tagInterracial LoveThe Party Ch. 09

The Party Ch. 09


Now, only Annie had entertainment duties that remained to be performed and the man who had fucked her fourth in their preliminary exercise was her next tormentor.

As he stroked his dark organ of destruction before her, he quietly spoke directly to Annie, "I am going to hit bottom in your pussy and you have probably never felt anything like what you're going to feel. Don't worry, just relax, stay with me and everything will be ok."

I wanted to remind him that he had earlier invaded her pussy briefly but instead he continued, again saying, "I want you to relax and stay with me; you do your part and I will guide you to an experience you will never forget."

It was as if he felt she had never experienced the throes of sexual delight before this afternoon; perhaps he was right in a sense. I did wonder if she would be ever be satisfied with me again and if I would be enough for her after what she had experienced today. Even if that were not to be the case, I would certainly still want to be a part of her future experiences as I had been at this party, humbled as I am and will remain.

I put my disturbing thoughts aside and came back to the moment. His cock appeared so huge to me that, even though I had seen her accommodate it earlier, it still scared me to think of the stretching that her poor vagina would be taking at his insistence. I feared for her cervix and the back wall of her innermost parts. He was big enough to do some damage there if he wanted to but that didn't seem to be his purpose.

He was rougher in his approach with her this time and it was obvious that his goal was totally different from that of their first tryst. He fucked Annie for not less than five minutes, slapping her on the breasts, twisting and pulling at her nipples periodically, thrusting deeply, violently, on his in-strokes and making her moan in what seemed like pain but resulting in what she later told me was nearly total ecstasy. No matter what else he was doing, as he pistoned in and out of her, he was always talking softly to her, always instructing her to stay calm and trust him with the apparent goal of leading her to a higher and higher plane. She began to come about halfway through the assault and didn't seem to stop until he screamed that he was going to fill her tummy with his cream.

When he came it was with such a shudder of power that I thought he might break through the silky walls of her honeyed insides. She did not seem to mind the considerable pressure and continued her own releases accompanied by convulsions and spasms that made her delight unmistakable.

Immediately upon his reaching, his cum, combined with that of the man who had fucked her first, started to trickle from her cunt and run in rivulets over her swollen privates and down the insides of Annie's thighs.

I began to lick up the mess even before the man had completely withdrawn, though the space between her thighs was so limited that I was impeded in my efforts. I felt a huge dollop of his cum fall on my cheek as I bent to my task and I tried to lick it off the side of my face by using my long tongue, much to the delight of the audience, black and white alike.

I turned rapidly and sucked his softening cock clean, licked from tip to balls, making sure that none of their liquids remained when I was finished. I felt I owed him this respect after what he had given my Annie.

I intended to return to cleaning Annie's pudenda when the Host roughly pushed me aside and said, "I like it messy, leave it alone."

The engorged penis facing me made it evident that he would not need to be sucked to hardness and so he simply took his milk chocolate-colored cock and inserted it into her sopping, slippery cleft in one smooth but forceful thrust. Annie started cumming almost immediately and, again, didn't stop until the assault was over.

The black man also seemed to enjoy continuing and exacerbating my already considerable humiliation, asking me, as he stroked in and out of my wife's slick pussy, "How does it feel, white boy, to have to watch while all of these men are gang-banging your wife while you can only witness?"

Thinking I had permission to answer such a direct question, I replied, "It is obvious to me that my wife has enjoyed herself at your party, Sir. I suspect her cunt will always be open for the pleasure of black men after the way she has been treated today and you and your friends are welcome to use it at any time."

The Hostess promptly swatted my plump ass for speaking out of turn but I had the impression that all in the room, both white and black, appreciated my response.

Several minutes into the rape, I noticed that the Host's balls were tightening and that his breath was becoming raspy. I correctly assumed that another huge load of cum was surging through his shaft and would soon be deposited deep into Annie's cunt.

As he erupted, she simply continued to moan and her eyes were, first, rolled back into her head and then, afterward, closed tightly as the Host buried his cock so deeply into her that his balls slapped her ass with each stroke.

