tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 01

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 01


The Paul & Jenny Stories: The First Time

Copyright 1999 by paul. All rights reserved.

* * * * *

Part One

Steve and myself had known each other since early childhood, having been born within three months of each other in a small West of England village.

We had attended the same schools and joined various youth organisations at the same time.

Steve was by far the more outgoing and adventurous of us. He was always very popular with the girls, a number of whom would let him touch them on the upper deck of the Bus home from school in the evenings.

On a number of occasions, when the girl was sufficiently aroused not to care who was watching, he would lift her skirt and show me his fingers entering and leaving her vagina. Now and again he'd let me take his place with my fingers.

This summer we had gone to Northern Ireland for two weeks for our Summer Camp with the Venture Scouts.

Late one afternoon, after playing soccer, I had gone to the shower block and was in the middle of my shower when Steve entered. He asked to use my soap and I told him to help himself it was in the soap dish. His hand came through the side of the shower curtain feeling for the soap dish and touched me on the back. His fingers seemed to linger then were quickly removed with a muttered sorry.

He entered the cubicle next to mine and showered.

He came out as I finished drying and stood naked behind me. His towel had fallen to the floor and was wet so he asked if he could use mine, which whilst damp, was dryer than his. I had wrapped it around my waist and was going to slip my underpants on underneath it when he said don't be silly we were all boys together and that I hadn't got anything he hadn't already seen in the showers at school. He reached for the towel and removed it from around my waist.

I felt a little uncertain. He told me to turn around and looked at me. I looked down and saw that he was beginning to get hard. I had never seen anybody with an erection before and I couldn't take my eyes from it.

He began stroking himself, asking me if I had ever done it with anybody. I said no.

He quickened his strokes and came, partly on me and partly on the floor.

At that point we both became embarrassed, I used my sports shirt to wipe his come from my stomach and leg and quickly dressed and left.

Part Two

Later that evening as I was getting ready for bed he entered the tent we shared and said how sorry he was for what had happened in the shower black. He told me he had never done that in front of anybody before, not even one of his girl friends. He said that he would do it to me if I liked. I said I'd think about it.

I had never thought of having sex with a member of my own sex before.

We slept side by side, six to a tent. I slept furthest from the tent entrance with Steve next to me.

That night as I lay in my sleeping bag I didn't know what to do.

The decision was taken from my hands about half an hour after lights out.

I lay on my side facing the outer wall of the tent when I felt a tug at my sleeping bag. I heard rather than felt the zipper being undone. A hand touched my hip and pulled me gently but insistently onto my back. The tent was in darkness but in the gloom I could just make out Steve's face. It looked serious but determined. He put his face close to mine and whispered that I should relax, everything was going to be all right.

He began unbuttoning my pyjama top. Running his hand over my chest, feeling me as I had watched him do to girls. His hand reached the cord of my pyjama bottoms and undid the knot. He pushed my pyjama bottoms and I instinctively lifted my bottom to help him.

His hand came up the inside of my thigh, rubbing gently in circles.

His hand reached my prick. He closed his fist around it and began to slowly move his hand up and down. My buttock muscles began to contract and relax in time with his strokes. I felt my breaths becoming shorter and faster. I tried to make him increase the speed of his strokes by thrusting my hips faster. He picked up on my tempo and then exceeded it as with a gasp I came. My come shooting over my ribs and belly.

Steve caught my wrist and guided my hand into his sleeping bag to his prick. It was rock hard. I touched it with fingertips and thumb stroking it once, then twice. It felt like nothing I had ever felt before. But it didn't feel right and

I released it and I turned back onto my side away from him.

My feelings were so confused. Pleasure from what he had done to me, revulsion at the feel of his prick in my hand, the feeling that I had let my best friend down.

I heard Steve grunt behind me and then turn away.

Part Three

I had fallen asleep eventually only to be woken by the feeling of a hand on my bottom, kneading and massaging. It felt good. I felt Steve move his body closer to mine. His hand lifted my bum cheek and I felt his prick rubbing against my Anus. Gently at first, up and down, I relaxed enjoying sensations I had never dreamed about before. The rubbing stopped and I felt his prick pushing against my hole. The pain as his prick opened my hole was so intense that I pulled away, clenching my buttocks.

