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The Party


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Sam looked around the room. He had never been invited to a party like this before and wasn't sure what to expect. Ethan had insisted he would enjoy himself and when he explained what was involved Sam had decided to attend. What twenty something red blooded boy wouldn't?

There were plenty of women, that was the key but the type they were looking for he had yet to see. It wasn't every day that you got your dream for your birthday. It was as he was about to give up that he spotted 'her.' She had long brown hair that hung to her waist and a body that would make any man drool and he knew he was going to be disappointed when she turned around, just then she did and much to his amazement he wasn't disappointed. She had nearly model perfect features with sleepy come to bed brown eyes that were made up to make her look 'innocent.' None of the girls invited to this part were innocent though. They were here for the attendees' amusement. They weren't strippers, they weren't call girls, they were slaves, trained to do their master's bidding.

Sam nudged Jack who was with him at the moment and nodded with his forehead toward the girl in question as he took a sip of his beer. He wasn't too obvious as he didn't want other men horning in on the girl he might choose. Some did it just for their amusement sometimes and it was really annoying. Here at this party though he was assured that once he came to terms with the girl's master that was it, she was theirs for the evening and he could already feel an erection forming in his loose fitting trousers.

"Yeah" Jack breathed in appreciation as he took in her curves. She wasn't rail think like a lot of the women here. She also didn't have her clothes barely hanging on. There was a touch of class to this girl even though they knew what she was here for. It didn't take away from the beauty or the class or the thought of bedding her, she was not a whore. She was simply a woman who had put herself in keeping with a master, someone who would protect her, honor her, and make sure she had a good time, at a price.

Sam began to make his way across the room with Jack in tow. He made a few subtle gestures to a couple of his buddies and they were soon stalking their way across the crowded room. They made no overt gestures to anyone to show they were swooping in on a target but slowly they crowded others away from their intended. Sam could see that his buddies approved of his selection.

The woman moved to the end of her chain to get a drink from a passing waiter. The waiters were all Chippendale model wannabee's with leather pants hugging their legs and packages, no shirts, and a black bow tie and bare feet. They were also available for the right price and the right private party, Sam didn't look at them as anything more than eye candy. The girls were what he and his buddies were here for. They had discussed what Sam wanted for his birthday and when Jack had come up with this idea of coming to one of 'The Parties' they had all laughed self-consciously but as the idea sank in they all came to enjoy the idea and had signed up. He noticed a few of the women eyeing the 'boy toys' and running possessive hands over them.

Some of the men were on leashes and chains as well as the women. It was that kind of party. They would end up sharing or teasing with their owners until the rooms upstairs were occupied. The house was set up for exactly this kind of party. Each room was warm, had a 'theme', a fireplace if you wanted it for extra, but it also had observation windows for those who liked to watch and camera's for those who wanted a film of their exploits.

Someone bumped into Sam as they made their way across the room towards their prey. He winced as that was the shoulder he had gotten his shots in. Everyone was required to get a full physical and shots to avoid any sexually transmitted diseases. These parties were a disease free zone. You could enjoy uninhibited and raunchy and wild sex to your hearts delight without worrying about disease or jealousies or unexpected results of your actions. Everyone knew the conditions before they had agreed, everyone knew what was involved.

It wasn't a free-for all. This all required meticulous record keeping and delicate handling of personal information. Not everyone was comfortable with some of the questions they were asked before being allowed to attend such a party. Many people backed out when they realized what exactly was involved. Sure the swinging lifestyle and orgies sounded titillating but this, this was so much more -- sophisticated than that.

The woman turned to look at Sam and glanced at Jack beside him. The look she gave him and the knowledgeable way she assessed him told him that she was willing and able to accommodate them. Her practiced eye looked them both up and down, mentally undressing them. Used to doing this to women it unnerved both men and yet intrigued them. What was it about a woman, who knew what she was doing, who knew what was coming that excited them so? Their trousers were becoming a little uncomfortable as they came nearer to the woman.

