tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14a

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14a


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14a: Back to Egypt Part 01

Copyright 2000 by Paul. All rights reserved. All events and characters are fictitious.

* * * * *

Bristol, England, December 1971.

Chapter 1. (Paul).

The rain beat against the large, bay window, of the lounge bar of our local pub.

I pulled Jenny closer. She rested her head on my shoulder and looked up at me.

"Only two terms left," she said, picking up her glass of white wine and soda and taking a sip before continuing. "We must really make plans."

"Must we?" I asked. I was happy here. I could stay like this forever. "I don't want anything to change."

"Well." She'd been planning, I could tell. "It needn't. If I stay on for my Masters."

"But what will I do?"

"You could work for somebody. You could even work for yourself. Any number of small businesses would jump at the chance to have somebody like you doing their books."

I picked up my beer and took a sip.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather be at one of the parties?"

She kissed my cheek.

"No. It's nice here."

I placed my beer glass on the table and she took my hand in hers and held it on her lap. I scratched, with a fingernail, at her pubic mound. She looked around, looked at me, then sighed.

I scratched again. I could feel my prick growing.

The last day, of our first term, in our senior year, at University. I thought of the parties that would be in full swing by now in the student quarter of the city. No, I wasn't missing them either.

I pushed my finger into the hollow at the top of her legs. She opened them slightly. She must have finished her period. I rubbed slowly up and down. Her skirt was too thick for me to feel her clit but I knew I was in the right area.

She shifted in her seat and crossed her legs, trapping my finger.

"Not here," she said, pulling my finger out. "Later."

I moved my hands to my own lap taking hers with it and lay them on my hard on.

She rubbed the fingers of one hand up and down its length. I moved the hand I had around her back from her hip to her ass cheek and squeezed.

"I think you had better make it go down," she said, giving my prick a squeeze.

"We'll have our own party when we get home."

That comment was hardly going to help. My prick jumped beneath her fingers.

"You really must learn to control it in public."

She ran her fingers up and down it again.

I closed my eyes and smiled. When I opened them again I saw Cheryl, the barmaid, staring at me from behind the bar. She looked towards my lap, fortunately hidden from view by the tabletop. I smiled at her. She glowered back. Perhaps I hould have taken up her offer. Still, I did fix her up with John and that seemed to still be working. There's no pleasing some people. (See the 'Summer Holes.'

We finished our drinks and I sent Jenny up to the bar to get two more pleading erection problems.

She nodded her understanding, probably not wanting a repeat of the last time I went to the bar in tight trousers with a hard on.

I watched her standing at the bar. Warm woollen kilt, blouse and cardigan. Her hair had grown in the four months since we had left Jamaica. She'd had it cut really short for Carole's wedding. I told her it was like sleeping with a boy.

She'd proved to me it wasn't.

We had intended to visit Michael de Vane on the way home but we'd had to remain in Jamaica for the police inquiry. (See Jamaican Fun. A Paul and Jenny Story).

When they had reached the Island after the hurricane there was no trace of the body in the storm drain or of the Yacht for that matter.

The Miami police had sent some divers to check the underside of any cruise ships in harbour and had found two with sacks of drugs secured to there hulls by means of magnetic mine cases. Martin was adamant he knew nothing of any drug running and there was no direct evidence against him. He also denied knowledge of the identities of the people we saw on the Island. Everybody knew he did but it could be dangerous crossing drug traffickers in the Caribbean. I, for one, didn't blame him.

Carole and the baby were doing fine last we had heard. She'd moved to the States with little Harvey the month before, Howie would have joined her by now. I had my doubts about how long Howie would have remained faithful. There were far too many temptations for him. As for Howie's father and Carole's mother they seemed to spend most of the time travelling. They seemed to spend most of the time travelling. She'd come back to England and sold up and as soon as her visa had come through had moved in with him in America.

Sarah and Rachael had flown back with us. They both lived in London and I doubted whether we would ever see them again. I liked Rachael. It was some kiss she gave me when we said our goodbyes at Heathrow airport. Hudson had picked us up in his car and we had spent the night in the London flat before driving back to Bristol in my Morgan.