Steve whispered into ear. Sorry about that, you're too dry.

I heard him rustling in a bag. I heard him pop the top off a jar. Being good Scouts we all carried a small jar of Vaseline for minor scrapes. Again his hands moved to my bottom. He whispered that I should bend my knees and lift my legs apart. I felt my bum checks open and my hole become exposed.

Steve began to apply the Vaseline to my hole, rubbing against it, and as he used more his finger entered me. My ring automatically contracted to try to prevent his entry but he was insistent and this time after a short stab of pain he got inside.

He removed his finger, applied more Vaseline to it, and reinserted it inside me.

This time my hole seemed to draw him in. Me moved his finger around inside of me, pushing against the sides of my tube. Again he removed it, applied more Vaseline, and re-entered me. This time he began to fuck my hole with his finger, working it in and out, gradually increasing the pace.

He stopped. He removed his finger and I could feel him moving his body behind me. For the second time in my life I felt a prick against my hole. He began to push. Briefly my Anus tried to contract but I had been to well lubricated and with a single stub of pain he entered me completely. The pain was quickly replaced with w feeling of warmth as he fucked me. Slowly at first then with an crease in tempo until with a final thrust I felt he jerk three, four, five times inside me. We lay joined together. His hand moved around to my prick. It was soft. He cupped my balls, gently squeezing them, then moved back to my prick. He began stroking me and as I became hard he began to thrust against me again. I could feel his prick swelling inside me as his thrusts became more urgent. He moved his hand to my hip to pull me in time with him. He came. His orgasm lasted longer this time and after he finished he pulled himself from me. Again I felt his hand on my hip as he pulled me onto my back. His hand felt my prick and balls. Closing my prick with his hand he slowly wanked me until I came.

With a gentle pat on my subsiding prick he said goodnight and turned over to sleep leaving me again a mixture of feelings and thoughts and in the morning when I went to the Toilet a very sore Ass.

Part 4: The Next Day

This occurred back in the 1960's, when Gay sex was still a taboo subject for most in Great Britain and, whilst many experimented with it, it was seldom discussed.

The previous day I had had a brief encounter with my best friend Steve in the shower block after a Soccer match whilst on a Venture Scout holiday in Northern Ireland. Later that evening he wanked me and fucked me. The next morning, after a painful visit to the toilet block, my story continues.

We avoided eye contact for most of Breakfast. But my attempts to ease the discomfort I felt from my Anus by continuously shifting my weight from one buttock to another whilst clenching and relaxing my ring was the cause of some comment from others at our table.

As we were leaving to return to our tents to prepare for the day's activities he caught me eye and smiled. In our tent we were changing into swimming trunks for a walk to the beach and swim.

Steve sat on his sleeping bag next to me and watched whilst

I removed my shorts and underpants.

Leaning across he whispered " Are you sore."

"What do you think." I replied.

"Lean on your stomach and I'll put some

Vaseline on your hole, that'll ease the pain."

He said

"You're not fucking me again." I hissed.

"Wait a minute till the others leave."

The others were leaving the tent when one turned and asked if we were coming.

"Be there in a minute." I replied.

Steve said he wasn't going, as he was duty cook that day.

Left alone, Steve turned to me and told me to lie on my stomach. When I had done this he began to run his hands up the insides of my thighs, easing my legs apart.At the top he gently ran his finger backwards and forwards on the soft skin between my ass and my balls. With one hand he spread my buttocks, exposing my anus, against which he placed his finger. I squirmed in discomfort.

"Sorry" He said, "You are sore."

He reached behind him and produced the jar of Vaseline he used the night before.

He put his finger into the jar and removed some of the contents. With the fingers of one hand he again spread my cheeks and gently applied the Vaseline to my hole.

Whilst there was some discomfort it was nothing like the last time he touched me.

He applied more Vaseline, his finger probing at my hole and slowly entering me. Instinctively I pushed backwards to meet his finger. Each movement allowing his finger further entry. All pain had gone by this time and I was in Seventh heaven.