"Good Evening" she said in a well-modulated voice as she took a sip of the spiked champagne. Willing or not there were plenty of aphrodisiacs in the food and drink for all participants in 'The Party.'

"Good Evening" both men returned with a slight bow of respect to the woman. Sam desperately wanted to begin touching the curves that could be seen under the expensive looking dress. The deep plunge of the neckline revealed two breasts that were pushed up against the fabric and begging to be fondled.

"First time?" she asked knowingly, a delicate eyebrow arched at the question as she took another sip.

Both men nodded unsure about protocol in this situation but wanting to be polite. They had been warned that crudity would get them nowhere and more than likely tossed out on their arses with no refund for their admission for the night much less their acceptance into the club. Their subscriptions would only be renewed if they remained 'gentlemen' in all public venues.

She smiled at their admission "well then, let me welcome you to The Party" she grinned knowingly at the double innuendos in her welcome.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Sam ventured to ask, not sure how to get down to 'business.'

She smiled again as she looked around "not yet, but" here she paused as she looked at the two men standing before her and realized there were another two 'hovering,' a kernel of excitement began in her stomach that had nothing to do with the aphrodisiacs in the drink and food she had consumed "but it's looking up" she answered.

Both men realized the game she was playing with her words. They were riveted. A waiter came by and offered them delicacies some of which the woman took delicately and they watched perfect white teeth bite into a canapé. She took a sip of her champagne to wash it down and then asked "well?"

Both men gulped their own drinks, throats suddenly dry. "What's your name my sweet?" Jack found his voice first.

"Tanya" she breathed as she ate the canapé.

"Tanya, such a beautiful name" he said respectfully.

"Thank you" she said in kind. "And yours?"

"I'm Jack and this is my friend Sam, it's his birthday" Jack told her as he watched the way the lights played across her chest but attempted to keep eye contact. She was a delightful distraction, all over.

She knew exactly what she was thought Sam, the collar around her neck didn't detract as it would have on some women but the diamonds and he was sure they were diamonds and not rhinestones shone in the lights. "Your birthday?" she questioned him and sounded as though she had won the lottery.

"Yes mistress" he answered unsure if this was the proper way to address her but knowing he had scored a little plus sign when she smiled.

"Sounds like a party" she grinned at the innuendo.

He smiled in return. "Would you like to party?" he asked.

Jack held his breath beside him not knowing if Sam had gone too far too fast.

She smiled and lifted her hand to finger her leash, a dazzling array of leather and diamonds she answered "you must ask my master."

Sam smiled to her as he bowed slightly to acknowledge her permission. Then ignoring her he approached the man who held her leash, who had totally been oblivious to the conversation between his slave and strange men. Sam waited until the man finished what he was saying to the others in his little group. He caught the man's eye who then turned to see if he knew him. Sam bowed a little.

"Sir, I'd like to talk to you if I may?" he began.

The man was amazingly easy to talk to and he looked at Sam, Jack, and their two friends who had neatly flanked them and were unobtrusively keeping others at bay from his slave. He liked the tactic and negotiations came underway. He glanced occasionally at his slave to see her reactions to what the men were asking and to see how the drink and food were affecting her. He wanted her primed but not soused. He wanted her aroused but not to the point that The Party was ruined for these young men. He and the 'men' came to a mutually understood agreement after haggling, arguing, and a few good natured threats. He said good night to his friends, unfailingly polite as was the protocol and the group headed for the cashier's office where notes were exchanged for the private party that would ensue. Sam took charge then, asking for a particular style of room and bed. The master sat back as the notes exchanged hands for that.