Jenny was laughing at something one of the men at the bar had said to her. I recognised him. Mathew. He was on the same course as her, he also intended to be a teacher. He was following her back to our table. He was all right but I didn't want to share Jenny with anybody tonight.

"Hallo Paul," he said, pulling up a chair and sitting opposite me.

Jenny sat down by my side and pulled my hand back onto her lap beneath the table.

"Hallo Matt," I replied. "Not out partying tonight?"

"No." He looked from me to Jenny and back again. "I don't really like that sort of thing."

True. Come to think of it I had never seen him at any of our parties when we had shared a flat with Shirley and Linda.

"It's a filthy night outside." Jenny remarked.

And if I had my way it was going to be a filthy night in our house when we got back. I looked at the clock on the wall. It read ten fifteen.

"You'll miss the last bus into town." I said, hoping he'd take the hint.

I hadn't fucked Jenny in ten days. Although the couple of blow jobs she given me while she'd had her PMT's and period had been nice there was nothing like the real thing.

"He's already missed it." Jenny pressed my hand against her pubic mound, under the table. "You wouldn't mind if we put him up tonight. Would you?"

I looked at her. She smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I bloody well did mind a fucking lot.

Another squeeze of my hand.

"Of course not." I found myself saying. "We have a spare bed."

"If you're sure I'm not putting you out?" He asked in the way let you know that he knew he was but was going to stay anyway.

"That's settled then." Jenny said picking up her drink. "Come on, it looks like the rains easing a bit."

I looked out of the window. It didn't look any different to me.

I picked up my beer and took a deep swallow. Mathew had gone to get his coat from the hooks beside the door and Jenny had stood up to put on her coat from the chair beside her. I took another swallow. Why was it I always seemed to have to rush the last drink everytime we came in here?

I belched, loud.

"Paul!" Jenny admonished.

"Sorry, I hate rushing."

She sat down.

"You don't have to rush. We'll go on ahead and have a nice cup of tea waiting for you."

Mathew had returned. I looked at Jenny then I looked at him. He was a bit wet. Almost limp. She'd be safe with him.

"Ok." I was going to be the master here. "I won't be long."

She kissed me on the forehead.

"See you soon." She said and they made their way to the door.

I watched as they crossed the road and went behind the perspex screen of the bus stop. They must be checking on bus timings for the morning. It had started raining again. They had shelter until the squall passed. The bell rang and Cheryl called last orders. I looked at my glass. I could fit a half-pint in it before they closed.

Chapter 2. (Jenny).

I followed Matt behind the screen at the bus stop. He stopped and looked at the timetables on the rear wall. The rain started to hammer down on the roof of the shelter. I looked out. I could see the bright lights of the pub and the fish and chip shop next door but couldn't make out any detail inside either. I was suddenly aware of the closeness of Matt's body. To move away would have meant stepping out into the rain. I turned and looked at him.

He was not classically handsome but having worked closely on the same course as him I felt I knew the real him. So quiet to be almost shy. Yet he was so sensitive and caring. He was member of just about every socialist and conservationist group going. He continually tried to get me to join them. I couldn't. Paul was as conservative in outlook as they came. I couldn't blame him. He'd been brought up that way.

Matt and I shared so much in common. We both came from relatively poor families.

Both had achieved University places on scholarship. Both of us wanted to give something back as teachers. If I had thought about it, he was the partner I would have chosen for myself once. But now I had Paul.

He looked down at me.

"Jenny." He said.

"Yes Matt." I replied.

"It's raining." He said after a pause.

A taxi came up the hill towards us and turned into the road that passed our house and went on to the airport.

"I sometimes watch the taxi's late at night and wonder where they are going."

I realised he had placed his hand on my hip as he spoke.

I lifted my head to ask him to move it when he kissed me. Not hard. His lips just touched mine, holding contact with them. I closed my eyes. Not moving. His hand was inside my coat feeling, squeezing, my breast through my blouse and bra. It broke the spell. I pushed him away.

"No Matt," I said, holding his hands away from me. "It's not right."

He tried to pull me back towards him.

"No." I repeated.

"But Jenny," he reached out again. "You must know how I feel about you."

I hadn't. I didn't. I did now. All those looks he gave me. How he always managed to be in the same group for work or discussion as me. Yes, I did now. The poor thing. I wanted to reach out and hold him. To comfort him. But I knew he would take that the wrong way. No, I had to be strong. Finish it here and now.