Twenty-four hours before the thought of having sex with another man let alone my best friend had never occurred to me. Now here I was being fingered again, after a night of being fingered, fucked and wanked.

He removed his finger and turned me on to my back.

He applied some Vaseline to the helmet of my prick.

He closed his hand around me and slowly began to stroke up and down.

I took a deep breath.

His hand began to pick up speed. His other hand he places on my forehead, rushing away some hair that had fallen across my eyes. Each time my hips began to move he slowed then stopped the movement of his hand until I settled and then slowly began stroking me again.

Finally as my hips began to move again he increased the speed of his hand until, with a gasp, I came. My come splattered my lower ribs and stomach. Steve looked down at me. With his right index finger he collected some of my come. Lifting my T-shirt he rubbed it around my left nipple. Collecting some more he repeated this with my other nipple. Collecting my come for a third time he put his finger against my lips, rubbing gently. I kept my mouth tightly closed and tried to turn my head but his hand on my forehead kept me still.

He moved his hand across my ribs, collecting the last remnants of my come. Involuntarily I licked my lips, tasting the salt of my sperm. His fingers again pushed at my lips, this time I allowed them entry. In moved two fingers in and out of my mouth until he was satisfied they were clean of come.

Moving towards the door he said, "You had better be off to the beach, I'll see you tonight."

Part 5: The following night

It's the 1960's. In the space of 24 hours I've gone from being a shy heterosexual teenager to having been twice fingered, twice fucked and three times wanked by my best friend Steve whilst on a Venture Scouts camp in Northern Ireland from our home in the South West of England. Prior to my heading off for a day at the beach I'd been fingered by Steve on the pretense of easing the soreness I was feeling around my Anus after his invasion of my body the night before. I cannot complain really, after all he did make me come, although I was not too happy about him picking up my come and putting it in my mouth.

I'd spent the day at the beach about one mile from our campsite, returning for lunch. I didn't get to see Steve alone at that time as he was the duty coke for the day and he was busy serving lunch, clearing up and preparing the evening meal. I did however notice as we were leaving to return to the beach that he was sitting and talking to one of the senior Girl Guides from the next campsite.

I suddenly felt incredible jealous. I don't know why. I'd never meet the girl before and I knew I wasn't gay despite what had happened. I didn't get to see Steve again until after the evening meal, when as the Sun went down we were all seated around the campfire singing songs and telling stories. About ten o'clock it was time for lights out and we all returned to our tents and prepared to get into our sleeping bags.

I noticed that Steve slipped into his still wearing his trainer's shorts and T-shirt. He beckoned to me.

"Don't get undressed, we are going to slip out later." He whispered.

As already mentioned we shared our tent with four others. Our two being the furthest from the entrance. When the lights were extinguished and the others were dropping off to sleep Steve moved his body close to mine. I held my breath in anticipation hoping he would touch me. However all he did was tell me to undo the peg in the middle of the panel at the bottom of the tent. This I did and by unzipping our sleeping bags we could roll out under this panel to the outside.

" Follow me," Steve whispered.

He led the way to the kitchen tent. Turning to me when inside he said.

"I'm meeting Shirley, the Guides duty cook today, and I need you to keep a lookout for us."

"Oh, alright." I said

We lit a small lantern with a box of matches kept in a tin for the cook behind the Serving tables, which we turned down low. We sat in silence for a few minutes, then heard the sound of light footsteps, followed by the tent flap being lifted and Shirley entering the tent.

" Hello Shirley," said Steve, "He's going to keep an eye out for us. Don't worry, he won't tell anybody. He's my best friend."

I felt a warm glow at this remark and excusing my self I slipped out of the tent and crouched on the dampening grass outside. I soon felt cold and huddled closer to the tent wall.

The door flap had not been secured and it opened slightly. I didn't mean to, I just couldn't help myself. I looked inside.

Steve and Shirley were lying on top of one of the long serving tables. Shirley's blouse was unbuttoned and Steve's hands were inside it reaching behind her back feeling for her Bra clasp. At last it came undone and Steve pulled back to lift the Bra cups to expose her breasts. Even from where I was I could see their firmness, the way the nipples stood proud. Taking one breast in his right hand Steve lowered his lips to her nipple, gently kissing, then licking, and then sucking until Shirley gave a little sigh and began to move her pelvis against him. Whilst continuing to suck on her nipple Steve's hand moved to the top of Shirley's shorts, undoing the button and unzipping the fly.

