tagLesbian SexThe Parent Teacher Conference

The Parent Teacher Conference


Mrs. West was getting ready to close up the classroom for the day. She taught first graders at the public elementary school in town. It had been a long day. First graders can be so rude sometimes. One little girl in particular had been picked on quite a bit by a much larger boy in class. She had called a meeting with the boy's mother and surprisingly enough, she was late. Mrs. West figured Katrina had forgotten about their meeting and she, herself was going home as well.

Just as she turned off the lights and headed to the door, a soft voice came from the doorway. Mrs. West looked up to find Katrina standing there in the doorway. "I'm so sorry I'm late. Traffic was horrible and I seemed to hit ever red light on the way here. So, what has Danny been doing?" She promptly asked, knowing Mrs. West had already been waiting.

"Well, he's really been bothering Laney lately with some very rude comments. He likes to make fun of her name, which most kids do at this age. He likes to also tug on her hair in class as he walks by. Now, I have tried to move seats so that he doesn't have to walk past her and somehow he still manages to find his way there."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. West, but can you demonstrate this act for me? You see, my husband and I do this sometimes as a playful, kind of, in the mood type thing. We didn't realize maybe he would pick up on this. This is really kind of embarrassing if this is what it is and that I had to admit this."

Mrs. West kindly got up from her chair and walked behind Katrina, gently tugging on her hair. Katrina made an ever so slight sigh as Mrs. West did this, as if she enjoyed it. "Yes, I'm sorry Mrs. West, but this is what he's doing. You see, my husband and I, when we are in the mood, we will do this as a sign to get the kids ready for bed so that we can have some alone time. Danny has often called one of us back in the room asking why we are giggling and laughing when he goes to bed. We just tell him it is because Mommy and Daddy like each other. I'm afraid he is linking the two together in hopes that Laney will like him."

Mrs. West looked up to meet Katrina's eyes. Mrs. West was a little turned on by the little story she had just heard. "Wow," she said. "I mean, I'm so sorry, I just, I, well, how do I put this?" she questioned herself. "Well, it seems so long since I've had any kind of passion that you have explained." She looked ashamed.

"Oh, don't be ashamed, it is a great thing to have passion and sometimes it just takes a little practice to get you there." Katrina smiled.

"I know this may sound silly, Katrina, but will you teach me? I mean, just some of the things that keep the spark between you and your husband." Mrs. West asked.

"Sure, I mean, what are friends for?" Katrina asked with a smirk. "Just let me demonstrate, if you will, some of the things that I like Frank to do, okay?" asking for approval.

"Sure," Mrs. West said with an open invitation for what was to come.

Katrina stood up and moved behind Mrs. West and slid her hair to one side, exposing her long, soft neck. "First," she whispered, "you slowly start by talking softly into the others ear," as she tilted Mrs. West's neck to the side as well, "Then, you lick once up the neck, like this," as she presented Mrs. West's neck with her moist tongue, "then you blow so softly, like so," she continued.

Mrs. West was getting wet by the minute. She hadn't seen this type of attention in years. She was so horny; she never realized she had even said anything, when the words, "oh, don't stop," escaped her lips. Katrina couldn't help but smile a devilish grin. She wanted to show this teacher what she had. She wanted to give this teacher what she had longed for.

Katrina slid her lips up to Mrs. West's ear as she softly tugged on her lobe with her teeth. She let her hand loosely fall down Mrs. West's shoulder, down her arm and to its resting place on Mrs. West's 36D tit. Mrs. West was beginning to breathe heavy. Katrina could tell Mrs. West didn't want her to stop, not until she was totally satisfied. "Oh my God, you're making me so wet. You can only continue if you promise to make me cum. I need this so bad." She begged.

"Of course, only under one condition, I get to indulge in your pussy," she paused a slight second, "on your desk." She continued to whisper in a seductive tone into Mrs. West's ear.