I opened my handbag and, taking three one pound notes from my purse handed them to him.

"Here," I said as I handed them to him. "Take a taxi. I love Paul. Not you. Please find yourself another girl. There are plenty out there. Lots would love to have you as a boyfriend."

"You're joking." He looked out into the rain.

"There are," I wracked my brains. "There are two girls who live with Shirley. They're very nice. I'll speak to Shirley for you. Now I must go. I'll see you next term."

I stepped out into the rain and hurried up the hill towards our house. I seemed to take an age to walk the one hundred and so yards to the front gate. I strained my ears but couldn't hear him following me.

Paul said that we should have the house moved so that we walked up the hill to the pub and down the hill on the way home. I could agree with him at the moment.

We could get both our cars on the gravel drive, just. Paul's Morgan with its heavy canvas cover stood nearest the front door. My VW Beetle earest the hedge fence which bordered the side of our property. The garage was to full of junk to fit either inside.

I looked around, then opened the door. I almost slammed it behind me and lent with my back gainst it. I suddenly found myself breathing heavily. Why hadn't I just gone back to the pub? No, Paul would have wanted to speak to Matt and that would have caused a scene in the road. Also I had a feeling that Matt would probably beat Paul in a fight. Paul wasn't very good at that sort of thing.

I looked down. Water was dripping everywhere from my coat. I took it off and hung it on a peg above the hall radiator. All my clothes felt wet. I undressed where I stood and took my clothes into the kitchen. I left the light off so as not to be seen by anybody on the hill above, and dropped my clothes by the back door. As I turned to go upstairs and have a quick shower and put on my bathrobe I looked through the kitchen window. The light in the utility room was on. I knew I'd switched it off. I saw a shadow moving behind the thin curtain.

I moved back into the hall. Closing the kitchen door behind me. I stood naked in the hall between the doors to the living and dining rooms. What should I do? Phone the police or wait for Paul. The phone was on the small table near the front door, opposite the coat pegs and radiator. As I moved towards it I heard the crunching of footsteps on the gravel outside.

Chapter 3. Paul.

I walked up to the bar to finish my beer and decide whether I really wanted another half-pint. I watched Cheryl's breasts moving beneath her blouse as she hurriedly pulled pints and collected payment and returned change to the others at the bar. The landlord and his wife were serving in the public bar.

"Hallo Paul," said a voice at my side.

I turned my eyes from the outline of Cheryl's bra straps and looked at her boyfriend John.

"Hallo John," I replied. "How's it hanging."

"Fine thanks," I thought he was going to blush. "Where's Jenny?"

"She's gone on," I finished my beer. I didn't really want another one. "Matt, a bloke on her course is staying with us tonight."

"I thought it was both of you in the bus shelter."

"No, why?"


"Yes there is."

"Well it's just that."

He stopped. Cheryl called time. He waved a pound note at her that she pointedly ignored.

"She doesn't like the smell of beer on my breath. She says she spends all day with the smell of it and doesn't see why she must taste it on me when she's finished."

"Never mind that. It's going to seem a long life if you can't drink beer. What was happening at the bus stop?"

"I recognised Jenny's coat and thought it was you with her. That's all."

"What were they doing."

"I couldn't really see."

"What were they doing?" I repeated.

"Only kissing."

What! And I told them to go on. What were they doing now? Shagging on the kitchen table.

"Did you want anything in this Paul?" Cheryl asked, picking up my glass.

"Pint please." I said, placing a fifty pence coin on the counter.

She pulled the beer, and gave me my change before covering up the pumps with the bar towels. She left the bar to collect glasses.

"Just kissing." I thought out loud.

"There was nothing to it."

"I must go," I turned towards the door. "Enjoy the beer."

"For me?" He asked.

I nodded. Cheryl glowered at me as I walked to the door. Well us men have to stick together.

I hurried across the road, glancing quickly from left to right. Squinting against the driving rain. Somebody was sheltering in the public phone box further down the hill. Perhaps they were waiting for a taxi?

I almost ran up the hill to our house. Opening the small gate I noticed that one of the ropes securing the canvas cover had come undone in the wind so I crunched across the gravel to retie it. That done I inserted my key and opened the front door.