He grabbed Annie by the waist as his load began to release into her and his pace quickened until it could only be described as frenetic and then with one final thrust, he too, was finished.

He slowly pulled his glistening rod, which was covered with a frothy whiteness from tip to ball-sac, from between her legs and presented it to me with the command that I should lick it clean.

His hand squeezed and pulled at the head of his penis and another large drop of cum appeared which he ordered me to catch on my tongue and show to the witnesses to our abasement. The others laughed and clapped at my obvious abasement.

I thought that my degradation was surely complete until I looked between Annie's thighs. She was so full of cum that her vaginal area, bottom, and legs were soaked with the slimy stuff nearly to her knees. Her pussy lips would not, or perhaps could not, close and I could see right up into her stretched vagina, as if she had held it open to accommodate my view.

I bent to my cleaning tasks and started, again, to use my tongue to stop the streaks of thick, gooey seminal fluid from continuing down her legs but, once again and this time completely unexpectedly, I was roughly cast aside as the largest of the cocks that had previously invaded my wife's womb was roughly thrust again into her once narrow crevice. Annie's orgasm recommenced almost immediately.

I hoped her obvious ecstasy at these men's attentions wouldn't harm our sexual compatibility in the future but worried that it might. I also knew that I didn't have time to contemplate the long-term effects of this party on our relationship at the present. There was work to be done.

As an aside, when we revisited the happenings of the party in later weeks, one time I asked Annie how many orgasms she thought she had had that day. In trying to explain what she had felt to me, she described a series of unending waves that never stopped or started but, rather, like the waves of a tsunami, simply seemed to grow in height, depth and intensity as the fucking continued. She was unable to place a number on her orgasmic history but was able to convey that it was an incredible experience that every woman should have the opportunity to feel at least once.

In all of the years that I had known Annie, both before and after our marriage, I had never been able to give her an orgasm with just my penis; she always needed manual stimulation of her clitoris along with my penetration, and I had to acknowledge to myself that I had never seen her in such a state of frenzy.

Annie brought me back to reality as she fairly screamed that she was cumming and repeated "Yes, yes, yes," "Oh, my God, Oh, my God" until the stallion between her legs began to buck and thrust in the obvious throes of his final release.

I was in awe of the magnificent interaction between the two of them: Annie's cunt was filled to capacity and the horse sized dick filling the cavern between her legs with such length had pressed inward, thrilling her to maximum of her ability to accommodate, until the back wall of Annie's womb stopped its progress; then both of them slumped in utter exhaustion.

It was while Annie was in this completely relaxed state that I again noticed the color of her bare chest: it had begun this stage of the party games by turning a definite pinkish hue then, as the orgasms continued, she flushed the reddest crimson and I knew that to be the color of ultimate satisfaction for my wife.

His orgasm had been so like an explosion that his cum fairly flew from the already saturated cunt, spotting the canvas that was her body. Even as his penis began to soften, the sheer size of his occupation continued to thrill her as he remained intimately coupled with her until the last drop of cum had exited the slit in the end of the giant penis-head. Annie seemed eager to continue his presence within her obscenely stretched womb and briefly sobbed as he finally withdrew.

Now, I was commanded to clean up the mess and what a mess it was! It took some time and a great deal of effort to be sure that all of the seminal fluids had been licked off Annie and ingested. Even as I would have one area cleaned of the muddle, another spoonful of the slippery liquid would escape the confines of her insides.

Annie had been fucked for nearly an hour and she seemed too exhausted to even be aware of this leakage but the others in the room enjoyed it to the nines and continued to exhort me as they relished this ultimate act of debasement. At last the final streak of fluid was licked from her legs and cleft and Annie was released from the chair.

Although she fairly glowed, never having been so thoroughly fucked prior to this party, I could tell that she was also completely drained of energy. As she assumed a kneeling position by the other whites, our eyes met and she gave me a contented smile behind which her eyes fairly sparkled.

