool pants tented almost immediately.

So when a woman constantly attracts men and sometimes other women who want to see her exposed, is it the woman's fault?

Is there such thing as an energetic attraction that brings people into your life to fulfill your hidden desires and fantasies?

Not exactly the sexiest of thoughts, but it is what I was thinking as we headed to the mall.

Panty Shopping

Once we arrived at the mall I took him straight to my favorite lingerie store.

Thankfully I had never been there with my husband, as the owner knew me by name. When we entered the store, she immediately came up to us saying, "Oh, is this your husband?" I am sure that Eric noticed that I never responded directly to her question but simply introduced him by his first name.

The owner than handed us over to her sales assistant, a beautiful young lady of Latin descent, who asked me what I was interested in. She stood about 5'6" tall and with her high heels towered over my 5'4" frame. Her name was Sarah with beautiful ebony colored long hair and an incredibly gorgeous body, which she had dressed in a tight fitting white blouse and a black pencil skirt. Her skirt was tight enough to see her garter clasps, which we both easily noticed.

I may have felt as attracted to Sarah as Eric seemed to be.

I knew immediately that she would be the perfect person to assist is.

I told her that we wanted to try on matching panties. Her expression never changed as she led us to the back of the store where they kept their novelty items.

I picked out a white pair of tiny string panties with a tiny paddle applique on each hip and "Spank Me" embroidered across the bottom.

Sarah found me a small and then inquired as to Eric's size.

His expression was priceless as he mumbled, "Probably a large."

Sarah took out a large in the same style and fabric but without the message across the bottom. Handing it to him she asked whether we required separate dressing rooms. I told her that we would share one and she opened the room in the very back of their dressing area.

The dressing room was quite large with a single chair and the back wall was an entire mirror.

I slipped off my leather skirt so Eric could see my entire under ensemble. I wanted to see how he physically reacted to my garters, stockings, and "sassy" panties, knowing that it would make it that much more difficult for him to fit into his panties.

Eric just stood there staring at me front and back as the mirror provided him an excellent view of my backside.

I took a hold of his belt and began to undo it saying, "Well, if you are just going to stare than I will take your pants off myself."

I slid his pants down his legs, lifting his turtleneck above his waist, and saw the sexiest black thong panties wrapped around his dripping erection. The head of which was sticking completely out of his panties.

I took my finger, using it to wipe the ooze off of his swollen tip and licked it. "We can't have you dripping on your new panties before we know whether they fit," I explained.

I then turned him around so his back was to the full-length mirror and reveled in the fore and aft view of his form fitting black thong.

"Hmmmm! You look quite delicious," I remarked reaching around his back and stroking his taut cheeks.

The head of his penis oozed some more goo and I again used my finger to taste his liquid reaction to my touch.

He didn't say much allowing me to just do, as I wanted to. I am sure that he knew that my turn was coming as he held the remote control to the smooth little egg that was pushing right against my swollen pearl.

Finally I slipped on the white panties over my black 'sassies' and turned around for him.

His look told me all that I needed to know, although it certainly didn't hurt to have him give an ear to ear smile of approval.

"Your turn," I replied and watched him step out of his pants that had been draped around his ankles, stepping into the tiny white panties.

As he pulled them up, we heard Sarah's voice asking us how things were looking.

I responded that we might require her help as Eric's panties seemed a little small.

It seems that my little display had caused a portion of his flesh to expand to the point that it was sticking out the top.

To my total delight, Sarah opened the door of the dressing room, looking directly at Eric's midsection. His erection was on display with the mushroom shaped head sticking out of both pairs of panties.

"I see what you mean," Sarah said with a grin that took over her entire face.
I took a hold of Eric's erection, tucking it inside his black thong pointing the exposed squirt gun towards his hip. "That seems better," I remarked and Sarah nodded in agreement.

Eric's face at this point was almost as red as his penis, but I knew that he loved the attention from the two of us.

Sarah then reached inside his thong and moved the prominent pointer to the other hip saying, "Maybe it looks better on this side."

I can only imagine how difficult it was for Eric not to fill both pairs of panties with his goop.

"I think that I prefer it on his right hip," and I again reached in and moved his warm firm flesh to the other hip.

"Hmm, Maybe you are right?" Sarah replied enjoying the playful interaction with Eric's erection.

Sarah then turned her attention to my "Spank me" panties saying "Those seem to fit perfectly," giving me a swat across my cheeks.

