tagBDSMThe Party Ch. 03

The Party Ch. 03


Note: This story is the third episode in a series entitled "The Party". If you have not read the previous two episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant hot wife humiliates her submissive cuckold husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories I strongly suggest you find something else to read.


Janet finally rolled over and sat up. Once she was sitting up she leaned over and gently kissed my forehead. It felt like the kind of kiss a mother gives to her little boy.

"Thank you Robbie, that felt wonderful." She patted my head and whispered, "Now I want you to lick my pussy."

I looked up at my wife. I didn't move. The vision of Brad Thomas fucking her less than two hours earlier was burned into my brain and I clearly remembered that he wasn't wearing a condom.

Janet noticed my reticence and immediately understood my concern. "Yes Robbie Brad Thomas fucked me tonight and he did cum inside me." She sighed. "Baby if you're going to be my slave, you're going to have to get used to the idea of licking me after I've been with another man."

Janet smiled at me. "you know, this won't be the first time you've done it."

I stared at Janet.

"If I remember correctly you did it for the very first time on our second date."

I kept looking at Janet. I was on my knees. She was now my Mistress. I wasn't quite sure how I was supposed to act.

"You took me to dinner at the Kensington Grill that night. Do you remember?"

I nodded.

"Do you remember that I was a little flustered when you arrived. I wasn't quite ready and I was racing around trying to get dressed while you waited in the living room."

I nodded again.

Suddenly Janet stopped. She stared at me for a moment and then she smiled and patted the spot next to her on the couch. "Baby come up here and sit next to me."

I got up and sat on the couch next to Janet.

As soon as I was seated she said, "Baby we're going to have to figure out some rules for this game we're playing." She picked up my hand and squeezed it. "I don't want to gain a slave and lose my husband. Robbie I still want to be able to talk with you, eat dinners with you, go for walks with and do all of the wonderful things we do together. Baby you're the love of my life. I don't ever want to give you up." She shrugged. "I don't know how we'll work all of this out. We're both smart people so I am certain that we will, but I know that I want to continue being me and I want you to continue being you."

I smiled at Janet. "I would like that."

She put her arms around me and kissed me. We kissed for a long time.

Janet finally broke off the kiss and looked at me. "Robbie do you want to hear about what happened on our second date or will it make you feel too bad?"

I shrugged. "It might make me feel bad, but if I'm going to be your cuckold, I'd better get use to this. Tell me the rest of the story."

"Do you remember that night?'

"Yes, I remember it very well. When I arrived you really did seem to be flustered. You were way behind schedule. I had to wait in the living room while you took a shower."

"Robbie do you remember passing a man on the stairs when you walked up to my apartment?"

"Maybe, I don't actually recall that. It was two and a half years ago now. I really wasn't paying much attention. I was awfully excited about seeing you."

Janet kissed my cheek and giggled. "You're so sweet."

Suddenly I grasped what Janet was trying to tell me. "Were you with another guy before I got there that day?"

Janet nodded. "It was Jerry Freeman. He just kind of dropped by in the middle of the afternoon. I tried to get him to go, but he was very persistent and baby I've never been very good at saying no." She shrugged. "Jerry kissed me and I melted. The next thing I knew we were in my bedroom. Both of us were naked and Jerry was fucking me."

She sighed. "Jerry fucked me three times that afternoon. The third time he fucked me he was like that battery bunny on television. He just kept going and going. I couldn't make him cum. I finally had to get him off by sucking his cock. It was the only way I could get him to leave."

Janet shook her head. "The first two times he fucked me he filled me up with about a gallon of semen. I tried to wash it out of me while I was taking a shower, but I was still leaking while we were having dinner at the Kensington Grill."

Janet stared into my eyes. "By our second date I was already madly in love with you. I was so worried that you were going to figure out what I'd done and dump me."

I picked up Janet's hand and held it. "I was already in love with you to. I don't know what I would have done if I'd found out, but I suspect that we would have found a way to get through it."

Janet squeezed my hand. "Robbie you're a wonderful man."

I winked at her. "And I'm just learning how to be a wonderful cuckold slave. Tell me the rest of the story."

"There really isn't much more to tell. If you remember, I suggested that we go back to your place rather than mine. I was certain there was a big wet spot in the middle of my bed."

Janet giggled. "That was the first time you ate my pussy."

I nodded. "I gather it was also the first time that you served me a cream pie."

Janet raised her eyebrows. "That's certainly an interesting way to put it."

"It's a phrase from one of the cuckold web sites."

"I assumed it was."