A steward came forward to lead them upstairs, he was dressed in tight leather pants that exposed his penis but with netting holding it, binding it, and forcing it up, his exposed nipples were pierced, and his necktie was red to signify an upper echelon slave. They went up two flights and the master was surprised. These young men must have more notes than he expected and their negotiations over the use of his slave made him wonder if he had gotten enough. Well, time would tell and they made their way to the third level hall. It had miniature torches behind the glass enclosures down the length of the hall with red velvet as wall paper creating a tawdry and yet romantic atmosphere, it looked like cupid had been shot here, but the men barely noticed. The steward unlocked a door and with a brush of his well-manicured hand he turned on the lights.

"If the masters will observe" he demonstrated several of the restraint systems in the room, making it clear he would be thrilled to be chosen to stay. None of the men who had accompanied him gave him more than a cursory glance as they looked at the woman at the end of her chain who was beginning to feel the effects of her drinks and was moving sensuously. The servant demonstrated the cameras and where there was more drink, additives, and food as well as the intercom should they desire anything further. He stressed the word desire as he glanced at each of the men's crotches and licked his lips unconsciously. Since they ignored him he shrugged philosophically and left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

The men glanced around the fairly large room. A set of couches and chairs were set out and the servant had shown them the restraints set around the edges for various activities. The bed was what they all gravitated too but first the master turned on some music. It was light and soothing, background music, and the woman seemed to begin to dance to it. The men glanced at each other unsure of how to proceed now that they had the woman they had decided on. Her long brown hair swished as she danced and Sam smiled at the image he had of harem girl doing the same, her dress was all wrong for the image but she certainly was exotic looking enough to fit. He could feel the bulge in his trousers and wondered what had been in that drinks and food that they had all consumed.

"Well gentlemen, why don't we all get comfortable" the master rubbed his hands together and dropping his slave's leash he began to undress. The other men glanced at each other and at Sam's nod began to follow suit until they were all down to their boxers, each were wearing the required silk boxers The Party required. It was considered refined, sexy, and much more stimulating than tidy whities.

The master picked up the leash once more and unhooked it from the collar and put this with his clothes. Sitting down on a couch, it was deep enough that his legs sat out in front of him, it was wide enough for a bed and he looked at the others and said "come, sit down, relax, she isn't going anywhere without permission."

The men sat apart from each other their legs out in front of them spread slightly as they each watched the woman dance to the music, it was no longer soothing, it seemed erotic and each wondered what was in those drinks, what had they eaten that the boners they all sported were now so hard in their boxers. Jack started rubbing his unconsciously and soon the two who hadn't been introduced to the man were following suit. Sam, the party boy was riveted watching the woman they had chosen.

The master provided conversation that the younger men barely participated in as they watched the woman dance. "I suppose you'd like to see what you paid for eh?" he asked after their one word answers began to annoy him. He looked to Sam who nodded. It was uncomfortable to sit there among four other men with an obvious boner; it was easier to concentrate on the woman.

"Take off your clothes" the master ordered the woman who began to slowly strip, making it a tease as first her high heels came off, then her stockings, each one slowly rolled down a leg after being released from her garter. Next she reached behind to unzip her dress, her breasts nearly poured out of the dress and each of the men leaned forward in case they did. She unzipped the dress and it slipped easily from her luscious body, hanging up only slightly at her ample hips. The body underneath was worth the wait though. A black push up bra made her breasts look huge and the thong she was wearing with the garter belt over it made her ass look like it was tied up. Slowly she removed the bra and her beautiful breasts spilled out. Each of the men appreciated the bounce. She leaned forward to remove her garter and they each thought different thoughts of what they wanted to do with those luscious beauties that bobbed forward. She removed the thong too and was standing or rather dancing quite naked before them. The master smiled, pleased. He could see the men would get their monies worth. He could see they were well endowed and would give her much pleasure. He himself had administered her a little something earlier that would ensure a good time had by all, she had eagerly lapped it up like a kitten.

The master removed his boxers and his boner was exposed to them all. The other men exchanged glances self-consciously. The master looked at them all and said politely "if you don't wish to come to The Party then you may leave."

