tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14n

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14n


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14n: Back to Egypt Part 14

A Paul and Jenny story.

Copyright 2001 by Paul. All rights reserved. All events and characters are reserved.

* * * * *


Slowly people approached us from out the shadows of their houses. Some kind souls brought some blankets for us to cover our naked bodies other's s mall cups of coffee.

I looked at Paul. He was very quiet. Linda, Michelle and Franklin couldn't stop talking. I walked over to him and placed my arm around his waist.

He stiffened then looked at me and smiled then turned his head to look down on Ahmed's body. The sword he'd thrust into his back was still sticking up in the air.

"What's wrong?" I asked, rubbing myself against him. I badly needed him to make love to me.

"I've never killed a man before. Well, not deliberately. Not in cold blood."

No, he hadn't. Not like this. Small had been killed in the middle of a desperate fight, Tommy had been more accident then design and the ten or so in Haiti had been through his miscalculating the amount of drug to pour into the jugs of Rum Punch. This had been different. Despite Michelle emptying her Revolver into Hamed he would not fall. It was only Paul running him through that had brought him to the ground.

I could feel him shaking so I held him close and ran my fingers through his hair. There were tears in his eyes when I next looked into his face. Somebody was squeezing my heart. I wanted to give him everything I could. There and then. He looked so sad.

I felt another arm snake around my back.

I turned my head. Linda kissed me then kissed Paul.

"Thank you."

"What for?" Paul asked.

"For coming to help me. I can never repay you."

She looked up into Paul's face.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"I killed him." Paul muttered in reply.

"Thank fuck you did."

"But." Paul struggled for words.

"When I think of what they did and what they were going to do. They were evil. They deserved to die."

Yes. We mustn't forget what they must have put Linda through.

"How's Ian?" She asked.

"He's on the mend." I replied. "You'll be able to see him in a few hours."

Michelle walked across to join us. She looked badly shaken. I looked around for Cleo. There she was. One of the local women was cradling her in her arms. She seemed fast asleep. Paul released me and placing his arm around Michelle's pulled her into our group. What the locals must of thought? What with four near naked westerners standing in a huddle alternately laughing then crying. It must confirm their beliefs in the strangeness of Infidels.

For a moment there was stillness then everything seemed to happen at once. We were all given blankets and cups of coffee. The women folk tried to shepherd us away from the eyes of their men. All except Paul. He stood alone looking down at the remains of Hamed and Ahmed. Both bodies seemed to be slowly collapsing. The sword fell to the ground. I watched him bend and pick it up, turning it over and over in his hands.

Cars started to arrive. Michelle left us to join Franklin in the back of one. Then a Police car, then another. It was a little like a dream. I wanted to go with Paul when they took him away but I was prevented from doing so. Linda,

Cleo, Linda and I were bundled into an unmarked car and driven back to our hotel. The foyer was decked out for the previous evening s Christmas party. The Hotel staff was cleaning up the mess. We were told by the driver of the car to go to our room and wait. We would be contacted shortly.

Once in our room Linda made up a nest for Cleo on Paul's bed and opened her suitcase onto mine. For a moment she looked down at the contents then her shoulders started shaking, her blanket slipped from her shoulders and slid slowly to the ground, then she burst into tears. I could feel my chest filling with emotion and my tears joined hers as I held her close. "I'm sorry." She muttered, running her fingers through my hair. "It 's just the reaction, I think."

"I know." I replied. "It's all over now. We just have to get Paul back. Why did they take him?"

"The Sergeant said something about arresting him for murder."

"He didn't murder anybody." I protested.

My blanket fell to the ground. It itched anyway.

"He was holding the sword and I heard somebody say they saw him use it." Linda said, turning my face to her own and kissing my tears.

"I want Paul." I said as she pulled me close. I did. But I also wanted Linda. It had been well over a year since we had made love. I 'd thought it had been a phase I'd gone through. Something I'd never feel the need to repeat. But seeing her, holding her naked body against my own. I needed her.

I could feel her nipples hardening against my breasts. I could feel my own responding. I could feel myself becoming moist, no, wet. Her hand slipped between our bodies and squeezed my lower belly, just above my pubic mound. I suddenly felt so hot. I opened my leg as her finger moved down between my hairs. I closed my eyes as her fingertip rubbed along my fanny lips. I rose onto tiptoe as she gently pushed it between and inside me. I gasped out loud as she worked it in and out. I sighed a little 'Moe' of disappointment when she pulled it from me. Changing it to "Yes. Yes." As she started to rub my clit.

