tagInterracial LoveThe Party Ch. 08

The Party Ch. 08


At the direction of the host, each of us white males made his way to kneel in front of the woman he had brought to the party facing away from her naked form. As I walked down the line of stark-naked, splayed and open white women, I made sure to leer, at least quickly, at their opened thighs and to appreciate the beauty we had brought to sacrifice at the altar of black sexual superiority. The women seemed to anticipate all that was about to happen to them and the resultant erect nipples and obviously lubricated gashes that stared back at me made me aware of just how much these women wanted to experience both the humiliation of their current positions but also the magnificent black cocks that surely awaited each of them in the next brief spate of time. They knew no more than I about the rules of the games that the host had just called to order but it was easy to anticipate that their opened legs and gaping pussies were about to experience that which the party was ultimately assembled to accomplish.

At the commencement of the games, each male guest lined up in front of one of us white men and the same numbered woman behind us and ordered that man to be sure that his whore's cunt was wet and ready for the black's imminent entry.

Understanding that to be an instruction for us to orally stimulate our woman in order to facilitate easy accommodation, each of us turned and orally ministered to his lady's open vulva until each pussy was sufficiently wet, lubricated and ready. I licked around Annie's outer lips, ran my tongue in a circular motion over and over from the opening at the bottom of her slit to the protruding button that I knew was the seat of her sexual pleasure, continuing until I was visibly assured of the slippery wetness of her distended vaginal opening that glistened with its own lubrication and moisture in a manner I had never seen between Annie's legs prior to this moment. When I was convinced that Annie was ready to accommodate the black cock behind me, I reversed my stance and indicated by nodding that I felt Annie was properly prepared.

As that task was completed for each of the white innocents, each similarly numbered white boy returned to his kneeling position facing the black man in front of him.

The man in front of me, using words to this effect, ordered, "Take my cock into your mouth and throat; massage it until it is rock hard and ready to pleasure your woman; do it right so that she can have the most pleasure possible from a cock so dramatically superior to your own! You do want her to have the best fuck ever, don't you?"

He continued, "When you're done sucking, boy, take my cock and put it right next to your whore's cunt opening so I don't have to work too hard to get it inside her."

I sucked the magnificent cock before me to perfect rigidity, marveling at the swollen thickness of the shaft and thinking that he had one vein in that blackness that looked, but surely wasn't, bigger than my white penis. As I watched in my periphery the height of the device on which my Annie sat (as the reader's barber might adjust your height before a haircut) was adjusted upward so that the height of her vaginal opening perfectly met the height of the cock about to test her tightness, all of which was done for the comfort of the black man and none of it to accommodate my Annie. As some of the black men were taller than others, the height of each chair was likewise adjusted by use of the electric foot pedal located at its base so that the elevation of each white pussy was perfect for the entry of each black cock. Thus adjusted, each of the invaders was able to stand comfortably erect so that his well-muscled legs were not overtaxed by his coming efforts and each would have maximum thrusting power to use our women in what I anticipated would be the most violent manner.

While we readied the black cocks for our women and the seats were being adjusted, their ebony female counterparts were acting like cheerleaders for their men, encouraging each of their randy escorts to bang away at the gaping white pussies spread before them with impunity.

Calls such as "Fuck her good, baby!" and "Show the white bitches and their half-dicked boys why they're here!" were common.

There was so much going on that it was hard to concentrate on each individually shouted message but most were of the same or similar ilk.

As I patiently awaited the imminent invasion, I was able to glance briefly back at my lovely wife. I was astonished by the look of serene excitement and obvious anticipation on Annie's countenance. She did not seem embarrassed by the fact that her legs were secured apart at an angle closely approximating one hundred forty degrees, or that she was immodestly exposed to the black women and easily accessible to the black men. It was evident that all of the guests, the entertainment and hosts were enjoying the sights and sounds of these preparations enormously.

