tagGay MaleThe Party Ch. 01

The Party Ch. 01


The invite came via e-mail. The place was a secluded acreage that I had been to (and fucked at) once before. Aside from the spacious main house, there was an adjacent guest house/garage with an indoor pool between them. The occasion was the owners' 40th birthday. The theme was 40 men for 40 years.

When I arrived, there were about 10 cars already there. I assumed that some of the guests had taken a taxi as I had. A beautiful young man wearing a g-string and stiletto heels greeted me at the door. He handed me a numbered bag, and smilingly directed me to the next room where I could undress. I could see his erection peeking over the top of his g-string, and couldn't resist giving it a gentle touch with my finger tip, asking him if he would be joining the festivities once all the guests had arrived.

"I look forward to servicing several of the guests, sir." he replied with a feminine purr.

It was very easy to imagine cocks buried in his mouth and ass and his tanned and oiled body anointed with creamy droplets of cum.

The change room was fully equipped with body lotions, lubes, cock rings and even a box of butt plugs. The lighting was soft and slightly pulsed in tune with the music of the party.

I oiled up my body, and squirted a shot of lube into my asshole before sliding one of the butt plugs in. I expected to get fucked, but I also wanted to savor a few cocks with my mouth first, and I just love sucking cock with a nice butt plug in my ass.

I entered the pool area from the change room, and just stood and took in the scene. Most of the men were in this area, but I could see some in adjoining rooms. All were gloriously naked or barely dressed in various leather and latex creations. Most were standing around talking, although the talk was notably about sex as the body language was intimate and close. Many were kissing and touching each other, and some were engaged in various erotic couplings. Any that were, had other men watching intently as they fucked or masturbated or sucked cock.

The host, who had invited me to share in his lovers' 40th, broke away from an intense kiss with another 40-ish stud and came over to greet me. His eyes were glazed with excitement as he grabbed me at the waist and pulled me in for a kiss. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I could taste cum as our tongues tangled. He pushed his cock against mine and he moved his grip up to my shoulders and thanked me for joining them.

"Isn't it decadent?" he gushed, as we took in the scene.

The stud joined us. He smiled at me and asked our host for an intro.

"Tom, this is Dan" my host said to the stud "and Dan likes it any way he can get it, don't you Dan?" he said breathily.

I reached over and caressed Tom's thick shaft.

"Oh, yes, I do."

Tom leaned in and whispered into my ear.

"I was hoping to find someone as nice looking as you to suck my cock in front of all these guys. Does that sound like a good start?"

I took one of his hand and guided it around to my ass and let him find the plug in my hole.

"That sounds like a great start, but lets go watch some of the action, first."

I took him by the hand and we walked over to where a middle aged man was on his back with his legs up over the shoulders of a man who was slowly fucking him. The top's eyes were fixed on the place where their body's connected, watching his cock slide in and out of the bottom's hole. The bottom had cum on his face, and he was greedily sucking on another man's balls as he fucked two fingers in and out of the man's ass.

As we stood there watching, the man getting his balls sucked let out a groan and his cock twitched upward and a long stream of white love nectar gushered out of him and ran down his cock to the waiting mouth and tongue of the bottom.

I kissed Tom and said "I need some of that!" and went to my knees and stole several licks of jism from the face and mouth of the bottom. As I did, Tom reached down and caressed my balls and scrotum, and ran his finger around my engorged love hole. He kissed me wantonly when I stood.

"Do you want me to suck some other cocks first?" I asked "You can watch. I can fuck for you, too, if you'd like"

"Suck me now" he said commandingly "and then I'll watch you do anything you like. You like to be watched, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah" I cooed as I wrapped my hand around his rigid love tool. As I knelt before him, the bottom next to us cried out and an incredible gusher of cum erupted from his cock, anointing his belly, chest, and even face with big pearly drops of his precious fluid. I reached over and lapped up a big tongueful before wrapping my mouth around my new lovers tool.

I went at him slowly, taking him deep into my throat as I cupped his balls in my hand, then sucking as I withdrew him until only my lips held his purple glans. I could sense him at the edge of climax, so I looked up at him and asked him if he wanted to cum all over my face or all in my mouth.

"It's all yours" he replied. and as I sucked him in again he exploded in my mouth. I shoved him deep so that I could feel his first squirt deep in my throat so that I could swallow it easily. It was so satisfying that I took the second one deep as well, then quickly withdrew so that I could feel his warm spunk on my tongue, lips, and face. When I gazed up at him, he was deeply kissing another man who had pressed up beside him, and whose cock was next to my face. Then both of them smiled down at me and I took the other cock in my hand and used it to smear the spunk all over my face and then took it in my mouth as I looked up at them. In seconds I was rewarded with another gusher of man cream. I let this load spill out of my mouth and down my chin to my chest.

They caressed my shoulders and then pulled me to my feet and Tom and I kissed passionately.

"You suck cock incredibly" Tom whispered in my ear "I'd like to watch you fuck."

"oh, God, yes" I said "let's find someone to fuck me." My asshole was hungry for love.

(More to cum)

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