The memory of this day would serve us well in the future but the day's games had not yet quite ended.

The quiet aftermath of Annie's ignominy was short lived as we six white men were directed by the Hostess to line up in front of the assembled group: the five black women, the five black men, now fully dressed and seated, and the six white women, kneeling naked at the feet of the blacks, legs spread and hands held loosely behind their backs or by their sides.

"Now, we are going to have one more contest," intoned our comely Hostess.

We had not a clue what she intended but were soon to be enlightened.

"You boys have served us well this afternoon and evening and now you will get to have some fun yourselves as a reward for your diligence. One of you will be particularly compensated, sort of, at the end of the contest."

"The rules of this last game are simple: When I say 'go', each of you will commence masturbating. You will stroke as rapidly as you can with the ultimate goal of being the first to cum."

"So that we can monitor your individual progress as the game goes on, as each of you is about to experience his orgasm, you will yell out the word, 'cumming' and the rest of you will immediately cease your wanking until the boy who is about to cum has emptied his filthy load into a glass which will be held by Ms. Two."

She handed a wide-brimmed Martini glass to Ms. Two.

She then continued, "Ms. Two, you are not to miss a drop; do not spill a drop, or you will pay a heavy penalty."

Ms. Two nodded her acknowledgement.

"From the time that each of you announces his imminent orgasm, you will have twenty seconds to commence the actual act of filling the glass. I will count the twenty seconds out loud, backward, so you'll know how much time you have left."

"If you fail to begin cumming within that twenty seconds, you will be temporarily disqualified from participating in the game while you are punished for your failure. The punishment will be administered by Ms. Four, who will fuck you in front of all of us for one minute with a dildo one size larger than you were able to take in the company of the ladies earlier in our little get-together."

"It is obviously to your benefit, should such a failure occur, to get it over quickly so I would recommend you hurry and make yourself available to Ms. Four, should this unhappy consequence be necessary. Even more importantly, I hope that the possibility of such a punishment motivates you not to cheat your fellow boys in the first instance."

She handed Ms. Four a large dildo harness and instructed her to strap it on.

Ms. Four strapped on the harness and showed the assembly the various dildos from which she could choose. The crowd oohed its collective approval.

"After Ms. Four is finished with you, you will be allowed to recommence masturbating. Obviously this would put you at a strong disadvantage in the contest so I don't recommend even trying to cheat."

"Once you have cum, if you do, you will be allowed to join us in watching the remainder of the game and the ultimate results of the cozy little circle jerk your boyfriends are enjoying."

With a smirk, she continued, "Has anyone been able to figure out what the prize is?"

We hadn't been given permission to speak, so we all stayed silent.

"When five of you have cum in the glass, the sixth will have the pleasure of drinking the disgusting cocktail left him by you other little boys."

"Emptying the martini glass is the grand prize of this final contest and the winner's, or loser's, if you want to look at it that way, reward for being able to last the longest in the masturbation contest."

"From what I've seen today, all you little queers will probably try to lose because you really want to drink the scummy cocktail."

"Does anyone have a question?"

Now I ask you, my readers, to try to place yourselves where I, and the rest of the white men, found ourselves at that moment: We were tired from our efforts on behalf of the others and all of the activities of the day; we had not been apprised of this last event at any time before the Hostess's instructions so were utterly unprepared for this event; and last, but most probably not least, we were all terrified that we would not be able to perform this most intimate act before an audience, resulting in having to drain that disgusting martini glass.

We were traumatized, knowing that the loser would be even further abased before the hosts, the guests and, most of all, his significant other by being made to drink that ugly cocktail.

Imagine, my male readers, that you are commanded to stand in front of a group of mostly-clothed strangers and that you are made to masturbate for the group's entertainment. I'm certain you would be overwhelmed, as I was, and the fear of failure would permeate your every fiber.

My female readers simply will not understand that peculiarly male dilemma we know as performance anxiety, though they may appreciate its significance, have suffered its ignominy under other circumstances or simply be delighted by the concept of a cock that will not work, much to the chagrin of its owner.

