tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 02

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 02


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 02: Paul & Jenny's Story

Copyright 1999 by paul. All rights reserved. All events and charters are fictitious.

* * * * *

Part 1

The day before, Jenny and I had become lovers. We had both been virgins up to that point, although I had had a brief flirtation with Gay sex and some masturbation and oral sex with Jenny's best friend Linda.

My best friend Steve had introduced me to the painful delights of anal sex, together with cock sucking and wanking. A further complication in my life at this time was our local bully, Tommy. Who had watched Steve and I in our sleeping bags at night and was demanding sex as the price of his silence. He fucked me once, brutally. Last night, after I had threatened to put a hand axe into his head if he touched me again, he fucked Steve.

The story continues.

* * * * *

I awoke next morning to the sound of muted voices next to me. In the half-light I could see Tommy's hand trying to gain entrance to Steve's sleeping bag, which was stretched tightly across Steve's chest, held down by his arms.

"Get off. Leave me alone," Steve was saying.

"I sat up suddenly fed up with the whole situation."

"Leave him alone, Tommy" I said, not making any attempt to keep my voice low. "He doesn't want you to fuck him." I could hear others in the tent stirring.

"Shut up" Tommy hissed "they'll hear."

"Hear what?" came a voice from the other end of the tent. It was Len, very quiet, but somebody you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of.

"It's alright, Len." Tommy replied. "We're just messing about."

"Leave them alone," there was a note of threat in Len's voice.

"Sure thing Len."

Tommy, like most bullies, was uncertain of himself when faced with somebody who stood up to him.

I could hear voices outside. Skip was making his rounds calling us to breakfast.

Not wishing to tempt any kind of providence that morning, I leapt from my sleeping bag, off with pyjamas, on with shorts, T-shirt and trainers I was first to the showers and toilets.

There were seventeen of us, including our leader Skip. Sharing the campsite with us were some twenty senior Girlguides with their leader Jane.

Our ablution blocks were situated next to each other as were our mess tents.

Since the Barbeque a few nights earlier both troops had began to mingle at meal times. Sharing the same tables if not food from the same source.

I collected a plate of Bacon and fried Eggs from the duty cook, I took them, together with a cup of Tea to a table in a corner of the tent and sat down. The tent began to fill with people and noise. I sat engrossed in my meal until I sensed somebody standing behind me. Turning around I saw Jenny, my Jenny. We smiled, she sat beside me, our naked legs touching beneath the table. I turned to wish her good-morning when she kissed me. A gentle, friendly, non-committal, sort of kiss at first which began to develop into something more passionate. She pulled away just as my hands reached her body.

"You taste of tomato sauce." She said licking her lips.

She was having cereal and fruit juice. She began to eat. I watched her for a few seconds then let my hand slip under the table onto her inner thigh.

"Oh Paul. Not here." She complained but did not remove my hand.

Linda and two other girls sat opposite with their meals.

All four girls eating and chatting at once, although Jenny became quieter the closer my hand got to her fanny.

I ran my hand up the inside of her shorts until I touched the elastic of her knickers.

She took a deep breath and slid her backside forward on the bench, opening her legs. I rubbed my fingers across the front of her knickers, feeling the outline of her fanny lips. I pushed part of the dampening material inside her. She wriggled on the bench.

I ran my fingers along her now sharply defined crack until I reached where I thought her clitoris to be. A sharp intake of breath indicated I had found the spot so I began to rub around it.

Jenny covered her mouth with one hand as her legs closed tightly on my fingers.

She suddenly went red in the face.

"Are you alright?" asked Linda with a smile. The other girls giggled.

Jenny swallowed then cleared her throat.

"Never better" she gave a sigh. I sat there with a stupid grin on my face.

Paul and Jenny's story

Part Two: A walk on the wild side

We spent the remainder of the day preparing for our expedition. Packing supplies into our rucksacks. Marking maps with routes, working out compass bearings.

We were taking part in an award scheme for young people named after the Queen's Husband, The Duke of Edinburgh. Part of the award's criteria was to complete an Expedition covering approximately fifty miles over rugged terrain over three to four days with three nights under canvas. Being totally self sufficient for this period.