"Oh, hell yeah," she moaned. Katrina grabbed Mrs. West's scarf and walked her to the desk. She placed her hands on Mrs. West's buttons and ripped her shirt open to expose her heaping breasts. She unsnapped her bra in front to reveal both nipples had been pierced. This showed Katrina what a wild one this one might be. She grabbed her breasts in both hands and gently squeezed them in her hands as she bent down to nibble on the beautiful loops she had dangling from her breasts. Mrs. West tossed her head back in delight. She wanted so much more; it was undeniable through the tone of the moans that seemed to get louder and louder. Katrina reached for Mrs. West's legs and helped place them on top of the desk also, unveiling Mrs. West's bare pussy, yet another surprise from this teacher, Katrina thought.

She could see her pussy glistening with wetness. She knew Mrs. West was enjoying herself. "Reach in the crayon box in my top drawer, there is a vibrating dildo that I keep for lunch break and recess." She smiled at Katrina, biting her lip. "I want you to fuck me with it!" she demanded.

Katrina pulled out the vibrator and turned it on. She slowly slid it from Mrs. West wet pussy hole, up her lips and to her clit and then back down, over and over again almost teasing her pussy. Katrina wanted her to beg again. She found that totally arousing.

"You tease," Katrina started to narrate again. "You nibble," she continued as she nibbled on Mrs. West breast and this started her way down her stomach, "You make them beg," she emphasized, in which Mrs. West did as on cue.

"Oh, please baby, don't stop, bite me, bite me," she grew louder, pleading for the sweet seduction, which had been brought before her, "Fuck me, lick me. I want it hard and I was it fast!" she begged more desperately. Katrina, as if this was her cue now, shoved the vibrator into Mrs. West and shoved her face into her wet pussy, her face succumbed to the juices already visible. She thrust the vibrator in and out harder and harder with ever push. Mrs. West now lying on top on her desk with her feet at the edge of the desk and her knees as wide as she could spread them from each other, giving Katrina full access to her wet, warm pussy.

Both girls grunted and groaned as they both enjoyed the experience. Katrina loved the warm juices flowing to her tongue. Mrs. West loved the sweet, sensual touch of another female on her pussy. Her hips thrusting as she climbed toward her peak, her final moment of ecstasy before she burst. With every thrust her pussy shoved deeper and deeper onto Katrina's face. Katrina sucked harder and harder wanting to make her juices explode onto her tongue. "Harder, ohhh baby, harder!" Mrs. West begged, more relentlessly this time. She was close, she wanted to come, she wanted to give Katrina all her juices and then taste them on Katrina's lips when she was done. Katrina thrust harder and harder with the vibrator and sucked harder and faster, playing vigorously with Mrs. West's clit with her tongue.

Mrs. West's ass never hitting the table from the last plead to this moment, when she let out a tremendous moan of satisfaction, which was accompanied by a warm rush of cum from her pussy onto Katrina's lips and tongue as she savored every drop. "Mmmm," she acknowledged Mrs. West as she licked each tongue full of cum from the teacher's pussy. Katrina licked her pussy easier with each stroke now that Mrs. West's pussy was getting drier with each motion. Once Katrina felt she had accomplished her mission, she rose to meet Mrs. West, who was rising to sit up again on top of her desk.

Mrs. West grabbed Katrina's head and urged her towards her to taste her sweet cum on Katrina's lips. She licked and teased Katrina's lips with her tongue as she tasted her spilled juices. She pulled back slightly from Katrina's mouth and whispered, "You will be back tomorrow, right? We still have a lot to discuss with Danny." She winked. Katrina knew it wasn't about Danny. Mrs. West wanted more. She wanted more and more of the sweet bliss that only a woman could give.

The two met every day of the school year, either over lunch, or after school, unknowingly most of the time to Frank. Katrina and Mrs. West would occasionally meet on weekends during a "shopping trip" They'd fuck each other over and over again. They couldn't get enough. They used many positions and toys to accomplish each others wildest fantasies. With every meeting, they'd both leave hours later, happy and yearning for their next meeting.

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