Janet reached down and massaged my crotch with her hand. I had an erection. She giggled. "It feels like my cuckold slaveboy is ready for another cream pie." She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Is my little cuckboy ready for some late night dessert?"

I took a deep breath and slipped off the couch. As I kneeled between Janet's legs I looked up at her and asked, "Do I have a choice?"

She grinned at me. "Not unless you want to get spanked."

I was just about to kiss Janet's pussy when she stopped me.

"Cuckboy wait for a moment. I want to resolve something before we go any further."

I looked up at Janet. I was about to speak when she put her hand up and stopped me. "Slave you are on your knees. This is our first rule. When you are on your knees you will not speak without first getting permission from me. If you wish to speak you must say, Mistress Janet may I have permission to speak."

She paused and looked at me. "I may or may not grant that permission. It will depend on the situation and my mood. If I do not grant you permission and you choose to speak anyway, I promise you that you will be severely punished. Do you understand me?"

I nodded. I was careful not to speak.

Janet smiled. "That's very good slaveboy. Obedience is a virtue for you."

Janet sat back on the couch and relaxed. She looked like a woman who enjoyed being in control and I was quite certain that my impression was correct.

I patiently waited on my knees for Janet to speak again. She took her time. I think she was establishing her dominance.

Finally she said, "Cucky earlier tonight you were very hesitant about discussing exactly what you saw at the party. Before you lick me, I would like to try talking about it again. Will you talk about it now? You have my permission to speak." After a moment she added, "Slave if you are not ready to talk about it, it will be all right for you to tell me that."

I took a deep breath. "Mistress Janet, I believe that I am ready to talk about it now."

Janet smiled at me. "Very good, Robbie I want you to hold your penis in your hand. You may squeeze it, but be gentle. You must not cum right now. If you cum I will punish you."

Janet leaned forward. "Robbie do you understand that from now on you will always have to get my permission before you're allowed to cum? You may answer me."

Orgasm denial was of course a staple of the cuck web sites so this wasn't a surprise for me.

I looked up at Janet. "Yes Mistress Janet, I understand."

Janet nodded. "Good, Robbie you are being very obedient right now, that pleases me."

I grinned. I was Janet's slave. She was my Mistress. Pleasing her was now my primary goal.

Janet grabbed my upper arm and held it. "Robbie I want you to squeeze your penis." Janet was whispering. Her voice was just barely audible.

"I want you to squeeze your penis and think about what you saw when you opened the bedroom door at the party tonight."

I closed my eyes and remembered the moment when I first looked into the bedroom. It wasn't difficult, the image was burned into my mind.

"Robbie, tell me what you saw."

"Mistress Janet, you and Brad Thomas were on the bed. Both of you were naked. You were lying on your back. Brad was on top of you."

"Robbie refer to him as Mr. Thomas. You must never again call my male friends by their first names. They are now your superiors."

I took a deep breath. This was my deepest fantasy coming true.

"Robbie, what was Mr. Thomas doing to me?"

"He was fucking you Mistress Janet."

"Did seeing that excite you?"

"Yes Mistress Janet, very much."

"Did you enjoy watching?"

"Yes, very much but..." I hesitated.

Janet reached down and picked up my hand. "Tell me baby, it's okay."

"I was shocked and my feelings were hurt. I was also embarrassed."

Janet took my hand. "Robbie, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. Please understand that I love you. I enjoyed it when Brad fucked me tonight, but I don't love him. Robbie, you're the only man I will ever love."

I looked up at Janet. She was smiling at me. It was a warm and tender smile. I took a deep breath and said, "Mistress, I love you to."

"Even if I let other men fuck me?'

"Yes, even if you let other men fuck you."

Janet took a deep breath. "You understand that I am going to keep doing that."

"Yes Mistress Janet, I understand."

"Are you willing to accept that?"

"Yes Mistress Janet, I am."

"I'm going to bring some of these men to our house. As my slave I will expect you to wait on them. Robbie are you willing to agree to that?"

Now it was my turn to take a deep breath. Janet was demanding total commitment. A little thrill rippled through me. I would have been disappointed if she'd demanded anything less.

I looked up at her and grinned. "Yes Mistress Janet, I'll agree to that."

Janet giggled. "Robbie honey we're going to have so much fun together."

I slowly nodded. I would have verbally agreed, but I didn't have Janet's permission to speak.

Janet smiled at me and said, "Slave, you may now lick my cunt."