The four younger men quickly removed their silk boxers in record time. They were here, they were in agreement, and they were going to enjoy every moment of it.

"Touch us" the master ordered and Tanya began on the far right touching the firm young body of the man nearest her and caressing him, kissing him gently, slipping him a little tongue as she aroused him further. She gently touched his erection and he jumped at the sensation as she moved on to the next man. She aroused, teased, caressed, and touched each of the men in this way allowing them to touch her, smooth the curves, squeeze her luscious breasts, and grope her delicious ass.

She touched the master last and for him she got down on her hands and knees, her ass waving enticingly in the air as she continued to dance to the music and began to kiss and lick his engorged penis. He hissed his breath out through his teeth at her efforts. He glanced over at the other men and said "come, come, let us begin."

Sam was the first to lean over and begin touching her again, she was worth touching, the body was exquisite, the skin soft and smooth under his hands. Jack joined in from the other side and reached under her where her breasts bobbed as she licked and sucked at her master's penis. Jack squeezed one of her breasts, pinching the nipple slightly and she moaned against her master's penis causing him to suck in his breathe and lean backwards against the cushions in supplication. "More, more" he encouraged the participants, for her it was an order. She slowly moved up her master's body and at his nod from her unspoken question she lowered herself onto his well-lubricated penis. The others watched fascinated as she took it all in only wincing slightly as the entire length disappeared into her body.

Her new position wasn't lost on Sam as he leaned down to suck on her nipple drawing the breast up to his waiting mouth. She used her hand to run it through his hair and encourage him. Jack grinned and did the same on the other side. She reached down to caress and encourage his bobbing penis. He nearly lost it at the sight and feelings she aroused in him. He knew better though, he knew the rules; he was not allowed to cum, not yet anyway.

The other two watched for their chance as she slowly began to dance on the master's body, using his penis as her pommel she rode to her own rhythm.

Sam was enjoying the grunts coming from the master at her efforts, the taste of her nipple in his mouth made him want to crush it but he restrained himself, he eagerly anticipated what was to come after all, this had been part of the negotiations with her master. He slowly got up, releasing her breast from his mouth only momentarily as she looked at him and grinned in a haze of lust, he captured the breast again in his hand and kneaded it. She smiled and her lips glistened against her bright white teeth. He presented his penis and she eagerly leaned forward to grasp it with those lips.

Jack watched as his friends penis began to disappear in the woman's mouth, her eager little tongue making short work of arousing his friend further. Her lips closed and the suction caused Sam to groan. Jack smiled as he rubbed her other nipple and breast and fondled her buttock thoughtfully. He glanced at the master who was still leaning back feeling the rise and fall of her hips on his aroused penis. The man looked up at that moment and grinned at the sight before him, two young studs playing with his slave and enjoying every moment of it from what he could see. The other two were anxiously awaiting their chance and he could see they were hard and ready.

The master reached up and caressed Sam's legs and buttock above him giving him a signal. Sam moved as he thrust in and out in the woman's mouth, her tongue wet and active, and her lips causing him unbearable joy. He shifted to accommodate the master's signal and a leg was on either side of the master's hips. He leaned backwards pulling the woman forward so she could service his penis. Slowly he pulled her towards him, her hair entwined in his fist as he gasped at the feelings coursing through his body from her administrations. He lowered himself to the master's mouth and felt the man's mouth on his balls, the combination nearly had him shooting his load but he knew he would be disgraced if he came too soon, it had been part of the negotiations. He slowly kneeled over the man's face pulling her down on his penis to angle her ass even higher into the air.

Jack watched incredulously at the joy on his friends face, the ecstasy, and the pure lust as he thrust into the woman's mouth and allowed the master to mouth his balls. His fist on his one hip was clenched so tight that Jack was afraid he was going to lose all blood in it. He himself backed off to grab a bottle of lube and signaled with his head to the two other men who had been waiting so patiently.

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