I was, frankly, terrified and quite sure I could not cum under these circumstances.

Without more ceremony, the hostess yelled, "Get ready; get set; ............go" and each of us began stroking with an earnestness that reflected the urgency of her earlier admonitions.

I wasn't even erect when she made us begin but that didn't stop me from trying my best to get to that desired state. None of us wanted to drink the ultimate five-man cummy cocktail in front of the jeering crowd.

I must admit that my masturbatory efforts were aided, some, by the sight of our naked girlfriends and wives, sitting with their legs obscenely apart in front of the black crowd, some being pawed and played with; others being ignored. I needed every bit of that visual just to get started.

As one might imagine, I was shocked when we had only been jacking for only a minute or so when Two yelled "cumming" and we were all ordered to take our hands off our cocks. What the fuck??!!

The hostess began counting backward from twenty and, when she had reached ten seconds, the lucky Mr. Two began to spurt his discharge into the glass held by his like-numbered female counterpart.

His was a sizable load that Two deposited and his wife was ordered to lift the glass and show its contents to each of us and the party-goers. She held up the glass so that each of us could clearly see the volume of his orgasm as it dripped down the inside walls of the martini glass toward the base. We could all see that he had nearly filled the stem of the fluted glass; how impressive.

We were then allowed to recommence our efforts. In short order, again to my astonishment, Five yelled 'cumming'. Ms. Two raced to place the partly filled martini glass under the tip of his cock and he immediately began to empty his balls into the glass.

Again, she held the glass high to show everyone its combined contents. The base was certainly full and the bottom of the glass was covered in clear, white slime.

I know I don't have to tell you that I was perspiring profusely.

We were again allowed to recommence our stroking and I continued to sweat, worrying, now, that I might actually lose this "contest". I wanted Annie to pinch my nipples, knowing that that extra stimulation would help me in my immediate quest as it so often dis when we made love at home. Alas, that help was not coming. I also knew that these distracting thoughts were not helping me in my pursuit of a forgiving orgasm so I tried my best to banish them from my mind and to concentrate on the task at hand, so to speak.

Never before had I hated that fact that I had to masturbate all the way to orgasm; now I did.

I pulled with an enthusiasm seldom seen in my abundant history of jacking my cock. As I stroked, I heard one of the white women say to the gallery, with unmistakable awe in her voice, that she had not been aware that male masturbation could be so violent. She obviously did not appreciate the irony of our situation.

Shortly after we recommenced our self-abuse, One yelled that his orgasm was close..."cumming".... and Ms. Two raced to hold the glass in such a manner that it would catch all of his spurting emission.

The glass was displayed.

Moments later, I was forced to wait again as Six emptied his nut-sac into the glass with great pride and obvious relief.

Now, only Four and I were left in the "contest" and I knew that I didn't want to, maybe even couldn't, empty that cum-filled glass down my throat so I prayed for release.

"God, let me cum, I bargained; please let me cum."

I pictured all that my Annie had endured this day and that seemed to inspire me.

I pounded my cock with my tight fist as I never had before, so fast was my wanking that Annie, teasingly, later told me my efforts appeared to be a veritable blur. I was desperate to experience the desired pressure in my balls and its ensuing release. I could sense that my remaining competitor was equally as insistent on not being the "winner" of this disgusting contest.

At long last, I began to feel the familiar tightness and the welling of my balls' contents into the shaft of my penis. I closed my eyes and tried to remember all of the awe inspiring acts to which I had been a witness since this morning.

It was time to tell the group that I was about to shoot my load and I yelled 'cumming'...a split second before I heard Four do the same.

It was up to the Mistress of this Ceremony, the Hostess to determine which of us had first expressed the required word. Clearly, to my thinking, I had yelled first but the Hostess seemed unsure. She asked the white girls to vote which of us had spoken first and, to my utter relief, only Ms. Four backed her contestant. I understood and forgave her dishonesty.

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