I liked the feel of her hand on my buttocks and cooed in response.

She then postioned herself along my side and played with my bottom while pretending to look at Eric's nylon encased throbbing flesh.

As her hand slipped down my cheek reaching between my legs I nervously asked, "Do you have anything in red?"

Sarah pushed two fingers up into my dripping faucet while at the sam time saying, "Follow me." I followed her out of the privacy of the dressing room still wearing nothing from my waist down other than the white panties over my black ones. I grabbed Eric's hand and pulled him after me.

We were in the very back of the store and thus no one outside in the mall could see us. I wanted to show Eric off and knew that Sarah as well as the store's owner, Christina, would enjoy the view as much as I did.

I just never expected her to enjoy seeing me more.

Sarah took a very sexy red pair with silver arrows embroidered around the waist and held them up to Eric's groin. His erection again popped out of the top of the thong, which made Sarah remark, "I think that Eric likes these."

Christina joined us in the back of the store leaning against one of the shelves, watching him and his jack in the box erection.

When a large dollop of goo oozed out of his penis, she came over wiping it with her finger and then stuck it in her mouth. " I just love a man in panties, " she added as she sucked on her finger.

Sarah and Christina had him try on quite a few styles and colors without allowing Eric back into the dressing room. They even allowed him to slip off his thong "so they could see the real fit of the panties," or so they said.

The entire time Sarah's hand was on my barely coverd butt continuously giving me little squeezes.

Christina took over the chore of cleaning off Eric's drippings which continuously covered the tip of his erection as he slipped in and out of each pair of panties.

Eric's ability to not ejaculate was remarkable as he had three very sexy women all handling his goods while encased in soft nylons, silks, and satins.

Once when I was sure that he was going to send a long rope of crème across the carpeted floor, Christina took a hold of him just under the helmet and squeezed tightly. We all watched as Eric convulsed, but nothing squirted out and when she released his penis, his erection was still just as formidable as before.

"A little trick I learned when I was in college," she said.

Sarah had again found my wet spot which was becoming apparent through both pairs of panties that I had on. Her fingers were playing a very erotic concerto between my legs and I had to do everything that I could to keep from moaning out loud.

Christina knew exactly what was going on and thus kept Eric entertained as I neared orgasm.

I could have easily stayed there for the remainder of the afternoon, but I still had my own tasks to perform.

Finally I broke out of the sexual trance that I was in with Sarah's fingers between my legs and said, "We need to get going."

We all watched as Eric slipped the last pair of panties off and again put on his thong. By this time he were perfectly comfortable stripping in and out of panties in front of us, enjoying the constant attention that his oozing member was receiving from Christina.

There is no doubt that we all would have loved to see him orgasm in front of us, however the timing and a carpeted floor just didn't make it practical.

We both walked back to the dressing room to get dressed. But before Eric put his trousers back on I reached into my pocket and found a little item that I had wanted to give him in return for the vibrating egg that he had given me. It was a small stretchable vinyl ring.

I reached inside his black thong taking a firm grip of his seemingly eternal erection.

With Christina and Sarah watching through the open door, I put the ring over it's still oozing head and rolled it down the shaft.

Eric pushed his groin towards my grip letting a moan of pleasure escape through his closed lips.

Once I had the ring all of the way down to his very smooth and hairless testicles, I carefully pulled it creating an opening just large enough to slip over the family jewels. I knew that all of our work to keep him nice and erect would be for naught if I let the vinyl ring snap against those two sensitive eggs. I was able to get the ring to stretch just far enough to insert both testicles through the loop and gently rolled it in place right to the base of his maleness.

Now he would be visibly erect for the remainder of our date.

The ring was perfect as it placed his erection out front, pushing against the fabric of his fine wool pants. The tenting effect was mouth watering if I can use this description. I was beyond horny and now ready to perform my tasks.

I slipped off the "Spank Me" panties handing them to Julia and put my skirt back on.

Julia watched me the entire time with a very lascivious smile on her face.

I never ever thought that I would be attracted to other women. However Jackie, Kathy and now Julia would seem to make a case for dispelling my long held beliefs.

So what's new about me discovering more aspects of my sexual side? It seems that this is what the last few months have been all about.

At the counter Christina thanked Eric for providing her with such a memorable afternoon while wrapping all of our purchases in the store's trademark lavender colored tissue paper. Christina also remarked that she was going to have laminate flooring installed and hoped that we would be back to indoctrinate it.

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