Knock. Knock.

Fuck it. Somebody was at the door.

"Who is it?" Linda called out over her shoulder.

She sounded as exasperated as I felt.

"It's Lee-Anne and Jerez." Came the reply. "Let us in, please."

Linda removed her finger from my clit and patted me on the bum.

"Just one second while we finish dressing." Linda spoke loudly.

She picked up a dress from her pile of clothing and dropped it over her shoulders and wriggled her hips and breasts into place. I took one of min e from the closet and did the same. Only I didn't have to wriggle as much. Opening a drawer I took out a pair of panties as Linda walked to the door.

"You won't be needing those today." She said just loud enough for me to hear.

I hurriedly stuffed them back inside the drawer and closed it on them as she flung the door open wide.

"Where's Cleo?" Lee-Anne cried out as she burst into the room. "Where is she? Oh Cleo."

She burst into tears as she lent over the bed to pick her up.

Cleo started crying herself as she was awoken from her sleep.

Jerez slowly hobbled in after her, leaning heavily on a stick.

Lee-Anne turned to him and presented Cleo to him.

"Oh, Jerez." Lee-Anne was laughing now, between her tears. "She's all right."

Jerez looked, touched Cleo's head then Lee-Anne's. He smiled broadly.

"And are you all right?" He asked, turning to us.

"Oh yes." Lee-Anne gushed. "Please say you are. Have the Doctors examined you. Where's Paul?"

"He has been arrested for murder." I blurted out.

I was full of emotion again. This time for Lee-Anne. And Jerez. And myself.

"I'm be all right." I said, blinking back the tears then I looked at Linda. I suddenly felt very wet.

"I'm feeling fine now." Linda said, her eyes on my face. "I just need some rest and a few good meals."

"I would like you to tell me what happened to you." Jerez started.

"Not now, Jerez." Lee-Anne said, handing Cleo to him and feeling Linda's forehead and taking her pulse.

"You're a little warm and your pulse is slightly fast." She looked from Linda to me. "Yes. I think you probably do need a lie down. Let's not bother them now."

"I will send a car to take you to the Hospital to see Ian this afternoon after you have had a chance to rest. I must see about getting Paul released. Come Lee-Anne. I am in your debt forever."

They closed the door behind them leaving Linda and myself standing at the foot of the bed. Jerez would look after Paul. I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I suddenly felt I could relax completely.

Linda stepped in close to me and ran her fingers down the side of my face. Then along the line of my jaw and down the side of my throat. At my collarbone she stopped and lifted on the straps of my dress. I helped her to pull it over the top of my head and stood naked in front of her. She looked at my body as if it were for the first time. She lifted and felt my breasts then traced lines down the outside of my ribcage with her fingertip s. My fanny seemed to cry out, "Hurry. Hurry." I could feel my lips parting as they swelled in anticipation. Feel my clit throbbing, aching to be touched.

She parted my pubic hairs with her thumbs and we both looked down. I could see the beginning of my slit. The mound that protected my clit. She placed one fingertip upon it.

Knock. Knock.

Oh fuck.

"Who is it?" Linda screamed.

"It's me. Michelle. Are you all right? Can I come in?"

Linda bent over to pick up my dress and planted her lips on my pubes. I ran my fingers through her hair as she stood up. She kissed me full on the lips, handed me my dress and walked to the door.

I dropped the dress over my shoulders as she watched, then she turned the handle.

Michelle came into the room. She was wearing a pale blue, knee length, thin cotton dress with a silk scarf knotted loosely around her neck.

"I'm sorry I had to leave you so quickly this morning." She sniffed the air. "I had to go back to my office and be de-briefed. Also it prevented a diplomatic incident. We can't have American agents involved in the killing of Egyptians on the streets of Cairo after all."

She sat down on the end of Paul's bed and sniffed the air again.

"Something wrong?" Linda asked.

"Far from it." Michelle replied, smiling at us each in turn.

"We were just." I started to give some sort of explanation. To what?

I dried up.

"Oh. I think I know what you were doing." She looked me up and down.

It was rather like when a man looks at you and you know he is seeing you without any clothes on. I didn't know whether to feel embarrassed or aroused. I definitely had a hole that needed something.

