tagBDSMThe Paperclip

The Paperclip


"You didn't pick up the flour like I asked you to, did you?"

I had not even made it through the door before my wife started in on me. I was wrecked from traveling between work assignments. I had to deal with people all day long, only to top it all off with her mouth. My blood ran cold, but suddenly pulsated heat through my entire body. My teeth clenched as I set down my briefcase and loosened my tie.

"Well did you?" she nagged further before I even stood back up.

Without warning, an overwhelming urge ran through my chest and to my arm. I reached outward and slapped her across her cheek. I should have been panicked, but I felt my eyes involuntarily narrow as I thought about doing it again. The loud pop against her face silenced her for a second before I saw her face flush red.

"What are you doing?" She was a little panicked by my out-of-character move.

Then I reached up and slapped her again. "Shut your fucking mouth." I didn't yell as if I was some maniac on a television drama. I spoke through sternly gritted teeth. She did not comply.

"Who in the fuck do you think you are?" she began to yell.

I suddenly did not know how to respond with physical control. She was not able to yell again before I reached out and grabbed a fistful of her hair. Her hands naturally grabbed at mine in an attempt to resist. She was unable to thwart me from pulling her to the bottom of the stairs. I led the way, dragging her by her hair. She wretched and fumbled up the stairs, and was able to stammer out an occasional "No", but it was to no avail.

I pulled her to the top of the stairs and down the hall. I kicked our bedroom door open and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

"Bend your ass over the bed." I still did not yell. I spoke only with a stern tone.

My wife suddenly did not resist. I pulled her hair downward until she was face down on the bed, bent at the waist, and waiting. She curled her hands under her chest. Her breathing was heavy. She seemed frightened, and I felt myself growing more excited by her fear.

I looked at her submitted position for a moment before I stepped into her. I pressed my raging hard on through my pants and into her skirt. My width rested into her ass crack through the cloth. She sighed as if to be relieved by my excitement.

"Are you going to fuck me?" she inquired with a trembling voice.

"Eventually." My answer was vague enough to give her goose bumps. I ran my hands up her back, into her sweater, and over her chilled skin.

"Eventually?" she countered, "I've never seen you like this."

Snap! My hand burned at the sudden sting it gave her ass cheek. "Ahh!" she called out in discomfort, "Not so hard!"

Again, a wave of aggression took hold of my body. I reached to the top of her head and grabbed a handful of hair again. I moved from around behind her and got onto the bed. I pulled hard at her hair.

"Ow! Stop! That hurts!"

I did not respond. I just pulled until her body was on the bed. I began to force her onto her back. She resisted, so I straddled her chest. She tried to kick her legs and twist away. I grabbed each of her wrists and pinned her arms to the bed. She exhausted her power, but I was too strong for her to pull away. I held onto her right wrist with my left hand. I used my right hand to jerk my loose tie from my collar. My wife lashed at me with her left hand. She slapped and hit the best she could, but was not able to stop me. I hastened a half knot around her right wrist with my tie. Then I used the loose ends of the tie to pull her hand to the head board. I kept it pulled tight until I was able to capture her left hand. I forced her hand to the head board and completed my anchoring of her hands. She was not able to pull free despite her several attempts.

"Fuck you. This isn't funny anymore. Untie me!"

I reached down and slapped her cheek again. It was not as hard as the first time, but it was enough to cause a sting. She winced and went quiet for a second. Just then, I slid my straddled position down her body and over her legs. She was not able to kick because of my weight against her. I shoved my hands up her skirt and clutched the sides of her thong. She tried to resist, so I did not pull them off lovingly. I ripped at them until the lace fabric broke free.

I wadded her torn panties into a tight ball. Then I reached up and shoved them into her mouth until nothing of them remained. She was properly gagged by her dank panties and I watched as her eyes went watery. She finally understood that she had no say in the matter. I was to have my way with her and being tied to the head board provided her little opportunity to resist.