Other parts of the award consisted of completing some kind of community service. Over the winter months we had spent one evening a week at a local residential Home for the elderly. Generally helping out or just being somebody to talk to. While we were away the girls were to run a short camp for deprived children of the area using the permanently sited tents we normally slept in.

We were spilt into pairs and given two-man tents to share. I had hoped to be paired with Steve and was very disappointed when Skip called out Tommy's name with mine, partnering Steve with Len.

Skip had noticed a certain amount of friction between Tommy and myself and had decided that four days and three nights alone in the wilds should allow us to settle our differences.

The expedition took the form of a series of walks from recognised camping area to camping area over a seventy square mile area. We were given different routes for each day finishing at a different site each evening with our all meeting up at a Youth hostel mid-day on the forth day for a hot meal and transport back to the campsite.

For safety sake we had been given grind references where we could expect to meet with other groups at certain where we could check on each other's condition. Emergency telephone numbers, a list of grid references of the locations of phones and a small supply of pennies to make calls with.

Our preparations completed, we had an early evening meal and were advised by Skip to be in bed early as it was going to be a very busy few days.

I went in search of Jenny.

She was just returning from the local town with supplies. Jane, who had been driving the minibus, leapt down from behind the steering wheel.

They started to unload and I helped.

"We seem to be one box missing, " said Jane.

" You put one aside as we were packing them in the minimarket." Jenny said.

"Oh yes, so I did " she looked annoyed. "It's everything for breakfast; I put it on one side so we wouldn't have to unpack everything tonight. She continued.

"Skip and I have been invited to the local Area Commissioner for Scouts house for dinner. He's picking us up in fifteen minutes so I don't have time to go back. I don't suppose either of you drive?"

I told her I had passed my test twelve months previously and had driven a minibus before.

"Be a dear and pick it up, Jenny will go with you and show you the shop. It's open till seven tonight so you will have plenty of time.

She gave me the keys and I drove off the campsite following Jenny's directions.

We chatted on the way. She telling me how she'd spent her day me telling her of my disappointment at being paired with Tommy.

"But why? You've known him all your life. I thought he was a friend of yours."

"He's changed a bit over the last few days."

"Tell me what's wrong," She almost pleaded.

"Don't worry I'll sort it out." After the previous night I'd thought I had.

I changed the subject.

Changing gear into top as we entered a long straight stretch of road I let my hand drift onto her thigh.

She placed her hands on top of it. I moved my hand towards the top of her leg.

Her hands still covered mine.

"Keep your eyes on the road," she ordered.

Her hands left mine and I could hear her adjusting her clothing.

I turned my head.

"Don't look," I turned my head away.

She took my hand and placed it inside her knickers onto her pubic mound.

A quick glance showed me that she unbuttoned her shorts and with one hand held them and her knickers away from her fanny.

I caught the slightly fishy smell of woman.

I pushed my index finger through her pubic hairs, along her crack, then back up to her clitoris. I had just begun to get her breathing heavily when we reached the end of the straight and I needed my hand for changing gear and steering.

"Oh no," she said with feeling, but her breathing didn't slow and looking across

I saw she'd replaced my fingers with her own. There was a lay-by ahead so I pulled in and watched her furiously rubbing herself. Her breathing became faster and more erratic. Sometimes she would hold her breath. She made little grunting sounds from the back of her throat. With a sigh, she came.

She leant back in the seat breathing deeply.

"I never thought I'd ever let anybody see me do that." She kept her head turned away.

"It was wonderful." I said. Putting my arm around her I pulled her towards me and kissed her.

The lay by was empty. Occasionally vehicles passed us on their way into the town. A fence and bushes separated us from the traffic heading in the opposite direction.

"Let's get into the back," I said.

"The shops just around the corner let's pick up the shopping first.

I drove the short way to the shop, parking outside. It was still open. Whilst Jenny was talking to one of the staff I wondered around until I came to the home medicine section. On the bottom shelf, almost hidden, I found a box of condoms.

Checking the money I had on me I picked up a packet of five and went to the checkout.

I handed them over to the middle-aged lady behind the counter, keeping my eyes lowered. As I was paying for them Jenny appeared by my side.