"You do. Do you?" Linda said, standing in front of her with her hands on her hips.

"Oh yes." Michelle answered, scratching a breast where the flesh could be seen in the 'v' of her dress. "Don't worry. I won't tell. There 's nothing wrong with it and you are both over twenty-one."

"Yes, we are." Linda agreed, placing her arm around my waist. "Jenny and I have been friends all our lives."

Her hand moved down to cup one of my ass cheeks.

"I was hoping that I could be your friend as well." Michelle's voice had suddenly deepened, filling with lust.

She stood up and reaching out a hand placed it on one of my breasts.

I stiffened slightly, then relaxed as Linda felt my other breast and kissed my ear. I closed my eyes and they both took this as my signal of agreement for I felt my dress being pulled up from the hem and over my head. I kept my hands closed as their hands explored me. I could feel their fingers running down my spine and between my ass cheeks to stop at and massage my anus whilst others felt my breasts and stomach. Hands holding my arms and guiding me to the bed, Paul's bed, and laying me back upon it. Hands easing my legs apart and soft warm breath on the insides of my thighs. I arched my back as a tongue touched the lips of my fanny as if asking permission. I lifted my hips from the bed at its second touch. Hands were massaging my breasts as the tongue entered me. Lips fastened onto one of my nipples as the tongue swirled around inside me. I came the moment it touched my clit and again as it sucked it from its cover. I felt a finger being pushed inside me as the lips left my nipple and the bed creaked as a t high was placed on either side of my face.

I opened my eyes as Linda lowered her fanny to my mouth. Michelle pushed a second finger inside me as I reached up with my tongue to greet Linda 's lips. Lips that were so soft and moist. Slightly salty. I licked along each lip, listening for her response, almost forgetting Michelle between my legs for a moment as I pleasured my friend.

Reaching down with one hand I lifted Michelle's head from my hole. For the moment, at least, I was satisfied there. I wanted to concentrate on Linda. I pushed my tongue inside her as I felt for her anus with a finger. I felt Michelle moving up the bed, kneeling on the edge by our side. I imagined them feeling each other's breasts. I heard the changes in both their breathing. Linda was grinding herself down upon my face, forcing her clit between my lips. I knew what she wanted, I knew what she liked and sucked it hard. She came almost at once. She lifted herself up. Just keeping the tip of my tongue in contact with her little bud. She was panting. I pushed my finger hard against her anus and heard her cry out as she came again.

She climbed from me then helped Michelle to straddle my face. As I started to lick Michelle's fanny I felt Linda pulling open the lips of my own, her warm breath on my insides then her tongue. Oh her tongue. It licked this way then that. I tried to mirror her movements on Michelle. She sucked my clit so I sucked Michelle's. She was puffing like a steam engine. Michelle's hips were moving. She was holding my head. Lifting it, as if trying to force it inside her. She swore loudly as she came. I hardly noticed her climb from me. I was so given over to the sensations Linda was creating in my insides with her tongue. I could feel my own orgasm building inside. Building. Building. Every muscle in my body tightened for a second then the relief of coming wash over me.

A glow, spreading throughout my body. I could feel everything. I felt them lie down next to me. I didn't want to open my eyes. I could feel their nipples hard against my shoulders. I felt so good. Their heads lay next to mine on the pillow. I could see Paul's face looking down on me, then I could see him looking down at the sword in his hand. I must go to him. He needs me.

I tried to sit up but their hands on my shoulders prevented my rising.

"I must go to Paul." I had to make them understand.

"You cannot." Michelle spoke gently, soothingly. "I know you want to but he is not allowed visitors for three days under Egyptian law."

"They'll torture him." I was suddenly worried. I'd read in the paper s of British citizens who had been arrested and imprisoned in Mediterranean countries. They didn't allow visitors until they had beaten or fucked a confession out of you.

"No they won't." Michelle reassured me. "Jerez will look after him. Besides we have influence as well and so does your own Embassy. He will be fine. Close your eyes and rest."

"If you are sure?"

I did feel tired.



This blanket bloody itched.

I sat on one of the hard wooden beds that were fitted to two of the walls of my cell.

I could smell something. It smelt like shit. The shit of fear. There were stains on the wall and floor and beds. Every possible shade of brown. When blood dries it dries that colour. Probably so does shit.

The Sergeant had taken my details and told me I would be interviewed by t he Inspector when he came to work later that day. In the meantime, I was to wait.