I stood from the bed to look at my handy work. She was well tied, well gagged, and well on her way to what I wanted. However, there was more to be done. I took off my belt with a last second snap of leather. I made a loop out of the belt and the buckle. I slid the loop over her ankle and she kicked away. I pinned her leg down and slapped the inside of her thigh. The loud pop left an immediate hand print on her soft skin. I looked and saw that it brought more tears to her eyes.

I grabbed the belt and pulled it quickly to the head board at the corner of the bed. My wife's leg was straight as I pulled her foot past her head to the corner of the head board. I secured the belt in place and secured it with her stretched awkwardly in front of me. Then I turned around and grabbed another belt. I walked around to the other side of the bed and repeated the process at her left ankle. She did not kick this time. She seemed to be giving up until I began to stretch her leg to the head board. I pulled slowly and her breathing let me know that she was achingly open. I pulled until I was able to secure her leg to the head board. She was in a near split position. Her hands were tied above her head. Her feet were forcefully secured to the opposite tops of the head board. Her lower back arched at the restraints and her pussy was in the air. Her ass exposed. She was spread wide open and was completely vulnerable. I could see in her eyes, and in the glistening of her cunt, that she wanted me to fuck her.

I looked at her for a second to revel at my craftsmanship. I inhaled deeply to gather my breath and my thoughts. I must have smirked because she muttered, "please," through her lace gag. I opened my hand and swatted her ass loudly at each of her cheeks. Then I walked away. I left her there for a moment, waiting, wanting, wondering.

I returned to the room, but did not reveal the reason for my sudden departure from her. I kept my hands out of her view as I moved to the foot of the bed. I could smell her musty pussy. It was wet and inviting, and for a moment, I had to refrain from diving in.

I moved up to her ass cheeks. I was still clothed, so resisting the urge to fuck her was manageable. Instead, I moved my hands to the sides of her skirt. I bunched the fabric at its sides until it was completely around her waist and out of my way. Then I moved my hands further upward to the bottom of her sweater. I jerked at the material until her breasts were exposed.

Her nipples were hard with excitement, but they were not to my liking. I looked away from her for a second to grab something from behind me. I returned to her, pressed heavily between her legs, with an ice cube in each hand. I placed the ice cubes in my palms and cupped my hands to the centers of her large tits. I rubbed in circles until the ice became cold water. I watched as chills ran over her body and droplets of water ran the course of her breasts.

Once the ice was gone, I pulled my hands away and saw her nipples were rock hard. They stood out from her skin engorged. I leaned down and took her left nipple into my mouth. I placed my lips firmly around her entire areola. I did not do so to please her. I did so to warm it only a little. Then I continued with the right.

I felt as though her nipples were sufficiently warmed, so I pinched each in the grip between my thumb and index fingers. I clamped down hard on them and slowly began to pull. I tugged them until her skin stretched tighter than usual. She moaned and winced. I watched a tear roll down her cheek. Her nipples were uncomfortably hard.

Without warning, I reached behind me once more. When I returned, my wife's eyes widened with fear. Her voice broke and shuttered as she groaned around the panties in her mouth. I was holding sewing pins in the palm of my hand. I placed one in between my teeth and held the other ready for use. I watched as my wife's arms and legs went tense against the restraints.

"No!" she screamed against the lace gag, and repeated over and over. "No!"

I grabbed her right nipple with my left hand and pulled it taut. Then I placed the sharp point of the straight pin at her tight skin. I twisted it just slight enough to break the skin. I watched as more tears rolled down her cheeks; only this time it was from both eyes. Without warning, I pressed the pointed shaft into her skin and watched as it pierced through the other side. She screamed as her tears flowed.

I gave her no time to recover. I grabbed her left nipple with my left hand and stretched it the same way I had done the right. I pushed the second needle into her skin at the sounds of her pleading. She begged, "No..." through muffled sobs as the metal pierced into her and went through.

Her breathing was near that of panting. She cried for the moment that I gave her to gather her composure. Then she gagged out the words, "please untie me." I could have fulfilled her request, but I was not done.