"What's that you're buying?" she asked brightly.

Looking down at the small box her face went first white then red. Turning on her heel she almost ran from the shop carrying the box of groceries with her.

When I got back to the minibus I found her sitting on the front seat holding her head in her hands, the groceries on the bench seat next to her.

"I was so embarrassed." She said. "I didn't realise what you were buying."

"Don't worry." I said. "Nobody bothers about things like this anymore."

Looking up we saw the three members of staff and two customers staring at us through the glass at the front of the shop.

Jenny gave a little scream and buried her head in her hands again.

"Let's leave."

I needed no further bidding. Switching on the engine, I put the minibus into gear and drove swiftly away.

I quickly drove away from the town along the side of the loch towards the woods on the slopes of the mountains and our campsite. After about five miles I spotted a turning up into the trees, part of a Forestry Commission plantation. Jenny looked at me and smiled. I put my hand on her thigh for a few seconds.

A dirt track appeared on the left and I turned onto it. After a hundred yards it opened on a clearing where stood what appeared to be a small abandoned saw mill.

I pulled up the minibus by the side of an old hut. Switching off the engine I turned to Jenny a placed my arm around her. She lent across the divide between our seats. We kissed. Gently at first, then with more urgency, our tongues intertwining.

She pulled away, breathing heavily.

"Do you think we're safe?" She asked.

"It doesn't look as if anybody else has been here in months." I replied looking around the site. "Let's get into the back."

Jenny looked at me for a few seconds, then, turning in her seat; she began climbing into the back. I put my hand onto her bum cheek. She stopped, turned to me and smiled.

I followed her into the back.

In the back of the minibus were two bench seats along each side underneath which were stashed unused equipment.

There was some rope, spare map cases, a couple of spare sleeping bags and a first aid kit in a small haversack with a red cross in a white square painted on the front.

Taking the sleeping bags I unrolled them onto the floor, one on top of the other.

We both lay down, Jenny on her back, me on my side.

We kissed, my hands lifting her T-shirt then fumbling for the catch of her Bra.

"Let me do that." She sat up and removed her T-shirt and Bra, then unbuttoning her shorts she pulled them off together with her knickers. She lay back and for the first time I saw my Jenny naked.

I studied her. From her brown hair, her rather thin face, her small, round, firm breasts with the nipples already erect. Her stomach was flat to her navel then rose to her pubic mound with it's covering of short, soft, curling, hair.

I moved down her body. Opening her legs I knelt between them.

Her hairs were thickest at the top of her vagina, covering her clitoris.

Thinning over the soft fleshy outer lips of her labia. The inner lips of which I could see protruding and opening like the petals of a flower.

Bending my lips to her I took first one and then the other lip into my mouth, sucking gently.

Leaning back on my heels I looked between her legs again. Her lips were open, glistening with her juices and my saliva. I placed my index finger between them, gently probing and rubbing, slowly entering her as far as it would go. Pulling back to her entrance I placed my first finger alongside my index and pushed the both into her. I began to slowly pump them in and out. Looking up I saw Jenny's head on one side, her eyelids half closed, a far away expression on her face.

She turned and looked at me. She smiled, her arms reached out to me. I removed my fingers and leant forward, her arms closing around me. We kissed.

She gently pushed me onto my back and knelt between my legs.

She caught hold of the bottom of my T-shirt and pushed it up, over my ribs.

Undoing my shorts, she pulled them down' with my underpants, to below my knees.

My prick lay hard against my abdomen. Enclosing it with her hand she began to slowly stroke it up and down.

My breathing became harder. She looked at me then licking her lips she lowered her mouth to the tip of my prick. Her head began to move up and down but her lips remained closed as if she was fighting herself. It was all that I could do to stop myself from grabbing her head with my hands and forcing myself into her mouth.

Eventually after what seemed like an age her lips relaxed and prick slid between them. She began moving her lips whilst continuing to move her hand up and down. Almost immediately I came shooting my sperm into the back of her throat.

She coughed and spluttered my come spilling from her mouth, over my prick and balls.

She crawled to my side and I held her.

"Sorry," I said, "I couldn't help myself."