I leaned forward and gently kissed Janet's pussy. That was all I did. I didn't lick her and I didn't suck on her clit. At this moment I was madly in love with my wife and I wanted to express that love. My kiss was a kiss of passion. I guess that you might say this was a movie kiss except that I wasn't kissing Janet on the mouth, I was kissing her cunt.

Janet giggled. "Baby that's wonderful, but I want your tongue. Robbie I'm so horny right now that I could burst. Lick me baby, lick me and make me cum."

Janet cooed as I started licking her cunt. I knew exactly how to satisfy my wife with my tongue. Janet was a good teacher and I was a willing learner. She'd taught me well.

As I kissed and licked Janet's cunt I thought about the events of the evening. Oddly, for me the high point may well have been getting to lick Janet's asshole for the second time since we met. As I continued pleasuring my Mistress I thought back to that wonderful evening when I licked her ass for the first time.

I already mentioned that we'd been to a New Years Eve party that evening. As I thought about that night I remembered that Janet had spent the early part of the evening blatantly flirting with Don Maxwell. I also remembered that during the later part of the party Janet and Don mysteriously disappeared for over an hour. I put two and two together and smiled to myself. I was suddenly quite certain that Don fucked Janet that night.

I stopped licking Janet's cunt and looked up at her.

Janet looked down at me. "Baby what's wrong?'

"Mistress Janet may I have permission to speak?"

"Of course baby."

"Mistress Janet did Don Maxwell fuck you during the New Years Eve party at Sarah Bennett's house?"

Janet looked at me. "Honey whatever made you ask me about that?"

"I was just remembering the first time I got to lick your asshole."

Janet giggled. "That was a fun night wasn't it?"

I nodded. "Yes it was."

Janet got very quiet. After a moment she said, "Yes baby he did. Does that upset you?"

I grinned at Janet. "Not anymore. Now it makes that night even more exciting."

Janet reached out, grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her cunt. "Eat me cuckboy! Eat me and make me cum."

I licked Janet to two orgasms. After her second orgasm Janet pulled me up onto the couch and kissed my cheek. "Robbie honey, I am still going to let you fuck me once in a while and I am also going to give you an occasional blow job, but I'm not going to do either one for a little while. I want you to spend some time learning your place as my cuckold slave before I start doing those things again."

I nodded. "Mistress Janet, I understand." I could speak freely now. I wasn't on my knees anymore.

Janet leaned over and whispered to me. "Would you like to masturbate while you lick my asshole?"

I smiled at Janet. "Mistress I would love that."

She giggled. "I would to. I'm going to rub my clit while you lick me. Let's see if we can both cum at the same time."

I laughed. "Your on."

Janet rolled over onto her stomach. I spread her ass cheeks and pushed my tongue into her puckered anus. As soon as my tongue was buried in Janet's ass I started stroking my cock. I noticed that Janet started rubbing her clit at the same time.

We both worked with a frenzy. It wasn't long before I felt that familiar sensation of pleasure building in my loins. At the same time I felt the tension building in Janet's body. Suddenly Janet started screaming with pleasure. At the same moment the first spurt of semen gushed from the head of my penis.

As soon as her orgasm subsided, Janet collapsed on the couch. I collapsed at the same time; only as I collapsed, I kept my face buried in Janet's ass.

I don't really know how long we lay their. It really didn't matter, both of us were in a state of nirvana.

Janet finally rolled over and sat up. "Robbie honey I want you to give me a bath and then it will be time for us to go to bed."

I looked at Janet.

She giggled. "Honey you are my slave. Bathing me is going to be one of your regular duties."

I stood up. "I'll go draw a bath."

As I walked into the bathroom I smiled to myself. Bathing a beautiful naked woman didn't seem at all like it was going to be an arduous chore.

I was just getting the correct water temperature in the bathtub when Janet walked into the bathroom.

"Robbie I have one more thing that I have to tell you."

I turned and looked at Janet. "What is it?"

She took a deep breath and said, "I have a boyfriend."

I just stared at Janet. I didn't know how to react.

"His name is Jerome. We've been seeing each other for about a year now."

My stomach started turning in circles.

Janet grabbed my hand. "Baby you don't have to worry, I don't love him. I only love you. Besides he's married and he wants to stay with his wife. That's why we get along so well. We both want to stay with our spouses."

I shook my head. I was speechless. I really didn't know what to say.

"Baby I think you and Jerome will really like each other. I want to invite him to come over tomorrow night. You can be our slave and serve dinner and drinks for us. We'll talk about the menu in the morning."

Janet stepped into the bathtub. As she sat down she smiled at me. "Robbie honey, life is going to be so much fun now that everything is out in the open."

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