I took the beautiful ebony organ on which I had been sucking and placed it against the opening to my Annie's vagina. The immediately noticeable contrasts of the skin coloring between my pale-skinned wife's most private area and that of the blackness of the cock about to enter her were fascinating to me and oh-so beautiful in their own way. I could understand why, along with the "forbidden fruit" aspect of interracial sex, created much to our ultimate dismay by generations past of my white male predecessors, so many Caucasian women appeared ready to experience the joinder of their sexual parts to those of the black male population.

And so it would now be with my Annie and this unknown black aggressor, who pushed the swollen head of his sexual weapon slowly inside her waiting and eager opening with a patience that belied the encouragement of the ebony women behind him. As I watched, rapt, his glans disappeared inside my wife and then was brought back to my view, coated with a white film and slippery wetness that told me Annie was ready for whatever was to come from this beautiful example of African masculinity. He pushed himself into her again and more of him disappeared within her warmth and then he slowly withdrew, repeating this pistoning motion a few times and entering a bit more of his sex with each stroke. The tightness of Annie's opening was clear as the labia minora tightly squeezed and clung to the swollen cock-shaft on each out-stroke; on many of the in-strokes, his renewed pressure was often accompanied by a gasp or shudder of my wife's obvious acceptance until I noted with pride that his balls rested firmly against Annie's alabaster bottom. The genius of the apparatus supporting Annie's legs was now patently apparent as all of the witnesses and I were able to observe the entire assault clearly despite the fact that the black man was firmly ensconced between my wife's legs and tightly against her womanly parts.

To my surprise, after only a minute or so of fucking Annie and the other whites, the Lady host asked the black men to withdraw from the woman inside whom they were now positioned, to make their cocks available to be cleaned by the man whose woman had just been sampled and then to move on to the next whore.

I bent to the task of again sucking and licking the massive black organ clean and was acutely aware of the combination of his and my Annie's juices on his cock, yet no one had yet reached an orgasm to my knowledge. The abruptness of the withdrawal astonished me and I wondered the reason for such a brief liaison. I thought that I had understood the game in its simplicity but I was apparently wrong. I confirmed that Annie had not received a load of sperm as I bent to my task of also licking her pussy clean. I knew instinctively that I would have tasted the salty semen had her black Lover injected a load of cum inside her; he had not.

After a brief but thorough cleaning, each of the black men, seemingly gladly, moved to the next station with the apparent objective of invading another white mouth and another tight white slit. As the game continued, each white man was reminded to clean his significant other's vaginal area after each encounter. Each of us willingly gave his best effort to the renewed oral task. I noticed that Annie's clit was now obscenely swollen and that her distended pussy lips remained parted after her second black lover of the day's cock was removed. Her lips reminded me of a beautiful flower after a cleansing and refreshing rain, swollen and open yet also elegantly beautiful in its own right as it enjoyed its exposure to the light of the room and the gaze of all who would look. Her first antagonist had had a pretty big cock and she was soaking wet from the experience, yet looked none the worse for wear as I inspected her exposed private parts. They were reddened and distended but looked ready for more of this wondrous exercise. The men moved from pussy to pussy and as each encounter was completed, each chair was again adjusted upward or downward for the height of the next black fucker, each pussy and cock was lapped clean and another brief but intense sexual entry was made and completed.

Too soon, the next black snake was before my face ready to be sucked to life. It was long and fat, both longer and fatter even than the last, although it occurred to me that none I had yet seen was as large as that of the taxi driver who had started Annie's abuse earlier that day. I opened my mouth wide and took the giant cock into my maw. I was determined that Annie would receive only rock hard assaults from the first moment forward until the very last incursion if there was anything I could do about it. When the cock was hard and ready, I took it firmly in my right hand, moved to the side, and placed it next to the opening of Annie's still soaking pussy.

With one firm push it went in about two thirds of the way and Annie gasped from the enormous pressure of its head. It took four or five strokes, in all, before the entire cock was buried to the balls and I was amazed at Annie's capacity to accommodate all of it. Again, after a very short period of the old in/out, the big black cock was withdrawn and I was ordered to clean it and the area between Annie's thighs.