Jenny stood naked in front of me. Her eyes were wide and she held one of my golf clubs in her hands.

"Fancy playing a round," I said, closing the door behind me. "Where's Matt?"

"Oh Paul," She said, dropping the club and jumping at me. Her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs around my waist.

"What's wrong? I asked. "Is it Mat?"

"He's not here." She was shivering, whether through fear, relief or because her naked body was pressed against my cold, wet coat. "There is somebody in the Utility."

"Are you sure?" I managed to get her to stand on her own two feet.

"Yes. I saw them through the curtain."

"Have you phoned the police?" I took my coat off and hung it up.

"I was going to but then I heard saw somebody outside on the gravel. I didn't know what to do." I knew I should be comforting her but I wanted to know what was happening between her and Mat. Sod it. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Saying all the things into her hair I should have said two minutes before.

"It's alright," I looked down into her eyes. Wide blue eyes. "I'm here now."

"I was frightened," she said, kissing my cheek. "What are we going to do?"

"They've probably gone now. Either that or it will be some tramp looking for shelter."

"I don't want him out there all night."

"All right," I said, bending over and picking up the golf club. A nine iron.

"You wouldn't do much damage with that."

I replaced it in my bag by the front door and took out my driver.

"This is what we need."

I lead the way into the kitchen. Jenny held one of my hands between her own. I switched on the light outside the back door to let whoever might be in the Utility room know that somebody was about. We waited for a few moments, hardly daring to breathe, then I opened the door.

"Let me in." Somebody carrying a bundle with a bag on her shoulder pushed past me. There was the smell of expensive perfume. I pulled closed the door and turned, switching on the kitchen light as I did so.

"Carole." Jenny said, hugging her around the bundle. The bundle made a sound.

"And Harvey."

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" she said, looking at Jenny's naked body.

Jenny covered her tits and fanny with her hands.

"It could have been anybody out there and you'd have let them see me like this?"

Suddenly it was my fault.

She reached for the first item of clothing in the clean washing basket on the kitchen table. It was one of my T-shirts. It just about covered her modesty.

"We didn't know you were coming," she looked at me as if I had kept it a secret. "Did we?"

"I didn't." I protested my innocence.

"Nobody knew," Carole said laying Harvey on the kitchen table and unwrapping him. He started to cry.

"He's hungry and needs changing. I hope you don't mind I put some of his clothes into your washing machine.

She uncovered his ass. It smelt like he had been drinking Guinness for a month.

"Sorry about this," she said, looking into her shoulder bag. "Damm. I've used the last one."

"Never mind," Jenny said. "Paul, will you cut one of those towels in half?"

I did as I was told while Jenny took a roll of kitchen towel from under the sink. I handed her the two halves of towelling.

"Put the kettle on." She ordered using a sheet from the mornings newspaper to wrap the soiled disposable nappy in.

"Where's Howie?" I asked, doing as I was told.

"Fuck knows," Carole replied. "Somewhere in ondon with that Sarah probably. Can I stay here for a while?"

"Of course you can," Jenny replied. "Stay as long as you like."

"But….." I started.

"We'll have a nice cup of tea in the living room and you can tell us all about it." Jenny said leading Carole out of the kitchen and leaving me to make it.

Chapter 4. (Paul)

I woke up with a hard on. I could hear a baby crying. I slid closer to Jenny and prodded at the crack between her ass cheeks with the tip of my prick.

Suddenly she was awake, sitting up. It couldn't be my fault this time I hadn't even touched her ass hole. I reached up and felt one of her breasts. She pushed my hand away.

"Shush," I hadn't said anything. "Harvey's awake."

I knew that. I put my hand back onto her breast, gently running my fingers around her nipples. This time she didn't push it away.

"I wonder if Carole needs any help?" She asked.

I didn't think the question was directed at me so I moved my hand across to her other breast.

"Are you listening?"

I was.

"I'm sure she knows what to do," I reassured her,

I knew what I wanted to do.

"He's four months old."

"She doesn't know where everything is." I sensed Jenny was about to get out of bed.

The baby stopped crying. I had a vision of Carole fastening him onto one of her nipples as she had the previous evening while telling us about her and Howie.

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