In the light of the lantern I could make out her panties. Steve's hand lifted the front of her panties and he looked at her pubic hairs. His hand disappeared inside her panties and between her, by now wide-open, legs. I imagined his fingers inside her as his hand pumped backwards and forwards. Shirley lifted her bottom, gyrating her hips to meet the thrust of his fingers. She moaned, groaned and then cried out as her body stiffened and her legs clamped together tightly around Steve's hand. Steve moved his hand to the small of her back to pull her shorts and panties off.

"Have you something to wear?" Shirley asked.

"Sorry, I didn't get a chance to get any." Steve said.

"We'll, I'm not going any further. I'm not on the pill."

Steve muttered something I didn't quite catch to which Shirley replied "No."

He took her breast in his hand and again spoke quietly to her.

Shirley said, "Alright, but you mustn't tell anybody."

Shirley moved down the table until she was knelling between Steve's legs. She undid his shorts pulling them and his underpants to his knees. His closed her fingers around his prick and slowly began to move her hand up and down. Steve's prick was getting harder and harder. Shirley began to quicken the pace. Then she stopped. Lowering her head she pushed out her tongue and gently allowed her saliva to dribble on to the end of Steve's prick. With a glance up to Steve's face Shirley lowered her head again but this time not stopping until the tip of his prick was between her lips. Her head lifted up and down, each time a little more of Steve's prick disappearing into her mouth. Her hand grasped the base of his prick and moved in time with her mouth.

"I'm coming," Steve gasped.

Shirley moved her mouth away from his prick before his first come arrived. It sprayed into the air on to his belly and pubic hairs. Shirley continued to move her hand until he stopped coming. Taking a paper tissue from the pocket of her shorts she wiped her fingers and hand and offered it to Steve to clean up himself. As he took it she climbed down from the table and did up her shorts.

Steve did up his trousers and climbed down. Taking Shirley in his arms they kissed. They whispered quietly to each other. Then Shirley turned to leave.

Stopping by me she said. "I hope you didn't look."

"Of course not," I stammered, embarrassed.

Then she was gone. I entered the tent. Steve looked at me and said.

"Did you get a good view?"

"Don't bother saying you didn't. I can tell by your hard on."

He walked up to me and undid the top button on my shorts, unzipped them and pushed them to the ground. Kneeling, he pulled down my underpants until they joined my shorts around my ankles. He cupped my balls with one hand and began to stroke my prick with the other. Looking down I saw him wet his lips with his tongue. Then he guided my prick into his mouth. Again it was a sensation like no other I had felt before. My hips began to move to meet his lips. In out. in out. The tempo increasing. I felt his tongue pressing against the underside of my prick. His lips tightening around me. My hands gripped his shoulders, one moving to the back of his head.

"I'm there." I almost shouted. Holding tightly to his shoulders and head.

My prick went soft and fell from his mouth. As he rose he helped me pull up my shorts and underpants.

"We'd better get back." He said.

Turning off the lantern we returned to our tent.

Part 6

(Or another day comes)

The following morning I was awakened by a hand at the waistband of my shorts, searching for the button. It was still dark in the tent but I could tell by the luminous dial of my wristwatch that we had about half an hour before reveille. Having found the button to my shorts Steve undid them, unzipped me and began pulling at my shorts and underpants.

I turned onto my back and lifted my bottom allowing him to pull them down to my knees.

"Turn back onto your side." Steve whispered.

"You can't do anything now, people will be waking up and will notice." I hissed back.

"We'll be alright if you don't make a noise." That said, Steve put his hand under my hip and began lifting me away from him. I resisted at first.

"Come on, it won't take long."

I was suddenly fed up.

"Alright, get on with it then." I snapped.

I turned onto my side and pulled up my knees, parting my legs as I did so. Why was I letting him do this to me?

I heard the top coming off the Vaseline and felt Steve moving close behind me.

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