On the next round, Annie was spared the invasion of another Black Stud and I was ordered to run to the kitchen for drinks and food as requested from the female audience. Two of the women wanted their drinks freshened and one requested a plate of brie and grapes be brought to her. I accomplished these orders quickly and raced to resume my kneeling position between Annie's well splayed thighs just in time to suck my third black cock to erection.

This cock was fatter still than the last, but neither as long nor as dark. A blood vessel in the middle and on the very top of this shaft looked, as noted once before, about the size of my penis. I concluded that some things in life simply aren't fair. I stretched my mouth to capacity just to accommodate the head of the unfairly sized organ and there was an accumulation of a copious liquid at the urethral opening in its head. I had my first taste of black pre-cum, then, and found that I liked the way it burned and frothed in my mouth and on my tongue as I drew him to full erection. I was forced to lick the remainder of the shaft in order to be sure it was clean from the last white girl's pussy juices and his pre-cum before it was to be inserted into my Annie.

When I had completed my cleaning and sucking chore, I again placed the head of this dick next to the opening between Annie's legs and guided the head into her now gaping hole. A single thrust buried the monster to its hilt.

I heard a black female voice, quite certainly that of the lady with which he had come to the party, address Mr. Three and command, "Lick the underside my man's balls while he 'pleasures' your whore, boy. He likes that".

I crawled between his closely spread legs and complied, to the best of my ability, with this demand: flicking my tongue and licking the underside of his black, hairy scrotum until it glistened with the wetness of my saliva. Thankfully, the fucking shifts seemed to be getting a little shorter and this man pulled out after only about a minute of probing the walls of Annie's cunt.

Our host was next to use Annie. I was already familiar with his cock, as the reader might remember, and he stretched to maximum hardness almost immediately as my mouth surrounded the silkyfeeling, foreskin covered head of his flaccid penis. His cock was an even lighter hue than the last but just as fat and longer when it stiffened. It also fairly dripped of pre-cum, which I didn't recall from my previous encounter with its rigidity, so I carefully lapped up each droplet as it escaped the small slit in his glans.

After I had cleaned the shaft of his now hard penis, I carefully placed it at the opening of Annie's swollen cunt lips. The host was unlike the last man and took his time in entering Annie. He was making the most of this opportunity and enjoying it to the utmost, staring intently into Annie's eyes as his cock slowly occupied her now well-stretched and honeyed walls and probed to find the roof of her vagina.

I knew Annie so well that I could tell by the sound of her breathing that she was very close to reaching an orgasm of monumental proportions due to the size of the cock inside her and the repeated attentions of this and the previous black men. A few more strokes by the host and she did, in fact, experience a shuddering, leg-shaking release though she maintained her silence to the most part, taking a few gasping breaths as she reached her peak.

When our host withdrew his massive hard-on, I was amazed to see how flooded with her own juices Annie's cunt had become. I lapped and licked and made sure that she was ready for the fifth and last of the black men by the time that he stood in front of me with a cock longer than any I had ever seen in my life. I thought quietly that if he ever had a proper erection, he might pass out from lack of blood to the other brain. Surely she would not, could not accommodate the full length of such a monster.

This last cock was not less than a foot long though not quite as thick as some of the others. I realized with not a little self-deprecation that I was becoming an unintended expert in the nuances of African-American cocks. After a moment's thought, I concluded that there was no way, I was sure, that Annie's tight little pussy could ever accommodate such an invasion. I was in even more awe of the huge cock as I attempted to engulf its head with my mouth. Again, I was forced to lick up and down the length of the distended penis in order to clean what appeared to be a bit of residue from the last white pussy. I did my best to be sure of its purity and the black cock responded by becoming engorged with so much blood that I feared my earlier premonition might actually come true and that its owner would pass out.

There was little reality to such a concern but it seemed only fair to speculate. He didn't seem to be as worried as I was about that outcome and, when I had succeeded in making him hard, he pushed me away and took aim with the giant cock-head at Annie's opening without my assistance. I was amazed to watch the head of the thing slide slowly into Annie.

