The Panty Teaser


"I didn't know what to expect but he touched me down there. Really softly. Right on my pussy. I was worried that he would try to take off my panties but he just kept touching me down there. Sometimes he moved his finger right up and down the pink flesh right next to the legband of my panties. Then he'd slide his finger right in between my...My pussylips with just my panties preventing complete penetration. I was getting excited and then I did something maybe I shouldn't have done."

My mouth was dry as I listened to my high school girlfriend's lurid tale. "What did you do Debbie?" I gasped. "What happened next?"

"Oh I took the legband of my panties and pulled it to one side! I showed Bob my bare pussy! I was still a virgin too. I looked up at his face and he seemed transfixed. He gobbled up the sight of my tightly closed pussylips and my little patch of brown hair for several moments before he reached down and slowly opened my pussy. He spread my pussy lips well apart and quietly said something like 'Everything seems to be OK physically.' Then he pushed one finger into my vagina. 'Does that feel pleasant Debbie?' He asked. "Oh yes it does!" I blurted out. Bob moved his finger slowly in and out of my totally exposed pussy while I held my panties to one side. Then he stepped back and opened his while lab coat. He tossed it onto a chair and then unzipped his pants. I knew what was coming next Brad. He produced his big hard cock and immediately touched it to my pussyhole. He didn't give me much of a chance to say 'Yes' or 'No'. He just put it to me right there in the examination room while I kept my panties out of the way."

"He fucked you right there during an 'Exam?' I said. It seemed highly unethical but I don't know if I would have been able to do anything else under the circumstances.

"Yes, he did." Debbie admitted. "I lost my virginity to Dr. Bob Nelson right in his office while other patients were waiting outside. He slid in as much as he could until I complained a bit then he pulled it out and then shoved real hard and took me. I couldn't close my legs so I had no choice but to let him fuck me. Then it started to feel really good. He was sliding it in and out rhythmically. I came to anticipate the feel of his balls slapping into my asshole each time he got it all the way home. The fact that I was in the stirrups and couldn't close my legs helped me accept my fate. So I just laid there and got fucked with my panties on. Like all the others, when the time came, he pulled his erupting cock out of my pussy and sent streams of white jism onto my panties."

"I came back to Dr. Bob for several more sessions and each time it was the same. I had to strip down to my panties and then he put me in the stirrups. Then there was a bunch of pussy teasing until I was ready and then I would pull my panties out of the way and show him my open pussy. Then he fucked me good and hard. I began to confuse love and sex quite honestly. Bob made me come and I found that sensation so thrilling! I just wanted more and more. I didn't have to take my panties off and I was unable to close my legs so I was free to experience sexual pleasure with no reservations. I wasn't my fault."

At that point, Debbie's incredible narrative ended and I found myself wondering what would happen next? Clearly she'd had nothing but trouble after our seemingly innocent little fling in the twelfth grade. She explained that she'd married Bob when she was just out of her teens. He already had a family and had divorced his wife in order to marry Deb. There had been problems with his ex wife and he'd had a vascectomy after his children were born. Debbie was now 38 years old and the biological clock was ticking and ticking loud.

"I...I never forgot you Brad." Debbie said looking up at me. The tears had dried on her cheeks now. "I always thought of you and wished it could have been different. When I got a little older I realized that, when you love someone, age doesn't really matter. Sure we were 'Just Kids' but the love I felt for you was real and I knew it all the time."

"And I felt the same way Deb. I had all these crazy rock and roll dreams in my head and I thought I'd have women climbing all over me for the rest of my life. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was you I wanted all along. I was so stupid. So...So..."

Debbie had heard enough out of me. She put her hand behind my neck and pulled me down to meet her. Her eyes, dark brown with yellow flecks looked up at me and our lips met. But, somehow it was different than it had been earlier. Our love was pure and an urgency overtook us there in that little Accord sedan. I kissed Debbie with furious intensity and reached beneath her skirt to her panties. "Take off your panties Debbie." I told her.

"Oh...Please no!" She complained. "I'm...I'm not quite ready..."

"Yes you are Debbie. You've never been more ready." I didn't give her a chance to protest. I reached for the waistband and pulled hard. Debbie slipped down onto her back and tried to prevent me from stripping off her only protection. "C'mon now Deb, you know you want this. Just let me take your panties off and a lot of your problems will be in the rear view mirror, I guarantee." The pretty brunette still put up token resistance but I was finally able to get both hands on her innocent little bikini panties and pulled them down.

Debbie cried out "No!" as she lifted her butt to allow me to drag her panties the rest of the way off.

Now I was treated to something no other man had seen. Debbie Davis' bare pussy with no panties on! "That's real nice Debbie!" I said without looking away. "Open your legs so I can see a little better." A smile crossed my girlfriend's face as she realized she'd finally done it. She'd allowed a man to take off her panties and see her bare pussy!

"Take your top off too honey." I told her. "Let's do it right."

But Debbie is just a natural tease. "Not...Not my titties Brad!" She wailed. "You can't just strip me naked!" Knowing where I stood now I proceeded to do exactly that, removing her top and bra until at last I was gazing at Debbie's kind of pointy little tits. They were little but suited her perfectly. Dark brown nipples capped each little mound.

I quickly pulled off my pants which wasn't easy in that Honda. Debbie kind of chuckled as I struggled to get naked before she changed her mind. Finally I was between her legs and Debbie reached out and took my penis in her hand. She carefully brought it to the now slippery lips of her pussy and drew it slowly up and down the opening, coating it with lubrication. Then she placed the head right at the soft warm, slightly pulsating entrance to her vagina and then settled back against the door. I didn't waste time. I pushed my cock right into Debbie's pussy and gave her the entire length of it in one shove.

"Oh Brad!" She involuntarily cried out when she felt it. "Oh go ahead and fuck my pussy! I've...I've got no panties on now! I'm all bare for you honey. Is my pussy nice for you?"

I grunted in response and began to plunder her helpless pussy, attempting to give her the rhythmic strokes she'd described earlier. We got to it right away and established a driving sexual union that continues to this day. We consumated our love affair in the back seat of a car where it began 20 years before. I gave Debbie every inch of my love and she willingly took it. When she sensed that I was ready to come Debbie reached down and retrieved her tiny panties from the floorboard of the car.

"Come on my panties Brad!" She begged. "Shoot your hot come on my little panties!"

But I had one more surprise for the love of my life. I could have come on her panties. Hell, I wanted to come on her panties! But instead, I buried my turgid cock right in her bare pussy and shot my steaming load of come right into her womb. Debbie's eyes widened when she realized what had just happened and I told her sincerely: "I love you Deb. I want to be the father of your children. I was born to be your lover and I'm not gonna let you get away again. I was a dumb high school shithead back then but not now. I'll make you happy honey. I promise."

Now there were tears from both of us. Neither of us spoke. We didn't have to.

So did Bob make a big stink when Debbie told him of her future plans. Naw! He could see it coming actually. Did Debbie get pregnant that very night? No but she did in the ensuing weeks when we met every chance we got and fucked our brains out. Is Debbie "Cured" of her panty fetish? Well she's as cured as I want her to be! It's fun fucking cute little Debbie Davis while she's wearing sexy little panties. It's great when she won't let me take her panties off and simply kneels before me and makes me take the little elastic string from her thong and pull it over so I can fuck her pussy or asshole from behind.

It's been 20 more years since that fateful reunion and Debbie and I have three children of our own. We both hope they'll some day meet someone and be as happy and in love as we still are. We were just flat out made to be together.

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