I pulled back from her and reached behind me once more. Her eyes widened again even though she could not see what I was holding. I kept my hands where she could not see my intent. Then, for the first time in the night, I touched her pussy. She was soaked with anticipation.

She screamed, "Please! No!" through the panty-gag. Her muffled anguish went unheard. I spread her pussy lips apart. Her hole was red at her center and wonderfully pink at the edges. I played with her pussy lips for a second before plunging two fingers into her. I pushed and pulled my digits. The sloppy sound of her soaked cunt filled the room.

"You may not cum until I give you permission. Do you understand me, slut?" I was firm.

My wife closed her tear-soaked eyes and nodded. She had submitted and intended no further resistance. Her reward was another finger. I pushed into her until she stretched open completely. Her pussy began to clench and I knew that she was going to cum soon. As I pressed into her, I gave her my surprise.

"Oh God!" she muttered as she felt the pressure of a building orgasm. I used my left fingers to pull at the hood of her clit. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and reached below her ass. I returned to my hand to her pussy. She was met with a sharp pain at her clit. I pushed a sharp, metal point into the underside of her hood. I pushed until her skin stretched. It stretched, but it did not break. She gritted her teeth into the lace panties.

"Cum." My command was simple, but came at consequence. I pushed two fingers into her hole and pulled down. I pulled her own pussy against the metal stretching at her clit. The metal rod was nearly piercing her skin as I felt her become even more soaked with cum. She was screaming and writhing against my hand, against the metal, as she came. Her body shivered with gut-wrenching waves of orgasm. Her nipples were still hard with tiny metal rods piercing through. Her pussy ached at the pressure near her clit. She endured the pain until her orgasm subsided.

"Thank you, sir," she mumbled.

At that, I raised up to my knees. I quickly pulled my cock free from my pants. I stroked it a few times, spreading pre-cum over my skin. I was rock hard.

I looked down to my wife's pussy and saw the trail of her cum glistening over her asshole. Suddenly, my intent shifted. I spat into her asshole and guided the tip of my cock to her puckered center. I was not gentle. I did not allow her to adjust to the size of my invasion. I pressed into her, splitting her open, and forced my way into her with a single push. She gritted her teeth and clenched her teary eyes again. I did not let up as I disappeared into her. I felt my balls slap at her ass and I pulled away to the tip. I thrust back into her hard. I continued long strokes into her until she begged.

"May I cum for you... please?" she pleaded.

"Cum." I answered hotly. I felt her asshole closing tighter and tighter around my cock as her pussy clenched. She came in hard waves as she shuttered and twitched.

I waited until the pulses of her orgasm were gone before I pulled my cock out of her ass. Then I stepped over her stretched legs and sat, straddled over her chest. I hooked a finger into her mouth and pulled the panties free from her lips. She was not able to take a breath before I plunged the head of my cock into her mouth. I pushed forward with a hard thrust. She gagged a little as I hit the back of her throat. I withdrew completely to see how she would respond. She looked up, into my eyes, and left her mouth agape- waiting for me to fuck her face.

"Good, girl," I coaxed.

I placed my cock back into her open mouth and began to fuck. I pulled back slowly and pushed into her deeply. I continued until I could feel my orgasm building inside me. I quickened my pace. I reached down with both hands and gripped tightly into her hair. I pulled her head toward me as I fucked toward her. Her mouth was hot with anticipation as I pushed with one final thrust. My cock exploded into her mouth. Spurt after spurt filled her throat. She choked a little as I continued to pump into her mouth. Then she swallowed hard at the thick wads of cum coating her tongue until I was dry. I stayed for a moment longer, with my diminishing hard on in her mouth, before I was able to regain my breath.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and climbed from my position. I looked her over once more, satisfied with what I had done.

"What were you using on my pussy?" she asked with true curiosity.

I smiled and reached under her. Then I showed her the straightened paperclip I had used to give her the piercing pain she loved.

"It's about time you came out of your shell... sir," she said coyly as I untied her for a shower and some much needed rest.

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