"It's alright. I knew one day I'd do that but I just wasn't prepared for it." She smiled. "I never realised the force it came out with."

"Do you mind the taste?" I asked.

"Nothing like I thought it would be." She smiled "I'm sorry I couldn't swallow it. You took me by surprise."

"I've been told before I have to learn to control myself."

"Yes, I know, by Linda."

"Do you girls tell each other everything?"


I used my underpants to clean myself up and then we lay on our backs side by side.

After a few minutes Jenny asked, "Where's that packet you bought in the shop?"

I took it out of the pocket of my shorts and we both looked at it.

"Have you ever put one on before?" she asked

"No, I haven't," I replied.

I opened the packet and looking inside saw a small leaflet. 'Instructions for use' was written on the top.

We read them together. Jenny looked down at my prick; it was soft and shrivelled.

"We'd better do something about that first." She said.

She picked up my prick and began stroking it to hardness.

"Take one out." She nodded at the packet. I removed a condom and opened it. It was slippery to the touch. She reached out and took it from me. Placing it over the end she squeezed the tip with the first finger and thumb of one hand and unrolled it down the length of my prick with the other.

Still holding my prick she lay backwards onto the sleeping bags and guided me between her legs.

She rubbed my prick up and down her fanny then bending her knees she placed her heels on my buttocks, pressing me into her.

I felt the initial resistance of her entrance and then I was in. Two thrusts and I was fully in, her tube gripping the length of my prick. I slowly moved in and out, remembering that a little over twenty-four hours before she had been a Virgin. I looked down into her eyes; she smiled as if she was guarding a secret. Placing her feet on the floor as she began lifting her hips to meet me. Her hand went behind my head, pulling my lips to hers.

I lifted my head and began to pant. Increasing the speed of my thrusts. Jenny gave a squeak and her thighs tightened around my hips, then relaxed as I continued moving in and out. Her breathing became more labouredas she called my name. I was moving in and out as fast as I could. My grunts mingling with her moans and then I was there. I shot load after load into her. Finally slowing, using her fanny lips to milk myself of any last remaining sperm.

I withdrew and rolled onto my side next to her, exhausted.

It was a few minutes before I had recovered enough to speak.

"I think we had better go home."

Chapter two

It was getting dark as we pulled into the campsite. I parked and locked the minibus and carried the box of groceries through the girls mess tent and into the storage area at the back. We were both hungry, having missed the evening meal, so Jenny lit one of the gas rings, took a large frying pan, placed a small knob of cooking fat in it and proceeded to fry us some eggs which we ate between slices of bread smeared with tomato sauce.

As we were eating Steve and Shirley entered the tent.

"Did we just see you drive up in the minibus." He asked.

"Yes, I replied."

"Lend us the keys."

"Not if your going to drive off site." I said.

"We not going to drive anywhere. It's just that those sleeping bags in the back look a lot more comfortable than the woods."

"Go on, let them" said Jenny, so I handed over the keys.

Steve and Shirley left.

Jenny and I continued to eat our sandwiches. Sitting side by side, naked legs touching, occasionally touching each other and stealing tomato sauce flavoured kisses.

Finishing our meal we doused the lantern and left to walk to Jenny's tent.

Passing close to the minibus we could hear the sound of a girls giggles and a man's 'come on'.

I pulled Jenny towards the minibus. She stood still, resisting.

"We'll just have a peak, you never know, we might learn something."

"Alright, just for a second, but I don't like it."

We got to the back widows of the minibus and peered in, keeping our heads low.

Steve lay on his back, head towards the back doors, T-shirt around his chest, naked from the waist down. Shirley knelt between his legs, head bobbing up and down, his prick in her mouth.

She moved up, astride his waist and slowly impaled herself upon his prick.

I stood close behind Jenny, hands around her waist. She took my hands, guiding them to her breasts and pushing her backside back against my stiffening prick. Shirley was riding up and down upon Steve, her full breasts held in his hands. I reached down to Jenny's shorts, undid them and pulled them down, together with her Knickers, exposing her ass.

I hurriedly unzipped my shorts and slipped my pricked between the top of her legs, rubbing it along the length of her fanny.

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