I dropped Jerez el McTomb's name at every opportunity but the Sergeant gave no indication he'd ever heard of him. I demand to see the British Ambassador and was told that that was impossible. It was Christmas day after all and besides Egyptian Law allowed for my interrogation, sorry, questioning to proceed for three days, longer if necessary, before they were obliged to notify anybody. I took some comfort in the knowledge that Jenny would be doing everything she could to get me out.

The Policeman had said I was being arrested for murder. That they had a witness that I had approached Ahmed from behind and ran a sword through him. The trouble is they were right. I had done that. But Michelle had shot him three or four times without effect. But then, she wasn't here. I could see their point of view. They had a body. Two, if you counted the fragmented remains of Hamed. A weapon, with me holding it and a witness who saw me use it. I wasn't too sure I hadn't agreed in the car on the drive to the police station that I had killed him.

Could be tricky. Can you kill somebody from behind and claim self-defence? One of the guards, a big, burly man, keep coming and looking at me through the barred window in the door of the cell.

I wished somebody would get me out of here. I was beginning to feel very nervous.

The cover to the window in the door slid shut and I heard the rattle of keys outside. The door opened and the burly guard entered. He carried a long truncheon and a pair of handcuffs.

"Stand up." He said, motioning with his truncheon.

I did so, holding the blanket tight around me.

"Hand." He said, touching my wrist with the truncheon.

There was a wild, almost lustful look in his eyes.

"What do you want?" I asked, trying to keep the tremble from my voice.

I suddenly felt I could easily add to the smell of shit in the room.

"Hand." He barked.

He looked angry. I supposed he was just doing his job so I tentatively held out my arm. Snap. The handcuffs closed around one wrist. I cried out as it pinched my skin. It hurt. With his truncheon resting on my shoulder he guided me so I had my back t o him then said, "hand," again.

I could feel the tip of the truncheon an inch from my ear so, holding my blanket in place with my chin I held my other hand behind my back. I felt the cold metal against my skin and heard the click as the handcuff locked. This time it didn't hurt.

I turned to face the guard. Trying to look confident, holding the blanket beneath my chin. He smiled at me. I didn't like that smile and his hand reached out and yanked the blanket from me.

"Stop that." I cried out. "Give that back. Is their anybody out there?"

I heard a voice laughing outside. From what sounded far away a cry of pain. The guard rested the tip of his truncheon on my nose and looked me up and down. He ran his fingers across my chest.

"Fuck off." I shouted at the top of my voice. "Leave me alone."

Again all I heard was laughter from the corridor outside.

"You mine." The guard said touching my ribs with the tip of his truncheon.

"We fuck."

"Fuck off."

I look around frantically. He was between me and the door. With my hands secured I couldn't defend myself. All I had was my feet and knees. I tried to knee him in the balls but the blanket around my feet hindered my movements. He saw what I had intended and poked me hard in the stomach with the tip of his truncheon. I doubled forwards gasping for breath. He pushed me face down upon the bed. I heard the rustle of his clothing and felt his hands pulling wide my ass cheeks.

"No." I screamed.

I could feel the tip of his prick against my anus, opening me. The pain was searing. I heard the door open.



We all showered together when we woke an hour later.

There was a full Christmas Dinner served in the Restaurant. We all ate well and wore fancy paper hats. I wondered what Paul was getting.

Michelle wanted to go back to bed after we had finished eating and was most disappointed when I told her I was going with Linda to visit Ian in hospital. I think she was going to try to persuade me I needed more rest as w e stood in front of the lifts in the foyer when the receptionist announced t hat the car Jerez had sent for us had arrived.

I joined Linda in the back seat and our hands rested on others thighs on the way to the hospital.

It wasn't a great re-union between the two. Ian was pleased to see us. But then most people are pleased to see anybody when they are confined to a hospital bed for any length of time. Linda seemed distracted. Whether from the reaction to her imprisonment or our exertions of the morning I couldn't tell. I kept a lookout by the door to the room while she gave him a quick blow job. But I could tell her heart wasn't in it as she didn't finish him off with her mouth, using just her hand at the end. He must have had a good store inside his balls as he shot his come two feet or more into the air. I watched as it left the end of his prick to land on his chest and stomach then looked away as she used the small hand towel by the sink to clean him up. I was determined to do a better job on Paul when h e returned.

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