She gasped as it hit bottom and the man said softly to her, "Stay with me now and we'll get through this together. You'll feel pressure at the top of your pussy, but I'll be sure not to hurt you. Just relax and let me take the lead."

Annie's rigidity seemed to ease at his urging although I wished that she couldn't see how long this cock was as it entered deeper into her private parts. I watched her stare as his length disappeared into her and noted the apparent pride with which she stared at the joinder of her private parts and those of the man now so deeply inside her. I was certain that she must have feared being torn in two by its entry but her eyes related another story and she appeared to actually smile at the challenge. I noticed a bead or two of sweat on her forehead for the first time. She continued to suck in air as the unrelenting, anaconda-like dick continued to push further into her womb and, just as it seemed as if the pressure against her cervix or perhaps on the back of her vagina might be too much for her to bear, she yelled, to my utter astonishment, that she was coming.

Again and again Annie screamed out that she couldn't stop her orgasms and it was evident that she had come two or three times in succession while the long, black cock was just being pushed further into her. Her yelling stopped only when the giant cock was withdrawn. I bent to my cleaning task quietly, humbled by her reaction to the monstrous pole that had just stretched her to capacity with so much obvious pleasure.

How would I ever please my Annie after this day? Perhaps I should have contemplated that quandary before encouraging Annie to attend this party with me.

Abruptly, the five black assailants were ushered out of the room for what appeared to be a brief meeting of some kind. In their absence one of the black women grabbed Mr. Two by the hair and dragged him to his feet.

She informed him, "The white women said you could really take it in the ass; I'm going to see if they know what they were doing when they tried your ass out."

This thick ebony lady continued, "I intend to find out if you are as capable of taking a big black cock in your ass as these white whores, waving her hand and indicating the still-displayed Caucasian women, have said."

He was made to grab his ankles after a huge black dildo was produced and strapped onto the waiting harness of the black domme. A gob of k.y. jelly or Vaseline was applied sloppily to his anal cleft. The black woman stroked another gob of the gel onto the head and shaft of the plastic penis, mimicking the action that every man is familiar with from years of self-abuse and the lady, smiling from ear to ear, stepped eagerly behind him. I knew the trouble that I had had accepting what must have been an infinitely smaller apparatus but this man didn't seem to be too intimidated by the entry of the dildo a moment later.

The other black ladies were appropriately appreciative of both the man's apparent capacity and the invader's pinioning movements, showing their pleasure by clapping, whistling and catcalls. As the unnatural events continued, the white victim's rock-hard cock let everyone know that he, too, was enjoying the rough treatment. The invader was not gentle in her approach or application.

I, for one, was very happy that I had let the white women know how little capacity I had for this activity and that I could take so little of it as I was sweating just from being in the same room and watching his abasement. In time, the dildo was removed and the man was ordered to wash it and return to his place between his waiting lady's legs. He hurriedly complied and returned in just a minute or two, seeming none the worse for wear.

Shortly after the invasion of Mr. Two's backside had been concluded, the black men returned to the room from their conference and the host announced to all of us assembled that each of the men had made an independent selection regarding into which of the white whores each man wanted to deposit his semen. While they had openly discussed their likes and dislikes about the trial fuck of each of the white women, the men had kept their chosen cum-dump secret from the others so that there would be no influence on the others' selections. They had voted by secret ballot and each man had chosen just one white whore with whom to copulate to completion. Our host acted as Master of Ceremonies and announced each man's selection.

At this announcement, the reason for the initial, brief round of fucking became crystal clear. It had been a trial run of sorts, giving the black studs an idea of which pussy was most liked by each of them and where each would like to spend more time and deposit his load. When the results of the ballots were made known, Ms. One was the choice to receive the further attentions of two of the men and my Annie was the designated depository for three, including our host and the overstretched man who had gone last in the earlier exercises. The other four white women were freed from their bonds and ordered to sit or kneel naked with their significant others by the black females where they could watch the ultimate activities, while making the black women comfortable with drink and food per order.

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